Dog VS Cat

Best Pet Man's Best Friend
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  • TheTamer

    ill go for the pussies…because they make feel relief…ohh and i love them also because they are so tight :D ….damn i miss that pussy again :D

  • The dark knight

    I have Ace as a dog

  • @Trollydolly69

    hi everyone its james the troll!!! youre all cunts

  • steveo

    Cats are creepy, that is all I got to say.

  • Braden Jarvis

    Cats got laser eyes

  • Batman Arkham Knight

    Batman has a dog named Ace.

  • KaidaStorm

    I own a cat but will forever love dogs.

  • SwaggyBilbo

    Dogs are smarter than cats thats actually a science fact because a cat’s memory resets sometimes and it knows you once then just forgets so it could burn its paw and burn it again cause it forgot that touching a hot stove burns so thats why electric collars arent meant for cats and dogs can remember from when you were a baby and when he was a puppy until your like 15 and hes just really old he will still remember you and a dog can also be used for find bombs and can smell cancer and peanuts for kids with allergies to peanuts and can find bombs and drugs and protect you more that a lazy garfeild cat could so DOGS ARE EASY WINNER and thunder cats arent real deal with it i have true logic

  • Sean Reichow

    A dog would win against a Avg house hold cat but any other type of cat would win

  • Simon Atford

    My cat could beat any dog’s arse!

  • FlamingHawk

    Cats hate people, run away from them, and always shed.
    Sure, dogs can be a handful, but they love you, are always loyal, and only curtain breeds shed as much as cats do.
    Dogs. Duh.

    • Jason Leveille

      Dogs run away aswell dummy

  • dog

    Dog 8000
    cat 2000
    I think we have our winner

  • terry

    I dunno I just like dogs because I feel alive with them and cats run away from me and they hate me anyway plus I AM A DOG LOVER, duh

  • terry

    You are so stupid if you like cats they are horrible dogs are every oness best friends dogs are so playful

  • butthole

    dog the are stronger and have more power

  • sparky

    The only weapon a dog possesses is its mouth, a cat is extremely agile and has 4 claws. Every cat owner knows this. Cats are more likely to run but corner it to your peril.

  • jwbaumann

    Dogs consider you a friend. Cats consider you staff.

  • Michael Young

    Dogs would win!

  • 12345

    Dogs just go around sniffing poo and each others bums.Then lick you in the face. Real nice pet.

  • a.z

    cats could inflict alot of damage but my votes is on the dog

  • IronNapkin

    Cats are low cost and easy to take care of. They clean themselves, you don’t have to walk them, and they are easy to feed. Dogs on the other hand are expensive and hard to take care off. With baths, walking, feeding. But dogs are also in general more attached to you then cats in general. I like both, I have both, but I like cats better.

  • Anonymous

    Dogs are so much better than cats, cats look down on you
    they don’t actually like you

  • quez420

    I’ve seen my 6 month old cat almost mauled my mother on laws 23 pound boston terrier to death. Cats are under estimated fighters, dogs have power but cats are faster and aim straight for the dogs neck. Above 25 pounds my cat will do damage but it would most likely die

  • Rockin Role

    I have to say cat because I have lived with them my whole life

  • damian wayne

    batman has a dog not a cat result dogs win

  • durumpa

    dogs are a lot more protective than cats and what are cats even used for nothing they are useless nothing else dogs can find things like bombs drugs and other things dogs also can go get ducks if your a hunter and flush things out can cats do that no and by the dogs do kill mice too and they are a living alarm system with an attack

  • jeppe_AR

    dog is god spell backwords

  • jcm741

    Dogs are more affectionate

  • Chris H.

    Take your most athletic/aggressive dog: maybe for example a pit bull. Let’s take an athletic cat, I don’t know that many actuall well known killer aggressive breedo of cats. I believe it’s obvious, to the death, a pit, a rot, etc would out power, out grip and bite with more power, then snap the neck easily of a cat in comparing there physical makeup and tactics. Yeah cats “scratch” they’re fast, but a hungry desperate dog will not give a shit, they fight relentlessly till death to eat and they’re at the advantage obviously.

  • qwerty

    wow dogs 10361 and cats 2966. Dogs won this one

  • Samantha

    I Think dogs would win because we r talking about MANS BEST FRIEND not AFRICAN LION SAFARI dumbasses
    Also dogs would save their owners and at least you can train them and cats are like ‘whatever’ with their owners. Cats won’t do crap to save their owner if the owner was in trouble it’s not about cuteness it’s about intelligence brains and strength and love not cuddle cuddle cuddle

The dog has long held the title of “Man’s best friend”, but does this still hold true? YouTube would have you believe otherwise. With the amount of cat videos online these days, dogs better watch their backs. Cats are making a push to win over human hearts everywhere.

It can be argued that you can interact and communicate with dogs much easier, and more effectively, than a cat. However, when you combine this with all the trouble they cause and the constant need to be watched, is the full package enough to maintain their long-standing title? At times, they are man’s worst enemy. Especially when you come home to a ransacked house and every shoe you own no longer has a sole.

What else is a cat besides cute, cuddly and fun to watch? They aren’t loud, don’t cause too many problems and even shit in a box willingly. Also they’re easy to get worked up with anything that moves. These facts are often overlooked by the fact that cat’s can get really boring really fast.




  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Protector of home and property
  • Cons

  • High maintenance
  • Can be bad for small living spaces
  • Can be loud



  • Use a litter box
  • Can hunt vermin around the house
  • Damn cute
  • Cons

  • Hairballs
  • Scratch furniture
  • Ever have a cat go into heat in the middle of the night?

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