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  • marvel boy

    DUDEs your missing the point
    a character in marvel called ONE ABOVE ALL could kill the whole DC universe so easily that he wpuldnt break a sweat
    all the other hereos in marvel dont even have to fight while ONE ABOVE ALL is there
    so MARVEL EASILLLLYYY wins this fight

  • David Williams

    Guys never forget about deadpool

  • azizjon

    hey guys the best is marvel so why you guys think that marvel lose they have the best guy like D.C. so but i dont think marvel is gonna lose

  • damian wayne

    marvel have movies but dc got tv show arrow and flash plus gotham plus batman making them better and batter

  • hi

    Well if you think about it it has been confirmed superman would be able to kill thor and hulk while batman can kill captain america and if you don’t know superman can’t die as stated in the comic books when he fought against doomsday his body instead goes into a regeneration mode

  • hi

    but dont hate its just my opinion if im wrong im wrong dont go crazy

  • Yolo1

    He but superman would rip hulk to shreds before he touches every body remeber tactics take out the strongest and you win

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