Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao

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  • dareon

    He’s got a lot of space he’s one of the best the mans undated so I say maywethers gona win u gonna learn
    that mayweatherdont play

  • liveftv
  • liveftv
  • Nash Unson

    pacman is quick he will if knock it out not in 12 rds fight

  • EXO Next Door

    Go Manny God is with you 🙂 Fight Fight!!

  • ravennicozulueta@yahoo.com

    Very fast movement to the right double left straight to the shoulder or head right to the body left to the body keep moving to the right. Before may weather could unleash pacquiao out to the right. If may weather follow, then he’s in great trouble. Watch the jab followed by right overt head (the only weapon of may weather) it is effective if the opponent is slower than him. But pacquiao is quicker than him foot speed & hand speed. Pacquiao should change feint approach 1x 2 x 3x to confuse may weather. Different feints every round. Not same attack every round. Get may weather on the ropes & bombard him with punches uppercuts, hooks,…i

  • Aji

    Pacquaio learned a lot from victories and…losses. He is an artist and a strategist as well on the ring. I just hope he shows no kindness this time. This is the time to unleash fierce.

    • Duffs

      No he didn’t.

  • phong84

    Mayweather wins based on skill. Marquez was a skilled fighter and he destroyed Pac man. Mayweather makes Marquez look like a joke. Imagine how badly Pacman will get beat by a motivated Money Mayweather.

  • khan

    I’m a Filipino but this time I will favor on Mayweather. Remember that boxing is not all about sports and athletic skills but Its about Money and Mafia. Pacman is awesome for having a killer instinct and Speed but referee, judges and MGM were the family of Mayweather. My prediction, Mayweather style will be. 1. Run 2. Hit 3. Defense/Dodge 4. Judges 5. Controversial Unanimous Decision for floyd 6. MayPac 2 will happen in 2016.

    • Duffs

      Sorry I’m confused you just described how boxing actually works? Do you want Manny to have a handgun to shoot floyd in the ring because of the so called injustice. Your statement is ridiculous and is being labelled as an excuse.

  • mckvilar

    Mayweather 65-35, will win by points

  • Frank Tits

    Manny wins. I have inside information:

    Floyd was late for the press the other day as he was on his period. He couldn’t find any solid gold tampons in Walmart, so he just bled. Out of his pussy.

    Manny, has been training intently. He has been pulling the heads off badgers with his bare hands and shitting down their necks whilst going ‘Grrrrrr’. He has also been sparring with Grizzly bears. He trains 24/7.

    Even at home, there is not let up for Manfred the PacMan. He has his kitchen floor filled with crocodiles right now. If he wants a Pop-Tart, he has to kick the shit of the crocs first. Manny likes Pop-Tarts, so a few crocs have been thrown in Manny’s bin this week.

    Manny is also obsessed with outdoing Floyd. Floyd has been swimming. A good exercise for keeping supple and good cardio for an ageing athlete. Manny heard about this and said to Freddy Roach ”What this bitch”. Manny then swam from the westcoast to the Philippines, fucked his wife (without beating the shit out of her), built a house for some orphans with his bare hands (on the top of a mountain during an earthquake) and swam back. Before Floyd had completed one length of his solid gold pool while wearing armbands.

    Manny is into basketball and has a showpiece lined up for us all. He has placed a basketball net at the back of the MGM and is aiming to punch Floyd’s head clean off and into the basket (nothing but net).

    I think Manny will win.

  • mykey from toronto

    Mayweather’s gonna get his muthafuckin ass wup’d!!!!

    mayweather against badass fighters . . .

    * mayweather vs castillo . . . man-handled like a bitch
    * mayweather vs judah . . . spank’d (first 6 rounds)
    * mayweather vs mosley . . . nearly knocked-out (2nd r-nd)
    * mayweather vs cotto . . . busted-up (nose/lips)

    mayweather against the biggest badass in boxing . . .

    * mayweather vs pacquiao . . . destroyed inside 12 rounds

  • me
  • morgan


  • Abel Melquiades Callejo

    I’ll vote for Kenny Bayless and another for Micheal Buffer 😀

  • Eddie Jimenez

    Floyd will win by unanimous dec..

  • Bigman

    Okay, sorry for who ever I had to talk to just now at about 11:00 at night. I said that I wasn’t big man but I acutully was, if it would have been goatsdic then I would have said that it was bigman but I don’t want someone that I don’t know to know my phone number but ya it was me. Just incase you were wondering, I’m 20 years old. But I am for real my man, I am for real, without a dout mayweather will pout. I wasn’t just talking shit to goatsdic to be a little narcist prick because I am for real. If mayweather wants to take him alive then manny will knock him in five, if mayweather talks some more then manny will knock him in four, if mayweather thinks its to be then he will knock him in three, if mayweather wants to go through then many will knock him in two, if mayweather thinks its done then many will knock him in one, the fight is already done from round zero because we all know whos the hero, sincerely bigman. If goatsdic wanted me then I would beat the living soul out of him. Trust me, if he saw me walking down a alley without a smile then he wouldn’t want to fight but he would want to run. So to you people at the gym, good day to you and yes I am for real. It would be better to talk online rather then on the phone because I only have limited amount of minutes on my phone. I am acutally more for mma because I am the next thing, it won’t be a fluke in two years when I’m in the ufc and win against conor

  • nisiedixie

    Manny will win based on good sportsmanship, a better boxer, and not being a fame ho.

  • Efrain Abdiel

    Pacquiao gana a Mayweather por decisión

  • Donald, Jr Preston

    pacman will win for the reason that mayweather is always running, this is boxing guys this is not a marathon

  • bamminer

    This is what the fight looks like: Holmes(Floyd is without Larry’s full ability to dance and is very fast, but is a 1-2-3 fighter with the 3rd punch slowing was down) VS Holyfield(fast combinations to box or punch, using side-to-side; in-and-out; and/or underneath movement to land timing punches or swarming punches; Manny lacks Holyfield’s chin). I don’t like Holmes in that matchup. His defense would not matter much as each style creates openings for Manny to attack Floyd’s open head or body. As long as Manny keeps his hands up, he should win by KO or decision. If he does not, then(like Holmes), Floyd can hurt Manny enough to do what he wants or KO him. Holmes clone VS Holyfield clone.

    • Duffs

      I loved reading this man. Thank you for speaking the language of the sweet science. My faith is restored in fight fans because some on here are ridiculous.

    • bamminer

      Please dispute me if I’m wrong. If I’m right, who wins in that matchup: Holmes(again Floyd lacks Holmes full movement, but otherwise will be a carbon copy offensively) VS Holyfield(Manny is a carbon copy in almost every way with one major exception: he needs to bob more and attack; he has been really successful when he has done it; he gets hit more when he doen’t and isn’t as accurate either). And styles makes fights. Floyd’s style/ability is absolutely dismantled by Manny’s style/ability. Plus, he lacks Holyfield’s chin. So, whoever wins a Holmes clone VS Holyfield clone matchup should be your favorite for this fight. Am I wrong?


    • Duffs

      Sorry. What? God has bigger fish to fry than a fucking boxing match. Religion has no place in sport. Fuck Off!

  • Muhammad Alkautsar Fatahillah

    Pacquiao punch,speed,accuracy,defend is the best,i believe he wil finished the match in less than 12 rounds

  • Daniel Jackson

    Mayweather going to win bigman

  • Gwyneth

    Manny Pacqiuao has a great experience than Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Manny Pacquiao started boxing when he was young. He came from a poor country. But he successfully achieved his dream not only to become a boxer but to help his whole family that’s been struggling before.

  • Alyssa

    If Manny loses his fans will still live him…Late father has way more to lose in this fight

  • Alyssa

    Love* and Mayweather*

  • Vhien

    No one have power to say he is the greatest boxer because hi didn’t know what happen in their future. Mayweather is not the greatest boxer also like pacquiao. in the future there are greatest boxer than this two boxer. Mayweather fight for money and pacquiao fight for his country the true boxer is fighting not only for money that is for your country.

  • Vhien

    You see pacquiao have lot of voters you know why pacquiao fight for money contrast to mayweather. mayweather fight for only money contrast to pacquiao. and pacquiao praise the LORD.

  • Vhien

    im wrong pacquiao fight for country

  • Anonymous

    I believe in you, Manny. England is behind you 100%!

  • Kenny

    It’s all about the humbleness and the joy of Pacquiao.

  • Jeremy

    Manny is a left handed south paw fighter which is said to be both weaknesses of mayweathers manny will be playing with a TON of heart that’s all I can say and yes 47-0 but manny has fought more fights and has more knockouts so. CANT WAIT FOR THIS FIGHT

  • Joshua Palabay

    manny pacquiao wins ggwp mayweather lmfao.

  • Duffs

    WOW bigman in the comments is really looking for all the guys digits. For no strings angry bondage sex rape contact bigman on 509-230-9434. By the sounds of him he’s ready and willing. CALL NOW. LINE COSTS 2 CENT A MINUTE. MOBILE OPERATORS MAY CHARGE EXTRA.

  • onelinerix

    mayweather had done a good job of fighting boxers past their prime over the years and he does so again in this fight. plus he’ll get a slight advantage from the referee and judges. but like this article points out, some of his signature moves don’t work as well against southpaws and manny has the speed, power and footwork to cause trouble. ultimately think pac will do just enough in the early and mid rounds to win

  • Glen Cordova Pangilinan

    Power and speed. That’s all.

  • mdloves3
  • mdloves3
  • demonte jones

    floyd coming with rights, lefts, uppercuts,combos, etc
    Hands down floyd combination gonna kill manny in the First round, Second he’ll be lucky to even see after those rights.

  • pacman

    yu know i will sing on my fight. if i lose someone will discover me as a singer and i ill change my carreer path as soon as possible
    – pacquaio

  • arkihornanian5219clan

    Money can’t fight speed..scared to hit..47-1..rematch for sure..this time split pac 60 mayweather 40..lol.

  • Madao

    Mayweather will definitely win because Manny sold the fight. I’m still in Manny’s side tho.

  • MayweathervsPacquiao

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  • rodgekie

    I think this is going to be a SD.
    Both of their style are effective, pacquiao aggressiveness vs mayweather defensive counter puncher. but im not sure if manny or floyd got the decision because both of them are great.. but i support manny, the only way i can do is to support and pray him.. goodluck manny… laban kung laban…!!!!!

  • piu2
  • Bigman you talk to much and it shows what a pussy you are! You can’t just judge 2 boxers by saying all this bullshit! Nobody can fight these 2 boxers and even you’re tough enough, I don’t think that you’ll even last for a minute inside the boxing ring. Being stupid is common for guys like you, tellin’ all those non-sense speculations of the fight. If you have money why not bet on it, IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS…. Pussy with a dick as size as a peanut.

  • Darren

    I love manny he is a great person and a great fighter he is amazing. But floyd is simply the greatest and probably one of the greatest of all time. God bless them both

  • Shane

    Both Floyd and Manny are great boxers. Obviously Floyd is the favorite because he has gone unbeaten being tested 47 times before. Their is criticism from fans of both camps that dispute the credibility of some of their most recent bouts/wins. Floyd if tuned up as they are portraying him to be. ie. strength training, rumors he ko’d a sparring partner during camp and other comments eluding to this being part of his approach could make for an interesting fight. I’d love to see Floyd engage more and rely less on the shoulder roll/counter punch style he’s perfected. Floyd engaging with Pacquiao would make for some good entertainment. If this is the case I have to say 52/48 with Pacquiao given the slight edge due to his willingness to come forward and edge on speed. That doesn’t discount Floyds precise release of the counter that could change things. Now if Floyd relies on his tried and true which he abandoned in Maidana 1 then Pacquiao will need to work hard all 12 rounds to be the busier fighter. If this takes place and Pacquiao stays busy with his bunches of punches he could easily win by decision on the cards. I go 60/40 to Pacquiao if the fight plays out this way. Mayweather does have that way about him to control the pace. I hope Pacquiao does not fall into this trap. He will then become the victim of counters and the fight will be slow and boring for the fans. However this is Mayweathers greatest chance in my opinion. I give it a 70/30 to Mayweather. My personal hope is Pacquiao has seen something in Mayweather that he can expose, Mayweather sticks to his typical game plan and Pacquiao has the stamina to stay with him all 12 for a decision in his favor. I feel Pacquiao deserves this win and I’ll be cheering him on May 2nd. I just hope if it does go to decision that it is scored fairly. I felt the first Maidana fight had at least one lop sided score card (117/111) to lock in the victory in case it was close. I wasn’t shocked with the 114/114 score, would not have been shocked if the fight went either way but would have leaned toward a 115/113 or 116/112 win for Floyd. I feel the same happened to Pacquiao in Bradley 1. This is a home game for Mayweather and I hope the politics do not interfere.

  • Richy Vidal

    Pacquiao is #1 in my book b/c may weather just cares about one person HIMSELF!

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