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  • Leon

    Live Action Movies: Marvel
    Animated Movies: Marvel
    Comics: DC

    Marvel wins.

  • Frans von Solms

    Simple… Legacy. DC universe characters is much more developed in the sense of story line. They have what you would call legacy. The Marvel universe does not have this same feeling to it that DC has, yes it is much more flashy and has produced successful movies, but lets face it Disney will rip it apart an kill it eventually. Take it form me, I’ve collected both for years and the Marvel comics has become cheap immitations of what they once was. Thank G0D Sega has the right to Spiderman now otherwise that also would have been ruined!

    DC has stuck to thier guns, keeping thier characters loyal to those artists who created them. Yes they relaunched but kept the best bits and removed the bad ones. The characters is more “human” than in Marvel. The TV new tv series (Arrow & Flash)are great and hands down beat Daredevil and Agents of Shield(Which does not seem th get to a point). The new Superman vs Batman movie allready seem that it is going to be a big hit, they are planning additional movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern with talk of a Justice League Comming Soon. Where the movies is concerned, yes marvel has more, but story wise Marvel Bothed up X-Men so badly no quantim physics solution will ever fix it. DC has stated that they will slowly develop the DC universe arc to avoid such issues and this is where legacy will save thier buts.

    As a formal Marvel Fan…I,m deeply dissapointed, As a future DC fan, I cant wait!

  • SolracNexus

    WTF!!!MARVEL times infinity,DC sucks because the characters origins plus stories sucks like poop,while marvel have a lot of stoaries,age of ultron,secret invasion,you know it plus every characters meaning is understandable,unlike dc the only heroes famous are bat,super,wonder,flash,and green,robin but in marvel 30+,il be honest the dark knight is the worst movie in history,nut im not a marvel fan nor dc!!!Im just saying marvel universe beats dc’s …… universe

    • SolracNexus

      But if your asking a fight about Marvel vs dc,then marvel wins,they have the stringest villians and heroes,scarlett witch can alternate reality meaning she can change the lifes of dc,and the infinity gems can destroy them,batman is the weakest of them all,you just like him because of his catchphrase,costume and his stupid name…..Galactus can devour them alllll

  • SolracNexus

    If a fight all dc villians and heroes vs 1 marvel hero,deapool,1v1 each of them he would win,he can heal,his skeleton is indestructible,his swords can block healing,he cant be controlled inluding his sword,he can teleport,shoot optic blasts,can put back body parts,gross,and if this would be a video game fight then he would just hack,lol.if comics still MARVEL,they have good stories other than dc,there just good for a few characters like batman,for kids,should be and turned it into unfriemdly.

  • Griffin Hosford

    Marvel for the win

  • Greyman

    I like them Both.

    But Marvel is currently better. (Movies, Fans, etc.)

    And DC vs. Marvel in Fight? I think Marvel wins (Tony Stark: We have a Hulk).

  • Reece Baillie

    Ur retards obviously DC would win because there got batman superman, who could beat everyone in marvel by himself unless marvels got some kryptonite, cat woman and loads more. Even including an army of more than 9000 green lanterns and arrow and xannoss and ronanan the destroyer who are both in marvel to. Everyone thinks marvel would win because they have the hulk but if the hulk went up against superman, superman would win I mean he cold flick the hulk and he’d fly to China from the usa, actually he could do it with blowing on the hulk. Even batman could kil hulk, just cut off his head and there. DC would win for god sake. ERGH. U say u know stuff, u clearly don’t.

  • JEJE

    If you voted for Marvel you suc

  • BruceLee

    Marvel for the win.


    Of Course DC would win!! No doubt¡!!!

  • bengals44

    Ha ha this is funny, next I should watch people argue about religion.

  • Westeros


  • Woodchuck799

    I love both but I prefer the DC comics ever so slightly. I do hate this argument though. They are both fantastic and both have things that both sides would enjoy

  • Pierce

    Marvel is better overall for having more creativity with its characters but don’t get me wrong dc has some pretty decent characters as well

  • Richard Zanco-kay

    wow im not even going to put down my thoughts on who i would think would win the DC fanboys here are asshole cant have i civilised conversation with any of the or they’ll lash out at you what fuckheads only seen a handful of marvel fanboys say a couple of things here but not as bad as the DC ones

  • DobbyHouseElf

    I have recently watched Avengers Age of Ultron, and it was amazing, so it really wasn’t hard to choose between them.

  • MarvelROX

    Everybody knows that it is Marvel. Thor, Thanos (With the Infinity Gauntlet) and Wolverine would EASILY take out all of DC. Also, if DC has flash, and Marvel has Quicksilver. Marvel has Captain Marvel and DC has Superman. DC has Batman and Marvel has Iron Man. Marvel has Mr. Fantastic and DC has Elastic Man. Though, Marvel still has all the X-Men, all the versions of Avengers, and DC has like nothing, and, the stuff DC has Marvel has their version of it, too.

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