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  • te-te

    President Obama seems more personable and appears to actually care about people.

  • MasterBelmont

    Barack all the way. Romney just cares about the rich AND HE LIKES FIRING PEOPLE. Here’s hoping my man Barack wins again.

  • misery

    both have some good points so its a toss up we need someone who can do a little bit of both to be honest but i have to choose obama for financial class reasons, but if i was well off rich wise i would probably go with romney but we would be screwed either way so once again its what you need and can help your personal needs plus presidents never do what they say. they may do a few things but sometimes i feel its pointless

  • TheFons

    Obama is black. That’s your answer.

  • SageOfSixPaths

    Woah Woah WOAH!!!!!!
    This is a cadge fight not boring Politics XP
    In a fight beween Romney and Obama; Obama would beat the
    crap outta’ Romney!

  • jr

    Obama is for all people….Mit the Rich 47% lol

  • Legato

    Obama’s Black. We all know the outcome…

  • Mitt is slightly taller than Obama and seems to be a bit stockier in build, but it looks to me that Obama has a slightly longer reach, and he’s definitely more agile than Romney, and I think that will allow him to get past Mitt’s titanium alloy outer body, and really damage some of that robot’s circuitry. Plus, Romney already lost to a man well into his 70’s. This is Obama, hands down.

  • j0nnyg

    Obama has smoked his whole life, Romney has never touched a cigarette, alcohol, or even caffeine. Obama will run out of breath and Romney will take out the trash. Also if it was a VP tag team, Ryan is basically all muscle.

    • Andrew S

      Perhaps, Romney is more than ten years older than Obama, so the advantage won’t be that great.

    • ObamaIsMyHero123

      That’s racist. Just cause Obama happens to be black, Romney’s going to take out the TRASH?
      No wonder you like Romney.

  • Allegro

    Legato, that’s racist! Who cares if Obama’s half black and lived in Chigago? People forget that the Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia by socialists! Obama would get his commie little liberal ass kicked by the meat eating, gun toting Mitt Romney, IRL!

  • Allegro

    People, this is who would win a fight, so politics are not involved…this is also not a popularity contest! Mitt is taller, has a stockier build, has never smoked a day in his life, and was not raised by wussies, more importantly!

  • logic

    Obama wins, I mean he had the guts to make a birth video joke. But its not like I care since I’m British.

  • Magnum092

    If Romney becomes president he will start WW3 by attacking Iran and bringing China and Russia into the fight since they have to protect the world’s second largest oil reserve falling into the hands of America and kill us all.

  • ~L~J~
  • celticwar17

    Even though I like Romney better. Obama would have the edge in a fight, but Obama’s hand-eye coordination is terrible. He looks like a girl throwing a baseball and a little kid playing basketball.

  • bobby

    Obama will just blame the guy next to him

  • Obama would win. Chances are he knows how to fight better than Romney. Romney seems to have been sheltered his whole life. I mean he seriously does not know why you can’t open windows on a plane. That does not say a lot for his intelligence or street smarts.

  • Evan Meyer

    Well Obama won so screw all Romney supporters

  • JP*

    Obama already won

  • trent


  • RomneyIsMyHero123


    • Noble jones

      you dumb

  • Dragon Knight

    Obama wins because:
    1. He’s black.
    2. He lived the hard life while Romney was a sheltered rich kid.
    3. Romney lost candidacy to JOHN McCAIN.
    4. He’s black.
    Obama wins no contest.

    • Ishkabibble

      Tell me about Obama’s hard life? Wealthy prep school in Hawaii? Harvard University?

  • jayjay

    iam not raciest i am just not from there country of america

  • rick

    mitt is older and bigger so he could win the cage fight

  • The dark knight


  • cameron

    I hate Obama so much I want him to go to jail I wish g.w.bush was still president

  • Ishkabibble

    Obama born in Hawaii, huh?

  • joeyb

    No man that throws a baseball like Obama or who can’t hit a jump shot is going to beat a grown man like Romney in a fight.

  • guest

    How about Obama vs. Putin…former KGB officer trained in systema vs. Panzy trained in community organizing, now let’s talk lol

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    Romney wanted to make america a company for crying out loud

  • Jordan Carter

    That repressed morman rage, combined with a definite need to win something in life gives romney the edge.

  • Michael Young

    Duh? Obama would kick his butt just by getting his guards to shoot him.

  • danny

    Ben Carson 2016!!!!!!!! Obama is the worst president in american history!!!!

  • MrMaster

    Obama is too op

  • Spaghetti

    Whichever one bites.

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  • Khalid Alnajjar

    Obama wins but republicans are the best.

  • AKBandito

    Worst president ever. I am ashamed of his half-white side.

Barack Hussein Obama II

If you didn’t know already, Barack Obama took office in 2008. He’s the president who:

  • Passed a massive health care reform bill (A.K.A: “Obama-Care”).
  • Killed Osama Bin Laden…. Well, sort of
  • Passed an economic legislation referred to as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • Bombed Libya.
  • Repealed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell act.
  • Openly supports same sex marriage.
  • Ended military operations in Iraq.
  • Is the first Black president.
  • Was born in Hawaii.

Willard Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney hopes to be president in 2012. He’s the guy who:

  • Was the governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007.
  • Won the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 (Obviously).
  • Ran for president in 2008 but lost the candidacy to to John McCain.
  • Eliminated a three billion dollar tax deficit in MA during his term as Governor.
  • Signed into law, Massachusetts Health Care reform legislation.
  • Helped Salt Lake City get the 2002 Olympics as president and CEO of the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olymics
  • Was born in Michigan

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