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Best Comics/Movies BAM! POW! ZAP! For the Win!
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  • Guest

    LOL… deadpool can kill everyone of DC just with insults… xD

    • DCsucks

      I am a marvel fan but the things u say r pretty much irrevelant

  • disqus_ptJYau0eeB

    who would win in a figfht

  • DC is trash

    DC is trash compared to Marvel. Only good films were the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.

  • Nate grey

    Marvel would win because 4 peaple who would mop the floor with dc witch are phinex wolverine dead pool (who is literally immortal) and Nate grey

  • Nate grey

    Marvel has an ace in the hole which is deadpool he is literally fearless (aka extremely stupid) and immortal

  • Mikeee

    While everyone fighting I’ ma run a threesome with Black Canary & Ms. Marvel to keep the peace

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