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  • Marvel woops ass

    Marvel would destroy DC. They have a lot more powerful heroes+vilains. The only threat DC has are the people who live on krypton but even they can’t fight Galactus or Odin Thor and Loki they are immortal for gods sake! ( see what I did there) ha ha… 🙁

  • Marvel woops ass

    Plus Charles from the x-men with the help of ultron could connect his mind to every mind on the planet and kill who ever he chooses! Superman’s weakness is magic so Loki would woop his ass!!


    I don’t know there both goodit would be close the only people to live that battle is Batman,superman,Thor,wolverine,wonder woman,Gandhi, sabretooth,magneto,hulk,venom,red hulk,A-bomb,The flash,Scarlett witch,Galactus and darkseid.

  • kaleb street

    GO MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am doing a fight
    Marvel has rouge wolvirine the nova corps dead pool task master hulk super skrull Sentry Thor Odin Loki and plus iroman has a army(watch iron man3) quick silver and Scarlett whicth ultron qhenoix juggernaut thanos Dr Manhattan Dr strange galctus venom shield and sword


  • Klero

    Marvel wins!!

  • BatMan00

    I have a few words for the WHOLE BUNCH who commented. DC Universe would win because only a few of the marvel characters have powers. those who don’t have their team to back them up. HOWEVER, those in the justice league that don’t have powers make up for it with keen senses and gadgets. And another reason D.C. is better is the fact that BATMAN IS THE BEST SUPERHERO EVER!

  • Chris M.

    Marvel is harder, better, faster and stronger!

  • Samuel

    Guys isn’t it obvious! Marvel would beat every single DC character to death for one reason.We have BEYONDER! BEYONDER could KILL Superman.He can beat the Justice Leauge.And plus, Marvel has Galactus and Thanos.So yah, Marvel would win.

    • Metla


  • Incrediblewolf22

    Already done. Im all about Marvels. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider man, Ant man, Hawkeye, and Cap you cant get any better sorry D.C. But Marvels is clearly better hands down all about MARVELS!

  • papa josh

    I join dc because it’s so cool even cooler then the marvel heroes

  • papa josh

    face it every body krreno is shit

  • papa josh

    face it ever body anybody who join marvel shit trash a bech

    • papa josh

      This my message to the comic department hands up for ds .so go cry to your mom OR GET LOST

  • papa josh

    sorry for that one word

  • papa josh

    DS wins every time! get it marvel losers

  • papa josh

    why is marvel so not cool

  • papa josh

    tell marvel fans to suck my DICK

  • Nick

    It’s hilarious how everyone forgets Rogue. If it is Universe vs. Universe, Rogue can enter the fray with thousands of powers! (Don’t argue she can’t handle it, because she VERY recently has absorbed hundreds of powers at once, and was able to utilize all and survive.) Rogue can absorb powers (Carol Danvers), thus can easily, with psychic and teleportation powers, drain both Superman and Martian Manhunter, easily DC’s strongest characters. Rogue coul keep getting stronger, and practically solo with prep. Also, if there was one who posed a huge threat, she can hold on and permanently absorb them. Rogue is a beast and a dark horse.

  • Nick

    She can absorb alien powers*

  • darkman

    DC is good but Marvel is dominating.

  • TheMaestro

    Everyone who says DC comics are better than Marvels comics is a gay scrub. Just read Planet hulk, World war hulk, Civil war, Secret wars, Red hulk, and tons others. Also just read more recent comics like marvel battleworld. The are no significant events in DC comics except Superman blows Batmans batcock. (just waiting for the DC fanboys to rage)


    Lol. The only reason people are voting for Marvel is because of their movie success. Superman Prime, if he wanted to, can wipe out a galaxy… With a sneeze. Also, The presence can defeat all Marvel characters, as he has NO weakness, his strength is incalculable and his abilities are unlimited. He also is basically a God, because he is Omnipotence, Omniscience,Omnipresence. DC would win in a fight, hands down. Not even a need to argue.

  • HaxTheMax

    The World Breaker Hulk (or Herald) can deafet all DC charakters with easy. Superman prime is nothing.

    Marvel is too powerfull for dc… comic facts!

  • Isaac Herod

    Marvel by a land slide. Marvel has Deadpool who literally can not die. Marvel also has the Hulk, which is made of gamma radiation, which is a huge ingredient in kryptonyte, Supermans weakness. Also if this Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet, and the Elders of the Universe could literally do anything thing they want. They could destroy energy and matter, and make kryptonyte out of air, or they could give all of Marvel the inability to die, like Deadpool. Besides that Marvel Universe is WAY bigger than DC. Another scenario? Ultron, Deadpool, and the Elders, vs. Superman, Darkseid, and Doomsday. The three heaviest hitters I could think of each universe. Again, Deadpool, CANNOT DIE. Ultron? Takes away any electronic device from the DC side instantly. And the Elders well they would just take all three of the DC heroes away from existence. This is one of those arguments where it would go on forever. Like I said though Marvel has way more characters than DC so if it was a flat out “Fight to the Death” then DUH Marvel would win due to numbers alone. Ive even seen a youtube video where the creators of DC and the creators of MARVEL team up to make a 2 hour long fight against everyone. And you wanna know who won? You wanna know what both creators from both of the sides agreed would win? Marvel! SO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTTS PEOPLE. Sure DC is cool but ever wonder why Marvel has more movies? BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE LIKE MARVEL. I swear you DC fans are the most stubborn people in the world.

  • Isaac Herod

    About Marvel ripping off DC’s heroes. DC has also ripped off Marvel too. Ever heard of Black Alice? Aquamam? Well DC stole those from Marvels Rogue and Namor. Also its not who does it first, but who does it better. AGAIN MARVEL.

  • Isaac Herod

    Ever heard of Black Spider? Rampage? Martian Manhunter? All of those are spinoffs. Sure Marvel stole Hawkeye, Quicksivler, Hyperion, but they made their personalities better. Thats what Marvel is known for. ITs awesome characters and their personalities. This whole argument from me was meant help MarvelRox to make sure we knock out DCFTW for good. So DC FTW, reply back if you want to loose another argument. (I stole that from you).

  • kreator

    marvel! marvel! marvel! marvel! marvel is the best !!!

  • Origins

    Dc fans comments: But DC wins…
    It’s not my fault Marvel wins by more than 4000 votes because it’s cooler and Marvel wins…

    • Derp master

      More votes doesn’t make it better, it just means it’s movies have more fans, so have more votes.

  • MarvelIsBetter

    Any of u who said DC is better u forget that Marvel was the leading comic company for a very long time and they almost owned DC comics but they ended up not because then they would have 100% reign over comics

  • Nicholas Pedala

    Marvel may have the most live action movies but how many of those are flops they only have a handful of actual good live action movie DC comics live action and animated movies have stuck to comics and are all amazing.

    • Isaac

      Dude Marvels movies are great. That isnt fanboyism it is fact. Sure they may not be comic book exact but neither are the DC’s. I am a fan of their Young Justice but I hate their Batman movies. Just my opinion.

  • Smarter than You

    Doctor Strange would win, he is simply that powerful. DC’s people are like Gods, except that FREAKING EVERYONE knows there weaknesses. Not Marvel though. The X-men would eat the Justice League for breakfast. Also, Marvel has some pretty great super villains. DC super villains get killed a ton. There are millions of other reasons, but Marvel encompasses an entire FREAKING galaxy, while DC doesn’t. Except for Superman. Also S.H.I.E.L.D. has no counterpart in the DC universe. Yes DC has no government organization that works with super heroes. Besides after Civil War, The Marvel Universe added a ton of new supers, including a whole pantheon of Greek Gods.

    • Derp master

      Well, smarter than you, obviously you’ve never heard of the green lantern corps if you think that DC doesn’t have an entire galaxy. Also, when super villains die, they go to the black lantern corps, which can only be beaten by multiple lantern rings. And last time I checked, Marvel doesn’t have those. Besides, every time a Marvel character dies, or ever has died, they’ll join the black lanterns. And if you seriously think that the X-men would beat the JLA, you must have never heard of SUPERMAN, whose weaknesses wouldn’t be known by Marvel characters. Also, Doctor Strange isn’t strong enough to face, say, the Starheart, Zatanna, The Guardians of the universe. Also, even if Marvel could win? I highly doubt that you could possibly come up with a million reasons. Also, DC has it’s own Greek gods. (No offense meant here, just pointing out my opinions).

  • Jack Carson

    MARVEL would win. Sure, DC has strong characters like Super Man and Wonder Woman (sorry don’t really know many others) but then MARVEL has people like Deadpool: he can just break the 4th wall so he can do anything. Also, MARVEL has smarter people: Reed Richards, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, the lost goes on and they have more magic user than DC. It would be close, but MARVEL would win, BECAUSE DEADPOOL!

  • Derp master

    Personally, I believe that DC would beat Marvel to a pulp, because for one thing, there are nine lantern corps of various colors, amounting to a massive amount of members who will wipe the floor with the vast majority of marvel characters. The ones who are left, the strong ones, like Thanos and Galactus, will have to stand up to people like the spectre, superman, the anti-moniter, nekron, and Darkseid. And before anyone argues the infinity gems, all but orange were destroyed, and orange disappeared. Also, people say that Galactus is a force of nature, but so is Nekron, and he represents death. Let’s see Galactus eat death. He’ll probably die of food poisoning. Also, anyone immortal or with a healing factor will get killed by people like superman, Darkseid, Dc’s Olympic gods. In the end, DC totaled marvel, and although I really do enjoy Marvel, most of the fight win vote probably come from fans of the movies, which are, to be fair, better than DC’s movies.

  • why so serious

    DC will win because they have the brains too win and they have more stronger characters and people only think that marvel will win because of the avengers well news flash DC has justice league and suicide squad like for real I’m not saying anything is wrong with marvel because I know they do good movies but I think DC is more intertaning because it has more of a story to relate too because it has the heart and soul of the people/fans but if u like marvel go ahead I’m a DC person and I’m proud to say it

  • Gary Reynolds

    Detective Comics started it all with “Superman” and “The Batman”. Far superior artist comic graphics and storyline. D.C. is more for the sophisticated comic readers.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Detective Comics started it all with “Superman” (1939) and “The Batman” (1940) – the superhero genre. Far superior artist comic graphics and storyline. D.C. is more for the sophisticated comic readers. These superhero comics were the result for kids at the time to look up to “super powerful” heros. After all, preceding the superhero comics were real devastating events such as “The Great War”, “The Depression”, Gangsters of the major metropolitan cities (Prohibition), and “The Dust Bowl” plight of the lower Midwest. Unbeknownst to anyone, the world was just beginning to enter the Second Great War. Children wanted to lookup to an entity which was impervious to enemies and disasters. “Superheroes” were the new answer of the time.

  • Delta Steve

    I matched 25 pairs of fairly equal Marvel vs DC characters. For me, Marvel won, 13-12. There are two DC characters that will beat anyone they go up against, Superman and Lobo. Batman beat Cap America. Quicksilver beats up the flash. Iron Man beats Bizzaro. Spiderman beats Blue Beetle. Cyborg beats Invisible woman. Superman beats Hulk. Storm beats Wonder Woman. Green Lantern beats Silver Surfer. Mr Fantastic beats Elongated Man. Nightwing beats Daredevil. Joker beats Green Goblin. Kingpin beats Lex Luther. Dr, Doom beats Cap Atom. Mr. Freeze beats Ice Man. Deadpool beats Deathstroke. Killer Croc beats Lizard. Venom beats Bane. Human Torch beats Fire. Nightcrawler beats Beast Boy. Thor beats Cap Marvel. Lobo beats Wolverine. Catwoman beats Elektra. Aquaman beats Hydro-Man. Black Lightning beats Elektro. And, Phoenix beats Mongul. That’s why I think Marvel would win.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Detective Comics started it all with “Superman” (1939) and “The Batman” (1940) – the superhero genre. Far superior artist comic graphics and storyline. D.C. is more for the sophisticated comic readers. These superhero comics were the result of kids at the time to look up to “super powerful” heros. After all – preceding the superhero comics, real devastating events such as “The Great War” – WWI, “The Great Depression”, “Gangsters” of major metropolitan cities, “Prohibition”, and “The Dust Bowl” plight of the lower Midwest all occurred in less than 30 years. Unbeknownst to anyone, the world was just beginning to enter the “Second Great War” – WWII. Frightened children wanted to look up to a “fantastical” entity which was impervious to enemies and devastating disasters. “Superheroes” were the new answer of the time.

  • Edin Ćehić

    I would love if marvel and DC joined together and made 1 company so fanboys wouldnt fight over the same shit they have been fighting for over decades

  • Sonic Boom

    Marvel wins with ease.

    Hulk beats Superman. Thor beats Captain Marvel. Gladiator beats Bizzaro. Spiderman beats Blue Beetle. Captain America beats Batman. Wolferine beats Lobo. Silver Surfer beats Green Lantern. Namor beats Aquaman. Storm beats Wonder Woman. etc. etc. etc.

    Marvel is too strong. Beyonder, Thanos, Galaktus, Sentry, Iron Man, Juggernaut etc.

  • EJ

    Marvel, they are willing to kill and DC has only a few overpowered charecters while marvel is all round powerful

  • Josh Cooper

    I feel bad for DC fans right about now…. Especially for that booty behind movie comin out between super man and batman

  • Fearless Films

    Marvel! Hands down!

  • tomz

    what idiot said green lantern is nothing with out his ring so what is iron man without his suit am a total dc fan

  • deadpool

    Might i add that deadpool himself single handedly destroyed the entire marvel universe including thanos and galactues. (But was killed by moonknight ) so deadpool can take the dc universe anyday. And he heals faster than u can hit him.

  • deadpool


  • deadpool

    He ven killed hulk a infinitly strong being with no limits to his strength

  • deadpool

    Oh and he has an infinity stone that alters continuity so if he loses he can just go back and change the whole story so he wins

  • Elijah Jenkins

    Marvel have a HULK !

    So Marvel wins.

  • deadpool

    May i note for all u dc fanboys who think superman is basicallynunbeatable to marvel. If u just block out the sun then he wont have anypower or if u take him to krypton (sadly no longer exists ) he would be but a mere human

    • Derp master

      Maybe so, but who in marvel can both fly and be strong enough to block out the sun? No one.

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