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  • Marvel woops ass

    Marvel would destroy DC. They have a lot more powerful heroes+vilains. The only threat DC has are the people who live on krypton but even they can’t fight Galactus or Odin Thor and Loki they are immortal for gods sake! ( see what I did there) ha ha… :-(

  • Marvel woops ass

    Plus Charles from the x-men with the help of ultron could connect his mind to every mind on the planet and kill who ever he chooses! Superman’s weakness is magic so Loki would woop his ass!!


    I don’t know there both goodit would be close the only people to live that battle is Batman,superman,Thor,wolverine,wonder woman,Gandhi, sabretooth,magneto,hulk,venom,red hulk,A-bomb,The flash,Scarlett witch,Galactus and darkseid.

  • kaleb street

    GO MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am doing a fight
    Marvel has rouge wolvirine the nova corps dead pool task master hulk super skrull Sentry Thor Odin Loki and plus iroman has a army(watch iron man3) quick silver and Scarlett whicth ultron qhenoix juggernaut thanos Dr Manhattan Dr strange galctus venom shield and sword


  • Klero

    Marvel wins!!

  • BatMan00

    I have a few words for the WHOLE BUNCH who commented. DC Universe would win because only a few of the marvel characters have powers. those who don’t have their team to back them up. HOWEVER, those in the justice league that don’t have powers make up for it with keen senses and gadgets. And another reason D.C. is better is the fact that BATMAN IS THE BEST SUPERHERO EVER!

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