Coca-Cola VS Pepsi

Best Soda Soft Drink King
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  • Gotta go with Coca-Cola on this one. The difference… McDonalds. There’s nothing better than a crisp Diet Coke fountain drink with a Big Mac and fries. MMMMMMMM.

    • Dubdubbx21

      how could you possibly put diet coke with a big mac and fries you do know it kinda sounds like you are not getting anywhere just by diet coke you may want to cut out the big mac hahahahahaahaha but yes i like coke too real coca cola though not no diet shit

  • cupcake

    coca cola 4 sure

  • Jackattack111

    Pepsi is just the cheaper version of Coca Cola and the packaging is pretty much the same. It just goes on preference.

  • fuck Cola

    All the people that liked Coca Cola can go to hell cause Pepsi is way better
    Hell yea Fuck cocacola

  • JoshH.

    Is this the Coke with the polar bear?…or just the regular type?

  • Glorializotte1969

    pepsi is better

  • Lovesthesimpsons

    pepsi i better than every pop

  • Kittygirl123334

    Coke is Much better then pepsi ’cause it tastes like wood and poop

  • Pespi Hater!!!

    Coke!!!!!!!! Pepsi is like puke!!!!

  • ilovecoke

    Coke is the best!!!

  • pepsi is puke

    i hate pepsi coke is way better! >:(

  • pepsi lover

    pepsi is better

  • Coke rocks

    Coke and pepsi, i like them both but i have to say coke i think its a little better

  • Eve

    i dont like pepsi, but i dont like coke. i guess i will say coke since my mom loves it

  • Loudantics

    i wont buy pepsi it is just beaver poop!!!

  • Kittygirl123334

    i dident comment that!!! i do love coke!!!! wth?

  • Technoguy

    coke is way better! since pepsi is just crap i wont buy it ether it sucks

  • Stacmac4

    It taste so good and I love to have it with any meal, Lunch, with a snack, Dinner, and also If I’m watching TV or Playing Video Games in my basment. Coke-Cola Rocks. I think Pepsi just has to much carbination and is hard to chug if you wanted too. Coke-Cola is a lot smoother to chug down if you felt like it.

  • The Coke Man

    Coke-Cola is way better then Pepsi because its smooth it goes well with every snack. Pepsi is ok, but its kinda of srtong like it has to much carbonation in it and maybe to much artifical flavores in it to taste it. So I say Coke is better tan Pepsi.

  • Noob

    Pepsi is what you buy when you can’t find coke, it makes me sick e.e…

  • coke. it has perfect punch in it’s flavor. pepsi may have tons more carbonation and may beat the crap out of coke in the first round, but coke has endurance. it keeps its carbonation. by round 2, pepsi is already puckering out.

  • Krreno1968

    Coke because Im not a diabetic and wish to stay that way (Pepsi is way too sweet)

  • Yourmother

    ovviously coke yall fiends

  • Kojinexs

    ew none!

  • Bat


  • winstonsmith655321

    The both are disgusting high fructose crap, and both companies are world renowned for their lack of concern for the environment, I give the edge to Coke since they DID start out using actual COKE in the product.

  • M3t4l666

    I love Pepsi, it doesnt leave a dry after taste in your mouth like coke does, and Pepsi is a hell of a lot better to drink when your stoned it like cures your kottonmouth, coke just makes that shit worse.

    • TD23ASUS

      Ahem, where did you get that info???

      • Tommy

        upup 7up down down balygown fuck

    • linda

      The fuck you know nothing I bet you you that you just pick stupid pepsi because someone made you or something coke is way freaking good un like your pepsi

  • doctor pepper takes all! out of these 2 coke takes all

  • Stevie

    coke tastes so watered down these days

    • Tommy

      ye when your snorthing ii druggy

  • Anonymous

    Pepsi is what you drink when you can’t get a coke.

  • Flemingjustina

    coke dominates over pepsi. pepsi is to sweet and the after taste sucks. coke has been the best selling soft drink in the world

  • Ice Cold Water Guy

    Can’t beat the real thing!

  • Drvess

    Coke is crack.

  • Bullybo98

    Neither are much different pepsi is just a little sweeter and is carbonated way to much so I give it to coke

  • Anonymous

    they taste the same to me

  • Meteldare

    doctor pepper

  • wolverinefan

    Pepsi is sweeter, and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste

  • coke all they wayyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Tommy

      hajwsyjtgu7uykhedhcghegvehfhbejndb ddddddddd

  • Kahlil

    coke adds life

  • pepsi lord 42

    Pepsi is the cheaper alternative and if anyone rejects pepsi because it “tastes different” you are a posh twat

  • jason

    their both good & they both go on sale a lot where I live but overall cokes just a bit better, prolly cause it has a bit more sugar & more caramel color.

  • Roa

    I say Pepsi, because I am three months pregnant, and Coke brings the morning sickness on like a replay of the Exorcist. Pepsi, on the other hand, settles my stomach. I don’t know why they have the opposite effect from each other, but I have to go with the one that isn’t making me throw up right now.

  • Juan Encarnacion

    for y’alls info, pepsi uses aborted fetuses in their products..

  • deejay

    pepsi is just a copied version of coke

  • sevenontheclock

    honestly i hate them both but if i had to choose i would pick coco cola any day

  • xlxCLUTCHxlx

    I like soda. I will drink all of them.

  • carl e cook

    pepsi has an after taste, but mainly it tastes like pepsodent toothpaste, containing pepsin, a digestive thanks!@78a30e086215012127a272b73dcf17d8:disqus

  • they both suck and make you dehydrated.

  • Nathaniel Braswell

    Today the value that I will be upholding is health. Everyone
    wants to be healthy. Anyone who does not agree with this must be insane. Health
    should be the value for today’s debate. Now I would like to offer you five
    reasons or contentions why Pepsi is not better than coke.

    Ct. 1 Pepsi tastes
    sweeter than Coke. While this often makes consumers initially like the
    product more than Coke, people have reported that it is less enjoyable the more
    they drink it. Coke’s flavor, which is slightly more bitter and less sweet, is
    easier to drink over long periods of time. So consumers are more likely to
    order a second Coke in a sitting than they are a second Pepsi.

    Ct. 2 More Emotional

    Many of the big Coke ad campaigns involve warm and fuzzy
    imagery: A jolly Santa Claus, adorable polar bears and nostalgic paintings.
    Studies have shown that these types of images cause people to feel more warmly
    toward Coke and thus be more likely to reach for the red cans instead of the
    blue ones at the store.

    Ct. 3 The World Loves

    Most of Coke’s business is done outside of North America.
    Pepsi does not have as strong of a hold in the rest of the world.

    Ct. 4 The Majority
    Loves Coke Better than Pepsi. I want to say something if my opponent has
    conducted a survey. The survey that they have conducted is on a small amount of
    people, yet I offer you a statistic that is broad, that is international. The
    international debate website says that 71% of all people that voted like coke
    better than Pepsi. On the website I read random comments. Someone named Kahlil
    said that coke adds life. Casey Ross said “Coke all the way” Flemingjustina
    said Coke dominates over Pepsi. Pepsi is too sweet and the after taste sucks. Coke
    has been the best selling soft drink in the world. I wish I could read to you
    many more, but I am only going to read to you one more. Krrenno1968 said “Coke
    because I am not a diabetic and I wish to stay that way” All of this proof that
    Coke is better than Pepsi.

    Ct. 5 Coke is
    Healthier than Pepsi. When compared side by side Coke actually has less
    calories in it than Pepsi. Also, because the beverage is more sweet, it has
    more sugar in it, making it unhealthy. In addition the balance between the syrup
    and the fizz is off balance. Making it have way more syrup, which is the
    unhealthy part, than coke.

    what have we seen? We have looked at how coke is really more prosperous and
    healthy than Pepsi. We have looked at how Pepsi is more sweet than coke, making
    it the unhealthier of the two. We
    have seen Coke has less calories than Pepsi, and less syrup, making coke more
    healthy. We have seen that because an international debate website said the 71%
    of the people liked coke better than Pepsi, coke is more prosperous than Pepsi.
    Also Coke is produced internationally while Pepsi is mainly produced inside one
    country, also making Pepsi less prosperous. So what are you going to vote for
    today. Are going to stand with the
    minority, are you going to care that something is more harmful, than an
    alternative. Or are going to stand with me, with the majority of the world. And
    are you going to vote for what is healthy and are you going to vote, for
    coca-cola. Thank You!

    • TD23ASUS

      Remember that the sugar or glucose content is always directly proportional to over all health. After all, it may be that one is slightly more acidic than the other, which means it is better for your teeth, etc.



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