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  • deadpool

    Oh and for batman fans who say bat beat the justice league yes he did but with prep but if we r talking a random marvel vs dc encounter bats woukd basically be useless most of the marvel heroes work on the fly

  • Gabriela Lukavei

    Jesus, DC has The Justice League, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and a whole other bunch! Besides Spiderman ( which could also be killed by Flash because come on) what does Marvel have? and please don’t come with the Avengers because their leader is also the weakest there

  • Lorenzo

    Bella Italia says: Marvel !

    Hulk, Sentry, Thor, Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Vision, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Wolferine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Juggernaut, Thing, Hercules, Loki, Doctor Strange, Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Magneto, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Quicksilver, Colossus, Rogue, Storm, etc.

    Or Thanos, Galaktus, Ultron, etc.

    Marvel is too powerfull.

  • lahum

    marvels will win the fight

  • BaconWizard

    I like dc and marvel but would probably like dc more

  • Alexis Wilmer Hernandez

    Marvel wins beacause they have avengers,xmen,4fantastic,guardians of the galaxy and dc just has justice leage so on my opinion marvel winsxD


    um every one list of marvel characters deadpool,galactus,beyonder,doctor doom,thanos with infinity gauntlet,hope summers,kallark,apocalypse,sentry,phoenix force now look up there powers just the character listed above could destroy any dc character oh yes one more marvel character DEATH

  • Donnovan

    We are all forgetting about brainiac he is smarter and more powerful than voltron so if voltron was able to take out quicksilver then the would have no speedster to take him out but even if quicksilver and voltron are on teams then they could use the four flashes to take him out if ur wondering who they are it impose, flash , kid Flash and the original flash and since the bad guys are on teams withe the good guys then we cant forget about reverse flash so the would easily take out quicksilver and voltron and not to mention D.C. has superman prime who has no more immunity to kryptonite or magic so doctor strange would fight dr fate and dont forget batman wonder woman and green lantern and last but definitely not the least captain marvel aka shazam and captain marvel jr who has billy aka captain marvel powers and black Adam and the goddess isis so dc yes has gods to so marvel would be destroyed and we have the greek gods like Zeus Poseidon and Hades so they would destroy asguard so green lanterns and the other lanterns could take out all the other weak people like plastic man but im not going to say it would be a no problem battle but through out the fight batman would find there weak nesses like tony stark but batman basically has tony starks suits but it that batman is not useing his life so D.C. wins and dont forget static shock so there electronical people are going to have a fight and the magnetic people would be attracted but the current and destroyed

  • truth

    if we are talking about a fight then dc would win why well because of superman he can easily kill over half of the marvel characters while still protecting his teammates

  • gabriel

    Who has heard of beyonder huh he can alter reality! He thinks superman was never born bam superman is gone

    marvel wins

  • gabriel

    And galactus and beyonder kill everyone

  • gabriel

    How about these guus from marvel that are op: abomination ABSORBING man abyss ares beyonder black bolt black knight black panther blood wraith blue Marcel captain marvel captain universe Charlie 27 -collector count nefaria crystal diamond back dormammu electro enchantress ex nihilo genis vell grandmaster groot hazmat hercules high evolutianary hood hulk hulkling Hyperion immortus iron fist iron man iron patriot jocasta justice kang klay korvac loki machine man madame hydra madame masque mandarin man ape manifold mantis martinex melter medusa miss america mister immortal mister hyde moon dragon morgan le fay ms marvel nebula nightmask nova pagan phobos quake quasar quicksilver radioactive man rage ravonna renslayer red hulk reptil a bomb ronan sandman scarlet witch scorpio sentry serpent sersi shang chi shocker she hukl sin skarr slingshot space phantom spectrum starbrand starlord stranger SUPER ADAPTOID TASKMASTER THOR THANOS TRAUMA ULTRON VANCE ASTRO VENOM VEIL VERANKE VISION WARLOCK WHITE TIGER WINTER SOLDIER WICCAN WONDER MAN yond
    that doesnt even scratch the surface ….

  • Mehadi Marjan Mehrab

    Alone Batman can destroy…the marvel comics…bcz if he knw u r here with power than ur antipower is ready …and it will made by Batman…and Marvel is only technology based where DC use technology and brain power..

  • DC for the win

    A.M.A.Z.O is going to pretty much going to be the destroyer of marvel. He can mimick a
    every power he sees and has no weekness, that’s not to say he can’t be distroyed but any attack marvel try’s they will loose. AMAZO has the power of the justice league all ready so any one that even comes close will be getting there ass handed to them

  • Winner

    If there gonna fight with preperation,this is gonna be easy for marvel,most of all dc heroes has a mind right?if prof. X uses his cerebro to knock them dead or hulk with his new worldbreaker gamma form(aka power to destroy a planet like galactus)

    • Il go with Marvel

      I agree,im not a Marvel or DC fan but if its a fight,Marvel will win.Just think about Ironman giving all the heroes a vibranium armored suit which has the same metal as Cap’s shield with the help of Black Panther.

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