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Family Guy VS South Park

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  • zachariah

    i am loveing it

  • katahdin!

    South Park all the way. It’s humor caters to those who the satire behind it all. Trey Parker and Matt Stone cannot help it if you are not intelligent enough to pick up on what an episode is really saying. Read between the lines people. Family guy can be takem at face value, and is aimed at people who want a cheap laugh. Sout Park!

  • Andrew Robertson

    South Park by far, hands down, case closed. South Park is one of the best shows ever made. Its won an Emmy and the movie was nominated for an Oscar. The writers Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren’t just dumb comedians trying to get a laugh, they write about social and political issues and express their ideas through hilarious satire. It may not seem like it but most episodes are really high brow commentary on society. Family Guy isn’t really that funny at all. Most episodes dont even really have a plot. The only jokes Family Guy can seem to make are completely irrelevant to the story. Just random stupid gags which are easy to write and are only funny for like 4 seconds. Family Guy has been cancelled twice and has never won any awards. Its just brainless attempts at humor that dont provoke any thought whatsoever. The writers are just trying to fit as many stupid, random jokes in as possible. Seth Mcfarlane is funny but he is nothing compared to Matt Parker and Trey Stone. Seth can think of quick jokes but Matt and Trey can think of more complex jokes that are much funnier. They are better writers by far. Not to mention they have a 9 time Tony winning musical. I realize that doesn’t have much to do with South Park but I think it really speaks to their talent as writers. If the same guys who made on of the grossest, funniest, crudest shows on television can go and write one of the best musicals of the decade they must be doing something right. I’d like to see Seth Mcfarlane do something like that with his career. And as for you guys saying the animation sucks, it like that on purpose idiots. Obviously the could make better animations but thats how they started and thats what the fans love. The animation is secondary to the writing and thats what most people dont get. Matt and Trey want you to hear the humor, not focus on the fucking animation. All in all South Park is a much better show. Better rounded, funnier jokes, and actually meaningful. Family Guy can go to hell. Its going to get cancelled soon anyways.

    • Vitro

      First off, Matt Stone and Trey Parker don’t do stand up comedy so how the hell can you say they can think of funny stuff that is more complex that Seth Macfarlane’s jokes? You really need to realize the comedic genius in Family Guy. Just because you think 5th graders cussing is funnier than well made jokes on Family Guy, doesn’t mean you know everything. Don’t get me wrong South Park is funny but in Family guy the jokes are much more thought out and usually the reason people don’t like Family Guy is because they can’t understand most of the jokes in it. You don’t have to bash Family Guy just because you don’t understand it. Also why would Family Guy get cancelled? The show is still thriving and is getting funnier each year. And how does South Park have “Better rounded, funnier jokes, and actually meaningful” ? How is Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo, the high towel Towely, and Oprah Winfrey’s vagina “better rounded” jokes than Family Guy? You really need to get your head out of your ass and realize how stupid the concept of South Park is compared to Family Guy. I like South Park, but not the fans. Your all a bunch of 12 year olds that doesn’t know what comedy is.

      • FamilyGuyCanSuckADick

        First off why the fuck would Matt Stone and Trey Parker need to do stand up. They make millions of dollars a year and have nothing to prove when it comes to being funny, not to mention I’m fairly sure they don’t give a shit about stand up comedy. Its funny that you think doing stand up comedy means you are funnier than people who don’t. Just because you do stand up comedy doesn’t mean you’re a comedic genius. Second of all if you think South Park is just “5th graders cussing” you actually literally don’t understand it. South Park legitimately has meaning behind their episodes. Whether it be global warming, the economy, politics, social and racial tolerance, or even just current events each episode has a message and strong opinions behind those messages. And what is there not to understand about Family Guy jokes. The Family Guy writers are manatees randomly choosing subjects to write jokes about. There is little to no thought behind the jokes of Family Guy. And what I mean by well rounded is the show in general. South Park is a story with a plot. Family Guy actually may as well just be stand up comedy. The jokes are unrelated to what little story there is and the jokes are mindless anyway. I don’t mean to be so hard on Family Guy because I enjoy it but Just think there is no comparison between the two. Family Guy is nowhere near the caliber of comedy that South Park is. I know i said this a bunch in the other comment i left but holy shit the genius behind Matt and Trey is astounding. They really are so good at what they do in writing. Seth MCfarlane is forgettable. And why do you think the concept of South Park is stupid? Seeing our fucked up world through the eyes of kids vs. a retarded family in which weird stuff happens to. Either way what does the concept of the show have to do with the quality of the show? And as for towley and mr. hankey they’re called jokes for a reason. You can’t possibly say that every character and episode of Family Guy is sophisticated writing. They’re comedy shows. There is bound to be some stupid humor in them. Honestly i dont need to argue i just enjoy it. The ratings and awards of South Park prove which show is better. There is boundless proof that South Park is both funnier and better liked than Family Guy just look at the dozens of online polls similar to this one. South Park hands down. And my mind will not be changed until Family Guy has 18 seasons and an Emmy. It actually still wouldn’t change. By the way they’re in 4th grade not 5th grade.

        • FamilyGuyCanSuckADick

          im the same person by the way i just made an account this time

          • Vitro

            Honestly you are incredibly immature. Your name is FamilyGuyCanSuckADick. Alright I have alot of things to say. First off, I never said that doing stand up comedy makes you funnier than someone else. I was pointing out that Seth Macfarlane does stand up comedy and you can’t say that Matt Stone and Trey Parker come up with more complex jokes than because they haven’t done stand up comedy. South Park is a funny show but do you really have to bash Family Guy so much? At least I pointed out that they are both funny shows. Also you say that people will forget Seth Macfarlane? You must be mentally retarded because Seth will be remembered for countless things while Matt Stone and Trey Parker will only be remembered for South Park. Seth made the movie Ted, there will be a Ted 2, American Dad, Dads, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Cleveland Show, Cosmos, and much more. So you have no right to say that he will not be remembered. In an occasional episode of South Park there will be points regarding recent events but I guess you haven’t watched Family Guy before because they discuss more recent events in the episodes than South Park. There jokes have much more thought into it and the episode plots are the best part cause you don’t know what to expect. In South Park, it is a bunch of 4th graders cussing and it shows nothing of what it’s like to be a kid. In 4th grade nothing was like this so you can’t really say that. That is just your opinion. Also another thing about stand up comedy is that Seth has done more than just writing jokes for a TV show and the fact that he has done stand up comedy makes him have more experience as a comedian. I didn’t say he was funnier but the fact that he has done more stuff than both South Park creators shows that he is more talented than both of them. One last thing is that the voices on Family Guy voice actors are much more talented than the South Park because they don’t have to use editing to make there voices sound better. I mean no disrespect so have a good day and fuck off.

          • Michael


            Let me start by saying I have seen every episode of both South Park and Family Guy so I am knowledgeable with both shows. I would now like to point out the numerous flaws with your argument trying to defend Family Guy’s “superiority” to South Park.

            1.) “First off, I never said that doing stand up comedy makes you funnier than someone else. I was pointing out that Seth Macfarlane does stand up comedy and you can’t say that Matt Stone and Trey Parker come up with more complex jokes than because they haven’t done stand up comedy.”

            This statement is completely hypocritical and make no sense. You begin by saying stand up comedy has no connection with someone’s comedic abilities and then go on to say in the next sentence that Matt Stone and Trey Parker can’t be as funny/sophisticated as Seth Macfarlane because they don’t do stand up.

            2.) “South Park is a funny show but do you really have to bash Family Guy so much? At least I pointed out that they are both funny shows. Also you say that people will forget Seth Macfarlane?”

            Quickly saying that South Park is a funny show does not give you any extra credibility, or make you look any more mature, especially with your excessive swearing and the fact that you go on later in your unorganized statement to bash South Park. Hypocritical yet again.

            3.) “In South Park, it is a bunch of 4th graders cussing and it shows nothing of what it’s like to be a kid.”

            The show, which you previously stated was funny by the way, is not a bunch of fourth graders cussing. These children are creatively used as a tool to view issues regarding our society through the eyes of kids. This dynamic is what makes South Park so hilarious. And the average fourth grader is not an innocent baby so you can not possibly argue that all children are angels at this age. In fact most are not.

            4.) If one of your main arguments for Family Guy is that the voices are better, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

            5.) You claim to watch South Park, but in your first argument you referred to the children as fifth graders, which is not correct….

            6.) Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not just well renown for SP. They also are the creators of the hit musical The Book of Mormon which (correct me if I’m wrong) has won 9 Tony Awards, and the movie Team America. They are also well accomplished like Seth Macfarlane.

            7.) The topic of Family Guy’s jokes being more thought out is more opinionated than these other ridiculous arguments you’ve made. However, I respectfully disagree. I feel while Family Guy may have more jokes within a given episode, South Park’s jokes contain more substance and always pertain to the plot. Family has some very clever jokes, but they often stray away from the story. I still find these hilarious, but I just prefer South Park’s style. The point being, your argument for these differing jokes is a meager opinion, with no evidence to back it up, and therefore making it worthless for you to even mention.

            I have no problem with someone expressing their opinion to defend either of these shows as their favorite. In fact, when I was younger I also used to prefer Family Guy’s style of humor However, don’t go on a forum and try to formulate some bullshit argument that has no credible facts to back it up like some know-it-all toddler. Do some research. And I now leave you with a great quote from Gary the Morman of SP…
            “You got a lot of growing up to do kid. Suck my balls.”

            Have a good day

          • Vitro

            Listen, my points are valid but apparently you are to ignorant to realize that. How are these not facts? Of course a lot of it is opinions but the fact that I pointed out multiple facts does not mean you have the right to say that. I commented on his post because he is an ignorant South Park fan. Every South Park fan acts like they are all that and seem to hate Family Guy and Seth Macfarlane. I don’t understand why they can’t be a little more friendly because obviously you aren’t friendly at all. A lot of what I said are facts. Seth has done more stuff and has done stand up comedy.I never said who was funnier.All I said was that Seth has done much more in the world of comedy and that would make him more experienced, not funnier. You say I am a “know-it-all toddler” because you don’t like my opinion. The other kid pointed out that South Park’s jokes are more well thought out. That is an OPINION and my statement was an OPINION. Yo u honestly need to grow up if you are going to be so immature about this. I started watching South Park a couple weeks ago and did not know they are in 4th grade, so sorry about the error. Just saying, I didn’t even know who Matt Stone and Trey Parker were and I have seen a couple episodes over the past couple of years. I have known Seth Macfarlane because of countless things over the years. Another thing, it IS a bunch of 4th graders cussing. When I was in 4th grade nothing was like that. That is not the world from a kids eyes because I never remember talking about dildos and condoms with other kids when I was in 4th grade. I’m not trying to look “more mature” because I pointed out that I enjoy South Park as well as Family Guy. I just think that Family Guy is a funnier, better mad show and that is my opinion so you need to grow up because you obviously don’t know what an opinion is. I don’t think Family Guy is “superior” to South Park, I just think it is funnier. One last thing. How is the statement where I pointed out Seth does stand up comedy hypocritical? I admit it comes off a little stupid but I meant that they aren’t as EXPERIENCED as Seth in comedy because they haven’t done as much “different types” of comedy as Seth Has done. Have a good day and may the force, not be with you.

          • Michael

            So because Seth does standup, which somehow makes him more experienced than matt and trey, (it doesn’t… sarcasm), Family Guy must be better than South Park? Also, if you are in fact just stating an opinion about Family Guy being funnier than South Park, why do you get so butt-hurt over me disagreeing with your opinion? What makes your opinion better than mine? Like I said before, Im fine with you having an opinion, but you need to realize not everyone will agree with it. Especially when you have still given any logical reasons as to why you prefer.

            Here, Ill give you an example…
            “In my opinion, I prefer Family Guy over South Park because I can relate to the dysfunction in the Griffin Family/the cutaways always crack me up/etc…

            Learn to structure an organized argument bud.

          • Vitro

            I think Family Guy is funnier and more entertaining than South Park. That is my point. I’m just here to have a friendly argument with other people.

          • Kevin Zavala

            I read the whole argument… And Vitro… You have no idea how to argue, do you? The fact that you didn’t space out or indent different paragraphs and kept it all jumbled together, shows that you have the technical writing/typing ability of a 5th grader…

            P.S – I disagree with everything you said… Okay now go ahead and call me a jerk like you did with Michael.

          • Vitro

            I’m laughing my ass off right now. I can’t even believe this argument is still going. In these few months I have not answered anyone, I realized that almost ALL die-hard South Park fans are extremely annoying kids that do not understand the meaning of the word “opinion”. I have seen almost every episode of South Park and every episode of Family Guy so don’t respond saying “you haven’t watched the shows so you don’t know anything…”. I was only pointing out that I thought Family Guy is better than South Park. Now get this, do you even know what an opinion is? It really is pathetic to see so many people bashing Family Guy even though they are both similar to an extent. I only wanted to respond to that immature guy to point out this flaws in his argument and he did the same for me and I respect that. Anyway, I don’t think you’re a “jerk” but you do need to realize at the time I was pretty pissed off and wrote the paragraphs in a hurry.

            P.S – You thinking that I have the writing ability of a 5th grader is funnier than 4th graders cussing. (If you know what I mean…)

          • FamilyGuyCanSuckADick

            im done with this arguement because it is completely ridiculous. Evryone knows that South Park is better so i just have one more thing to say. In a previous comment you said Matt Stone and Trey Parker will only be remembered for Soiuth Park and that bullshit. Not only is South Park a big enough accomplishment but they also made Team America and The Book Of Mormon. Seth Macfarlane is only good at making simple stupid jokes and thats the only thing he does in all his shows and movies. Matt and Trey wrote a Tony winning musical and an Oscar nominated song. They are infinitely more talented. And i know that the song from Ted was nominated for an Oscar but that was Norah Jones not seth.

          • Vitro

            “Everyone knows that South Park is better…” You seem to have written this out of anger and I can understand that but obviously 5 thousand people on this website disagree with South Park being better, as well as the website itself. You are right about one thing though. This argument is pretty ridiculous. I can’t believe how many people are butthurt over my comments.

          • I’m_Not_Suspended_No_More

            “That is not the world from a kids eyes because I never remember talking about dildos and condoms with other kids when I was in 4th grade.” Seriously how ignorant are you? You sound like a typical mother from the 90s (which by the way was 20 years ago and SP is still going stronger than ever). Please explain to me what fucking episodes of South Park you are watching because to me it sounds like you are simply babbling made up bullshit based on what you “think” south park is about. Try actually watching a fucking episode before throwing out an uninformed opinion

          • Vitro

            What’s really funny is that I have seen almost every episode of South Park. I just enjoy Family Guy more. They are both great shows I just don’t understand how South Park is an accurate representation of life from a kids eyes.

          • jason bladzinski

            I hate to bust your bubble but Trey and Matt will definitely be remembered longer. You see, for the awards they have one alone put them on a list of exclusivity. Not to mention they have’s play on Broadway that for years now has been sold out daily, and they won a crapload of Tony Awards for that play. They have also made movies that had nothing to do with South Park. Do some research before you make such claims because UT just makes you look like an idiot.

          • Vitro

            I didn’t even know who Matt Stone and Trey Parker was until I started watching South Park. I knew who Seth Macfarlane was before I started watching Family Guy. Seth Macfarlane made Ted, A Million Ways to Die in the Wild West, Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, made and album, hosted the Oscars and much more. I think he will be remembered more.

          • jason bladzinski

            Well that proves nothing. You think family guy is superior to south park so obviously you are deficient in higher cultural knowledge so I’m not surprised you didn’t know of trey and Matt. Also, Trey and Matt aren’t as full of themselves as Macfarlane, so they don’t plaster their names over everything they are involved in. Trey and Matt would never be asked to host the Oscar’s because they have bashed so many Hollywood celebrities for their nonsense that people ate afraid of the funny yet true revelations they would make. Macfarlane hosted the Oscar’s yet Trey and Matt have one a few, which do you think is greater?

          • Kevin Zavala

            Ted was pretty funny, AMETDINTW was terrible(33% on Rotten Tomato), Family Guy went downhill after season 5, American Dad is better than Family Guy, and the Cleveland Show was just fucking awful, His Album was a bust, it only got a Grammy nomination and lost bad, and yes he hosted the Oscars… But has he won a Grammy, an Oscar, or even a Tony Award? No none of those… So His career is sadly not one to be so proud of…

        • FamilyGuyIsShit

          Well fucking said my friend.

      • jason bladzinski

        You sir are a moron!

        • cottonc1

          For real Vitro is a fucking imbecile.

          • jason bladzinski

            Seriously, the guy is completely lost. We should remind him that South Park and The Simpsons are the only animated TV shows that have ever won one of the most exclusive, coveted awards ever, the Peabody Award. Family Guy would never be even considered for a Peabody.

          • cottonc1

            Family guy completely lacks originality. It’s just another rip off of the Simpson’s. Obviously more crude and inappropriate but Simpson’s is a family friendly show and South Park is the show notorious for covering stuff no one would dare to cover, saying things no one would dare to say. Family Guy seems like the mediocre show in between. I mean, who exactly is their target audience? And Seth MacFarlane wonders why Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Matt Groening all hate him. He thinks his 150 million net worth earned from family guy makes him the top competitor against the Simpson’s, a show that has earned Groening a 700m net worth. The SP creator’s have a combined net worth of 600m, split in half still double what Seth MacFaglane has earned from Family Guy.

          • jason bladzinski

            I am with you all the way here. I read an article interview with Seth Macfarlane and he said that the jokes in Family are harder to write than the jokes in The Simpsons and South Park. What an egotistical jerk! I can’t fathom why he would believe that! It’s much harder to write jokes that ate authentic to the characters and the plot, so much to the point that he avoids writing jokes of that ttype altogether. He does it all over again in his various creations like the movie Ted and his other shows.

          • cottonc1

            That’s a very accurate observation. Ted sounds just like fucking Peter, and his character is definitely a spinoff of him. People say Family Guy is so “sophisticated” Seth MacFarlane is “so successful” with his dumbass ass movies ted and million ways to die. Trey and Matt wrote a fucking Broadway musical! With millions of dollars in commercial success. The Book of Mormon has been out for a few years and still tickets are sold out for months. And it is nothing like South Park. It’s something completely fresh, unique and creative. Unlike Macfarlane who just scrapes the resin off Family Guy and makes it into another movie

          • Vitro

            You call me an imbecile because I disagree with your opinion. That’s extremely pathetic. That’s like Matt Stone and Trey Parker talking trash about Family Guy because they simply don’t like it.

      • +TheCoon+

        All you are doing is naming popular parodies and popular original characters from the show. It demonstrates that you cannot escape South Park; it’s simply too popular. How many memorable Family Guy characters do you think a South Park fan could name? Stewie maybe Peter if they’re around enough bland uneducated idiots? You obviously have never watched a single episode of South Park. Give a couple episodes from the newer seasons a view then maybe people will take your less informed opinion more seriously than your completely uninformed opinion.

  • kaylum wilson

    they are both good shows but i choose family guy

  • LOLA


  • South park fan

    South park is the best tv show ever and nothing NOTHING!!! Can beat that kind of comedy!!!!

  • both

    I feel like that both bring their own humor watching them both brings me a comedic balance between edgy and gags

  • right

    We can all agree cleveland show was horrible

  • Wi

    family guy is a lazy show that lacks any tact. ALL the good jokes are stolen and then lazily shoehorned into each episode, if you seriously cant even spot a single stolen joke in a single family guy episode then you’re an idiot. Seth is a useless hack.

    South park is infinitely more clever, family guy isnt clever at all a monkey could come up with better. Nobody could replace the creators of south park, yet seth is such a useless tool that his shitty ideas can be made up by anyone. If these shitty idead of his seriously make you laugh…then that literally means you lack even the basic level of intelligence to think of shitty jokes yourself ^.^


    • Vitro

      What i find funny is that you say monkeys could come up with the jokes on Family Guy yet South Park has characters like Mr. Hanky and Towelie. I could come up with talking shit and a high towel any day of the week.

      • turgid_snake

        And they’re still funnier than any of the crap on Family Guy.,,

  • Zach

    South Park is amazing. The latest episodes have been hits or misses but overall the quality is still almost just as good as it was ten years ago. And that’s seventeen years into writing the show. Family Guy is into it’s 12th season, and the flashbacks aren’t that funny anymore. Family Guy has also never tackled topics/subjects like religion and race, or censorship extremely well. It kind of seems like Seth only takes the topics at face value, whereas when South Park explores these, Matt and Trey go much deeper, ending up making a much more complex satire. This makes their satires much more human and in general deeper than Family Guy’s. The characters are also infinitely better-written. I don’t hate Family Guy’s characters, but I feel South Park’s characters have been much more consistent. Therefore to me they’re so much more enjoyable and realistic, which makes for a lot more humorous and dramatic (without being cheesy) moments. I think if Seth tried a little harder, it could be just as good of a show.

  • Finlay M

    what the hell is south park? (i am english)

  • LesbianHair

    I demand a recount!

  • Paola

    To me Family Guy is kinda lame, there might be veeeeeery few episodes I like, but few. South Park always touches strong topics that actually makes me think critically. It’s funny as hell but at the same time I see the valuable messages they send. I understand that their humour is crude and not anyone might like, but in my case I love it!

    • frank

      YESSS, not much critical thinking is ever necessary for the most complicated jokes on family guy….but South Park’s exaggerated views and veiled satire can sometimes require a critical thinking level that a lot of people cannot reach LOL

  • SwaggyBilbo

    South park is my vote because its more funny and has more actual jokes i watch family guy too but i vote for south park because family guy is funny because of random flashbacks that make no sence and it has a small storyline which like the first couple of episodes make no changes to future episodes but south park takes some trips down memory lane just like family guy also has before with stewie’s time machine which is pretty cool in my opinion but south park is just less random and more funny 😀

  • Hannah

    Family guy is awesome and funny but South Park is preachy offensive and unfunny most of the time although there are a few good episodes and I loved the movie. I still vote family guy.

  • Mistercheese18888

    The constant sick jokes in Family Guy make me want to puke. South Park’s hilarious and the original comedy show. Family Guy is like it’s retarded half-cousin twice removed that everyone feels sorry for so the family decided to pay attention to it more. Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to make a show about four eight year olds going on hilarious misadventures like forcing a horde of hippies out of South Park, sneaking into the mall on Black Friday in order to get an Xbox One before a violent crowd rips the mall to shreds, trying to stop terrorists and evil imaginary characters from destroying our imagination, and many more wacky episodes. There might be swearing, but it’s the best show ever!
    Now all of you Family Guy fans, RESPECT CARTMAN’S AUTHORITAH!

    • Vitro

      Dude you honestly may be mentally retarded. The constant “sick jokes” is in South Park, not Family Guy. Family Guy’s episodes are well thought out and have a great plot. One South Park episode had a car you drove by sticking a rod up your butt and in your mouth then moving back and forth to ride it and you call Family Guy sick? BIRD IS THE WORD.

      • Dominick

        I think it’s pointless to even argue with the people on here. All they see is the dumb “easy” humor in family guy and not the jokes as a whole and their true meaning which makes them a lot more funny. Sure they throw in some child humor, fart jokes ect….but mixed with more sophisticated thought out humor. To each their own I guess. People with an IQ above 100 can enjoy family guy for what it really is.

        • frank

          that ‘true meaning’ you speak of is actually easy humor to those in the range above 130 iq…which south park is geared towards

          • Dominick

            I completely understand the humor in south park and said above I can’t pick a winner. But those saying Family guy isn’t as sophisticated clearly aren’t understanding the hidden messages in the show for whatever reason. It could even be that it’s much easier to hate on the big dog. As someone else said above perfectly, Family guy puts more humor into one liners than you’ll find in an entire episode of South Park. However, each has their own unique style and positive points and there is no clear winner, it just comes down to who thinks they’re smarter than the other and personal preference.

          • Vitro

            I agree with you. It seems like people who don’t understand clever humor seem to be pretty stupid. I just think Family Guy is funnier, more sophisticated, and much more thought out than South Park. I think South Park is funny but I like Family Guy much more. MY OPINION 1) Family Guy 2) Futurama 3) South Park 4) The Simpson’s. I like The Simpson’s old episodes that’s why I voted them last. 🙂

          • Kevin Zavala

            Dude why are you such an asshole? Like wtf? You were ripping on Michael for being “unfriendly” when you’re the one talking shit to Everybody!

          • Vitro

            I’m not being “an asshole”, I’m simply stating my opinions.

      • SSJ1Gohan

        Yeah, that joke where Brian stabs Stewie’s ear, so fucking great.
        Brian eating Stewie’s shit? I nearly died laughing!
        Virto, you are a fucking imbecile.

        • Vitro

          You apparently don’t know what an opinion is.

        • Vitro

          You didn’t even spell my name right and you call me an imbecile…..


    Family Guy!!!!

  • anyone

    South park is just awesome.

  • Princess Kenny the 2nd

    I think I am going with South park because unlike family guy, the show doesn’t offend a lot of of people because they are making fun of everyone, not just a race or a group.Family guy actually managed to offend a lot of people and even me. So yeah go on about how the kids are annoying but you are not going to change my mind. Now, I going to go back to be a anime princess. XD

  • South Park Lover :*

    South Park All The Way.!! 🙂

  • poundcake3


    • poundcake3


  • poundcake3

    South Park FTW

  • poundcake3

    South Park FTW

  • Nikos Konstantinidis

    south park kicks family guy in the nuts

  • Seghan

    South Park actually has funny jokes, and clever humor, which Family Guy doesn’t have. South Park also has life lessons, which make really good points. South Park isn’t all about the humor.

    • Wtf?

      Dude you get life lessons from south park? Get a life man!

  • TD23ASUS

    How is it possible to even imagine that one is better than the other? Honestly, they are equally F***ING AWESOME

  • Jordan

    South park over Family guy any day . South Park is a classic

  • Dominick

    People who say Family Guy is all shallow humor must be shallow themselves. Family guy is full of sophisticated controversial humor along with all the dumb humor. Most people just don’t understand the more complicated stuff. When they were walt disney characters and they beat up mort for being a jew…did anyone know why? or did you just think it was kind of funny that they beat up mort because he was jewish? That’s just one small example I can think of off the top of my head, maybe not the best example…but there are tons of references like that in each episode. The characters each have meaning as well. Family guy isn’t afraid to bash religion, government and many other controversial topics…and that’s what i enjoy most about it. They do just enough to be allowed to air on t.v…if the creators really had their way and could do whatever they wanted…oh boy…

    They relate to real people and real events while adding humor, some dumb and some more sophisticated. I enjoy both shows and can’t pick one that i like more…i see the humor in both of them for what they are in their own unique ways.

    • frank

      no, family guy is not nearly as sophisticated….south park is of a greater calibre of sophistication..sorry if you do not see the ironies but south park is pure genius while family guy has dumb humor with some intelligence that can be understood by a lot of people….most would not understand the deepest levels of satire and bias elimination that South Park is…due to the fact that most people cannot see past their own viewpoint so they write off the exaggerated views that they dislike…instead of recognizing them for what they are

      • Dominick

        Family guy bashes at everything you’ve said South Park does as well, difference is episodes are more well thought out taking months while south park takes weeks. I’ve literally seen some of the dumbest episodes of south park with the dumbest plots. Sure it can be funny but it’s nothing that sophisticated. Family guy is more than just the fart jokes thrown in here and there..they both offer plenty of those. Family guy tends to bash several things per episode like different people, different events, religions and lots more while mixing dumb humor with more sophisticated humor.

        • king’slanding148

          You ever considered that the ideas are created in weeks rather than months because Matt Stone And Trey Parker are far more knowledgeable and creative than Seth Macfaglane? Anyone who thinks family guy is better straight up has never watched an episode of South Park or is to much of an imbecile to appreciate it. I used to watch family guy religiously when I was a child. I could never appreciate South Park when I was ten. But now that I am an educated adult I wonder how I never liked SP to begin with. I’ve watched both and honestly I’d rather watch bob’s burgers than family guy. It’s just not funny they’ve lost their muse. South Park has continued to grow before I watched it and ten years later when I started to watch it. It’s simply more enjoyable.

      • Dominick

        Both shows make fun of dumb people who think they’re smart….apparently family guy took that to a level that reaches clear over your head.

        • Kevin Zavala

          Dude stop making Family Guy the smartest show on earth! You’re trying to act like theirs a huge labyrinth of complex humor in it’s jokes… There’s NOT!

          Now stop being a Douche…

          • Dominick

            Please show me where i said it’s the most sophisticated show on earth..stop putting words in my mouth. We’re comparing the two shows you complete moron. And in your above comment you said we know Walt Disney was antisemite because of family guy, but then continued saying that’s not original to family guy…LOL. I can’t debate with morons, sorry.

    • frank

      also that scene with mort due to antisemitism by disney is not nearly level of intelligence as the humor displayed by South Park…in south park there are inside jokes EVERYWHERE and satires of satires
      Basically South Park makes fun of not only the stupid…but also those who think their smart

      • Vitro

        Honestly you must be some kind of stupid to think a talking piece of shit and a towel that smokes pot is more sophisticated then a dysfunctional family. Your stupidity sickens me.

    • Kevin Zavala

      That’s not sophisticated at all! Everyone Knows Walt Disney was an Antisemite, how do we all know? Because Family Guy made fun of Walt Disney’s Antisemitism on previous episodes before! So no, that’s not original or sophisticated…

  • Reginald

    I think there is an IQ gap between these two fan bases. A lot of people don’t really get Family Guy’s humor; maybe on a superficial level, but there are multiple layers to it. South Park is infantile in comparison; there is no subtlety to its humor. For me, It barely manages to evoke the slightest chuckle. The writing is insipid and its target audience is probably around the same age as its characters. Family Guy delivers more humor in one-liners than South Park does in entire episodes.

    • Kevin Zavala

      You ever heard of a thing called Satire? No? Well that’s mainly what South Park is… It acts stupid on purpose to show the faults of the episode’s subject.

      Family Guys appeal died out after season 4. Not only that but the characters act completely different than before!

      Peter was a lovable Buffon who loves his family, but now he’s just an asshole to everyone he knows, he abuses his family for his own amusement. Now he is just a stupid dickhead. Stewie turned from sophisticated evil genius to just a Gay baby… That’s all he is, the only laughs you get from him, are from the fact that he is gay. Brian turned from Smart, intellectual, and witty family dog to egotistical, pompous Douchbag!

      Honestly! It’s almost impossible to like any Characters on the show.

      P.S – there is no multiple layers to the jokes! You’re trying to dig deeper to find something that’s not there! You’re in a wild goose chase…

      • Reginald Weatherford

        I’m quite familiar with satire. South Park’s stupidity doesn’t reflect on its subject matter; only its writers.
        Family Guy’s value doesn’t rely upon its popularity either, which is the main argument that many South Park fans are touting as an accolade. Quantity =/= quality.
        As far as my reference to intellectual capacity, the majority of the population does not have an above average IQ. I’m convinced there is a correlation between intelligence and sense of humor.
        The mediocre club is down the hall. You probably think The Big Bang Theory is funny too.

        • bol

          Reginald you can’t be serious and if you are then you are the very moron you claim south park watchers to be. I am not going to sit here and argue with someone who cannot comprehend the high brow humor in south park and seems to be a troll. I will however tell you that family guy’s jokes are very shallow and aimed towards teens who don’t want to have to think for themselves, aka you.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            I’m sorry that you have mistakenly assumed South Park is high brow humor. You’ve proven my point though; the intellectually deficient are highly amused by South Park, like a dog that eats its own shit. Family Guy’s humor is undeniably more sophisticated. Simple-minded cretins can’t seem to understand that, but I digress.

          • Santiago from México

            First of
            all, I stated my nationality at my nickname to avoid unnecessary time loss criticising
            my spelling, punctuation and redaction in general. That being said, I’d like to
            express my agreement with Reginald, Vitro, Dominick and some others in this discussion.
            I joined to share with all a new perspective, while trying to maintain myself
            as impartial and objective as possible… I think both shows are great and both
            have some high level criticism of different issues that take or took place in
            our world. South Park is a show that in its own particular way criticises all
            political, religious, social and cultural matters and transforms this issues
            into comedy by the use of satire, irony, bad language, stupidity (not saying
            this as a bad thing) and sarcasm. However those issues South Park address, are
            some very obvious ones, mainly facts that one can watch on the news or documentaries,
            therefore it requires you to be an informed and knowledgeable person to get the
            jokes and let’s face it… anyone that watches news or reads it, is able to
            empathize with South Park’s comedy, while not necessarily having to possess any
            special kind of intelligence, plus it makes it easy to find it funny due to all
            of the swearing and bad language abuse. Seth McFarlane´s humour (Family Guy and
            American Dad) is a more complex one… you see while he addresses the same issues
            as South Park, he does this in a more social, human behavioural, emotional intelligence
            and abstract fashion and not so much appealing to the obvious facts, but to the
            deeper and psychological sense of the problems, therefore he uses the facts
            with irony, sarcasm, etc. but only as a first layer and that’s where this humour
            may lose you guys against Seth’s comedy, because in this layer is not where the
            genius of Seth comes to live, that first layer is only a vehicle to the real
            thing. With the second layer, the important one, Seth aims to the psychology of
            society and the behaviour produced by it. That´s why you could not understand
            it. It is not something you can learn in school or read somewhere, it’s
            emotional and regular intelligence what makes you understand and enjoy it. You
            see, this humour is not so much about the dialogue itself, it’s also about the
            form, the tone, the specific words and the general behaviour of the character
            while they execute the dialogue and that’s why this humour is more complex than
            South Park’s. Not saying better or anything similar, just more complex and maybe
            for those of us who do understand it, far more enjoyable and comic. I guess the
            main difference between these two, is that S. P. addresses the social,
            political and cultural facts in which society fails and S. Mc. Addresses the very
            psychology of those matters and the human behaviour towards them in general. “Fact
            vs Abstract” = “Logic vs Complexity” = “Colloquial vs Sophisticated”. THANKS

          • Vitro

            Finally someone has the ability to see my points…

        • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

          I find it astonishing, you’re going on and on about the average IQ of society trying to propose a connection for a topic that is completely opinionated. Comedy is a matter of taste not intelligent quotient. It is very worrisome that you dismiss others as ignorant if one does not concur with your opinion. Perhaps this is an early sign of a much deeper self-loathing issue. Do you feel inadequate in the bedroom? Has your boyfriend/ husband been engaging with other men? It’s 2014 you’d be incredibly surprised with the exponential success of therapy for homosexual couples. This inner hatred you have towards yourself does not need to be reflected onto others. Call our therapeutic hotline: (703) 838-9808 or send a fax to (703) 838-9805. We want to help.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            Okay “Jericho MD.” Who the fuck cites their degree on an internet board which has nothing to with their profession? An insecure douche who thinks he’s asserting some kind of authority. I’m sure you know a lot about repressed homosexual feelings from your own personal experience, but don’t project that onto other people. I hope you’ve reserved your interest in males for the adult population. The fact that you like a cartoon about little boys in grade school is questionable enough, but please seek help before you act on your impulses. Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Not to mention, you may lose your medical license and do some jail time. You know what they do to your kind in jail, don’t you?

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

            I have no preference nor interest in neither of the shows; this issue you have is not with me. The practice belongs to a good friend of mine. She is renowned for her commercial success regarding resolution of suicidal tendencies in delinquent homosexuals as well as repairing homosexual relationships and resolving homosexual domestic abuse. I am a doctor in medicine however, I spend time as a volunteer searching for and helping disturbed homosexual pseudo-intellectuals and referring them to the practice. I assure you Mr. Weatherford I am not the enemy. I am only trying to help. If your partner is abusing you, I strongly recommend you report it to the authorities. Searching the internet for people to harass and double checking your facts on Google before you submit a comment attempting to make yourself appear intelligent only numbs this despicable pain and abuse you are enduring. Please call the referenced line. We can protect you from him.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            “Disturbed homosexual pseudo-intellectuals,” huh? That’s a pretty niche practice you’re volunteering for. And, one that you are no doubt passionate about for personal reasons. It’s unfortunate that you assume others are inflicted with the same pathologies that you’ve struggled with throughout your life. It probably helps to minimize your frustrations in comparison. I encourage you to seek professional help for your perversions and to register as a sex offender so underage children in your area can feel safe again. You’re sick Jericho, but there is help out there for you. You don’t have to live your life in shame, stalking playgrounds and dressing up like Santa Clause so little kids will sit on your lap at the shopping mall.

            I’m not sure what your “double-checking facts on Google” comment is in reference to, but I sense that you are intimidated by my intelligence, and rightfully so. I question whether you actually went to college for 8 years or simply put MD after your name to make your dick feel bigger. By the way, there is surgery for that if you’re feeling inadequate, but I would recommend castration to protect the children.

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

            Let’s good Reginald, let it all out. I’m not sure how this infatuation you have with children is connected to your homosexual lifestyle, but again this does not have to be reflected upon me or anyone else. Psuedo-intellectualism is quite common amongst “closeted homosexuals”. You can mock my profession if you’d like, but you cannot deny how much you’ve opened up to me in the past few days. I’d say we’ve made remarkable progress Mr. Weatherford. Please call the hotline. We can find the perfect doctor to fit your particular needs.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            You’re full of shit “Jericho Henricks.” That’s not your name, you don’t have a medical license and the only practice you’re engaged in is fondling yourself to kiddy porn. You’re not even a fan of South Park or Family Guy so it begs the question why you are here. You must’ve gotten bored in underage chatrooms. I bet that’s how you lure children to your lair. “Here kid, call this hotline. I’m here to help you because I’m a doctor. Pull down your pants and show the doctor your peepee so I can help you with your homosexual fantasies.”

            You’re not gonna find many kids on this board, you sick fuck; except for Francois/Mysterion.

          • jimmydesanta30

            You just got trolled so fucking hard.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            Your mom got trolled fucking hard in her sphincter.

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

            I do not understand why you have to keep going back to this obsession you have of me and children. Its rather appalling, however I’m still convinced our doctors can treat this sickness. You don’t have to announce your fetishes to the world Mr. Weatherford. We have a privacy policy.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            I don’t understand why you have an obsession with children, Mr. Henricks. Take that kiddy cock out of your mouth and promptly seek psychiatric attention.

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

            For Heaven’s sake you are quite a disturbed young man.

          • Reginald Weatherford

            Says the person who uses a pseudonym and poses as a medical professional on the internet so he can seek underage victims for his sick sexual perversions.

          • SPfan69

            sock puppets make great allies, dont they pedobear? Ur not clever

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

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          • SPfan69

            Nope. It’s a term for someone who uses multiple aliases on the interwebz, but of course you knew that. Try using a different IP address when you create alter egos on this board to agree with yourself. You should also be aware that federal law-enforcement can track your online activity when you browse child porn sites. Don’t be surprised if the FBI shows up at your doorstep.

          • Jericho Henricks, M.D.

            I have no skeletons in my closet Mr. Weatherford. We are here for you remember? Even if what you’re accusing me of were true, there is no way to verify the IP address of any of these individuals. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m assuming your computer skills are less than proficient. I still am very impressed you discovered how to use the internet, although speculating that I am using “sock puppets” to reinforce my professional diagnosis is unnecessary. I am only here to help, not to break down a patient already suffering from mental instability. I would very much like to treat the root of your desires for others to engage in pedophilia. Of all the issues you are enduring, I find this one most troublesome and the most dire as it endangers the welfare of minors and risks imprisonment for yourself. Afterwars, the next most pressing problem at hand would be the spousal abuse you are enduring. We will setup counselling for your partner (separated, this is policy and what the practice finds most effective) to determine what triggers his anger. I think you will find it most surprising just how much we have to offer Reginald.

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          • FGfan91

            how can u not see that this guy is fucking with you lol if you keep respondin to him youre just making yourself look like an idiot

          • Reginald Weatherford

            False. I’ve been trolling this board for months. It takes two to tango.

          • Vitro

            You question if he has gone to college for 8 years while you probably don’t have a college education. Even if you have been to college it’s pretty pathetic that you are arguing with a troll while you should be smart enough to know the guy is trolling the shit out of you.

    • Right

      Yeah I agree!

  • jason bladzinski

    It’s not really even a contest. South Park is far superior to Family Guy! The jokes on family guy are all interchangeable. You could mix them up, place them in different episodes, and they would have no effect on the plot. South Park does not stoop to such lowly tactics to get a laugh out of you, nor do they compromise a characters integrity to fit in a cut away joke. South Park deals with social commentary and satire in a way Family Guy never has. Let’s look at it this way: was South Park ever cancelled? No. Has Family Guy had a movie? No. Has Family Guy won an Oscar? No. Has Family Guy won any Emmy’s? No. Has Family Guy ever won a Peabody Award? No. Buff said.

  • GTJ

    Family Guy isn’t even the best show that Seth does. The argument should actually be South Park vs. American dad! I think the only fair way to to decide is to go on the opinions of a respected review site… lik imbd…. according to which South Park (all on average) is currently only marginally worse than The Simpsons at its best, Family guy however started at that point and has declined faster than either show. Aside from that I can only go by what I see with myself and friends. It is interesting to see how the less intellectually inclined veer towards Family Guy, mainly due to them being unable to get past the less “user friendly” style of South Park.where as Family Guys more laid back (some might say lazy) and arguably prettier (I personally find more beauty in the unique) style is easier for them to palette. So it’s fairly obvious that I prefer South Park (although I watch both) But all in all isn’t is great that we can all be catered to!!!

  • I’m saying family guy;

    I think Family Guy is better because it looks better and the jokes are really funny, where in South Park it’s just a stupid story about Cartman being a racist. I mean the first few times South Park was really funny to me but than its just about crap. Literally. There’s my opinion!

  • Jordan

    South park is a way better show than family guy its more funny and more realstic

  • Harry

    South park is awesome

  • soccerguy

    Family Guy has its moments, but they repeat cut scenes over and over and they get so damn repetitive and it wont have the longevity that South Park has. South Park has the ability to adapt with the times because of it’s ability to satire current events and political situations. The way South Park pulls off some of their episodes is nothing short of pure genius. All due respect to Seth, but Stone and Parker are some of the best writers out there!

  • South Park for Life

    Don’t even joke about Family Guy even being close to South Park. That is a fucking joke. South Park is the predecessor, infinitely more intelligent and makes perceptive social commentary.Family Guy is fratty, thoughtless humor. There is a reason why Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t give a fuck about Seth MacFarlane.

    • Ben

      I agree wholeheartedly with you, South Park for Life. I have always been a South Park fan. Not until the past year, when I saw South Park’s “Cartoon Wars” installment, was I even aware of this “rivalry” (if it can be called such). I had seen numerous Family Guy episodes in the past and had gotten a few chuckles here and there from it (if only from cutaway scenes’ plot-irrelevant references that I happened to get), but I never thought to compare the two shows! To me, FG has been too mean-spirited, dumbed-down, and one-sided, telling me explicitly that my views are wrong and that I should agree with Brian the dog outright. South Park legitimately makes me question my philosophies about everything! and most of the time I do end up reaffirming my standpoints on political and social matters because of it! If that’s not “sophisticated,” what animated television series is?

  • Mayank Bhat

    South park is best comedy ever made. Their sarcastic (and still funny ) show to bring common stupidity is unmatched.

  • samin

    southpark > family guy lol

  • Michael Young

    Family Guy has more adults than kids.

  • ta0025

    No doubt, Family Guy, the makers of this program has that UNCONVENTIONAL way of portraying humor which south park doesn’t. Family guy is more diverse by throwing episodes based on time travels, prehistoric times and not to mention star wars parody.
    South park based on its name sake suburb of colorado covered with snow 365 days a year and lacks humor by going over-board with its plot and hence the end-product turns out to be bit boring.

  • Cunt

    South Park is better but both great shows if you are shitting on one of them than u obviously haven’t seen it

  • Douglas Shawn Philippe

    I have learned more from four foul mouth 8 year olds then I have from a show that it’s main purpose is to offend you.

    Even though family guy is good aswell.

  • Themis10

    Family guy because in my country there isn’t south park. Actually The Simpsons is the best!!!!

  • goldy

    Family guy Ftw it make me laugh when im board tge people are soooo funny

  • marvin

    Really? family guy vs south park heck no it should be family guy vs the simpsons

  • kitty

    It all depends on which era of Family Guy were talking about.

  • SPsucks

    South Park is just plain fucking garbage. People say it has intelligent and funny dialogue, but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. A taco that shits ice cream and a towel with a drug addiction are just plain retarded excuses for the creator’s unintelligent minds. I’ve seen the show and there wasn’t any moment in which I had laughed. Family Guy focuses more on the jokes and making you laugh, whereas South Park is just lazy and rips on some topic without putting an ounce of intelligent thought into it. South Park is an insult to late-night cartoons and should be taken off the air before it causes any more damage to the cartoon industry.

  • Alexis Avalos

    I best like south park. It’s smart and it really has a lesson and feelings. Family guy doesn’t even show that. Its just dumb. What’s the point on it. South park rules!

  • Hi

    Family guy is better

  • joey

    I think family guy is the best ever because south park just nearly comes up with every single word u killed kenney u bastard and all that on the other hand family guy is funny when they especially me the simpsons it wud be good ifbfamily guy met south park people

This rivalry exists, not only on this website, but in real life. The creators of both animated series have taken numerous jabs at each other.

Family Guy is know for its random cut scenes and is famous for its awkwardly long scenes filled with repetition. The characters Stewie and Peter are, by far, the most popular characters in the show. They are also usually the source for much of the humor. The storylines in Family Guy are normally very random and tend to make fun of TV shows, movies and musicals from the 80’s but some episodes are based around more contemporary issues and events.

South Park is all about about timing and its storylines revolve around more current events, hastened by the creator’s ability to put together each episode in only a few days. Each character has their own unique brand of humor but Cartman is pegged as the source for the most despicable (and memorable) moments in comedy.

For no other reason than preference, we’re going with Family Guy on this one. Both shows are hilarious in there own way, but Family Guy brings out the most laughs for us.

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