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Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao

Boxing Match The Elusive Boxing Match
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  • Leonard Ellerbe

    Floyd will kill Pacquiao in the ring…………………from BOREDOM.

  • juan dela cruz

    it’s up to pacman if he can connect a left to floyd in the first 3 rounds, if he cant, then the result is obvious — he losses.

  • Dantey Angelo

    Maywether best asset the right shoulder roll will be uneffective against a soutpaw.. Id he uses it the left of the face will be exposed and that angle is the one pacman exploits the most.. That will be the biggest penetration point.. Floyd can always try doin it with the left but is unatural and i doubt it will be as effective.. Maidana rocked floyd with the left and zab juda took floyd to the ground wen attempting the right shoulder roll.. (Go back on it. Zab judda knocked down floyd his hand touched the ground and the referee missed it

  • Dantey Angelo

    Aniway.. Pacman takes this fight, constant attack from the left will put floyd early on bad situations.. He will try to regain control trough mid rounds but as he feels himself actually behind he will make a stupid attempt to brawl and he will go down by the 11th or 12

  • Shahriar Kabir

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  • sean

    He’s a much complete fighter than manny, Manny is more like a Brawler, who is very fast, he will get caught in any exchange with floyd, exactly what marquez did to him. I love manny but he’s up against a more complete fighter.

  • annie

    I don’t know who’s gonna win I just like Manny.

  • TruthHurts

    As much as i like Manny, and his illustrious career, I can’t help but choose Money as the winner of this bout. As much as I would want to hate and see him loose. Floyd is definitely miles above pacquiao in terms of skill and defense. I can see Pacquiao throwing twice the amount of punches but in the end, less than 30 percent of them will probably land and a unanimous decision for MONEY!!! Trust!! NEVER bet against MONEY!!! I love Pacquiao and will cheer for any opponent with the chance to beat Floyd but reality is he is a Champion and undefeated for a reason. We may not like his fighting style at times but bottom line is a win is a win in boxing. Best boxer in the world to probably retire undefeated. MONEY

  • Chad Pontius

    Pacquiaos work rate speed power and punching volume will give Mayweather problems. Money May aint no joke though and though Im a huge Manny fan I have to admit he will have to quit making so many mistakes,Mayweather capitalizes on opponents mistakes and Manny makes a lot. Its going to be very interesting! Im going with Manny on this though!

  • boxing fan

    maybe to beat floyd mayweather a boxer have to throw at least 100 shots per round…50 jabs and 50 others..
    2. Down to middle of the ring and not chasing him

    Thank you.

  • Kevin

    Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather Jr…
    Manny Pacquiao is fast… accurate…stamina…strength on his legs
    & is determined and hungry to beat Mayweather Jr…
    Manny has what Floyd lacks…which is the will to fight and win.
    Keep in mind Floyd has been ducking Manny for a long time…so he is afraid…Manny has the will…so May 2…Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Leo

    because hes quicker than floyd and as we’ve seen in the past, floyd isn’t the best at taking hard shots or combinations, and that’s what manny pacquiao has. Power, speed, and accuracy are Pacquiaos tools to victory on May 2nd

  • alan

    clippers got this!!!

  • Noel

    Manny Pacquiao can do both the defense and offense and box rapidly.

  • Jose Rizal

    Pacman wins by KO in round 10. Gayweather will be so dazed on the floor that he’ll suck the referee’s toe.

  • Mike b

    A good boxer will always beat a good puncher. Bean proven time and time again. That’s why it’s called boxing. Mayweather by unanimous decision.

  • http://kurtmarcus.comli.com/ Kurtmarcus

    PAC is more DANGEROUS bcoz of what he learned from the MARQUEZ Fight. Money May is no longer the TBE he claims to be.

  • jrgarcia


    Check this blow by blow analysis of Ronnie Nathanielsz on how Manny Pacquiao can defeat Floyd Mayweather..


  • Remilando Delos Reyes

    bec. of mayweather’s accurate punches n intelligence, very good adjustments during fight, money may will win no doubt

  • Eric Denson

    PAC wants this fight so bad that he will make too many mistakes which will cost him the fight. He is fighting a master boxer

  • reda

    i pick floyd to win by hugging,running and boxing from distance. He wouldn’t expose himself for sure. Pacquiao is a real fighter less smarter but a true fighter. Hope he’ll get his bearing right. A win over floyd would erase a ko loss to marquez 4ever.

  • pow

    I’m no expert, but I know this. Manny will go after May weather like a champ. Mayweather will do what he does best Jab, hold and run and Mayweather will win again by decision.

  • John

    Manny is very aggressive and his punches are more powerful then Floyd, but Floyd is a very clever boxer and that might just play in his advantage.

  • Jam

    Pacquiao will surely win, the LORD is with him….

  • Jeffrey Fuller

    juan marquez forced three controversial decisions and a ko against pacman. floyd handled this dude without even breaking a sweat period. we cant compare who will win based on who they fought but im just not buying into the pacman hype, sorry. defense wins championships it was proven time and time again. picture this, pacman is the “broncos”, he has all the offense in the world and floyd is the “seattle”, really damn good defense with a grind it out offensive attack. i believe more in a defensive minded method than an all out offense. may 2 will be good for sure

  • George

    Pacman has got the heart.

  • Al Go

    It will be a tough fight, but i feel that mayweather has the bigger advantage to win this one. It manny was to come out victorious, it would not surprise me but for now my vote goes to Floyd!

  • Samuel


  • ganirends

    Floyd would have the worst nightmare this May 2nd..he could probably retire after having beaten up by Manny. Make no mistakes I love both warriors..it’s just that no matter how i analized things up, according to their capabilities, Manny has always the superior arsenals they both have..not only that, even comparing all the common opponents they have in the past..Mannys performance is above Floyds (overall).

  • Tommy Candelaria

    There always seems to be a fighter like Mr. Pacquiao,who has all the weapons , he will TKO Mr. Mayweather in the 9th ROUND ,Mayweather will be hurt in 8th & will be stopped in 9th.Maryweather will not be able to handle Pacquiao’s KO power and the angles he throw his punches,Pacquiao will beat his body for 6/7 Rounds then go for the bean and beat on that .Mayweather after 2/3 Roundscan only run, his body will not beable to endure what Pacquiao has as far as accuracy,and that POWER!!! GO PACQUAIO….

  • B

    I rate both boxers with equal probabilities of their winning cababilities; but I do think Manny Pacquio would have the upper hands in this fight simply because from looking at the persons two below me, it shows Mayweather has only speed and Defense on his side as compared to the Pac Man has almost double that not meaning Defense or Speed but he has Knockout power 100% as to where Floyd has only 60% I strongly believe this fight going to end up being a TKO.

    Big Props to both and Good Luck!

  • Ralph

    Cause Manny got the HEART.

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