Batman VS Ironman

No holds barred fight Billionaire Hero Bash
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  • KaidaStorm

    Normally I would say batman as his superpower is “planning” but I feel that Tony would actually outsmart him. I mean sure… he’d probably underestimate him at first… get his ass kicked… but escape. Or since Batman wouldn’t kill him he’d have a chance to come back another day. And that’s what I’d expect he’d do. Stark also plans, and thinks, and outsmarts. I think in the long-game… he’d win. Plus he has like 100+ robots that are immune to EMP.

  • DCsucks


  • DCsucks

    has Bat man Invented Any metal


    IRON MAN can tap into the satellite mentally . . . can call to his armor mentally . . . . acquired the spider thingy bcoz of the suit he made for spiderman . . . . he can even fly to space without a freaking ship . . . . what more can u ask for

    IRON MAN is freaking GENIUS

    he is a futurist . . . . he prepare for someone before someone becomes a threat

  • Will Sale

    Batman could easily beat Iron Man. Bruce Wayne is superior in every way to Tony Stark. Also batman could easily create a suit equal to iron man’s. If he was to fight in his normal suit he could still win. It would take longer but he still would win.

    • DCsucks

      fuck off

  • Marcus B

    Short EMP burst and JARVIS is busted. Tony will be stuck in a hunk of metal he can’t see out of. If he removes his helmet: vulnerability! Quick batarang to the face

    • DCsucks

      dude the armour is not a packet of lays
      open an eat

  • gg allin

    batman is more than a suit. he is a ninja

    • DCsucks


  • Batman ROCKS

    ARC. Batman’s the strongest armor.

  • FlamingHawk

    Very smart.
    Super rich.
    Weapons like a ninja star shaped like a bat.
    Uses a grappling hook to climb buildings.
    Has defeated villains like a dangerous clown, a guy on steroids, and a mutated crocodile.
    Became the hero after his parents dying and training with ninjas.

    Iron Man:
    Very, very EXTREMELY smart.
    Extremely rich.
    Weapons like tank missiles and blasters in his hands.
    Uses rocket powered boots to fly everywhere.
    Has defeated villains like a guy with electric whips that cut metal, an extremely dangerous robot that can rebuild itself, and a man who controls electricity.
    Became the hero after getting kidnapped, and created his suit in the desert with scraps.

    Is it really a contest?

  • FlamingHawk

    If it was very well planned, and Batman could, for a while, form a plan in his mind to ambush Iron Man, he might win. But if it was a surprise fight, then Iron Man would win.

  • Kevin Berger

    Iron Man wins. Batman fights almost exclusively in close combat. Iron Man has the advantage in ranged attacks. Therefore, Stark takes Wayne out before he has an attempt to use his martial arts, throw a batarang, or anything else. Plus, whereas Wayne has Lucious Fox create his gear, Stark invents his own. Iron Man also has Jarvis to watch his back, and an army of other armors at his disposal. Unfortunately, as resourceful and adept of an strategist as Batman is, how long can he realistically hold off several armors attacking him from a distance simultaneously without invoking some dues ex machina solution from his magic utility belt?

  • Kevin Berger

    Kevin Berger
    a few seconds ago
    Iron Man wins. Batman fights almost exclusively in close combat. Iron Man has the advantage in ranged attacks. Therefore, Stark takes Wayne out before he has an attempt to use his martial arts, throw a batarang, or anything else. Plus, whereas Wayne has Lucious Fox create his gear, Stark invents his own. Iron Man also has Jarvis to watch his back, and an army of other armors at his disposal. Unfortunately, as resourceful and adept of an strategist as Batman is, how long can he realistically hold off several armors attacking him from a distance simultaneously without invoking some duex ex machina device from his magic utility belt?

  • DCsucks

    Iron man ahead

  • Spike_Galaxy

    Batman would win against ironman for every reason.
    Batman is no joke he is responsible and does not fool around. Plus if anything happened to ironmans suite he will just buy a new one Batman would make a new one with more upgrades the old one.

    • DCsucks

      fucker ur father gives tony money to buy
      And the suits r sold by ur mother

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    iron-man has a advanced tech more than batman

  • Jono

    If a fight is as simple as attack power of one party substracted by defense power of other, then Iron Man would win the fight in both attacking and defending. But of course there are a lot of other factor to consider, place, time, partners (if allowed), weather, etc. Every little thing can make a big difference in the result.
    Bat fanboys might say that if Bruce Wayne fight Tony Stark without their suit then Bruce will definitely win. But an MIT graduate to even attend to such fight is plain stupid. The same apply to a trained ninja with little protection if he’s trying to fight an armored suit with huge selection of destructive weapon head on.
    The chance of the two meet each other is almost zero in the first place. Even if some porn producer decide to make the two fight, it’s still up to the story writer how the fight goes. If the battle isn’t some story written by someone, then the result is not something definitive, just like how America with more advanced technology and more fire power lose in Vietnam, there are a lot of factor that can affect the result of a fight.

  • nate hallowell

    ironman cause all batman has is stupid gadgets ironman has a inperdrible suit of armor

  • Christian Mundy

    Batman, Because he has defeated the entire justice league And it wall of because of his Cowl

    • Christian Mundy

      Sorry meant to say *Was* Not wall XD

  • richard

    ironman vs. batman / iron man beat batman

  • eric.mcguire

    In the 3rd iron man movie tony shows off the house party protocol witch c alls all 42 of iron mans suits. 42 iron man suits vs 1 batman. Batman would crap him self let alone win

  • Nitromification

    Generally what I’m seeing here is a huge amount of fanboys on Batman’s side and logical arguments on Iron Man’s. All of the Batman arguments rest on the claim that he’s the Batman and as such can roundhouse God into submission.

    1. There is no incident of Batman defeating Superman that isn’t noncanon, a hideously weakened and non-combatant Superman, or someone else carrying out the contingency.

    2. No suit that Batman had made is even in the same league as Iron Man’s suits. No, not even the Insider. Iron Man takes and dishes out hits with the Hulk and Thor. Plus, flies at Mach 8 speeds, and moves faster than natural eyesight can notice. Batman is severely outclassed.

    3. Batman cannot outprep Iron Man. We are talking about the guy who built a suit in under a week that split the Phoenix Force, an abstract cosmic entity, into five parts. That is tantamount to Batman creating a Batarang to take out the Spectre.

    4. Bruce cannot beat Tony in a straight fight anymore. That was a cheap Batman fanboy tactic anyway, to take them both out of their armor and then pit them against each other, and it doesn’t even apply anymore. Extremis gives Tony a healing factor to match Wolcerine and effectively a new body. This, along with training from Captain America, one of the best Martial Artists in the MU, renders Batman’s “mastery of 127 martial arts” nearly useless.

    5. Batman cannot use an EMP. Stop that. Its ridiculous to assume it would work against a super-genius level superhero who’s powers are based on electronics. At this point its degrading to his character even mentioning it.

    6. His MacGyver batbelt doesn’t hold anything that can even dent the Iron Man suit. His suit withheld the blast from a nuke while at 2% power to shields. Needless to say, Batarangs and plot-powered sprays aren’t going to harm him.

    7. Batman is not smarter than Iron Man. Whether they are even on the same level os debateable, but I’ll give Batman the benefit of the doubt. People say that while Batman is heralded as the smartest person in the DCU, Tony is only eighth. Have you considered that its because the super-geniuses from Marvel are smarter than the ones from DC?

    I hope its clear to all of the DC fanboys that Batman even stand a chance against Iron Man. He is not just “a man in a suit” much like Batman isn’t just “a man dressed like a bat”. They’re both much more than that, and allowing one their potency while denying the other theirs is just bias.

    • DCsucks

      i m clearly wid u

  • tanthrox


  • Thomas Wayne

    No one beats Batman. No one. Well , maybe Superman

    • DCsucks

      iron man will

      and really hard

  • harry melling

    I agree

  • jamison thomas

    batmann is like a secret spec ops who will assasinate iron man

  • Rivets

    Two words: Tank Missile

  • Guest

    I like both

  • charlie

    Batman has got this three words Worlds greatest detective tony stark is a genius but so is Bruce in the end I see the bat hacking the suit ….think it can’t happen …he’s batman plus with all the duplicate suits out there the bat would already have a way

  • Batman


  • Adr23

    Batman wins hands down. In a one on one fight, Batman wins. In a fight where Batman is wearing his Dark Knight returns suit, and Tony is wearing his Hulkbuster suit, Batman wins. In a surprise attack from Iron Man, Batman still wins because no matter what he has the technology to defeat any superhero whether its Marvel or DC. Batman has technology that the government doesn’t have but wishes they could have. Tony Stark is brilliant all hes ideas are in some ways used by the Goverment, and he develops his weapons to benefit the government. Where as Batman builds his technology around the theory of Murphy’s Law, anything that can happen will happen!

  • dickhead

    he wears underwear!!

  • Nguyên Thông

    batman have better skill, smart

  • Narrows91

    Batman would destroy Iron man and all his bum boy avengers

  • Flash wonder

    99% of girls don’t like superheros I’m the other 1% lets do this

  • Flash wonder

    Ironman’s bionic heart gives him the advantage so think of it like this Ironman gets corned tight space no were to go just fire up the bionic heart and bam Batman is down for the count.

  • Daughee

    I’m pretty sure batman couldn’t win this just because I mean tony doesn’t really have a weakness and BTW Elmo’s don’t affect the suit

  • Poke_the_turtle

    Instant win batman uses his device that gives off a electronic disrupting pulse kills iron mans suit and ironman is now stuck in his suit and stranded

    • batboy


  • Michael Young

    Iron Man would blast him.

  • Flash wonder

    Ironman can use his suit to signal to signal the Avengers.Batman can only signal the Justice League for emergencies Ironman is a good guy so thats not an emergency.Ironman can get the Avengers down there any time he wants.The Avengers attack Batman falls Ironman wins.

  • Flash wonder

    If Batman had studied more tech and less hand to hand combat then he would have a chance at almost winning.

  • Flash wonder


  • Flash wonder

    Every one knows Ironman has superior intellect compared to Batman’s.(And everyone’s)

  • Austin Stanton

    Ironman would win because 1) Hulk buster suit and 2) the avengers.

    • batboy

      What about batman’s bat family?

  • Vinediamond Ilao

    batman w/out armor hes the most intellegent and natural human strenght in comic history. ironman hes nothing w/out money and armor!

  • t

    Batman has an emp gun, a batarang that can have thousands of bats swarm iron man and render iron mans tracking useless.

  • goldy

    Batman wins tony is nothing with out his suit

  • steen101

    Ironman is just a petty rich boy who can make stuff with nothing else really going for him
    Where as batman has money gadgets and great fighting skills that let him hold his own against some of the worst DC villas
    Batman wins

  • Asgard

    Batman never loses

  • edwin

    It would depend on the era. Early iron man trumps early batman… however it is a different story if we are talking modern heros. Still I give the edge to ironman.

  • gorilla

    ironman all the way

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