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  • Omar Wayne

    Batman can defeat all marvel heros

    • DCsucks

      just die
      he cant even a singel

  • JMVels

    I like DC and Marvel, but I like Marvel more because some of DC’s heroes are to over powered
    If its a fight then DC will realy win. But I mean where’s the if theres no challenge.

  • Ferniee

    Sunspot from the xmen can just copy anyone’s power from DC and just use their weakness against them, Marvel wins hands down!

  • Lefty

    DC characters are more sex movie characters whereas MARVEL have characters that are much more superhero types and have human flaws. Superman’s enemies can be counted on one hand before the 1990′s. They never use brainiac or magicians its always some new kryptonian that survived and involves his best buddy Lex Luthor. YAWN. Besides he looks super gay. Wonder woman was LYNDA CARTER. She would have been great in porn. Wonder woman is now Super-man without a dick. She flies, is invincible and can bash the shit out of soups. That magic lasso is only for porn. FLASH is funny and is another porn star. He can vibrate really fast except the ladies may complaint that he only lasts a second. Green Lantern? school is still out. Batman Begins is the only good Batman movie as it was revolutionary in describing his origin. The cartoon Batman the brave and the bold is amusing as DC looks for ways to merge characters for the movies. About 50 years behind MARVEL. DC seriously need sex scenes between the characters that have funny bits. For example FLASH and Superman could be whipping in and out of WW not realizing she dates the invisible man.
    Plastic man could fake being a franga.
    The invisible man ends up with a sore arse. Superman should use his cock as a super drill to escape the villains and do a high speed fart that blows the house down.
    Besides that there is a green arrow, red arrow, purple arrow, dad’s mother in law arrow as well as sister and dad arrow who are now bad.Marvin the Martian is lame. Kiss my green butt.

  • DC vs marvel

    Oh my most of you are totally stupid DC would win i mean have you seen the agility of batman or the strength of superman. green lantern has so much fight in him he would beast easy. im not so sure about wonder woman. but flash is so fast he could pretty much just disapear within a second. Also none of you even mentioned J’onn J’onzz he could manipulate there brains and pretty much just make them turn to mush and id say green arrow is a better shot then hawkeye.

  • deadpool

    2 words fucking deadpool

  • beau

    marvil all the way

  • Hulk

    Hulk will kill all d.c so get it in ur brain

  • Braden Jarvis

    Everything DVD can do Marvel can do better. Its a fact of nature.

  • Braden Jarvis

    Dc darn spell check

  • Dustydiablo

    We forget to mention Dormammu who has the ability to create a dimension and shove one of the Dc superheroes in it and then destroy you could not really dodge that move.

  • Ryan Price

    Marvel,would win hands down think about it galactus the beonder, the one above all, and tony stark’s house party protocol the avengers x men by the way jean grey could control green lanterns mind and wonder women’s etc. to take off there equipment. You know what I mean by equipment!

  • Max

    Marvel, from my point of view, Wolverine made of an indestructible substance, regeneration. Hulk has an infinite amount of strength,invincibility( we all know that word means nothing), super speed, iron man can put batman in his place, yes batman may have more skills as a regular person but iron man has an automated suit meaning batman cannot dodge missiles and blasters. Xavier has mind control (I understand he is not the only one, but his skills in telekinesis is unmatchable) gene gray can manipulate any object at all, magneto who can control metal so any super hero/villain in doc comics wearing metal at all is screwed, spider man has super strength speed and elusiveness, and technically has a psychic power he has a (spidey sense) warning him of the near future. Thor (Demi god), silver surfer.
    This is a hard fight to analyze because most character from each group(DCvMARVEL) has an equal counter part on the otherwise of the comic books. We will all together never know because even superheroes have bad days if you disagree with me let me know…

    • DCsucks

      absolutly right bro

  • Batman Arkham Knight

    Dc has Batman.

  • dc is better bitches

    Super mam has the cosmic punch he can change reality as he deem fit DC IS DOMINATING THIS SHIT AYE!

  • dc all of z way

    Yes but not everyone knows dc superheroes weaknesses. If they were to fight it would be the avengers vs the justice leauge dc outnumbers them obviousley dc.

  • Will

    I think it will come down to hulk and batman because if they get super man with kryptonite then he will get weakened and be killed batman always finds a way to beat everyone even superman

  • woothie10

    Well for one marvels primary heroes don’t suck, nor are they predictable

  • dc is awesome

    DC would totally win I mean justice league green lantern core it is obvious super man could destroy any marvel character duh

  • dc is awesome

    Green arrow has been proven to be better than Hawkeye

  • HerO Rocks


  • secret warrior

    dc comics would win because if batman was going to shot in the head superman help him and block it is all about teamwork

  • tom

    HULK, thor ,docter strange, and the shadow king vs anybody in dc game over thor with his magic can take superman down (weakness for magic I guess no one know lol) docter strange would take out batman hulk would kill any other superheroes who dare challenge them (and no one would cuz the killed superman so) and shadow king would come and take over the whole universe lol dat was short game over no left and marvel only used 4 people

  • lakeoffire

    I read both and actually prefer marvel’s characters but anyone that believes marvel stands a chance in hell vs dc in a fight is just a deluded marvel nuthugger or doesn’t know shit about the 2 universes period. Perfect example is deadlyassassin below it is obvious that he is a marvel nuthugger that knows crap about dc and its characters just from the ignorance outlined in his ridiculous post.

  • Bryce

    Lets Go Team Marvel were leading by 3000. Still love u batman.

  • DCsucks

    DC is gonna loose

    forgot Xavier

    hes gonna control supermans mind n kill him
    many other mutants who know telepathy mesomer
    they turn dc with us n kneel them down
    they loose misrebly

  • DCsucks

    have you all ssly forgot Jean grey

  • that one guy

    tbh y’all forgettin about villains. DCs villains would clearly destroy marvel alone

  • gambit117

    haha bazinga

  • noone

    Who would win Thor or captain marvel

  • Webhead

    If we’re talking all of the Marvel characters in 616 vs all the mainstream universe DC people… Marvel wins. Marvel has Franklin Richards, the son of Mr.Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Franklin can reshape reality due to his mutant genomes. He could make DC’s characters simply not exist.

    Silver Surfer also has a fraction of the Power Cosmic, and for non-Marvel fans, the Power Cosmic can pretty much do anything. Surfer could easy use it to take out Superman without even needing Kryptonite.

    God help us if the Living Tribunal is involved here. He’s basically the right hand man of God himself in the Marvel universe, and has even more control over the Power Cosmic than Surfer.

  • marvel&dcuniverse

    DC suck ? Marvel Suck ? . Forget it ! Everyone has their own opinion of heroes that they prefer! No need to have an argument. Dc is good in their way. Marvel is too. Everyone has different thinking and choices. They both have something good themselves. But my favorite is Marvel. ( Ironman ). My favorite from DC is superman. Everyone thinks differently!

  • DCboy1234

    dc would win because almost all of u forgot aquaman and martian manhunter and red tornado and black canary also green arrow would kick hawkeyes butt any day anytime. and i dont think you could get close enough to green lantern to pull of his ring. and also they might not ony work as individiuals and only a retard could think they could trip flash he could just quantumn tunnel through there foot and flash could kick quicksilvers buttocks

  • eSloth

    Spoiderpeg da bes

  • Random Guy

    This fight doesn’t make any sense without some rules. First of all every Omni-whatever guy can’t join the fight because it would be a tie between the one above all (God creator of the marvel multiverse) and the presence (God creator of the DC multiverse). Also no reality warping because it kinda makes you omnipotent . Next we would need to decide which version of the characters are used because Jean Grey as Phoenix dominates… But parallax or ion possessed Hal Jordan does the same and since DC has much more powerful version I’m gonna go with the not incredibly strong versions so no Phoenix, no parallax or ion, no Lord marvel (captain marvel with control over all magic in the universe), no rune king Thor and most of all no brainiac possessed Doomsday (smartest mind in strongest body=op) or Superman prime one million who has lost his weaknesses, got virtually omnipotent by spending thousands of years in the sun and got universal scale reality warping so I’m doing marvel a favor with this I guess.
    And still DC would probably win when we’d make quite fair matches :
    Doomsday vs Hulk : tie because both are unkillable. Yes Hulk gets more powerful the angrier he gets but every time Doomsday dies he regenerates and gets somehow “immune” against what killed him.
    Thor vs Wonder Woman : probably Wonder Woman because she is as venerable as Thor and most likely can pickup his hammer too but also has an indestructible lasso and bracelets.
    Ironman vs Cyborg :if Tony wrote All the code for his suits completely himself then probably tie otherwise Cyborg can access it because he is included in every electronical device made on earth.
    But DC also has incredible armys with many thousands of lanterns who can revive (white), bring people who once died back as zombies (black and orange), heal and supercharge rings (blue) and teleport (violet). There also are millions of kryptonians and data mites (who are kryptonians with a weakness against lead but there is a serum which makes them immune and unaffected by red suns). There also are the Martians whose vulnerability to fire is just a mental block which can be taken away by the Guardians who are able to destroy a planet with their Lantern powers and the old and new Gods who are OP too but hard to explain.

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