Coca-Cola VS Pepsi

Best Soda Soft Drink King
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  • kingjohn

    7up is better then all

  • jayjay


  • john

    coca-cola all the way
    its way better!

  • alex

    pepsi it dont taste like spit

  • hbomb

    look at the picture for the fight. the coke can has already been opened and the delicious contents consumed. the pepsi remains unopened.

  • The adventures of Coca-Cola

    COKE IS BETTER (i just blew ur lil Pepsi lovin mind XD)!!!!!!

  • Shaun

    Ever heard anyone ask for a Bacardi and Pepsi?

  • Booger Thompson

    Pepsi is fucking awesome.

  • Sam Ward

    dat dp

  • Taylor

    Coke. Here’s some reasons why: 1. Honestly, coke really tastes better. Almost all of the people I know like coke instead of pepsi. 2. Pepsi is too sweet, Coke isn’t sweet.

  • william baxter

    Pepsi makes me shit through the eye of a needle! Coke is best but both will give you cancer!

  • SwaggyBilbo

    coca cola no judgement no logic anymore coke
    it always wins in my book

  • Anthony Gonzalez


  • Anthony Gonzalez

    it’s just so good for partys

  • Random Person That Likes Cats

    Pepsi cause’ it is pure awesome and doesn’t have cocaine like coca cola.

  • TD23ASUS

    I only chose Pepsi because to me it tastes better. No other reason. And look at that cool retro can art.

  • cokedude21

    ONo first off coke is better your mouth has a dry after taste.pepsi is has the devil in it.Pepsi is actully a bit odd sometimes it might be right most of the time not

  • Michael Young

    Coca-Cola is better.

  • kimiko

    Coca-Cola has a rich bubbly taste too it,which really refreshes me. Pepsi tastes more like a watered down diet Coca-cola and I dont like anything watered down. It just feels like part of the flavor is missing.

  • Pete Samson

    PEPSie iz best anione who disagreees can kis my ass

  • Ike

    Coca cola tastes better, not to mention Coke saves lives

  • OG Veteran

    Coca-cola is the one coke that’s always been there since child, Pepsi just seemed to pop up somewhere in the way.

  • junior flores

    its does not matter aslong you can swallow


  • Henon

    I vote coca cola because it is do tasty

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