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Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao

Boxing Match The Elusive Boxing Match
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  • MayweatherAllTheWay69

    Mayweather cause hes black?.. maybe lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/tabari.randolph Tabari Randolph


  • http://www.facebook.com/tabari.randolph Tabari Randolph


  • trent

    floy mayweather jr. woulkd win because once he was at wrestlemani and he won against the big show

  • Tonio

    He sked of you he need too get off the dope and fight big momey

  • Tonio

    Manny will lose he on dope he sked

  • Tonio

    Big money mayweathe jr he sked of you and you know how I’m talking about..

  • Tonio

    Money may weather jr is the man best freighter in the world ..

  • Tonio

    I’m rocking with mayweather jr all the way that’s my Dund…

  • alex

    manny pacquio could kill that butter donkey

  • ER

    NO Losses. No one gets lucky against money Mayweather. The judge can’t even screw him because he is so dominant right Pacquiao? So why is he losing in this poll? Simple, white people dislike his arrogant ways and he backs it up in the ring. They want him subdued like the new Mike Tyson. I bet most white people like the New Mike Tyson now right? lol ,your ears are safe. Money Mayweather, you may hate him, but your ass can’t beat him. And that’s the bottom line haters LOL.

  • Salvador Sanchez

    Almost all opinions on who ducked who are biased on this fight.
    No one can really know.
    But if anyone STILL claims they would expect Pacquiao to win if they fought after Marquez and Bradley (Bradley fight was close enough to allow that decision whoever people think won) then they aren’t being honest or are pretty stupid or pretty biased.

    Bookmakers have always made Mayweather favorite even before those fights. If people are honest, Mayweather would win this one 9 times outof 10.

  • Alonso

    I hope the fight pacman vs money will come true! I’ve watched all pacman’s fights over and over again and watched all mayweather fights too . My prediction is Pacman will win the fight but he must train very hard and learn new tactics to fight defensive moneyweather. Mayweather is not fast enough for pacman. Money is defensive fighter and he doesn’t want to get hit, pacman is faster, speedy, aggressive, attacker, counter puncher, not afraid to get hit. If u watched all his fights . Pacman was well trained to adapt to each opponent . Clottey for example- he was defensive fighter but pacman beat him by upper cut and body shots combination. If he does this with his speed he will beat mayweather. Maywesther can throw power punch but his follow thru jab w right fist is too slow as he always raise it up to protect his head from getting hit after he throws a power punch and he missed pacman with pacquiao speed he would be landing that 1 2 3 with power left jab , for him to beat Pacman …money may wee there must train his speed n more speed or else He May Wee There in the ring after pacman him with upper cuts ! Watch May Wee There fights and try to time his follow thru punches -too slow compare to pacman.

    • Big Man

      Pacquiao would beat him you fucking pussy fuck kunt bitch mouth fuck ass bitch what are you are a girl you fucking bitch punck fucking ass

  • Billy Stevenson

    Floyd is to slick and would figure pac out in a couple of rds and pot shot him at will and tiw him up when he gets to wild if marquez can outbix pac in 4 fights floyd can do it

  • Shane Mosley

    every people has a natural ability like balancing
    and in the case of manny, his footwork outclassed floyd’s, they both possed speed and handspeed, but footwork and power manny is greater. Also, manny is mature and smarter now. He’s a complete fighter.

  • unknown

    Maybe a prime manny but floyd will win by ud

  • Amir Guevara

    Chino Maidana made this chicken Floyd run and hide.

  • SwagApe9000

    Blast my ass

  • SwagApe9000

    Fuck u pussy

  • FlamingHawk


  • seth

    May weather is on a different level then Manny. Hard work dedication. He would win no problem. He is a one man army. Faster and stronger then the Filipino

  • Sai Pulido

    they’re almost the same in their strength but huge factor between them is PACQUIAO fight with big heart and for his country while MAYWEATHER fight for his name and money.

  • Jarvas

    Floyd beat Marquez decisively… Marquez knocked out pac man!

  • Shamojoe

    As much as I would like to see manny win I think floyd is the more precise,economical puncher. Manny would throw more but floyd would land more cleaner shots…..but I hope I’m wrong!

  • Mayweatherfan

    Pacman is the style which Mayweather Hates, Mayweather struggled against like the likes of Castillo. Theres no way his gonna win Pac

    unless the judges are bribed as always lol.

  • Buxer Blugger

    You are the one who is completely OUT OF YOUR EMTPY BRAIN!

    Both fighters live and die through counter punching but in no way Marquez’s style is the same as Mayweather. Never DARE to compare all Marquez and Pacquiao fights to Floyd’s future fight(s) against PACMAN if it will ever happen. I doubt it will.

    Floyd is a LAME DUCK. Here is the REASON 101:


    Marquez is a counter punching PIT BULL who stays in front and all sides while backing off and the aggressor at times to name it all. He is a true warrior in the ring against PACMAN. He does not turtle shell. He uses both hands with power to counter punch. While Floyd punch one at the time if he is free from attack. The only thing he ever did and the REST of PACMAN’s opponent is to SURVIVE. He did that in 6th round in their 4th fight. In the 8th round of their 3RD fight was exactly what happened in the 6th of their 4th fight. Pacquiao got TRIPPED! Too much FOOT TRIPPING to the wide advantage of Marquez. Pacquiao has to overcome the FOOT blocking and tripping of Marquez to win. If I were his coach it’s easy to counter. Nacho is dirtier than Freddie. But Freddie has the more gifted athlete in Pacman. ROACH has no CLUE and does not have the mental aspect to counter that “dangerous” foot work of Marquez which started in the 3RD fight. Bernstein once said a darting and jumping Pacquiao is very dangerous so he took that away. They played dirty and will do it again to win. Heredia in his team got away with a CRIME. But not for the second time because Paman read all my comments before fighting BRADLEY so MARQUEZ won’t fight PACMAN again. Enough of 4 FIGHTS to SURVIVE.

    All PACMAN has to do is to train hard. Condition his feet so his FOOT WORK will bring him to every place he wanted during the fight. He has all the gifts in both “UZI” hands the two don’t have. Eliminate the LEG CRAMPS through training, dedication to BOXING only with those BIG FIGHTS, self-discipline and renewed faith. PACMAN has better physical attributes and gifts than FLOYD and MARQUEZ. HE proved that against the undefeated Bradley. The key to PACMAN to be on top is his STAMINA, LEGS. No one can beat him. The hands were always there and he was the only boxer gifted the punching ability like that: 1-2, 2-4 and repeat 4-8. 8 powerful COMBOS in less than seconds.

    REASONS 101′s: http://www.boxinginsider.com/headlines/nacho-beristain-interview-pacquiao-will-beat-mayweather/

    Nacho being the “DIRTY” old man.


    MAYWEATHER fought with advantage in his corner all the time. He took Maidana’s KO power. Made him wore heavy padded globes to survive. We all knew in the second fight he would not survive those punches had Maidana worn his normal boxer’s gloves. He copied that when Manny Pacquiao lost to Eric Morales when they took blood from Pacman a day before the fight. Arum made Pacquiao worn a heavy padded gloves to take the KO power of Pacman. At that time Murad was Pacman’s promoter. No wonder Mayweather hates Bob Arum because he can’t get all his advantages if Arum is in Pacman’s corner. That’s where all these RBT came from to drain more blood from Pacman so he could be weaker. After all, it’s USADA to conduct the RBT – paid by Richard Schaefer to conceal results if their prize fighter will be tested positive.

    Mayweather’s counter punching is far different than Marquez. Marquez jumped two weights to fight Floyd and his first in those weights. Floyd didn’t tip the scale and hide his weight and paid the commission to keep his advantage. Mayweather covers up, duck and stay away. He will make you miss for a punch (Pacquiao doesn’t punch 1 time he punches in bunches so it’s hard to counter him if you don’t stay infront Mayweather never do that because he doesnt’ want to get hit). Marquez became the aggressor and never played the counter puncher. He looked bad and would lose anytime. Looked what happened to Bradley VS Marquez and that’s not the way he fights PACMAN. He is a better boxer when he counter punch and stays in the pocket. Looked what happened to Bradley VS Pacman II. Never compare Pacmans’ fight against anyone.

    Mayweather’s turtle shell only works for RIGHT HANDED FIGHTERS. Never in left. Pacman doesn’t punch straight from the right wich all MAYWEATHER’s opponent ever done except MAIDANA. Easy for Floyd to evade and cover up against straight right handed punchers. Turtle shell and shoulder role is design for that. But not for MAIDANA’s style. NOT for LEFT HANDS. If you watch how Alexander made Maidana looked BAD. Alexander is a fast lefty who counter punched in front of Maidana. Floyd didn’t do that because he was afraid to get KNOCK OUT. His lead straight hands, hooks, body punch give him the points advantage because MAIDANA is slow and can’t counter punch as quicke as PACMAN’s right hook which definitely give Mayweather problems.

    STYLES MAKE FIGHTS, Floyd will continue to DUCK.

  • khals

    manny is gayweather’s worst nightmare

  • Charles Choi

    The poll verdict is correct!

  • Master-Street

    Manny Pacquiao has now showing so many more new powers and more new
    speeds that has now coming out much powerful then any other boxer in his
    size. Manny Pacquiao defense is getting 101% better…

    FLoyd Mayweather Jr. is not boxing like a top powerful boxer. He more of a better defense runner dancer in the boxing ring.

  • Army of One

    OK I’ve been watching these two fighters Mayweather and Pacman, Manny has been great for boxing but May weather is just a pure boxer and if you look at their careers and keep an opened mind you cannot truly think Pacman would win major problems being #1 Height,#2 Reach is going to be huge , then #3 Natural weight, May weather is perfectly built for 147lbs.to 154 lbs. And the final #4 look who trains the pound for pound Champion they may be punch drunk, a bit wacky but since 1996 no matter the situation who was there or wasn’t there they built a 17 ur. Undefeated 3 time Lineal weightclass Champion and once he fought Canello Alvarez /marques pt.4 it is even more clear the reason his corner is so confident is because Sr. ,Roger and Jeff May weather have too much knowledge and experience for Roach and Manny and Arum is a jerk but if they fought in 2010/2012 Manny would of possibly been out forever when Marques knocked him out I feel Manny was a asking it to JMM at that point of fight and he was put to sleep fight will be a lopsided one Pacman is very good Maywether is a Great Fighter period no matter what era of boxing he is from ………ceeceesrider Retired US. Army!!!!!!

  • Hamilton Santos

    Floyd has a genuine defense and is difficult to get connected any punch and manny is a hard puch guy and less defense skill …. However I believe that floyd is scared to fight with pacquiao … So we will see what happen

  • hahaha

    Pacquiao already won! Why because Floyd is too much scared to fight the PAC MAN!

  • hahaha

    Paquiao is Bruce Lee and Mayweather is just like Jim Kelly. Who is superior? Bruce Lee and Pacman!

  • Jay youngblood

    The facts are simple.Mayweather is to smart,and has been doing this shit to long,for someone who got knock the fuck out by pee pee boy,to even dream of winning.If pac man wants a payday,he should stand in line like everyone else.yea Floyd is only giving a few meal tickets away.

  • Gobstopper

    Mayweather embarrassed Marquez and Alvarez for 12 rounds. You can argue about the Marquez fight but theres no way Pac could last a round with Alvarez.
    There’s 5 ways to beat Pac…..

  • boxer

    I think u dont know what your talking about.Maywheather punches one at a time while pacman punches in bunches.Floyd will not have the time to rest.He cant use his shoulder roll cause pacman is left handed.His straight left will brake maywheathers face apart enough said.

  • Rommel Uniza

    Nobody knows until it actually happens. We all just want to see the best defense and the best offense go at it. Mayweather won’t win by knockout and Pacquiao won’t win by points. Decision Mayweather or TKO Pacquiao. To me that gives a slight edge to Mayweather. However being a Pacquiao fan, I hope for the TKO. I won’t be betting any money this time though. They’re both too good. Anything can happen.

    • Big Man

      Oh my fucking god, if you post again boy and say that you better put your fucking phone number in there to because I will rip your shit up on the phone bitch want to try that mayweather is one of the most dumbasses cry fucking babies ever try posting again bitch just fucking try btich

  • bastikul

    Money can’t KO pacman.. he will just slip and run away from pacman hoping to win on points.. that is if he can outpunch him with pacman’s combo..

  • Big Man

    Mayweather his a fucking coward, punck black bitch

  • Rashad Shaddy Cave

    I find it funny how the people with the most shit to say never been in a fist fight a day in their lives. So before yall start insulting people who are professionally trained to beat yo ass, think. Can you beat any of them????

    • Big Man

      You wouldn’t beat no one boy

  • His agony

    Just because floyd has no loses that does not mean he can command the terms and conditions of the fight. The problem is,…. “floyd claim to be the best ever and the P4P”,Then the burden is there for him to prove it, America is the Home Of The Brave. Fight and as usual the loser should sucks the smaller paycheck. With Pacman not on floyds level, that is another reason he should not put any conditions when other boxers takes on a moment notice..
    And for floyd …In english language it is bullshit.

  • Jay Winters

    I believe Pac Man will beat Mayweather for the following reasons:

    Mayweather never had to deal with Pac Man’s combination of style. Southpaw & angle of punches.

    Also, Pac’s aggression will make Mayweather look like he’s running.

    Also, even thou Pac will make mistakes, he’s too tough for Mayweather’s punches to slow him down. (Notwithstanding lucky shot)

    Also, on his toes for 12 rounds bouncing like ceazy: Mayweather’s legs are suspect.

    Maidanna’s aggression got Maywether in trouble but Pac’s aggression will be a lot harder for. Mayweather to handle than Maidana was. Pac is not a classic MexicN style boxer like Alvarez was & Maidana was. Alvarez was too inexperienced. Pac isn’t. He’s a 7 division world champion!

    If Pac doesn’t put him down and it goes to the cards, Mayweather’s running from this new aggression may well cost him the fight.

    Prediction:! Pac will put Money down by the 3rd round. Money will run the rest of the fight..

  • Clark Joel Fernandez

    Just FIGHT ALREADY! no more discussions and comparisons like this. SIGN THE EF’N CONTRACT!

  • bigbronx

    I think maywather gets uncomfortable with constant preshure fighters in the ring its been proven against castillo,judah,cotto and maidana. Pac.. is a completly difrent fighter he han aply presshure from round one to twelve and has incredible fast hand speed and can throw punches from angles that you wont expect.so unless maywether defense aint extreamly sharp that night pac..can pull the win..

  • Dominic

    Mayweather has superior defensive skills and Pacquaio, despite his very slick movement and hand speed, gets caught too often when he is coming in. Pacquaio also rather enjoys trading toe to toe (Just look at the Marquez bouts). Mayweather would simply invite this and he would do what he does best: Tuck up and counter Manny when he comes in. I believe Manny can and would catch Floyd at points of the fight but they would not be damaging or often enough to win rounds, something Floyd is very good at doing. Everyone will say ‘Oh but Manny is a southpaw and Mayweather struggles with Southpaws’. Yes Manny’s style would potentially ask different questions of Floyd but he has worked southpaw’s out before, look at Judah and Guerrero. He has also shown adapting to brawl tactics can be done when he had to overcome a vicious Marcos Maidana. For me the only way Manny has a chance in this fight is to win rounds through sheer activity and hope that Judges reward punches that don’t really land or hurt Floyd. However I don’t see this happening and I see Floyd boxing his way to another UD, with a score of 117-111 a good bet.

  • kdot06

    Mayweather is only undefeated because he played his own rule, to make the story short, he choose opponents that he knows he can handle. For you to be the best you should challenge yourself to fight all the best fighters in the league to keep yourself improving in the chosen field of interest.

  • kdot06

    Why’d you guys think floyd kept dodging the bullet? Because he knows that his fighting style can’t keep up with pacquiao. He can’t counter pacquiao because pacquiao can throw 2-3 punches in 1 sec. Which can knock him out. If pacquiao cant knockout mayweather in the fight. Probably mayweather can get the win. In order for pacquiao to win he needs to knockdown floyd.

  • kdot06

    Mayweather cant win because justin bieber is gay!!!! They hangout together so probably they’re both gays.

  • ViperEyes

    Pacquiao’s south paw stance, his awkwardness, speed and power will beat Mayweather. That’s why Mayweather is avoiding Pacquiao for 5 yrs now.

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