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Batman VS Chuck Norris

Most Badass Baddest Badass Brawl
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  • Mike

    It would be a tie if it weren’t for this:

    Your speakers are no match for Chuck Norris’ singing voice.

  • Jeans vs. Tights. That’s all I have to say.

    • Bob

      Tights would probably win since they’re easier to move around in and ship

  • Paul

    Regardless of what “Ultimate Showdown” claims, Batman would win. He knows several fighting styles, has a large array of gadgets and is considered the embodiment of fear by all foolish enough to cross him.

    Chuck Norris may be a legend, but the extreme overuse of this internet meme has ruined that a bit, so Batman wins!

  • DonnaHav1

    Batman kicks ass weither it’s 1 guy or 1,000 guys. Batman comes out on top. Chuck Norris was killed by Bruce Lee. Their is nothing to fear but Batman himself.

    • Samantha

      I so fucking agree with u

  • Tyler

    Batman has beaten up the following:
    The Joker
    The Falcone Family
    Poison Ivy
    Talia Al Ghul
    Harley Quinn
    Catwoman (at times)
    Tony Zucco
    Joe Chill (the guy who killed his parents)
    Rupert Thorne
    Henry Ducard
    The Monk
    Ra’s Al Ghul
    The Red Hood
    Hugo Strange
    The Ventriliquist
    Solomon Grundy
    The Maroni Crime Family
    The Hang Man
    Dr. Death
    The League Of Assassins
    Calendar Man
    The Mad Hatter
    Killer Croc
    Mr Freeze
    and others.

    Chuck Norris is 71 years old.

    • Travis

      Somebody has WAY too much time on their hands…

    • comanderawesome

      yeah, but chuck norris had already beaten batman back in the 60s thay even had a wager………… the loser had to start wareing his underware on the outside of the pants.

      • jody-jo

        no thats superman haha nice try

        • Samantha


      • dude batman beat superman

    • Jessiepool

      I think I love you

    • Drizzyjake

      He also beat superman when under controll of poison ivy. but they are the same person

    • fun man

      hahahahahah your awesome

  • Saurabh Dutta

    Batman wins hands down. You know why? Cause he is the goddamn BATMAN!!!!!!!

  • DocEastwood

    Batman is trained in dozens of martial arts and is a master of stealth and espionage not to mention he is a genius and is at peak physical condition. Chuck Norris does Bowflex commercials -_-

  • Jordanmaston

    batman vs chuck norris look chuck did’nt fight supervillan’s ever and batman a fictonal superhero batman would win but in real life bye chuck

  • optimusfightsbatman

    batman has every weakness of every human being ever named and has knows lots of martial arts plus ur talking bout a guy who wittnessed his parents death plus the ultimate reason batman’s the greatest decetive in whole wide world in fact batman has more allies to back him up so why is this even a fight? batman wins 400 over a thousand times against dumb old chuck norris

    • You are wrong

      Greatest detective ever is Sherlock Holmes, period

  • Thomaswillis5

    because chuck is the super nuke

  • Jerryt


  • Very good Tyler, but Chuck Norris can swim on land, won american idol using sign language, won the world series of poker with pokemon cards, can capitilize numbers, has counted to infinity (twice), killed 2 stones with one bird, can slam a revolving door, completed a 500 piece puzzle with 300 pieces, once stabbed a knife with a human being, makes onions cry, strangles people with cordless phones, can hear sign language, won a staring contest with the sun, and can drown a fish. Must I go on?

    • sol rael

      i can do all those things

    • abc123

      Best comment!

    • Jon

      Batman does it better.

      • No one you need to know.

        He doens’t even have powers. Don’t expect it.

        • asdfgasd

          batman sees it as perfect handicap

        • Mark is cooler

          Neither does chuck Norris

    • Baddah Bing

      yeah but Bruce Lee killed him …..

      • Da Truth

        Bruce Lee is dead, Chuck Norris isn’t.

        • Baddah Bing

          bruce lee died from over exposure to his own raw power …

        • qwerty

          Bruce lee just went to heaven to teach Jesus martial arts

        • Mark is cooler

          Chuck got destroyed in return of the dragon

          • Pippis

            that was just a movie

    • Vic Sage

      You must go on.

    • Samantha

      Please do
      But batman is batman so more common sense than that

    • Batmanvoter

      So what if he can do that stuff but is he worthy to fight the legendary BATMAN

    • Nnameka IBZ

      no i’m sure everyone wants to listen to the honest and 100% legit facts

    • BATMAN

      so he can drown a fish batman is not a fish

  • Nwo619

    becaus batman is cool ps batman is a dc super hero

  • D-Licious

    Chuck Norris is Batman

  • Treyvon Smith

    batman has all those gadgets and all he has to is throw some of that sleep gas then kill him

  • Ssd123

    210 pounds of raw muscle, extremely advanced suit and gadgets, and mastery in all forms of martial arts. Batman all the way.

  • unknown

    How would be the fight:
    Batman:batmerang,after that a super strong kick,after that a falcon punch(kidding),after that a he would toss chuck norris down from a building.
    Chuck norris receive 1 of damage!
    Chuck norris:FUS RO DAH!
    Batman receive 99999999999999999 damege!
    ! WINS!

    • celebifan88

      Im sure chuck norris is a character in skyrim,but has he mastered 200+(exact number please.)different kinds of martial arts I dont think so

  • Batman had to rescue the Justice league twice and has save not just one earth but all of the Infinite earths in a showdown with his alternate self who was way advanced.

  • Crashbreaka

    batman would win if chuck norris didnt have his damn fanbase making him win by default.

    • Yo MAMA


  • Kvonnah

    Chuck Norris is a tool.

  • Chris

    cos he’s the goddamn batman.

  • batman takes all

  • Anonymous

    Superman is afraid of sneaky ass Batman.

    That should sum it up nicely.

  • patrick

    I am a big fan of Norris,but this is Batman we are talking about.BAD as Norris is he needs to kick some of the Super villins a$$s that Batman has to deal with.Norris loses by narrow margin with a straight punch in the mouth by Batman.

  • DeadlyAssassin1

    Chuck would win, because for an old man he still kicks ass with a blind fold and his feet and hands tied behind his back.

  • Trick question: They are the same person.

  • Xmkom

    Batmans greatest Weapon is the fear he awakens in the Evil guy. Since Chuck Norris fears Nothing, cause Fear fears Chuck Norris he would fuck Batman up^^

  • Ekkon

    Chuck Norris IS Batman!

    • celebifan88

      I thought adam west was.

  • iMad

    Batman would win… after all “He’s Batman”

  • Jpakemanchery11

    Batman has masted 127 different kind of martial arts. There is no one in his universe that can contend with his intellect, except Lex Luthor. Batman is the strongest non-superhuman in his world and relies on tactics, forceful attacks, and learning about his enemies, to take them down efficiently and quickly. Plus, he’s got a net worth of 6.8 billion dollars, not including Wayne Enterprises.

    Chuck Norris knows Tang Soo Do, Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Jiu-Jitsu. Plus, he has a beard. A plain old beard, and nothing else.

    Batman takes the cake and the whole bakery.

  • Batman beatened bunch of supervillains.. He spent millions of dollars to get his gadgets.. But Norris never beaten any. You know why!? Because they ran when they saw or heard him.

  • Zone Ender

    Chuck Norris wins because we are discussing Batman the fiction character vs Chuck Norris the fictional legend made from the jokes. Which simply translates to Chuck vs Batman round 1 and fight: “I AM CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS!” Batman promptly walks to the judge and points to Chuck, declares him the winner, then shoots himself in the head with his grappling hook. Because even Batman know when its time to call it quits, and that’s when your faced with a thermonuclear round house kick.

  • Mick

    No one wins. There is only death, specifically those you care for and love.


  • Cause he is The Batman. He radiates awesomeness and has taken on Darkseid.

  • Evan Meyer

    See everyone says Batman would win just because he’s Batman. Does that mean I can say Chuck would win because he’s Chuck effing Norris? Besides, if you’re talking about the Chuck Norris that can do all the impossible stuff, then Batman would get his butt handed to him.

  • superfan

    lol well hes the GOD DAMN BATMAN LOL

  • GAmE AnALySt

    Batman wins. Batman has fought gods and won. Batman’s the only superhero who Superman doesn’t DARE to cross. Batman can even kick ass when he’s middle aged (The Dark Knight Returns). He’s even survived a fucking nuke (you should know what I’m talking about). However, the only exception would be if Chuck Norris said to Batman: “I’M CHUCK NORRIS,” and Batman said to Chuck Norris: “I’m Batman,” at the exact same time, then we all lose, because the world would fucking blow up.

  • Roa

    Can I toss Dark Claw into this debate? Since we’re obviously being silly….

  • logic

    Chuck Norris beat a bear with both hands and his legs with a bit of difficulty. Batman beat the HOLYF*** out of a shark with no gadgets, underwater with his arms handcuffed behind his back.
    Batman wins … BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN!

  • Chuck Norris is just the other costume of Bruce Wayne when the Batman’s costume is for cleaning ;P

  • chuck rules

  • Martial artist

    Batman is a master of ninjitsu and japenese jujitsu. They are two extremly dangerous and powerfull martial arts and both together would provide balance, agility, strength, multiple techniques, speed and much more where as i do not even think chuck norris is a good martial artist..

  • Mikel

    I saw Chuck once, he´s actually really short. Not impressive at all, memes and all…

  • not only does batman know more martial arts then chuck norris he is an escape master and one of the most brillant stratagist ever

  • yo dawg

    batman all the way Chuck Norris is beyond awesome but the whole slamming revolving doors thing is a joke! batman has beaten terrorists. not saying Chuck Norris is a bad fighter i mean he did win like 5 fighting world titles but i can guarantee if went to Chuck Norris and asked him if he did any of those things they say he cand do or did in the joke hed say no. batman has beaten superman who has lifted up planets without using kryptonite read batman Hush. I love Chuck Norris but really killed 2 birds with one stone come on.

    • Quocalimar

      The joke was 2 stones with one bird.
      but I’m on your side.

  • CAT:) cheesebubblebath

    may i just point out that chuck norris is just one man. Batman however has been played by a series of actors or drawn by anumber of different people, once joined together it is actually highly probable that he can beat chuck norris. also anything is possible in cartoons, and batman would be more aware of that then chuck norris. also batman is both cartoon and live action. also if it was a battle of logic batman has the right skills to overcome anything chuck norris throws at him. it is a valid argument however and depends on your personal opinion at the end of the day. my last point is that in some movies chuck norris played the bad guy…. so think about that, do you want the hero to win? or the guy who can’t decide which side he is on….

  • Quocalimar

    Chuck fans? Get real, his legend is a joke…LITERALLY!!!
    When it came time to really have him put his money where his mouth is, Bruce Lee killed him.
    Bruce lee has the same name as Bruce Wayne, who is batman, so by trannsitive propeties any and Every Bruce will kill Chuck Norris.

  • the boogeyman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris before he goes to bed. But Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Batman

    Superman Sleeps in Chuck Norris pajamas. But Chuck Norris sleeps in Batman pajamas

  • Andrew S

    Batman has mastered over 120 martial arts. Chuck norris is 70.


Also known as the “Dark Knight” or “World’s Greatest Detective” Batman is one bad mo-fo. His alter ego Bruce Wayne, a billionaire playboy, allows for him to keep his loved ones safe while also keeping the batcave stocked with wicked sweet gadgets. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not have superpowers; rather he relys on his quick wit, detective skills, forensic science and technology to fight crime. He has trained in nearly every known style of martial arts including Ninjitsu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu and is said to be a master in all disciplines.

Chuck Norris

Have you ever seen “Walker, Texas Ranger”? The man is a legend. Not only has he spawned an Internet meme based on his tough guy persona, but he’s also created his own style of martial arts called Chun Kuk Do. You may be asking yourself at this point what martial arts does Chuck Norris know? Well admittedly not as much as Batman. He studied Tang Soo Do and knows Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Albeit he can survive any danger and push back on the Earth when he does push-ups, so he’s got that going for him. He’s a religious guy and politically conservative and if he wanted you dead… you’d already be dead.

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