Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao

Boxing Match The Elusive Boxing Match
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  • Gio

    Floyd would be running like a chicken once he tasted the fist of PACMAN…specially the Manila Ice..LOL

  • pacman

    definitely, absolutely, 100 percent the fight will end up with split decision. pacquiao will win 6 rounds, one round even and 5 rounds for maynotweather. it’s because of the volume of punch that pacquiao will use which is accurate no matter what defense will mayweather use. they both are slowing down, but when it comes to speed, it’s still pacquiao. we are entitled for any opinion but this is a fact. maidana is not as fast as pacquiao and a straightforward fighter, and mayweather didn’t manage to destroy him like he did to canelo.

  • Iman Shumpwet

    Floyd is a big fan of Manny as we can see in Manny Vs Morales fights…Floyd even jumped off seat seat chanting for Manny…For you guys here loves Floyd and yeah hes the greatest. but you know who Floyd loves most and idolized? yup dang! its Manny

  • ryan

    manny pacquiao will win cuz he is simply the best and the reason why mayweather took so long to challenge is cuz he KNOWS manny is gonna knock his pussy ass off

  • jp

    Manny will win by decision, more punches thrown and hits

  • round1

    mayweather just runs now and manny is going to catch up to him by the fourth round and lights out mayweather. manny has to much speed and hand movement with knock out power at the end of his punch.mayweather is all about defense and pot shoting to take them to late rounds and try to get lucky.to bad mayweather but manny has your ticket and he is going to punch it out for you!

  • Woo Law

    Manny will knockdown Floyd @ their 1st round. However, Floyd will stand again with rogged leg. Again, another knockdown will happen to Floyd but Kenny stop them as end of the 1st round. To continue, the two are still brawling until the 10 seconds left in the 2nd round. OMG! Manny hit Floyd with a left hawk and knockout Floyd. Kenny, stopped the fight and both teams stands on the ring. Michael, holds his microphone and announce, ladies and gentlemen the winner by knockout in 5 seconds left in round 2… From Sarangani Province, Philippines the fighting pride of Filipino, Mannyyyyy Pacmannnnn Pacquiaoooooooooooo! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  • Chris

    Its almost a tie

  • Freddy Rosano

    Only way Money wins is because he gets the decision due to Vegas even if he truly loses more rounds..Pac mans style will win rounds but Manny can only win by KO..Vegas is Vegas..

  • johnson

    Mayweather wins providing Pacquiao takes the Olympic style test to to detect his use of HGH and EPO which the Nevada commission does not test for, nor does it test for masking agents.

  • ivann

    Benny mak look at what pacquiao did to golden boy
    not even floyd did that.
    look at what he did to hatton.
    look at what he did to cotto.
    look what he did to margarito.
    look what he did to mosley.
    I don’t think you know what you are talking about. alvarez never had a chance he was too heavy.

  • Guam

    Pacman is by far the best pound for pound fighter. And maywheather has a hard time fighting South Pole fighter.

  • Prad

    Floyd will beat Pacquiao simple as that!!!! all this BS about pacquiao beating floyd easy is exactly that…bullshit!! wake the hell up you fools. Floyd is an all round fighter, undefeated, and adapts to any style. Hes super fast, powerful, best defense in boxing and he’s gone 12 rounds many times and won easy, almost toying with fighters for fun!! I think Alverez can beat the pac man easily as he’s a much harder puncher and aggressive fighter and look what Floyd did to him…make him look like a child! and im a big Alverez fan too. Floyd will win easy, he aint ducking he’s playing smart to go out with the highest paid fight in history.

  • angelo

    I believe the two will have a hell of a fight.Floyd is a great boxer in the sense that he adjusts well to opponents style and very clever.He has a great defense,meaning that he is difficult to hit and if you miss,he gets you with a good counter.He is on the fast side when it comes to speed.On the other side,Manny has a great explosive combinations that can last 12 rounds.He has a blinding fast hands specially his left hand.( based on observation and post interview of Manny’s opponents) He connects straight lefts more than most boxers. He is lefty with that speed, where floyd fighting style happens to be vulnerable from that angle. Now, I am not saying that floyd can not redo his fighting style, for me, it does not favor floyd to be in that situation.In conclusion, if the fight will be mostly on a distance,floyd’s height,reach and style might give him the advantage but if not then Manny will win because he throws more fast and accurate combinations than floyd. Volume of punches wise, Manny can easily beat him. Lastly, Floyd has not fought anybody faster than Manny.( You guys might disagree but that is my unbiased observation).thanks….

  • Adie Bonan

    Very close game as both fighters have their pros and cons. It’s great defence vs great offence, and will come down to who sticks to the winning game plan. Floyd will try to win points with defence, footwork, and single punches. Manny will land punches with unique angles, speed and south paw. No one knows for sure who’s going to win, which is the reason why this is going to be a big match.

  • angelo

    I agree with you

  • sun top

    floyd will take your lame ass pac man piece by piece

  • sun top

    i don’t understand how people compare between manny and floyd the last one is away better. yes manny is strong powerful but u need to see floyd in the ring that guy is on a different level. in short floyd plays art in the ring.

  • angelo

    There is no denial of the fact that floyd is an excellent boxer. Yes he dominates most of his opponents except for a few. Being who he is as a boxer does not speak of others talents. Amir Khan has his talent, Manny has his own unique talent too etc…..And to me it is not even right to compare the level of intensity,strength and talent of the boxers today {welterweight/middleweight} to the Leonard,Hagler,Hearns,Benitez and Duran…..

  • Chad

    Can anyone with a brain honestly say that Mayweather hasnt ducked Pacquiao.Of course he has!Its obvious as fuck to anyone that doesnt enjoy blowing back Mayweather!Theres some dumbasses out there that no matter how bad money avoids even saying pacmans name will still claim that he aint duckin him. Are people really that fuckin stupid or just love moneys cock that much!Money is smart. There is a reason he ducks the Pacman!

  • angelo

    I strongly agree that he has been avoiding Manny. As I explained my opinion earlier that manny being a lefty,strong and very fast( specially left hand) can or will give him a problem.Im not saying that he is not going to do something about it but because of his style and stance that is vulnerable on the left hand side may cause a problem.

  • Thatsright

    Styles make fights. Not sure who will win this fight, but some fighters have a style that another fighter has trouble with. For Manny it was always JMM. For Sugar Shane, in his prime, it was Vernon Forest. Not sure who will win, but it should be interesting. I will say this, Freddie Roach is a good trainer, very good. If he thinks he found something I’d say Manny has a good shot

  • J rick

    Mayweather is going to win putting 150.000 on fight winnings will be 550.000 when it is over mayweather has made me a very rich man over the years best fighter ever

  • J rick


  • angelo

    ” thatsright” i like your objectivity….

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