Cheez-It VS Goldfish

Best Cheese Cracker Cheezy Cracker Clash
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  • te-te

    cheez-it. i could eat them until i get sick. goldfish are ok, but GOOD LORD! I LOVE CHEEZITS!!!!!

  • tim

    goldfish are more fun to eat. bite their tails off and throw the body in the air and catch it with your mouth. then stuff a handful in your mouth then drink your hawaiian punch and keep watching rocko’s modern life… :((( i miss my childhood.

  • Cheezits? CHEEZITS?! Goldfish for life!

  • gettysburg

    Addictive and tasty

  • blazingdragon

    I hate goldfish crackers

  • bobby

    this is just stupid!!!!!

  • Stephan

    Gold-itz. It’s a hybrid.

  • JP*

    Cheez-its for the win.

  • trent

    cheeze-it is more flavorish then goldfish

  • Pank Claw

    funny thing there was a poll from the late 90’s that asked Americans what was the greatest invention of the 20th century and a whopping 28% said cheez-its. enough said.


    Nigga pretzels!

  • jayjay

    he is right

  • TJ

    lol.. “Pretzels” too funny son. I got with None cuz I don’t eat it like that.

  • Adam Hartman


  • Official_Ref

    Are you fucking kidding me is this a question? Goldfish.

  • Banana man

    Cheeze-its are squares and goldfish have smile, therefore mouths that can be used as weapons if they become animate. Think about it logically don’t discriminate because cheese-its are more flavorful!

  • The Dark Knight


  • SwaggyBilbo

    Cheese its have lots of flavors just like goldfish but i think cheese its are more cheese then goldfish are and goldfish are more salt than cheese but i vote for cheese its because i luve cheeeeese

    • FlamingHawk


  • bobgeiber

    Cheez-Fish Niggas!!

  • FlamingHawk

    I’d have to say Gold Fish. I don’t get why everyone says they’re little kid food. I mean, it’s not like they start tasting bad after you get a curtain age.

    • scrub

      u spelled certain wrong

      • oqomodo

        You spelled you wrong.

  • Swagubruh

    Gold nigga fish

  • !@#$%^&*

    fuck yall. Goldfishes

  • WolfBoy13

    Goldfish tastes so good it’s way better

  • goldy

    Gold fish have more kinds of flavors so GF

  • gftfftyft

    cheez-its are better

  • MrMaster

    Cheese its are op

  • Finn

    how the hell are cheez-its winning? WTF

  • Old Man

    How could people get into arguments on anything these days. Back in my days, we settled things with a nice clean duel. The loser dies.

  • Mason

    Goldfish is WAY better. Cheez-its taste stale.

  • Spaghetti

    I vegetarian I not eat goldfish

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  • ur mom’s ass

    gold fish aren’t cheezy enough

  • Laina.the.poop

    Goldfish for lyfe. Is you say chez its have more flavor and goldfish are plain and boring, get the extra flavor goldfish. Duh!!!

  • emma

    goldfish, they’re more photogenic

  • Laina.the.poop

    True dat

  • Tough Man, Tender Chicken

    Chez its is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooood

  • Cp3

    I think Cheez-it would win because they have a bigger verity to choose from lkr

  • Dominic Sorrento

    Gold fish

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