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Family Guy VS South Park

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  • goku

    Family Guy Would win…

  • Raw

    Uh, Family Guy is better than South Park, with that Quagmire’s Mom Episode. “You know what else lasts an enterity? This Conversation.”

  • seth harris

    I love family guy but if I had to chose its south park tootaly

  • Jaambush

    Seeing nerds rage over a South Park Family guy dispute is hilarious.

  • Michael Conder

    Stewie alone has death beams in his room, nukes etc. Stewie would beat all of South Park.

  • Sadie Legrande

    Family guy.

  • OG Veteran

    As much as people like South Park, I think it looks dumb. Not really into the crappy 2D animations. Family Guy is way better looking and funnier.

  • Theyre both very funny shows with lots of references

  • NickNick 1121

    Eric rules

  • Vitro

    I personally think that Family Guy is funnier but they are both great shows.

  • Ze Mole

    cause ive got so much from watching south park not just laughs… i dont know, i can just relate to south park cause ive been in some situations that where on south park. and i think many people can relate to south park just cause they bring so much more colors of personalities to the show.
    family guy was fun for like 1 season and than i got tired of it.its poor writing if you ask me.dont get me wrong family guy got some moments but that just dont cut it for me.

  • Chris Speers

    South parks jokes follow the story line much better as family guys jokes are completly random and dont have anything to do with the episode. Also south park is diffrent from most tv sows like this (such as family guy, american dad,simsons etc.) because they all revolve around a family, and south park offers something diffrent as its based on a friend group.Also i feel like the south park brings more changes to the show then family guy, like chef dieing or mr. hat going away. family guy hasnt changed hardly at all except for jerome coming into the show. some of familys guys episodes may be funnier but in the end i think southpark is a better put together show.

  • supernoodlepotato

    this is a very hard dissition

  • Mindwarp

    Holy fucking shit man I just love the comments. I like both actually. Goofy Comedy of Family guy and Political Satire of south park. However, if I was to chose one it would be South Park. It edges with its intellectually dangerous comedy for me. They magnify the harsh truth in modern day reality and mock the fuck out of it. Even though i like both. Shouts out to Family Guy though awesome show.

This rivalry exists, not only on this website, but in real life. The creators of both animated series have taken numerous jabs at each other.

Family Guy is know for its random cut scenes and is famous for its awkwardly long scenes filled with repetition. The characters Stewie and Peter are, by far, the most popular characters in the show. They are also usually the source for much of the humor. The storylines in Family Guy are normally very random and tend to make fun of TV shows, movies and musicals from the 80’s but some episodes are based around more contemporary issues and events.

South Park is all about about timing and its storylines revolve around more current events, hastened by the creator’s ability to put together each episode in only a few days. Each character has their own unique brand of humor but Cartman is pegged as the source for the most despicable (and memorable) moments in comedy.

For no other reason than preference, we’re going with Family Guy on this one. Both shows are hilarious in there own way, but Family Guy brings out the most laughs for us.

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