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George Washington VS Abe Lincoln

Best of the First 16 Presidents Forefather Fistiecuffs
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  • Max

    Washington was an actual general, fighting for American Independence though he was fighting an Empire. Lincoln had a larger force than the South, and more weapons. Not as heroic. Plus, he did say Blacks didn’t deserve Government jobs or white wives.

  • random

    Washington made it so we are here. Ummm DUH!!!!! (I still think Abe was a great president)

  • up side down cheese bowels

    abrul ham linkin bekas up sidd duwn chis bals

  • Michele Jackson

    Someone said that we are here because of George. My kids are mixed, and they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Lincoln. George’s nation would have died if Lincoln hadn’t done his deal. Also, Lincoln was a West Point Cadet. You don’t have to be on the battlefield in order to be a superior battle tactician. I would say that no matter Lincoln’s policies on blacks, he still didn’t own slaves like George did, so he is morally superior as well. Also, though George risked his life, Abe actually gave his life for our country. What a human being! Go Abe, go.

  • george washington
    abe never could take a shot to the head

  • Rachel Fernandez

    lincoln is better politics way i mean he freed slaves

  • Uri

    It really depends on the age of them. If they were both 60, I’d say George because by the age of 60, Abe was in bad physical health. However, both at around 25 years-old, I’d give it to Abe. George wasn’t known for his actual fighting. It was said he was strong but many believe this is based on the assumption of strength because he had long arms and large hands which people contributed to him having Klinefelter syndrome (where a man is XXY instead of XY) which could explain some other physical traits of George. There aren’t even accounts of George striking someone. Whereas Abe was a seasoned fighter when he was younger.

    So it really depends.

  • steveo

    Abe is a man. He got shot in the head. What about George, how did he die. Like a wuss. One more thing Abe is in the five dollar bill.

    • FlamingHawk

      Abraham Lincoln got shot in the head and died.
      George Washington fought in 2 wars and risked his life uncountable times to make this country free. The only reason he was killed was because he fought long enough and hard enough to have the privilege of dying peacefully.

    • Austin Quigley

      Ya, but I bet George has been in more strippers butt cracks than any other president

  • Braden Jarvis

    George Washington fought and was a general in two different wars. He was shot seven times while and never noticed it during the French and Indian war. However, Lincoln was in many points of political power. So really it would depend on how they were fighting :politically or physically.


    Abraham Lincoln was a better president because I feel that Lincoln was more worried about healing the nation while reminding his people pf the Declaration of Independence unlike Washington who cared more about victory as Commander of the war. Washington may have been one of the founders of this nation, but like the Gettysburg Address addressed, the Civil War could have divided America and as Commander of the Civil War, I think that Lincoln had a huge task/responsibility towards keeping the nation as one. Moreover, I feel like Abraham Lincoln changed our society and the people’s way of viewing their government by a lot especially through his speeches. Even by receiving meager education, he managed to become country lawyer and was future placed as the 16th president of U.S. which I think was a good thing for this nation 🙂

    • FlamingHawk

      “Abraham Lincoln was a better president because I feel that Lincoln was
      more worried about healing the nation while reminding his people pf the
      Declaration of Independence unlike Washington who cared more about
      victory as Commander of the war.”

      Abraham might have been more worried about healing the nation, but George was more worried about creating a nation. Also, yes he cared about victory. Look, if the North had lost the war, a lot had died, but all that would happen in the end would be that the South separated. But if America lost the revolutionary war, today, we wouldn’t be a free country, we wouldn’t be a country at all. Not to mention, all of the people who fought for America would probably die or be imprisoned.
      So, yes, George was more concerned about victory. As he should be. If he wasn’t, he shouldn’t have been a commander. You know why Washington was more worried about victory then Lincoln? Because he was also the command of the army, Abraham wasn’t. If Washington didn’t care about winning, we would not be a free country.

    • FlamingHawk

      If you don’t feel like reading all of that, here’s the simple version.
      George Washington should have cared more about victory then Abraham Lincoln, because Washington had more to lose.

    • goldy

      Abe lincoln stoped slavery he cool

  • jake

    without goerge washington id be speaking another language probably

    • FlamingHawk

      No you wouldn’t. Seriously. First of all, we were fighting the British. And they speak English.
      Also, we might not even have a British accent.

  • SwaggyBilbo

    Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and freed black people from torture by other men and George Washington was the first president but he did fight in a war and help win it even though im in summer right now A plus in history I GOT DIS so my vote is neither cause its a tough pick i like ‘um both so yea

  • DKensei

    George Washington definitely, the dude was thee general. Soldiers respected Washington, because he was out in the much with them. Abe was just a tag along, not really serving beside the soldiers in battle. Plus GW had wooden teeth.

  • I am a guest

    There. I’m done.

  • Michael Young

    Washington was in the revolutionary war. He’d shoot his head off.

  • panda_bear

    abe slayed all the vampires if he didnt we would all be dead

  • Marvelguy9000

    Washinton cause if it wernt for him the presidency wouldn’t even exist.

  • jcm741

    Washington founded the country, thats something Lincoln wasn’t capable of.

  • Firestarisfunny<amandaleeanne

    relly guys! Abe DID NOT SLAY VAMIRES!Theres no such thing as vampires.But i relly am drawn to Abe.I dont know why but abe did many things in life and george……well………………………………………………………………………Relly HE WAS a grate leader and TWO states are named after him.But think about this.If george had died,and brittish took over, yet abe still was born and did the same thing.The only thing that would change is we wre brittish! So, relly george isent all that great. Thats my side of the story you all are thinkin:
    “OH NO! I wouldent want to be british!Thats the most baddest thing in the world!
    “No its not.Its practiclly the same”
    Another person:
    “But he has TWO states named after him! See hes better cuse abe doesent!”
    “So? Does it matter?Because ABE FREED US OF SLAVERY! Would you like to be working for some one eltse?”
    “Oh, never thiout about it”
    “im not saying that george washinton is bad but….Abe in a way did alot more.”
    “OOOOOOOOOOOH Now i see ill think on wat you said.”
    So thier you have it my side of the matter and if thier was a two football teams named abe and george.Id root for Abe.Would you?

    • pinkponies

      Very true

  • Smiles!

    Abe is winning!
    Georges score:
    ^_^ 6,398

  • James Smith


  • Xidecs

    be serious man… g.washington is the architect and the 1st president of USA without him abe is nothin cuz theres no USA without g.washington

  • Christian Dale

    George Washington: All people are equal, as long as they’re white, land owning men. Abraham Lincoln: If I could make everyone happy without freeing the slaves, I’d do it.

  • Dote

    George Washington was a good president for his time, we needed a good commander to help win the war but all around I think Abe was a better president. But they were both needed for their time.

  • Fil

    Lincon is clearly the cooler one

  • alonzo

    george wasington was general basically ready to fight. Sooooo…

  • Eric Wisk

    If we’re judging this of who would win in a fight, like a physical hand to hand combat fight, than I believe Washington would win. Abraham Lincoln often fought a lot of illness in his presidency, and despite his height he was a bit sickly, as was with most of his family. But George Washington, serving in the Revolutionary War and the Indian wars between Britian, France and Spain was in great shape. So yeah, while I do believe Abraham Lincoln’s the better president, I do believe Washington could beat Abe
    in a ‘fight.’

    • Derek Vick

      Both were actually sick often. Washington fought a ton of diseases in his life like smallpox and malaria. He didn’t even get treated for malaria until he was in his 50’s and smallpox caused permanent scars on his face. He also had Tuberculous pleurisy which caused bouts of internal bleeding. Abraham Lincoln could’ve developed Men2b aka form of cancer in later years, had minor case of smallpox, got kicked in the head by a horse when he was 9, and suffered from depression. Lincoln and Washington’s wrestling techniques were similar with Lincolns being a worked upon style of Washingtons. Lincoln was well regarded for his strength as he could chop wood with axe’s heavier than most men could carry while Washington was known for his speed and throwing arm. Both wrestled but Lincoln was far more impressive as he only lost once out of the total of like 300 times he wrestled and he knocked out a county champion easily so I think strength is on Lincolns side.

  • Albert

    What none of you are talking about is how they could fight hand to hand combat Abe would win because he was a wrestler growing up only loosing one match out of 200 but if swords were involved George would win because he was a master of them

  • Steve

    This is a ridiculous contest. Washington was a proven killer on the battle field of the French Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Lincoln was a skinny lawyer that suffered from multiple physical ailments. You might as well say “Who would win at a fight Mohammed Ali or my 12 year old sister with polio?”

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