Flight VS Teleportation

Best Superpower Have Powers? Will Travel.
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  • allangellido.com

    My comment has nothing to do with this fight (although I voted for teleportation = saves time). My comment is directed to those people that made this website. First, the concept is really good. This has the potential to be a popular website. Having said that, I noticed that some of the weigh-in portion, like in this fight, is missing. To me, it shows lack of dedication on the web owners. Also, since you are giving us the platform to vote and decide the winner, it would have been better if the website owners will not write their own opinions regarding who will win. Let the readers decide.

  • cupcake


  • Jackattack111

    With flying you actually get to see the view and experience the whole awesomeness of flying. Teleportation is too quick and boring in my opinion.

  • james

    depends how fast you can fly, if it’s fast enough it’s better

  • Stoneriver

    You can’t cage a teleporter and the wind is never too strong. Flight is fun but when you can defy physics, or at least stretch the physics that we already know about, many things are possible. Qualifiers though; can I teleport my clothes too? How far can I teleport? What happens when there is something in the place I want to teleport to? If the answers are; “yes”, “a fair distance” and “no, I won’t die”, then my vote is for teleportation.

  • In a fight, teleportation would totally win. just teleport to the guy who’s flying and donkey punch him in the head

  • kvonnah

    Flying would be way more fun but teleportation is way more useful and powerful. WITH the caveat that both are self actuated, and no additional equipment needed. If I have to use a machine to Teleport… well I have seen how Brundelfly eats and I will take a pass!

  • Ghfd

    well i can tp into the sky can’t i
    do i repeatedly, and it will be like flying…. eeeeh, idk

  • teleport more useful tp into sky reapeatedly plus tp is faster

  • Anonymous

    I picked flying because what happens if you teleport into a rock? Or you teleport into a bunch of flies or gnats or worse? I’d need more details about the particulars of teleporting.

    • Youssef

      Teleport because when you teleport from here to there, you’ll get in a second but flying makes you slower then teleportation

  • redhulk

    i am torn i have no clue ???????????

  • flight takes to long

  • Bullybo98

    What a doughy topic

  • For teleportation we have talked about it at school and we have all agreed that you would need to have a clear image of the place you want to teleport to in your head otherwise you might just teleport into your own mind and become stuck there forever and also if you just teleport into the sky what if the sky in lets say South Africa (where you happen to be living) is the same as the sky in Paris you might teleport there instead.

  • wolverinefan

    Flying is funner

  • Anonymous

    Teleportation because if you wanna fly you could just teleport up high and sky dive with a glider

  • Max

    Teleport go anywhere very fast

  • Anonymous

    Flight wins this battle for one reason, control. If were talking about strict teleportation, then gravity enters into the picture. Say you teleport into the sky, and you start falling well lets say as you are about to hit the ground you teleport somewhere else, where ever you teleport your still falling at the same speed. So you go splat and die. Or you look and see a place you want to teleport, you port there and a bird flies into the place you teleported to, do you die.

    I don’t know if it were a perfect teleport maybe, but I personally think flying would be funner.

  • U_Mad89

    To lazy to get the remote easier to teleport then fly

  • Evan Meyer

    Teleportation is better, but flight would be so much more fun.

  • Zab_28

    Teleport cause you can go fast anywhere and if youre in trouble, teleport sow here else, also, sky can be dangerous and you can’t fly away, sometimes flying causes too much attention, and teleporting, just go in the bathroom and teleport.

  • a teleporting man could kick a flying mans ass any day

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    I feel the power.

  • fancy

    neo does not teleport so this is bogus

  • Teleportation can be as much as fun as flight. Try this, teleport high in the clouds and let yourself fall then when you’re about to hit the ground teleprot again. The feeling would be the same as flying.

  • ghakk


  • teleportation because you can teleport in the air and everywhere.


    Teleportation cuz its instantaneous and faster than flight

  • shadyspades

    teleport cuz its faster than flying

  • cunt master

    flight would be much better i could fly in the air and shit while im flying.

  • The Omniscent One

    Teleportation means you can be any where at anytime it’s basically flying but much faster

  • jayjay

    teleporting rock’s

  • Buddy

    Flight. It’s not the destination, but the journey. It would be so much fun to fly.

  • steveo

    I will teleport in a cute girls room, if I had teleportation but I don’t.

  • CheatSource

    That was a hard one…

  • Slaya3020

    This Question Depends ON the Type of Teleportation If It is like NightCrawlers Power Were he can Only Teleport To Places He Has Been Then I would have to go with flight

    • DisqusG52

      nightcrawler can teleport anywhere. he WON’T teleport to an unknown area because he can’t know if it’s safe or not.

  • SwaggyBilbo

    well i would say teleportation it gets you out of every situation in an instant as flying would just make u kinda levitate and teleportation is moving matter in nanoseconds without a single movement so i vote teleportation

  • Halowars921

    You could just repeatedly teleport to fly

  • Person

    For teleportation the original person would have to be disintegrated at point A and be recreated at point B. While flying you’d enjoy the breeze, nice day, enjoy the who. Who doesn’t love that?

    • DisqusG52

      all depends on how you define teleportation. X-Man Nightcrawler went into another dimension and emerged at a different point. no disintegration.

  • FlamingHawk

    I think teleportation would be cool, but seriously, I can’t be the only person here who has ever wanted to fly. I mean, it would just be awesome.
    I want to fly now.

  • Michael Young

    Teleportation is quicker.

  • Gio

    teleportation no doubt… I like subtle…

  • Adam Weatherly

    Flight is cool and all but if you can teleport you can be anywhere in the world and or universe in a matter of seconds zombie apocalypse happens and you fly somewhere someone or zombie could jump on you right before you fly off the roof teleporting zombie to try to jump on you and they will mess because you teleport to the other half of the world

  • jeppe_AR

    telepotion is faster then flying

  • Theodore Helminski

    I can already fly…
    So Teleportation it is

  • OG Veteran

    As a teleporter, to fly, just be teleporting in the air every mili-second. Know wonder its a SUPER power.

  • Chinana Espinal


  • Boogieman


  • sadface69

    teleportation just teleport to make it look like u r flying

  • Markland

    Need specifics, if it’s hyperspeed flight like the silver surfer or supersonic like Neo or Superman then i’d pick flight

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