Dog VS Cat

Best Pet Man's Best Friend
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  • That’s a prime example of one beautiful cat!

  • MysteryMeat

    My cat could beat up your cat.

    • I disagree… I’ve seen that cat kick some ass

  • 一堵墙


  • Lurtzimus
    • Hails 9

      the cat scratched the dog which makes it an evil bastard

  • Koribinmiller

    where talking about domesticated animal right cause a lion would beat any dog

    • But not a werewolf.

      • jayjay

        yeah ur right

        • Tommy

          ur not right hahahahaha

      • Lover of bacon

        Ever heard of… THUNDER CATS!!!!!!!! Cats are much cuter and less wild, they are both great though!!!!

        • luke

          get a life you fool

        • KaidaStorm

          Where in the world do you get less wild? It’s actually the opposite… :

        • goldy

          Cats and Dogs… cats are more fexibl and fast like loins and tigers dogs are more ficous and strong and nore wild like wolves so tie

    • jayjay

      were wolf or 60 pit bull’s will

    • DeadMan Howl

      Hey retard , an army of wolves or dogs > any lions or tigers or cats you stupid noob

  • Carlhaisman

    wtf are u guys saying dog would rip the shit out of it

  • Breannaschuck

    a dog wolf win the fight but but a cat would do the most damage

  • Jamesrobson7

    Both :~]

  • th awesome kid

    a dog is way stronger

    • Will5


      • DeadMan Howl

        So fuck cats and fuck you noob

    • Kaxx

      Take a lion for example and a dog the exact same size who do fucking think would win?

      • Kaxx

        A lion dipshit.

        • piepigs357


        • DeadMan Howl

          Packs of fucking wolves you dipshit

      • DeadMan Howl

        Lion vs packs of wolves , who wins?

  • Hails 9


  • Hails 9

    doggie:) cat’s are ugly,pissy bastards

    • piepigs357

      cats r not ugly they r not bastards, but they r pussy.

  • Novert Reckut

    Despite the fact that a dog could eat a cat, I guess the latter pet might kill the dog from the inside.

  • Ellebelle320

    Dogs are adorable
    dogs are so cute and you can do alot of fun things with them like playing fetch
    cats are cute too though they just stay hidden alot of the time

    • Will5


  • Ellebelle320

    i love dogs and cats i am just more of a dog person

    sorry cat lovers

    • DeadMan Howl

      Fuck cats and fuck cat lovers

  • dog. eats the cat

  • Mangereman

    Dogs!! Cat’s are arrogant arseholes.

    • 324rt

      Cats are cute. Dogs can kill and harm one like you cannot believe.

      • DeadMan Howl

        Cats will bite the hand that feds them . Not dogs you fucking dumbass they kill people who try to harm their loved ones .

  • i like cats

    • DeadMan Howl

      Fuck Cats

  • kittylover

    i love cats there cute, amazing, awsome, fluffy, playful, lovable and very good hunters. 🙂

    • Max

      Cat’s aren’t playful, cute, amazing or awesome. The just stare at you, always annoyed.

      • jenieyus. i tink dats it. yesh

        No, I went to a pet store and the workers let me pet the cat! It rubbed on my leg, playfully bit my finger and was just so…, CUTE!! It cuddled, EVERYTHING (not peeing on me and staring. That’s not what I mean)! Look, we all have opinions. EVEN THOUGHT YOU’RE FREAKING WRONG!!!

        • DeadMan Howl

          Cats are fucking disgusting and stupid

        • DeadMan Howl

          Try rearing a cat for years and don’t be shocked if it will suddenly attacks you . Cats never trust anyone but themselves and will always bite the hand that feeds them which is their owners obviously

    • DeadMan Howl

      Try rearing a cat for years and don’t be shocked if it will suddenly attacks you . Cats never trust anyone but themselves and will always bite the hand that feeds them their owners

  • iMad

    i love pussy

  • Mallory Fiegener

    I have 2 puppies and 1 dog. Go dogs

  • Azriela8

    CATS ROCK!!!!

  • Trice14

    Doggy eat cat

  • Jacob

    I like trains

    • K.

      +1 for surprise wtf comment to you sir.

  • wolverinefan

    Dogs are playful
    Cats are boring

    • dogs are hyperactively annoying
      cats are cute

      • Pedo Doo

        Both are annoying.
        Humans are possible sex toys.

      • Pedobear 911

        And you suck balls

      • Samantha

        Cats can’t do shit if an intruder walked into ur house
        YA they are cute but not smart like dogs
        Dogs will protect their owners if they love you
        Cats won’t do shit

        • John

          So true…just…so

        • Karla

          Do your research cats are fucking awesome and intelagent they arnt cowards like dog( compared to some) they are adorible and that helps like a mask to hide their true badass double life. Cats are the best i love dogs too but come on…….. bitch haha sry bout that said it cause i haha idl but teah cats rule

          • DeadMan Howl

            Stupid bitch you are wrong , cats are the fucking pussies , they run immediately if you got the guts to fight back or scare them off i know i always do that to cats when they try to or attack me by surprise , Dogs are not cowards at all and will fight to the death to protect their loved ones .

    • piepigs357

      hello cats aint boring i made a cat fort for my LIL CUTE CUDDLY CAT!!!
      = D

      • IcevsFire AJ

        aww cute pic

      • DeadMan Howl

        Fuck you and your stupid cat

    • luke

      i agree

    • kitty

      Not all are boring.

  • Jack_LFC

    I love dogs so thats why I voted for them

  • Anonymous

    DOGS for one reason, it has been documented on multiple occasions that if a dog’s master dies, it will either go try and get help, or lay down and die with its master.

    While every time and I do mean every single time, if you die and you have a cat guess what, its going to eat you and shit on your body to mark you as its territory.

    Also dogs have an antiseptic in there saliva, when they lick your wounds while not necessarily good for you its not so bad.

    Cats have a neurotoxin in there saliva to paralyse pray.


      Dogs can harm one like you cannot believe. Bite off your finger, mabye even kill. And, so much worse accidents! Cats just leave little scratches. Not all cats are the same, same with dogs too. Most dogs will poop on you and pee too. Some cats will lay with their master or go get help. You’re just, so dumb. Fo real. You are really dumb. SO, you can run and tell that. HOME BOY.

      • DeadMan Howl

        Shut up you fucking idiot , cats bite back the hand that feeds them you fucking retard , Dogs are loyal to the death

  • I like them both out prefer the smarter one.

  • Kahlil

    dogs are stupid

  • Evan Meyer

    In a fight? Dogs. Not in a fight? Dogs. My favorite type of cat?

    A dead one.

  • Blazingdragon

    Cats are better. Most dogs are immature sassy creatures

    • Samantha

      How are they even sassy? They can’t talk.. How the fuck are they immature? Seriously…..but it also depends on the dog which one u get….

    • DeadMan Howl

      Cats are fucking as stupid as you are . They are disgusting scheming fucks and they are not loyal and will always end up biting the hand that feeds them . Dogs on the other hand are social , smart , loyal , fierce and work best as a team than them stupid cats

  • Blazingdragon

    But some dogs are ok, cats are still better
    Sorry dog lovers

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    Wolę koty.


    • DeadMan Howl





  • animalsrock33432

    cats and dogs both shued not fight non of them are boring humans are dull old and boring nature is better then dumb stinkey rotting idots

  • animalsrock33432

    no thay cant cat are not boring you and stupid family are boring

  • Shiftfalconer

    Dogs are faithful and try to please humans
    Cats just want their way at all times and don’t care what you think and are very vengeful.

  • Mariah

    Me more of a dog person i have 10 dogs lol i love DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go DOGS hope they win what am i saying they probally willl YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol sorry i put lol so many times

  • Nathaniel

    The only reason I voted for cats is that their fun to torture

  • piepigs357

    I own a cat and 2 dogs…
    So it a hard choice for me!

  • piepigs357

    some timez, my dogs pee and poop on my floor!
    ) :

  • The Funny Rabbit

    I like dogs cuz they r fun and energetic but I dont get along with dogs and I think cats to me r a bit closer and in a way cuddly(if they r not evil). Im allergic to cats but I would prefer cats over dogs

    • DeadMan Howl

      Fuck cats you stupid rabbit

  • K.V.

    Neither- guinea pigs!

  • aergawser

    i hate you all you all suck at knowledge

  • alex

    that was tough but cat is more of a mans best friend

  • Max

    Dogs are loyal, offer friendship and protection and don’t only show up for food. Plus they’re the only animal besides Man that understands pointing.

  • der ATsch

    Well that was obvious, cats and the internet have history 😀

  • Mr.Cat

    Obviously cats, reason why. A. Tigers are the biggest cat species, and their adorableness (also dangerousness) Is over 9001%.

    And ofcourse. Cats are 100000 times cuter.

    Lil Bub
    Grumpy Cat.
    Maru the Box Cat.
    Sparta the Mean kitty
    Sylvester the Talking Kitty.

  • up side down cheese bowels

    Dogs are more loving than cats when ever i come home from school my dog i always is exciting and jumping around

The dog has long held the title of “Man’s best friend”, but does this still hold true? YouTube would have you believe otherwise. With the amount of cat videos online these days, dogs better watch their backs. Cats are making a push to win over human hearts everywhere.

It can be argued that you can interact and communicate with dogs much easier, and more effectively, than a cat. However, when you combine this with all the trouble they cause and the constant need to be watched, is the full package enough to maintain their long-standing title? At times, they are man’s worst enemy. Especially when you come home to a ransacked house and every shoe you own no longer has a sole.

What else is a cat besides cute, cuddly and fun to watch? They aren’t loud, don’t cause too many problems and even shit in a box willingly. Also they’re easy to get worked up with anything that moves. These facts are often overlooked by the fact that cat’s can get really boring really fast.




  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Protector of home and property
  • Cons

  • High maintenance
  • Can be bad for small living spaces
  • Can be loud



  • Use a litter box
  • Can hunt vermin around the house
  • Damn cute
  • Cons

  • Hairballs
  • Scratch furniture
  • Ever have a cat go into heat in the middle of the night?

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