Batman VS Ironman

No holds barred fight Billionaire Hero Bash
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  • shivamxl.96

    both batman and ironman are genius no doubt .
    take suits from both of them
    batman – normal guy + martial arts + millionaire + genius
    ironman – normal guy + genius + millionaire + technical genius
    i guess a more genius person will win over an genius with martial arts

  • DisqusG52

    Tony Stark is a man who: with shrapnel in his heart, created armor that, as it evolved, has let him go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, a guy who can fling 100 tons in his calm state, go toe-to-toe with the God of Thunder himself(he lost that one), battle Hydra solo and beat them, fight AIM and beat them, fight multiple super-powered opponents simultaneously, and beat them. His genius has supplied the government itself with Guardsman armor, a gravity-defying helicarrier, and the overwhelming majority of the high-tech arsenal of the United States. His armor contains micro-missiles, his unibeam, repulsors, 360 degree multi-spectrum vision, radar, sonar, self-contained air, stealth(chameleon) mode, sonic and visual projection, piezo, thermocouple, and solar charge circuitry. He has defeated alien invaders, other-dimensional invaders, mystical opponents, and Dr. Doom himself. He has also fought the government to recover stolen tech (which put him up against the Avengers, among others.) He has, in a ten minute period, excavated and boosted a full-sized gone-critical (sabotaged by the Living Laser, if memory serves) nuclear reactor into the sky, pushed it over the ocean, and shoved it deep into the Marianas Trench (AFTER fighting Laser to a standstill). He survived the nuclear explosion in the depths of the ocean, returned to Stark Industries and helped with rescues, and THEN, in the same armor, lifted off, and headed for Vietnam! Outside the armor, he has fought, and survived, alcoholism, sabotage, and attacks from hostile corporations, and the assorted superpowered foes on their payroll. His armor can take him from America to Vietnam in 20 minutes(via Earth low orbit) and recharges itself autonomously from multiple sources. He can outfly a jet fighter, lift 1000 tons(for one second), and with just a battery, a coil of wire, and a frisbee, he can build a repulsor that can punch through a tank’s armor. With a detachable module, he can boost himself into deep space. With his telepresence circuitry, he can control multiple armors, each with the same capabilities. In the movie, he rescued 13 people ejected from a jet plane, and got them all down safely, with armor that was at less than full operational condition. (Sidebar: Recently, he has been getting unarmed combat lessons from Captain America himself. ) Bruce Wayne could not survive in Anthony Stark’s world.

  • DisqusG52

    Oh yeah, Bane broke Batman’s back all by himself.

  • john

    iron man made by iron and it doesn t hurt

  • MrMaster

    batman is op

  • Matthew Daugherty

    if batman were as rich as ironman he would have an ironman suit by now

  • jeppe_AR

    Batman olways got a thing to almost anything

  • TonyStark

    Iron Man -> FTW, easily.

  • Kirk

    Iron Man wins

  • Jarein

    Tony Stark aka Iron Man ftw

  • kelda

    Tony “Iron Man” Stark ftw

  • Robot


  • kanasta

    Iron Man

  • NYTimes

    Iron Man wins pretty easily.

  • powersam

    I believe with Tony’s high calaber connection and intense reactiveness with his mutipowered suits Tony Stark would win.
    But batman had learned to control people’s souls with deadmans high intelligence with the persuasion of the body and soul
    So he would take over Tonys soul. But Tony’s heart makes to were he cannot be soul or mind controlled because of his heart and
    Intense brain compacity. And yeah Tony can control his skin suit with his brain. Which is bad ass.

  • Samantha

    I think Batman would win becuz even with or without either of their suits batman would wins here’s why
    Without suit:
    Batman has been taught by NINJAS FUCKING NINJAS the League Of Shadows and iron man without his suit he would be dead becuz he doesn’t know how to fight shit also in the avengers ironman needs a whole group of people to fight with him
    Batman saves Gotham enough with him and robin by themselves and fucking have about 50 villains living in Gotham alone like holy fuck

    With suit:
    Batman has this awesome gadget shit he uses to defeat villains with also is fucking amazing withn flips and shit
    Ironman can fly with jets that eventually die out and without his jets he could die alone falling out of the sky the iron suit doesn’t help for shit even also batman is a ninja that’s a billionaire ironman is a cheating manwhore
    Batman wins no doubt about it

  • Zac

    Iron man=millionaire+technical genius+suit
    Batman=millionaire+actual genius+martial arts+detective skilled+multi linguistic+Playboy+coolest realistic costume+man with moral values+etc+etc+etc

  • Ani

    1. Talking about Ironmans suit? Ok have u guys seen Batan dark knight p-2 he prepared a armour to withstand supermans attack!! So i think it can withstand ironmans attacks too.

    2. Batman is a master hacker most probably he can hack jarvis ..everything in ironmans suit is controlled by ai..nothing manual..
    3. Those two have unlimited resources tey can build anything as some were talking about repulsur beams im sure bat can counter it..but as a master strategist bat has more chances.

  • colors

    Iron Man for the win!
    Tony Stark is in all areas 1000x smarter than Bruce Wayne. Easy peasy.

    Tony stark is genius, Bruce Wayne not. Bruce Wayne is nothing!

  • Arvind stark

    iron man is best

  • FastestTitsAlive

    People who pick ironman are fanboys. Batman has a suit of armor possibly stronger than the hulk buster armor and he is a lot better fighter than stark. He is also a better strategist than stark. There is a very slim chance ironman would win.

  • Michael

    Iron Man.

  • Frank

    You are the greatest Fanboy and talks so much crap, TitsAlive.

    Tony Stark has the better suits and is a genius. Bruce Wayne is nothing and needed Engineers for the equipment etc. etc. etc.

  • Samantha

    Tupac shakur VS Notorious BIG

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