Batman VS Ironman

No holds barred fight Billionaire Hero Bash
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  • Asing

    Batman is way better tactician than Ironman. I would rather have Black Panther fight Batman. that will be good.

    • Goutham Pasumarthy

      Ironman is way smarter than Batman and they are equal in tactics or strategies

  • SilverScorpion 64

    id be a close battle, but remember Ironman’s god suit in the comics? or his Hulk buster suit? once he gets those out he would win hands down

  • Greg Alonzo

    OK, OK, I’ll eat humble pie on this one in front of my friends. But I’ll have to give it to Batman on this one. Even out of the suit he’d devastate Tony Stark

    • Goutham Pasumarthy

      The point is you are not aware of the tech Tony Stark has at his disposal or even what Tony Stark’s armor is capable of.
      Batman has no way to destroy the armor or even put a hole through the armor or hack his armor or shut his armor down.
      Even Batman is hiding 10000 Light Years away in a a big cube made of adamantium , Tony Stark would find him and kill him

  • sadface69


  • dan

    Basically,Batman would destroy Iron Man.The ways he could do it:
    1)Hack into Tony’s system-Jarvis-as he is a lot smarter than Tony and almost everyone in both universes.

    2)Call any or all Justice League member and it is overkill.

    3)Double agent Iron Man-join him,get info,betray him and then wreck him.

    4)If Batman is to be attacked by surprise or without his suit he will wreck iron man with extremely, highly professional ninja skills/martial art skills.These excellent skills were trained by the greatest demon ninja master of all time in both universes:Ra’s Al ghul

    5)Batman can use his intelligence and strategic tactics to build or do something that will be able to ko iron man.

    6)There are more ways but have not been thought of yet.

    • Goutham Pasumarthy

      1 Wrong. Tony Stark is the smartest of both DC and Marvel earths. Batman isnt smart enough to hack Jarvis. Jarvis is more advanced for the tech Bruce has faced in his life.
      2.Just call Silver Surfer which is Overkill , even calling D Doom is overkill
      3. Wrong. Ironman is too smart for that. Also get every info on Tony Stark. He still finds a way to wreck you
      4. No stealthy for batman due to the sensory and tracking systems TOny has and Martial Arts CANT DO SHIT TO THINGS WHICH ARE AS STRONG AS ADAMANTIUM which is made even stronger by tech which can survive nukes at 2% power. Batman tries to use martial arts , brokes every bone in his body
      5. Tony Stark is far smarter than batman and can equal batman is strategic tactics and no tech can beat Ironman and Batman gets Koed even before he gets to use something from his magical utility belt
      6) Batman is destroyed in any way anyone could think of. batman is outmatched in every stats. Ironman is smarter than Batman . Ironman is Stronger than Batman. Ironman is Faster than Batman. Ironman is more durable than batman. Ironman is more versatile than Batman.

      Batman gets Wrecked.


    Batman will win no later what its the BATMAN! Come on who can beat the BATMAN?

    • Goutham Pasumarthy

      stating that line makes you a brainless bat fanboy
      batman isnt god
      Tony Stark Would Thrash Bruce Wayne



  • Coco

    I just wanted to say that if tony used any of his newer suits like the endosym or bleeding edge batman would be incinerated in mere seconds from a hand blast or a unibeam

  • Chris M.

    Iron Man is too strong for Batman. Mismatch.

  • narveer

    batman has a device which turn off every thing which runs on electricity. so he can easily shut down ironman’s duit

    • Goutham Pasumarthy

      dude , its called EMP and EMP doesnt effect any of Ironman’s suits
      Also if you can understand science, EMP cant shut down things which are powered ny an electromagent
      and still Ironman’s suits doesnt run on electricity

  • TheLossDeliverySystem

    Iron man wins all day. Not even a decent comparison or a decent fight.

  • Goutham Pasumarthy

    EMP doesnt work on Ironman cos EMP only effects electrcity and Stark’s suit doesnt run on electricity

    Ironman suit stats

    Strength: Totally dows Luke cage – the adamantium guy and She hulk with one punch and Makes Sentry (basically supes) bleed with normal suit, with Hulkbuster other armors like Galactus buster, beats the shit out of many powerful equals sentrys punches
    Speed: Many times speed of light, reacts and processes info at picoseconds
    Durabilty: Surivives blows from guys like Sentry (sentry) and Silver Surfer( who is beyond Supes) takes blows from Mjolnir and takes several nukes at 2% power with out a scratch, wierdly survives a blast which slagged vibranium
    Abilities: Absorbs all kinds of energies including Kinetic energy and ridiculously big arsenal
    Equipment: EMP, Ridiculously big arsenal with Repulsors too and telepathic tasers and all kinds of tracking system, 51 superpowered armors which came come to the battlefield in Mach speeds
    Additinal INfo: Cant be hacked , cant be shut down, can take nukes and the man inside wont get a scratch, is psionically connected to tony stark, can self destruct on tony stark’s commands and can kill the man inside the suit if he is not a powerful superhuman, if wanted by tony , can only be commanded by tony stark

    Thats the suits stats. Any armor batman has doesnt even reach up to Endo-Sym Armor and Stark Tech is eons ahead of Wayne Tech or Bat tech

    Tech is not the only thing Stark has has
    The most lethal weapon stark has is his brain
    Tony Stark is the smartest guy of both Marvel and DC earths
    His intelligence is even increased when he was injected with Extremis Virus and the R.T Node
    He can even divide he consciousness into 3 , that means he can split his mind into 3 and run 3 seperate minds in 1 body at the same time

  • Woody

    in a one-on-one fight I believe batman would win because he is smarter in battle, he is more skilled, and doesn’t need to rely on machinery.

  • darkman

    Iron Man should win. No contest.

  • Michael Tarantolo

    Iron Man would easily win. He’s way smarter and has way more powerful armor than batman. Batman can’t emp iron man because his suit is emp proof. Batman is a good detective, but Iron Man is way smarter. Also Jarvis would stops batman from hacking into Iron mans armor. Iron mans suit can come to him instantly stopping batman from confronting him without his armor. Iron man wins. I am not bias because Ironmans my fav marvel character and batmans my fav dc character.

  • Michael Tarantolo

    I’m a huge fan of both, but there is no possible way that batman would win, because tony stark is way smarter than batman in every way. Bruce Wayne is just a good detective. Also iron man has Jarvis which could predict everything batman will do and track him and then unleash a barrage of weapons on batman that he will never be able to escape. Iron man is way more powerful than deathstroke and deathstroke beats batman in most fights. Also there are no weaknesses in iron mans newer suits that batman would be able to access. Don’t be silly, we all know it would be an easy fight for ironman.

  • Kharti Letchumanan

    Well the thing is, not many understand how Batman functions. He’s a tactical genius. He’d have everything catered for, he’s your Pepper Potts on battle mode. Plus he’s sherlock homes on steroids. The iron suit needs Jarvis to a certain extent. Batman would go for Jarvis and immediately get into a locations where is a close quarter fight. Nullifying the suit’s flight mode.
    And I’m saving the best for last : EMP shock wave anyone?

  • Henon

    Iron man is so power ful

  • Maxamillion Sealio Aloran

    Yes, Batman may have all sorts of wonderful and versatile toys than his opponent, most of them wouldn’t have effected the Iron Man suit in anyway. They’re made for non-lethal combat, while Tony is perfectly willing to kill his opponents. Martial arts could only go toe to toe with a guy in a suit of armor that enhances human performance to superhuman capabilities for so long. Also the suit could endure all sorts of severe blunt trauma and almost anything Batman had in his arsenal. Couple that with the simple fact it makes Tony stronger and faster than Bruce, well, you have yourself a dead Batman.

  • North Dakota

    batman has killed the justice league a few times and has more than ten green lantern rings and he has the power to do a lot of stuff like fly.Iron man may have a suit made of alien metal and one that turns invisible batman has those too. Iron man has a suit that has the strength of hulk well batman has one that has the strength of superman. Batman was trained by the league of shadows and could wear his invisible suit with his green lantern rings,hack into jarvis blow up all iron mans suits and kill iron man. also if friend calling is allowed then batman could call any member of the justice league such as martian manhunter who if tony called thor manhunter could go into him and kill him no problem or if tony called hulk superman could kill him. So tony stark would lose very fast. An assassin vs some guy who hides behind a metal suit that the assassin would have hacked and destroyed batman wins!

  • Logan Wayne

    Well… if Batman can make a SUIT to fight Superman(who is far superior to Iron Man)! That ends it here! Batman Wins Hands Down!!….:D

  • prateik negi

    batman is a better tactician n he will take out iron man who totally depends upon his suits , batman is more versatile in his combat style which will certainly make him victorious.

  • Bouhours Emmanuel

    thank for the ones who no batman got this hands down i like iron man he make great tech but dont say he make better tech than batman if batman was up to it he would surpass stark

  • Bugzy KAL-houne

    Fight would be over soon as Superman gets involved. Game over……

  • Steve Moore

    i say iron man

  • Jeffrey Gao

    Batman stands literally no chance.

  • Elijah Jenkins

    Tony “Iron Man” Stark for the win.

  • Myles Chill

    Batman will beat iron man, iron man relys on his armor to much. Plus batman uses quick tactics on his enemies.

  • Acicus


  • Bat vs Supes dawn of justice

    JoKEs aside Batman is a technological genius besides Stark will let his alter ego come in between the battle but it really just matters where the fight takes place

  • Arkadeep Sinha

    Hehe…its gonna be a lol fight….Iron Man can JUST DEFEAT and KILL BATMAN…..Batman doesn’t has all the equipments to stand a competitor for Iron Man. JOKE Of the milennium – batman wins even without prep!

  • Earth

    Batman all day!

  • Isaac

    Iron Man has several advantages. He can fly, he has missiles and repulsors, and his suit protects him way better than Batman’s. All Iron Man has to do is fly around firing heat seeking mini missiles at Batman. And since Iron Man has the arc reactor, his suit is immune to EMP. Iron Man wins. END. OF. STORY.

  • John Jr Almeraz

    Batman can have any necessary gadget to defeat iron man’s suit alone, suit or no suit batman wins

  • felipe

    i love ironman is cine

  • Ajay

    Even tough I’m a massive batman fan I feel ironman would win as Jarvis would just tell him weaknesses in batman a armour or what batman is planning and just tank missile him .

  • eya onyedika

    Iron man is a metallic IQ who has much knowledge of robots, he can just produce a robot within an eye but bats does that with stress and must do this and that to acquire his own. Iron man is more skilled in the knowledge of robotic technology, if it comes to playing juggernauts with their robots Batman would easily be defeated. IRON man could easily be drained of his robots energy.

  • Tom

    Its obvious that ironman would win if it has been decided that spider man could beat bat man and ironman could beat lex luthor. We aren’t taking about calling the avengers, superman, special batsuits or anything. Just the two with their normal skills, weaponry etc iron man would win.

  • nuggus

    Smh at all of the batman fanboys

  • kartavya singh

    if you think batman is a millionare an he would win then donot forget tony stark

  • kartavya singh

    and for that superman we have hulk

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