Batman VS Superman

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  • King Khan

    Superman. Easy win.

  • eren can sinecan

    if the clash is sudden, and no plot induced stupidity is involved, supes kicks ass. in case of a premeditated attack, batman can non-lethally take down god himself

  • Tristan

    batman would most definitely win against superman. He is smarter and more resourceful then superman.Besides batman always carries kryptonite with him after hearing about superman’s arrival.

  • Just Another Hero of Time

    batman wins

  • FantasticFinn07

    I want superman to win but because batman is less skilled they will make batman win.

  • arjan

    batman because he is way more inteligant and more prepared

  • Yourallfkinglame

    Thank you all for the laughs! Your arguing about fictional bull crap related to superheros helped me pass an hour or so of time at work. You guys really need a life, maybe go outside, meet a girl, and don’t use the word “research” when speaking about comics it really degrades the word And makes you look even mote stupid. Enjoy replying with anger to make yourself feel better and having me never read it. Superboy1775 especially has no life, dude go outside.

    Oh, and Batman would win hands down every time guys, really think about it logically.


    Superman is a cool hero but batman would win because of brains y’all are giving good arguments but batman knows every heroes weaknesses also batman has a suit to fight superman batman is prepared for everything read the comics they explain superman is one of my favorite heroes but batman takes this one.

  • Ismail

    superman will kick batman ass

  • brayden

    Don’t get mad at me but I thought batman had a kryptonite suit… Idk if it is used if superman gets out of control like the hulk and that is why tony stark made the hulk buster… But then again doesn’t superman have a led suit to ward off the radiation of the kryptonite, I like batman better but superman would win I mean batman is a man dressed in kevelar compared to a man who shoots lasers out of his eyes and can lift 200 qullion tons and batman could lift 1000 pounds also super man could Punch so hard it would create a creator with an ease. But if batman hit him with a kryptonite batarang superman would be dead… But the odds of that are slim because he can fly faster than a bullet. So obviously superman would win.

  • Dark Knight


  • Spiritual Sith

    My personal opinion on Batman VS Superman

    Batman VS Superman!!!

    The final verdict is


    Superman is the “All Powerful Boy Scout” while Batman is the “Master Mind Detective” Superman could beat Batman any day If he truly used his full potential of his powers while denying himself as a “Boy Scout” The truth is he would lose against Batman “Ultimately”, because of his “Boy Scout Mentality” The writers write in the comics about how Superman is a “Boy Scout”,not because it is what they want to depict Superman as, but it is what Superman’s character truly is. In Conclusion, Batman will “Ultimately” defeat Superman in a fight, “NOT” because of Batman’s, cunningness,
    technology, hand to hand combat skills, or even kryptonite, but it is because Batman understands Superman is a “Boy Scout”.

  • carlos

    If ither hero met the other on the same “playing field” for exsample if krypton still exsisted and both bat man and superman were to somehow travel there bat man would win with no need of all his gadgets that only alow him to play along side with these supers, than batman would win, or if somehow the both had the same super abilities batman would still win due to his discipline and way of thinking and going about his actions, in the type of fight where nether of these things is possible yes superman could easily win but alot more things take into place than these what ifs and comebacks to what could and would happen. Ether one of these heroes could walk away the victor. But there is no absolute way to know who would win because anyone can just come up with a solution to the final blow and since they are an ideah not physical beings there will never be a last fight. They are imortal in our imagination.

  • joe

    Has many tools on hand and has a kryptonite gun

  • joe

    batman wins

  • Veto Holmes

    Uhhm…..I didn’t come here to read a novel in the comments XD NERDS!!

  • Finn Soderstrom

    If they prepared batman would destroy- he would show up in a kryptonite suit. If they didn’t have preperation I don’t know.

  • kaylee miller

    Superman would win in the new movie because nobody knows about superman’s weakness to kryptonite…. yet. So batman doesn’t stand a chance. Bye bye bat.

  • Asing

    I’m a huge batman fan. but if they are to go up against each other I’m sure Superman will incinerate the Bat in Sec. But then Batman’s secret weapon is the element of surprise. so if they were to battle without any specific Place or time I’m sure Batman will have as as possibility of winning the battle as Superman. But still superman with no moral boundaries going up against the Bat in a stage.. as much as i love the Bat. Superman wins. It’s not fair that superman is given such power but doesn’t use any of those in a fight( occasionally he does). But if he were to use all the power he has no one will read or watch comics! it will be boring! every fight will be in a matter of sec. That’s why writers makes him look stupid to make it interesting. After all its comic! That’s why Batman might even defeat Superman! Everything is possible!

  • Superwomen

    I am a HUGE fan of superman and if you know me from pets animo then you would know my username is Superwomen and most of you are going to say batman is going to win because he is “Smart” and has cameras around town and every where. Well here is this I am going to put what they have here it is. Starting with batman. Batman has only cameras,gadgets,a butler,and can fly.
    Superman has lazed eyes,super strength,can fly,Super jump,can see threw things ( If you have seen the movie “Man of steel” you will know what I am talking about)and super fast. Lastly Batman was born on earth while superman was Born on CRIPTON and saved Earth from there army leader who turned on them which Kal dad was killed by because the commander didn’t want Kal to leave and the commander and his group was sent in a ship and then CRIPTON blew up releasing Kal and his group in the ship and trying to find Kal while they finally did and that is when the commander tries to turn earth into CRIPTON and if he was to all humans would die but superman saved earth and if you don’t know but look at this Super Hero’s and superman. Superman can be miles away and still crush him with his freeze breath and easily crush him. I think I just state my point bye. Superwomen out

  • islam zidan

    bat man fans.! let’s face it we all know that super man would win but we are trying to do this to make batman look better we don’t want to admit the truth BUT batman did all this with out any super powers and that’s pretty amazing. by the way I’m a big fan of batman. and also by the way i’m egyptian

    • potato

      Thank you! Batman is a better hero, and cooler, but at the end of the day Superman can pretty much do anything. It’s not fair, and that makes everyone say Batman, but Superman would win.

  • Wolfman2704

    I have friends who have the tenancy to say “Superman” right away for one simple reasoning: Superman has powers, Batman doesn’t. However, that simply isn’t true. If there is anything both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have taught us is that a LOT of money is often a really good superpower. Also, in some comics, Batman keeps a stash of Kryptonite, just in case Superman goes bad. With a light dose, Batman could totally mess up Superman without killing him. Also, believe it or not, Superman is vulnerable to nuclear energy and magic as well as Kryptonite. Batman is no magician, but he’s pretty much got that big nuclear reactor in his basement! Remember? From Dark Night Rises? Anyway, my final reason is that Batman has beaten superman before. In The Dark Night Returns: Book Four: The Dark Night Falls, Batman totally kicks superman’s butt! Plus, Superman is probably all too afraid of hurting ol’ Brucie, and probably wouldn’t do any serious damage. So, all in all, let’s hope Clark Kent has insurance.

  • Abe Glasson

    of course batman will win, because in the comits he has a kryptonite suit that he has just incase superman becomes evil, therefore he wins becuase superman will fall like a fly to the ground

  • Amera

    Trueness to the point

  • Tsek

    All those in favor of superman; shutup you are talking kak’! Voetsek!
    Batman wins but pretends to die! That’s the comic now shut up! Bloody bastard! Who would want to see Clarke win he’s such a romanticized character! The Dark Knight will always win.

  • Avinash K Sinha

    i think batman because he has kryptonite.

  • Liam Right

    If they’re both naked, no weapons, Batman is toast, simple.
    Rather be Superman, you could sort the world out + you could visit other planets.

  • Mason

    Batman would get totally destroyed, it would be a nuclear ass raping lol, to even suggest Batman has half a chance is just ridiculous

  • batman da beast

    batmans awesome

  • Deeznuts

    For real Superman would win Batman is not very a superhero and Superman Has Superpowers So… Superman

  • Harleen Quinzel

    Only bullies like batman. We all know how superman is going to win… He’s gonna get rid of batman’s Butler.

  • Umar Khan

    Well, to be honest I am a batman fan,
    And as much as I’ve read by my self and even if we put the facts right in front of us……… Batman will definitely win because the fight is not just in between the powers but two brains too, and if we have a look so batman is way far genius than superman and the gadgets he has made against all the super powered heroes, they all are to save the world when these angel natured people turn into devils….

  • Kattie Gay

    Superman going to win batman is a loser

  • deathtoall11

    considering that kryptonite hurts him because of its radiation it cant effect him if he finds a way to repel the radiation which since your all saying he is the one starting the fight he will do before
    the fight starts nullifying t
    he kryptonite and those who say batman would win cause he is “smarter” don’t understand he isn’t that much smarter then him (and don’t tell me to do research because I researched everything as I was typing)

  • Ahmad Arslan chaudhry

    Batman is much more intelligent than Superman.if he uses kryptonite or red solar energy batman can defeat him easily
    But me and my brother always have a fight that which one is strong er

  • Jaykob Detar

    I don’t know why you guys are discussing the fight when if you read the description it clearly states (this is me copying and pasting it)

    we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be?

    so this has nothing to do with a fight and you guys are voting for the wrong reason which means the polls are probably wrong

    • thushjanth

      ooo well here i thought the site was called” who would win a fight” batman vs superman…

  • Stevie Mexico

    I think because superman is a good guy he would lose he’s not a killer. Batman would kill because he would have to win. So with said he would use kryptonite.

    Now if superman was bad it be laser vision an the bats done, a bad superman is unbeatable

  • Luke

    Superman because he’s too fast and strong for the bat. Yeah the bat is very intelligent and stragitistic, but superman again is to fast for the bat. He could probably punch batman to the moon if he really wanted to

  • dark crawler

    batman beat superman once he can do it again

  • wolf

    well superman with heat vision it drains his power extremely fast and although the range is unlimited it will sap up much of his power but superman gets his power from the sun so if batman removes the sun than no superman but none of that matters because batman in the batcave has an overwhelming amount of kryptonite and if the got in a fight batman could go to lex luthor for more kryptonite therefore batman 1 superman 0

  • Jonathan Marcy

    Adam west…nuff said

  • Sean

    Superman is a superhero with powers…batman has a cool car and a he needs a side kick…Is he gay?

  • Unimok Kominu

    Batman VS Superman, so ya fans of batman say he wins fans of superman say he wins fans of reality say superman’s powers are not possible though they would also say batman’s ridiculous human strength stamina and the like are not possible. An unbiased fan of fiction who reads a canon stat sheet on the two clearly sees that Superman wins. Superman wins! Why do some people not see it?

  • TowerOfBabel

    If Batman has krytonite, its not even a fight. Instant kill.

  • sidd

    batman has resources like kryptonite and stuff like in the dark knight returns part 2 (he shoots superman with a kryptonite arrow) and then he can kill superman. but superman may also win cause he has lazer eyes strength ans stuff he literally has powers. so it is actually up to the directors who would win. the chances of wining are 50-50 for both of them.

    • thushjanth

      actually green arrow shoots superman with the arrow lol

  • bryak

    superman has powers that he was born with like freeze breath, x-ray vision, and laser eyes. And he has more, batman cheated to get his power all he has is super streangth witch he cheated to get. supermans only weakness in kryptonite witch batman has in his suit but he can only use it on superman when he is hypnotized. superman rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Cameron MacDonald

    One Word: KRYPTONITE

    • thushjanth

      you should take your picture off cause you dont think before you comment… you realise you need to get the kryptonite close to superman for it to affect him… why dont you walk next to superman while he tries to put a lazer through your face..

  • favGODZILLA 2001

    Batman will dominate superman

  • honestly batman will because if batman was like superman batman would wreck superman

    • thushjanth

      lol batman isn’t like superman, that’s the dumbest comment i have read….. you literally saying superman would win by saying that… good day to u sir…..

  • joshuah rocha

    I voted super man beacase batman sucks how in the world is that a challenge for super man if he doesn’t have powers than how is he going to beat up super man and batman has a dum stupid mask on the commercial when he was talking it sounded like a dum like robot all I’m saying is super man is going to win and batman sucks really bad

Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be? Superman embodies the All American persona, a more polished mama’s boy with unwavering values and morals while Batman is not only the most cunning detective on the planet, but he’s also one of the most intelligent people to walk the Earth. He’s honed his body to the peak of human perfection… plus he’s straight-up bad ass. Not afraid to bend his idealogy to get the job done and capable of doing real, scary damage.

Blue jumpsuits are just not our thing. Bats in black are where it’s at. Gotta say Batman all the way here. I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes it. P.S. Who exactly is Brandon Routh?

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