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  • OneAboveAllisaGodbtw

    The One-Above-All would sneeze and kill everyone in DC

  • Ze Luis

    I think it’s funny when people talk about how easy it is to defeat superman with kriptonite. They must think they can go to the supermarket and buy a pound of kriptonite.

  • marvel killer

    I find it funny how people think that marvel would win. you all forgot the giant army’s that they have

  • Warlordefe

    Marvel wins because they have the charcter named “One above all”. Search for it

  • Yevgeniy

    Dc Universe because it has Doomsday (who can’t die and has killed superman before), and Anti-monitor (who ate UNIVERSES, compared to Galactus, who eats planets), and Over-Monitor (who has power over EVERYTHING and MORE). I think my argument has been won…

  • E5ten

    DC has 7000 green lanterns which can create anything they think of with their rings also there are 7 other corps with the same powers white black red etc
    PS green lanterns had weakness of yellow removed

  • E5ten

    DC has the green lantern corps who can create anything they imagine with their rings and no longer have a weakness to yellow also there are 7000 green lanterns and 7 more groups with the same powers eg red, yellow, orange, white etc

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