Batman VS Ironman

No holds barred fight Billionaire Hero Bash
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  • prajwal

    ironman is the best he has more than 500 suits and even with his normal iron suit he can kill batman in sec

  • jayjay

    nope but i don’t think they will fight they rather be friends then enemies and plus iron could build a suit that can sense anyone who is going to be a threat or deadly and plus batman hasn’t shown his real self under the mask but stark has so iron man seem’s more famous then Bruce Wayne

  • Brian

    For the purpose of this battle, I am pitting the Robert Downey, Jr. Ironman character against the Christian Bale Batman character. Both men are extremely intelligent, although I’d favor Bruce Wayne’s more well-rounded proficiency with various disciplines, such as martial arts, forensics, stealthy infiltration, etc… over Tony Stark’s more technologically-focused genius. If they met on the street with nothing but business suits on, Bruce Wayne wins easily. But, we’re not talking about them fighting in street clothes. As Tony would say, “Let’s suit up”. So, consider the Batsuit. It’s fairly well-armored, but it isn’t impervious, especially at the joints. The cape offers decent aerial skills, but no powered flight. The cowl seems to be fairly well tricked out for various surveillance needs, especially when it makes use of the sonar trick seen in “The Dark Knight”. Add in the gadgets from the utility belt and put it on someone as skilled as Bruce Wayne and you have a very formidable combatant.

    As for Mr. Stark, I have to conclude that his suit outclasses the Batsuit in almost every way if you’re just focused purely on combat. It’s armor looks like shit after most encounters, but you have to consider what it’s going up against. F-22s, Iron Monger, Whiplash, and aliens and demigods all took a crack at it, and Tony still won (or came to a draw with Thor), and more importantly, survived. The suit’s flight skills are on par with any military aircraft. On his first sortie Stark flew halfway around the world and back, and demonstrated the ability to go supersonic. I don’t think power loss is going to be a major problem for him. As impressive as Batman’s surveillance technology is, Stark’s Jarvis AI provides a comprehensive virtual display of all necessary information in a seamless manner for Tony. Now the weapons. The repulsors are his signature weapon, but he also has dozens of other little munitions tucked away in his armor. Add in the prodigious strength the suit provides, and Stark has a clear advantage over Batman.

    But there is one crucial difference that I think will almost always tip the scales in Stark’s favor: he is willing to kill. Batman won’t take a life. He’s sworn not to. Tony Stark has no such inhibition. In a fight between these two. say in Gotham City, Batman isn’t going to lose easily, but he’s going to lose. He might have the home field advantage, but Stark’s suit will be too much for the Dark Knight to overcome. And even if he does somehow gain the advantage, Stark would be willing to kill him. I think that says it all.

  • BRUCE wayne

    BATMAN is the coolest making dip shit gadget maker and know how to do karate iron man dont i like them bot but my fav is batman and he is so cool and greatest detective ever!!!

  • Iago

    Come on man! Batty’s got all those iron suits too! and he is way cooler!

  • SovietPotato

    Depends on the fight, withou gadgets bat man is a ninja, so in an in armed fight, batman, however in armed combat Iorn man would win due to his weapons, worse comes to worse he could callin his armor drones.

  • Zone_Ender

    People make this mistake because TV displays comic book heroes poorly. Understand if you actually read comic books any of them you know the answers to these fights hands down.

    Where people started thinking Batman was some savant i have no idea. Tony Stark, intelligence wise has Bruce Wayne out classed by millions of years.

    As of March 2006 Stark injected his nervous system with a modified techno-organic virus to save his own life. This fused Stark’s armor to his body, allowing him to store the inner layers of the Iron Man armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses. The Extremis enhancement has turned Stark into a cyborg, whereby the usage of his existing lockchip (a personal area networking implement implanted in his forearm) is directly integrated into his nervous system.

    His new armor is more lightweight (constructed of a pliable crystalline material with a molecular structure that can collimate
    into super-hard planes upon the application of an electrical field) and less complex (as it interfaces directly to Stark’s brain via the Extremis-modified cybernetic connections), and has much faster response time since it effectively functions like Stark’s second skin.

    He is also able to remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers through the PAN interconnect (that is now thought-controlled). Because the armor’s operating system is now directly connected to Stark’s nervous system, its response time has been significantly improved.

    Furthermore, the Extremis process has endowed Stark with a ‘healing factor’ and possibly even enhanced physical abilities, as he was confident enough to challenge Logan/Wolverine to a fight (and even challenging to see who’s capable of recovering faster from the other’s attack). It was later stated that the Extremis enhancement speeds up a person’s repair process and hence the body’s cells died and regenerated at a faster rate. This effectively made Tony Stark immune to cancer and gave him his’ healing factor’. Even the Iron Man armor has the ability to self-heal and self-repair, presumably through the use of nanotechnology.

    And since Marvel has officially decreed that Tony Stark’s armor is immune to every form of take over / shutdown and their will never again be a comic made about the subject ever again. It is safe to say Batman can’t shut it down seeing as its also defended itself from A.I.’s and EMP’s.

    Also considering the fact the most advanced power armor Batman has built looked like the armor Stark built in Iraq, and required an entire city’s worth of power to run.

    Batman is a detective (detective means he’s good at finding criminals). Ironman is a weapons designer. Batman is rich. Ironman is rich. Batman works-out to be in peak condition. Ironman invented nanites to make him as fit as Wolverine. Batman heals like a human. Ironman and his armor heal like Wolverine. Batman has access to his abilities at anytime. Ironman has access to his armor at anytime.

    Batman’s sidekick is a little boy he sends out to fight sociopaths, named Robin. Ironman’s sidekick is a big black airforce pilot, named War-machine.

    Ironman ended the world energy crisis. Batman rarely leaves Gotham. Batman kill the bad guy only when he has no other choice. Ironman kill’s all his enemies and doesn’t lose any sleep over it.




  • cdkl121

    batman can use equipment that can suck all the energy out of iron mans suit, even if they fought, tony stark to bruce wayne, no tech, or anything, Wayne would obviously win, Bruce Wayne has more fighting experience than Tony Stark

  • Dari

    Batman would totally win!! No doubt! Because Batman has been raised harder and he is tougher. He can use the shadows to trick ironman. And even if they have a fist to fist combat batman can totally kick but still with is fighting skills he always have! Iron man can’t fight with out his suit he is honestly I think helpless with out it against batman. And even if ironman fights with his suit he would still lose because batman can de magmatize ironmans suit. Then again ironman would still be helpless.. They both may be genious Billionaires but batman is no fool for anything he doesn’t fear anything neither does have the fear of death…..
    He even defeated Superman when he went crazy.

    • asdfasdf


  • shan

    Batman all day. Anyone would have a clear advantage in an iron suit, but Tony stark hand to hand with Bruce. Its a wrap!

  • batslap

    it be the most epic fight ever and im more a batman fan but alotta you make some pretty good arguments they are both alike in so many ways, but at the end of the day iromman is a man in a suite and batman always finds away to take that down,

    • asdfasdf


  • Ultron

    Batman literally could not even put a SCRATCH on iron man. I don’t even think Iron man would waste his time with a weakling like batman. Batman can’t even fly yet he has bat in his name…Iron man would just pick him up, rip off his dumb cape and drop his ass off a building

  • jack

    only batman wins not that foolish tony because he do what defines him

  • angel

    batman is horiblly lost with tech.

  • der ATsch


  • Tony stomps

    Batman good and all but i have to go with tony on this but tony’s Extremis armor would wipe the floor with batman
    Don’t even say that crap fact like he goes toe to toe with superman if he wanted to he would just murder batman right there but
    batman fans want to see there mainman win but batman loses that mechanical bat-suit would last a good 20 secs
    pff gg

  • brian skyline

    batman needs a week prep… tony with no prep at all can leave him in ashes…. tony+ repulsor blast= Big hole in batmans chest! enough said

  • Giggity

    Does it even matter? Ask yourselves that.

  • xavier

    batman he’s smarter and has train more than iron man.Iron man without his armor he’s nothing

  • Anthony Vlahakis

    it would be a tough fight but i don’t think Jarvis is a match for the bat-gameboy

  • statistics
  • Tgutta

    I’m A is the truth and there’s nothing no one can say or do about it you will show up Wow Batman is sleeping and pulled out his atomic bean and blow everything like a nuclear bomb Batman can only use a suit or a flying Gatling to catch a ride two different buildings that is wet masturbat fuck that

  • flo

    I’m sure Iron Man has a better chance of winning

  • Zone_Ender

    Batman brought Batarangs to a laser fight. Batman loses. Ironman wins! I couldn’t give a fuck if Batman wins if Tony doesn’t have his suit on. If Ironman does have his suit on, and Batman has his suit on, Ironman decimates Batman. Reducing him to ash in seconds. Flying battle armor vs Spandex! Laser armor wins everytime!

    And if anyone of you read comics you would know that Ironmans suit is immune to all forms EMP and Shutdown Marvel declared that a while ago. Its on a closed system so no virus can effect either any longer

  • Adam Hartman

    Batman is hungover less of the time, his best time for attack should be around 7am on Sunday when Ironman is still recovering from the Saturday night binge.

  • Official_Ref

    Bro. Ironman would totally beat Batman’s sorry ass if they were both at full potential. Look- Batman’s got TONS of badass gadgets. But Ironman don’t give a shit. Sure, chuck an explosive Batarang at him. It’d probably bounce off or hit him and explode, None would kill him because he’s got a MOTHERFUCKING HEAVY ASS SUIT. BATMAN CAN DO ANYTHING HE WANTS WITH WHAT HE HAS. YOU CAN’T FUCKING BREAK THE MARK 42. ALSO, HIS AI, JARVIS, CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK ALFRED CAN. AND ONE ARC REPULSOR BLAST THROUGH BATMAN’S CHEST WOULD KILL HIM IN AN INSTANT. IF THAT DOESN’T WORK, IRONMAN CAN FIRE MISSILES AT THE BAT PANSY. HE’D THEN PROCEED TO CUT HIM IN HALF WITH HIS LASERS. And he’d still have time for a beer.

  • Lucas

    Batman has an EMP gun so batman would win plus he knows over 123 different martial arts

  • Batman

    I will win.

  • The dark knight

    I rock

  • Jheen Benoit

    I would say iron man would win because even if batman gets his mechanical suit, all iron man would have to do is shoot his ultimate blast and batman in the suit would be fried

  • Jimmeh

    EMP batarang. Simple as that.

  • Booger Thompson

    I have to think about this one..

  • Yelloow

    Ironman has a super intelligent AI OS on his suits, he can scan all danger and avoid from batman, and catch good spots to hit no problem :P lets face it… Ironman is better than Batman… and Ironman has a heart problem so a fist on fist fight with Batman would be unfair…

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