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  • OneAboveAllisaGodbtw

    The One-Above-All would sneeze and kill everyone in DC

  • Ze Luis

    I think it’s funny when people talk about how easy it is to defeat superman with kriptonite. They must think they can go to the supermarket and buy a pound of kriptonite.

  • marvel killer

    I find it funny how people think that marvel would win. you all forgot the giant army’s that they have

    • DCsucks

      marvel has army of dark elves And frost giant

  • Warlordefe

    Marvel wins because they have the charcter named “One above all”. Search for it

    • DCsucks

      The Celetial or the omnipotent

  • Yevgeniy

    Dc Universe because it has Doomsday (who can’t die and has killed superman before), and Anti-monitor (who ate UNIVERSES, compared to Galactus, who eats planets), and Over-Monitor (who has power over EVERYTHING and MORE). I think my argument has been won…

    • DCsucks

      NO , Marvel Has Franklin Richards

      Game over

  • E5ten

    DC has 7000 green lanterns which can create anything they think of with their rings also there are 7 other corps with the same powers white black red etc
    PS green lanterns had weakness of yellow removed

  • E5ten

    DC has the green lantern corps who can create anything they imagine with their rings and no longer have a weakness to yellow also there are 7000 green lanterns and 7 more groups with the same powers eg red, yellow, orange, white etc

    • DCsucks

      HEY E5ten jean gray gonna pull the ring n kill the human

    • DCsucks

      HEY E5ten jean gray gonna pull the ring n kill the human

      • E5ten

        Yes she will pull one off all of the other lanterns will kill her as she does this DC wins

        • DCsucks

          E5ten all i here taking about
          enen break there power source

          • E5ten

            Fine but then god who is an actual DC character mites all o marvel

      • E5ten

        Also god is a DC character who exactly in marvel will defeat god

    • DCsucks

      I would just like to tell you that u dont have any knowledge abt Marvel but ur knowledge also lack in DC
      There are 9 rings
      7 rings of spectrum VIBGYOR and black,white,grey

      plz before taking increase ur knowledge

  • DCsucks

    marvel leading by 3000

  • Alvin Elmore

    Lucifer Mourning Star and Dr Manhattan could kill every character in Marvel by themselves.

  • DCsucks

    DC Comics sucks at physics

  • DCsucks

    no logic

  • DC fan

    Marvel just won by making one good movie after another and setting it up. DC has the most amazing pantheon of superheros yet the failed to set it up like marvel. Now they are going right to the jugular. It does not happen like that. Man of steel was the most awaited movie, yet the missed the opportunity. After watching guardians of the galaxy I had to accept, Marvel has won. Brilliant strategy carefully selected directors, simple story lines. They really care about the characters and how its presented. Batman and Green Arrow is the only ace in DC’s hand. They better come up with something.

  • rigygrhguhg

    whoever thinks marvel will win needs to start using their brain. not only does superman have superhuman strength he has kryptonian disciplines allowing him to be able to control minds plus he has kryptonian armor so kryptonite cant do anything And come on green lantern isnt stupid he wouldnt just let someone take his ring away flash would run straight through anything and he has increased perceptions so he’d see someone if they tried to trip him the only thing wonder woman has her bracelets for are for shields that doesnt give her her powers batman would be smart enough to get out the way plus hes dodged gunfire at point blank range

    • DCsucks

      Dude answer to evey suparman power is hyperion and Gladiator

  • Jake Pitney

    Dc would totally win because they have more iconic superheroes and you can tell who are the kings of dc it’s batman and superman. But with marvel you can’t tell who are the kings and they have really shitty villains compared to dc’s and most of marvels superheroes don’t make any sense. MARVEL IS FOR THE NERDS , DC IS FOR THE COOL PEOPLE

    • DCsucks

      fuck the bitch up dude
      You said exactly opposite

  • Branden Aldred

    It would be a close fight but it would come to a draw. Marvel has a ton of reality changing characters,and DC has immortals so the result is 50/50

  • Jor El

    Batman plans and Superman carries it out. These two can destroy all of Marvel. Superman hung out with The Presence aka God

    • DCsucks

      dude Marvel Has moon night and hyperion both more powerful than batman and superman

  • marvel killer

    oh poor marvel you would die so quickly one word, SEPTER he is pretty much a god

    • DCsucks

      he is Human
      And Marvel Has a crap ton of Gods And Reality changers

  • Jason Leveille

    Why must we argue between the two I prefer DC yes but that’s my preference I understand why people like marvel marvel has some really nice heroes and yes I do agree that both DC and Marvel do dominate their own version of the markets DC takes the cake for animations and Marvel for MOST of their live actions (Arrow and flash I watched the leaked episode is better then AoS once again MY OPINION) can we just end this silly feud and take out respective markets elsewhere then arguments

  • The Critic

    Marvel has a bigger franchise. It’s movie “The Avengers” had a blockbuster success.
    DC Universe: Alright we finally have a script for a Justice League movie!
    DC Universe Community: FUCK YEAH!
    Marvel: You’re cute.



    • DCsucks

      bro wid u

  • dale

    Deadpool. Enough said

  • Deadpoolfan

    Marvel wins. First of all. There is Hulk. He is invulnerable and has unlimited strength, with the ability to regenerate tissue faster than it can be destroyed. Then its Juggernaut. Pretty much the same as Hulk, but with a limit to strength and instead of regenerating, he pretty much just doesn’t get hurt. And finally, my favorite: Deadpool. No weaknesses, regrows any tissue, including his head. Can’t die due to Thanos kicking him out of the death realm. Plus, he is a master at all martial arts and all weapons.

  • Vendetta

    Because its marvel it has the most intelligent minds of all and they are powerful .
    I think the X men can beat DC alone and. The avengers can be the backup if they need it and spidey and the fantastic 4 are just going to sit and watch while iron man is hitting on invisible woman thats how easy it is to beat DC .

  • deneiss

    marvel would so win they have way more superheroes duh and plus superman is easy to kill for marvel. All they have to do is bring in spider man wrap him in webs and kill him with kryptonite

    • DCsucks

      Hey I am a Marvel Geek but

      u r completely wrong

  • Roseon Pradhan

    no matter what people say marvel copied almost all of dc’s characters and gave them human and realistic aspect and made them relate able and drastically improved there power and ability for example sentry copied from superman, Thor Norse god copied from wonder woman Greek god and so on that doesn’t mean there better. i could copy someones art and make it look different.

  • habibkiller

    dc would win no matter what
    aquaman i repeat aquaman could beat up most of marvel.

    • DCsucks

      take my in ur mouth

  • hulk#1

    If you say dc would win then your dumb, marvel would cause the hulk would kill all plus with the help of proteus, the living tribunal,the one above all and galactus. Dc has no chance they may have more people but marvel has the most powerfulest. So theres no question to it marvel would win.

  • Rivets

    DC if you read comics more for the art and the fantasies inherent in reading comics, Marvel for the stories and the writing.

  • deadpool guy

    all you guys are retards. deadpool wins every fight. therefore i think deadpool and super man would be the last ones left. deadpool cant die super man can. all you need is some kryptonite .

  • Andrew yuoiytr

    Is any body taking living tribunal into the discussion or korvac (I mean marvel all the way)

  • drwhales

    can i just mention sentry (robert renalds) from marvel? the guy who punches through reality, can re-write universes, and can only die when he wants to die?

  • Kage40k

    Any of the elders of the universe from marvel would kill all of DC the predate the universe!

  • hackertaz

    Given time and plan Batman alone can defeat the entire MARVEL :D .

  • Raymond

    I pick marvel but I guess it all depends on who faces who

  • Marcos Higareda

    80% of marvel is human and DC universe has 3 times the amount of characters Marvel has. Sure superman dies by kryptonite but hey idiots, kryptonite doesn’t exist in the marvel universe so how in gods name would they get some? We not only have superman but super boy and girl. Batman’s helmet is bulletproof smart one. Jesus god damn Christ some kids are just stupid and you cant just trip the flash.

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