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  • marvel boy

    DUDEs your missing the point
    a character in marvel called ONE ABOVE ALL could kill the whole DC universe so easily that he wpuldnt break a sweat
    all the other hereos in marvel dont even have to fight while ONE ABOVE ALL is there
    so MARVEL EASILLLLYYY wins this fight

  • David Williams

    Guys never forget about deadpool

  • azizjon

    hey guys the best is marvel so why you guys think that marvel lose they have the best guy like D.C. so but i dont think marvel is gonna lose

  • damian wayne

    marvel have movies but dc got tv show arrow and flash plus gotham plus batman making them better and batter

  • hi

    Well if you think about it it has been confirmed superman would be able to kill thor and hulk while batman can kill captain america and if you don’t know superman can’t die as stated in the comic books when he fought against doomsday his body instead goes into a regeneration mode

  • hi

    but dont hate its just my opinion if im wrong im wrong dont go crazy

  • Yolo1

    He but superman would rip hulk to shreds before he touches every body remeber tactics take out the strongest and you win

  • Deadpool for the Win!

    Deadpool, will simply come to the conclusion that both universes are make believe. Break through the 3rd wall into our reality. Stop by Warner Bothers headquarters in New York and blow up the building. Next he would jump on a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles. Following the cross country route the Giswald family took in “National Lampoons Vacation” Once in LA, he discovers WallyWorld was actually just 6 flags Magic Mountain. So he decides to go to Disneyland. Although he is a character owned by The Disney Company. He is denied entry into the Magic Kingdom, due to the No adults in costumes unless you’re a official “Cast Member” rule. So he decides to hit the Hollywood walk of fame, where he dispatches Superman, 2 Batmans, a transvestite Wonder woman, a Mexican Spiderman, and a Jack Sparrow. Just as the LAPD are showing up at the scene, Deadpool makes a quick escape on board the TMZ bus. On the tour they pass by the Whole foods Ryan Reynolds frequents. He quickly jumps from the moving vehicle into the parking lot. Where he waits outside the store for R.R. After waiting what seems like days (actually 45 minutes) A now pissed off Deadpool arrives at DC headquarter in Burbank, and systematically executes every writer, artist, editor, copywriter, and intern associated with the DC universe. He spares the mailroom guy, since he has the directions on where to get the best chimichangas in all of LA.


    The truth is Ghost Rider (Blaze, as Zorathos) is undestroyable and Stan Lee even said Ghost Rider is the strongest character that marvel ever made and that only the one above all can stop him, and dc doesint have a one above all so DC is SCREWED!

  • Chris Walters

    Dc wins they have better comics and better superheroes like batman and superman two of the worlds greatest the only people good from marvel are the hulk and wolverine and deadpool that’s it. Yeah marvel makes kickass movies . That’s because their owned by fucking Disney that has millions of dollars to make the movies great that is why star wars is gonna be kick ass this year because Disney is doing it. By when batman and superman dawn of justice come out it’s gonna take the Oscars and the box office. That is the only true answer

  • Thanos

    Thanos would bitch slap ALL of DC comics. Let’s not even mention Galactus or Death. DC would get the floors (or stars) bathed in their blood.

  • TonyStark

    I love both but Marvel has a better Lineup.

    …and Marvel has more Fans!

    List of highest-grossing films: Rank 3: Avengers, Rank 6: Iron Man

    DC has only Batman: Rank 11: The Dark Knight Rises

    Thanos curbstomps DC.

  • Baller

    Superman would destroy the avengers the fuckin x men the fuckin fantastic four and everyone man marvel sucks so bad they just wouldn’t win in a fight and plus the only reason why marvel is doing better in making movies is because they made more the dark knight and the dark knight rises made more money than most of the movies marvel made all together and plus marvel cant make no fuckin tv show for shit

  • Nightwingbest

    Marvel sucks alot because they cant make no tv show for crap and on the other hand DC is better at doing it. And making videogmes with far better graphics than marvel’s. And plus Marvel is only beating DC in their movies because they made more of them. But DC when they made dark knight and dark knight rises they made more money than pretty much most of Marvel’s movies combined and I guarantee you DC is better. Superman could be the avengers by himself if thor wasn’t there for magic otherwise everyone would be dead. Especially the fact that MARVEL STINKS

  • Nightwingbest

    And also the only way marvel could win is if they play against the characters in DC by their weaknesses. But think about it most likely batman could take both black widow and captain america by himself beat them to a point to when they dont even want to marry each other anymore. The fact that it took the entire avengers to stop loki was kind of said because wonder woman would have cut his head off

  • Nightwingbest

    DC WINS.

  • Nightwingbest

    people love marvel because of their movies but they cant beat DC in a fight it would be embarassing

  • Darth Hayden

    Superman by himself could kill every single marvel character in less than a minute.

  • JayLeno

    MARVEL WINS, easily.

    HULK by himself could kill every single DC character in less than a minute.

    Many Marvel charakters by himself could kill every single DC character in less than a minute.

    Flawless Victory !!!

  • Grems

    i like both, but Marvel is a bit better.

    and yeah hulk is the one and only, but with iron man! ;)

  • Robot

    Marvel or DC, both are good.
    but Marvel has more fans and better movies.

  • jl;k;

    obviously marvel due to the one above all or is that dc ?

  • aj

    OK all of you are going too small a scale here ok DC has the entire green lantern corp, wonder woman and the Amizonian aemy , aquaman and the atlantian army, the sons of batman, the league of assassins, and death stroke with his mirikuru army! The smallest of the groups only numbering close to a thousand the corp and Amazon’s number into the tens of thousands including all of rh solo and small groups of vigilantes and marvel only really has the x-men and azgardian warriors and iron mans back up suits. Total probably just numbering into the thousands so when you pur alllllll of that together DC will win…. Think a lil more boys!!!

  • Kratos

    Marvel beat DC easily.

  • NYTimes

    Marvel wins pretty easily.

  • disqus_QVJaR4vtn7

    Big deal. No one knows how strong the hulk can get, so really theres no point in having a hulk vs Superman match

  • blade

    Marvel would win because tons on the DC villains could be taken out by someone like ghost rider and When DC kill Ghost rider Blade could sweep up more of DC and then Thor and the armies of Asgard beat the rest of DC

  • TheDarkKnight

    Dc wins in the comics, tv shows, cartoons, and when BvS comes out Movies

  • Smarter than you

    Marvel, because they have more super heroes and S.H.E.L.D. is an actual organization. Besides after the civil war marvel added a ton more heroes and cloned Thor who happens to be a god. The avengers alone would wipe the floor with every D.C. hero. Besides Stephen Strange could destroy every single super hero on D.C.’s side. Finally the marvel super heroes are more human (like the Punisher) and of course the sentinels could launch a extremely destructive upon all the enemy super heroes. Finally the Marvel villains are so much more powerful than the D.C. ones so the Marvel heroes have better training.

  • deadpool

    cum on really we no ho will win marvel becouse they have the 3 unkillabal mutants deadpool,hulk,wolvierin they are unkillabal

  • TipsyGipsy

    DC for animated movies and live action television shows. Marvel for comics and movies. I thought this was only gonna be a superhero battle, but since we are using villains as well. Gonna have to be Marvel. While Marvel came second in DC in comic chronology, Marvel’s villains and heroes are on a broader spectrum when it comes to the term of power. Thanos HoTU. Throw everyone “omni” word together and that is what that guy was. Superman Prime One Million. Albeit probably one of the most seriously powerful comic book characters ever written, Dark Phoenix Force is Marvel’s answer. The presence for DC is rivaled by TOAA. Franklin Richards is an unmatched force for Marvel by DC. That guy resurrected Galactus and made him his bitch lol. I love both sides. I’m more into DC now a days because I really want to see them do well with their movies. But logically speaking guys other than Supes…DC’s heavy hitters just can’t go toe-to-toe with Marvels. Just my opinion though.

  • Kal Kine

    I like DC. DC will win over Marvel. Why, DC battles with outer aliens in universe, while Marvel battles with maddest scientist that would poison toxic ya all!!

  • djc

    Has no one thought of the fact that Bats could probably find a cure or mutagen that fights the gamma radiation that feeds the hulk? Then he’d just be plain old Bruce banner and anyone could merc him.

  • p0labecool123

    love them both but reason for me that dc wins is simple BATMAN there is no better superhero but my second and third are hulk and spiderman

  • Ethan


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