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Family Guy VS South Park

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  • zachariah

    i am loveing it

  • katahdin!

    South Park all the way. It’s humor caters to those who the satire behind it all. Trey Parker and Matt Stone cannot help it if you are not intelligent enough to pick up on what an episode is really saying. Read between the lines people. Family guy can be takem at face value, and is aimed at people who want a cheap laugh. Sout Park!

  • Andrew Robertson

    South Park by far, hands down, case closed. South Park is one of the best shows ever made. Its won an Emmy and the movie was nominated for an Oscar. The writers Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren’t just dumb comedians trying to get a laugh, they write about social and political issues and express their ideas through hilarious satire. It may not seem like it but most episodes are really high brow commentary on society. Family Guy isn’t really that funny at all. Most episodes dont even really have a plot. The only jokes Family Guy can seem to make are completely irrelevant to the story. Just random stupid gags which are easy to write and are only funny for like 4 seconds. Family Guy has been cancelled twice and has never won any awards. Its just brainless attempts at humor that dont provoke any thought whatsoever. The writers are just trying to fit as many stupid, random jokes in as possible. Seth Mcfarlane is funny but he is nothing compared to Matt Parker and Trey Stone. Seth can think of quick jokes but Matt and Trey can think of more complex jokes that are much funnier. They are better writers by far. Not to mention they have a 9 time Tony winning musical. I realize that doesn’t have much to do with South Park but I think it really speaks to their talent as writers. If the same guys who made on of the grossest, funniest, crudest shows on television can go and write one of the best musicals of the decade they must be doing something right. I’d like to see Seth Mcfarlane do something like that with his career. And as for you guys saying the animation sucks, it like that on purpose idiots. Obviously the could make better animations but thats how they started and thats what the fans love. The animation is secondary to the writing and thats what most people dont get. Matt and Trey want you to hear the humor, not focus on the fucking animation. All in all South Park is a much better show. Better rounded, funnier jokes, and actually meaningful. Family Guy can go to hell. Its going to get cancelled soon anyways.

  • kaylum wilson

    they are both good shows but i choose family guy

  • LOLA


  • South park fan

    South park is the best tv show ever and nothing NOTHING!!! Can beat that kind of comedy!!!!

  • both

    I feel like that both bring their own humor watching them both brings me a comedic balance between edgy and gags

  • right

    We can all agree cleveland show was horrible

  • Wi

    family guy is a lazy show that lacks any tact. ALL the good jokes are stolen and then lazily shoehorned into each episode, if you seriously cant even spot a single stolen joke in a single family guy episode then you’re an idiot. Seth is a useless hack.

    South park is infinitely more clever, family guy isnt clever at all a monkey could come up with better. Nobody could replace the creators of south park, yet seth is such a useless tool that his shitty ideas can be made up by anyone. If these shitty idead of his seriously make you laugh…then that literally means you lack even the basic level of intelligence to think of shitty jokes yourself ^.^


  • Zach

    South Park is amazing. The latest episodes have been hits or misses but overall the quality is still almost just as good as it was ten years ago. And that’s seventeen years into writing the show. Family Guy is into it’s 12th season, and the flashbacks aren’t that funny anymore. Family Guy has also never tackled topics/subjects like religion and race, or censorship extremely well. It kind of seems like Seth only takes the topics at face value, whereas when South Park explores these, Matt and Trey go much deeper, ending up making a much more complex satire. This makes their satires much more human and in general deeper than Family Guy’s. The characters are also infinitely better-written. I don’t hate Family Guy’s characters, but I feel South Park’s characters have been much more consistent. Therefore to me they’re so much more enjoyable and realistic, which makes for a lot more humorous and dramatic (without being cheesy) moments. I think if Seth tried a little harder, it could be just as good of a show.

  • Finlay M

    what the hell is south park? (i am english)

  • LesbianHair

    I demand a recount!

  • Paola

    To me Family Guy is kinda lame, there might be veeeeeery few episodes I like, but few. South Park always touches strong topics that actually makes me think critically. It’s funny as hell but at the same time I see the valuable messages they send. I understand that their humour is crude and not anyone might like, but in my case I love it!

  • SwaggyBilbo

    South park is my vote because its more funny and has more actual jokes i watch family guy too but i vote for south park because family guy is funny because of random flashbacks that make no sence and it has a small storyline which like the first couple of episodes make no changes to future episodes but south park takes some trips down memory lane just like family guy also has before with stewie’s time machine which is pretty cool in my opinion but south park is just less random and more funny :D

This rivalry exists, not only on this website, but in real life. The creators of both animated series have taken numerous jabs at each other.

Family Guy is know for its random cut scenes and is famous for its awkwardly long scenes filled with repetition. The characters Stewie and Peter are, by far, the most popular characters in the show. They are also usually the source for much of the humor. The storylines in Family Guy are normally very random and tend to make fun of TV shows, movies and musicals from the 80′s but some episodes are based around more contemporary issues and events.

South Park is all about about timing and its storylines revolve around more current events, hastened by the creator’s ability to put together each episode in only a few days. Each character has their own unique brand of humor but Cartman is pegged as the source for the most despicable (and memorable) moments in comedy.

For no other reason than preference, we’re going with Family Guy on this one. Both shows are hilarious in there own way, but Family Guy brings out the most laughs for us.

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