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Apple Ipad VS Motorola XOOM

Better Overall Tablet The Tablet Tiff
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  • WWaF

    We’re going with the iPad. It’s just… better.

  • Tough call, but I’d go with the xoom.

  • Observer.

    And lets have a look at the arena support! Wait what? Only 4 iPad fans showed up? Oh right they blew all their cash on the hundreds of apps the android market has for free…

    • dude that was true, witty AND flashy

  • Anonymous

    iPad has more tablet based apps, without apps a tablet is mostly worthless. the Xoom and all other android tablets offer different sizes, shapes, processors, and customization but this all fails when you don’t have more then a few hundreds Tablet optimized apps to use

  • optimusfightsbatman

    ipad come on why does xoom even have 144 votes it sucks the ipad even has a better name

  • Lance


  • carl

    why don’t you just ask ipod or zune, jackass

  • poopshoot

    Androids better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oopdnfskrxcdafdpyfjaeoydheih!#$%*?//_(–;;:,.

  • Noob

    Ipad wins, its apple, any more stupid questions?

    • yeah, does the ipad have FLASHZ?! xoom came quad first

  • unknown

    after the google vs Bing i thinked that i would not see more obvious battles

  • Sophiemoranowiner

    apple ipad any day ,it serves ur every need apple wins no doubt.I used an apple to write this.

  • Ellebelle320

    I love apple
    i have one and it rocks

  • bobby

    ipad wins

  • The69ingmonkeys

    the xoom you can drop from a normal hight and it will not brake. wish i could say the same for apple.

  • The69ingmonkeys

    the xoom you can drop from a normal hight and it will not brake. wish i could say the same for apple.

    • diewhfi

      oh I’ve dropped my Ipad hundreds of times and still working fine. though my friend had a X00M and… ‘sob’ I wish it still had a screen.

    • Guest

      Really it won’t brake!?!? That’s terrible. Good think I dropped my iPad and it didn’t BREAK… Moron.

  • Max

    iPad yea

  • Chepdawg81

    My moms flip phone

  • Will Mehle


  • Evan Meyer

    iPad. It came first, and Motorola made a cheap copy.

  • Evan Meyer

    iPad. It came first, Motorola made a cheap copy.

  • Sense boy 54

    the iPad technically isn’t a tablet because a tablet is a computer in just a screen whereas an iPad is a massive iPod. not hating the iPad is amazing at what it does but I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be compared to tablets and that the Microsoft Sense will dominate when it comes out.

  • Music Note

    APPLE ROCKS!!!!!!!!



  • Kevin Carr

    Ipad is soo much better then the other far more. I just love how people listen and make it right. the other Na not quite there.

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    W androidzie nie trzeba podawać numeru karty kredytowej,aby pobrać jakąś aplikacje.

  • trent

    apple ipad has better camera not blury and better typoing on it

  • Durr

    Im using an IPad right now

  • julian


  • anonymous

    what the hell is the Motorola Xoom

    • ipad

      Exactly what is it it’s not even famous


    I love The Ipad I use Facetime and I love Playing Flappybird

  • Plast0000


  • ipad

    IPad rocks especially IPad air

    • goldy

      All my family use Apple ipads ipad ftw

  • Awesomeness

    who bought a xoom?

  • qwerty

    obviously the ipad. I know nobody who has a Motorola xoom

The Mighty iPad

For over a year, the iPad was (and arguable still is) the king of the tablet wars. Probably because it was the only contestant. There was no competition out there and even the potential competitors, like the HP Slate, backed down from the fight. The iPad was innovative and turned out to be a great consumer success. Even the harsh criticisms posed by skeptics in the beginning have all been proven unsubstantiated. Apple knew what people would want and gave it to them. The tech geeks out there (like us) may have been disappointed, but they account for an increasingly smaller percentage of the consumer population.

Apple IS Design

The craftsmanship and design on the iPad and iPad 2, like most Apple products, is astounding. Very solid, sleek and sexy. iOS is smooth and user friendly, with very few glitches or animation UI “choppiness”.

Enter the Motorola Xoom

About a year later, right before the launch of the iPad 2, Motorola and Google finally stepped up to the plate with the the Motorola Xoom, a tablet running on Google’s Honeycomb Android OS. The Xoom is legit and when it was released was the only true competitor to the iPad. It’s specs are better than the iPad (like most of Apple’s competing products) and it, unlike a lot of Apple competitors, has GREAT build quality. It feels solid, is nice and thin, and is comfortable to hold due to the rubber backing. There is no doubt that the Xoom has the upper hand when it comes to “comfort”.


Honeycomb is a very pleasing OS to both look at, and to work with. It definitely offers a different approach to table operating systems than Apple’s iOS. For the most part, it is very intuitive and provides flexibility unmatched in iOS. Similar to the early versions of Google’s mobile phone OS (Android 1 through 2.3), Google’s new tablet OS (Android 3.0) has it’s issues. On the surface it just feels more buggy, especially when compared to iOS, and the presentation is not as polished either. The animations are oftentimes laggy and you are met with some confusing UI decisions. Our guess is Honeycomb was relatively rushed out for the launch of the Xoom. With that said, software can always be upgraded and Google has recently released Honeycomb 3.1 to address some of it’s inital problems. We’ll see where it goes from there.


This one has to go the iPad. The Xoom and Honeycomb as a tandem have a ways to go before they can rival the success and overall quality of the iPad. Honeycomb needs some polish and of course, some good apps.

This is, of course, a small battle in the “tablet wars” which will rage on for the foreseeable future. There is probably going to be about 10-15 Android based tablets on the market by the end of 2011. In the end, we feel “open” will win as far as sales go just like with smartphones, but Apples will always provide the products to copy.

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