George WashingtonAbe Lincoln

George Washington VS Abe Lincoln

Best of the First 16 Presidents Forefather Fistiecuffs
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  • Mike

    $5 > $1

    • Rob

      $.25 > $.01

      • Luigi is a Hippie


  • Abe is rangy good he used to split wood until sundown …

  • Abe in 8

  • 24fan

    four score seven rounds ago George tapped out to a Guillotine choke!

  • Patworx

    Washington wins because of the strength he got from his time in the military.

  • Drizzyjake

    Washington got kicked 4 score and seven times in the balls

    • Lolz


  • carl

    best of the first 16 presidents why do i only get 2 choices

  • Bukeman

    Abe Lincoln was like 6’9″or something but only160lbs and George was like 6’3″and like 230lbs

  • Sophiemoranowiner

    He was loyal to our country and encouraged our country’s freedom. This brave soul lead us through tough times and never backed down from a fight/war.

    • Hamm B


      • Hamm B is stupid

        George. Abe didn’t try to free our country, dumbass. He only wanted to preserve the Union.

  • Ellebelle320

    Abe was a brave man who had the courage to try to stop slavery. he was a great person who despite being super super super super tall did a great thing for America

    • Max

      Washington was a leader of a Rebellion, and against a larger force. Abe won an easy war against the weaker south, and made several racist laws prohibiting blacks from government jobs, and personally supported those laws.

      • FlamingHawk

        Never say the war was easy. It wasn’t. 620,000 Americans died. It was the bloodiest 4 years in America’s history.

        • Ryan Kirk

          Our method of ending slavery can generally be viewed as a failure. Over 600,000 dead while other nations were able to put an end to it peacefully.

    • You’re retarded

      Washington fought in many battles and wars while leading him men fearlessly. He was so brave in battle that the people demanded he be the first president. Abe never fought a day in his life, but because he had “the courage to stop slavery” you think he would do good in a fight against a seasoned warrior.

    • FlamingHawk

      Abraham had the bravery to stop slavery and help this nation stay as one.
      George had the bravery to stand up for what he believed, and create this nation.

      If it wasn’t for Washington, Lincoln wouldn’t have a country to be brave for.

  • George washington was the very first leader. he actually lead part of the revolutionary war. Abe lincoln was great and all but he just didn’t help with the civil war.

  • Zraster

    George was a man of incredible discipline and integrity. He could have been made King, but he chose not to. He could have been president longer, but he stopped at two terms.
    Plus he was a great general.

  • george all the way

  • Stevie

    Top hat.

    nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Lincoln, based on reach alone. He’ll tag GW all day long.


    Abe was the taller of the two, and George the heavier. Abe however was from what I hear a very well of amateur wrestler and liked to wrestle on his “time off”.

  • Hunter

    This is a tough one.
    Abe has the reach, and I am pretty sure George could have packed a punch.
    My vote is on Abe due to the reach but you just never know.

  • Ice Cold Water Guy

    Abe Lincoln would not have a job if it weren’t for Washington. Ben Franklin said, “We have created a republic, if you can keep it.” Washington made the country, Lincoln did what he could to keep it together.

  • MArc

    abe obviously he really secretly hunted vampires for a living

  • AsankaA

    Abes a Vampire Hunter… nuff said

  • Bullybo98

    Abe destroyed states rights and was unconstitutional

  • Seansimon001

    Abe killed vampires.enough said

    • Dote

      Yep. This convo is now over.

  • Danielwenner0

    Um has anyone seen abe Lincoln vampire slayer clearly Abe wins

  • Coluccifresh

    Come on guys! George Washington was in charge of our entire army! He made the military his career and became a general! Abe was just a lawyer with no were near as much military experience as George!

  • Niko336

    Abe Hunts vampires. I’m pretty sure he could best George!

  • Anonymous

    Abe Lincoln is a fucking vampire hunter!!!!!



  • Chepdawg81

    Lincoln had a crazy wife. shit, he has to win.

  • 19mcg75

    Bill and ted picked up lincoln smoke that powder wig loser!

  • JGT500

    Because Abe abolished slavery while fighting off zombies and vampires and the simple fact is he has a longer reach. The only thing that might hurt him is that he would prabably fight fair. So, unless george is a dirty boxer it ain’t gonna happen!

  • just give me teddy roosevelt and take them both out

  • Zone_Ender

    Four score and 65 years in the past, Abe Lincoln won the Civil War with his beard, now he’s hear to beat the fucking shit out of George Washington.

    • Stfu

      ‘here’, dumb manbearpigfucker.

  • U_Mad89

    Honest Abe. Don’t fuck with beard

  • Evan Meyer

    Now why do you guys have to be like that? I mean, if you prefer Abe over George, that’s fine. But do you have to go and start insulting the other? It’s just childish.

  • washington can kill with a stare,kills for fun,can thow a knife into the heavens,and has thirty would be a good fight though because abe lincoln lives in mars(adventure time)wourks out at a gaybar and kills vampires but just watch this video and you will see why washington wins

  • Music Note

    I rather take 5 then 1 any day

  • bblew

    abe lincoln would kick his muvafuckin hed in

  • Roa

    I would say Abe, but Washington was ruthless. The way he kept the Continental Army together through sheer force of will is pretty impressive. He didn’t actually want to be president, but the people wouldn’t accept anyone else. As a military leader he had the respect of his men to the degree that they weren’t being paid, housed, clothed or even fed, but they fought and died for him anyways. The ability to inspire that kind of loyalty says a lot about him as a leader. He even wanted to include a law against slavery in the Constitution, but backed down when he couldn’t convince the southern colonies to go with it, realizing that it would be impossible to win without all the colonies working together.

    Lincoln did great things for our country, no mistake. He was brave and strong. It’s a hard decision, but ultimately I have to go with Washington.

  • schultzy

    Lincoln kills vampires so whats good bitch

  • Max

    Lincoln wrestled, nuff said.

  • Bill

    Abe was a vampire hunter. And George…

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    Lincoln won the strongmans’ competition.

  • Tomatada

    Abe he is the pefect model of human person, lincoln rules, i never see a car with a washington name hahaha death to all MASON

  • zingerdude

    Abe freed black people


  • Alluneedtonotknow

    Washington was a brave and skilled general that truly represented the moral values of humanity.

  • Andrew S

    Washington by a mile. He set the presidential precedents of two term limits – although FDR threw that out, as well as inaugural address and oath of office, state of the union address, farewell address, and the powers of the presidency.

    Lincoln barely did anything. The 13th amendment was passed by Congress, not Lincoln. He gave the emancipation proclamation, but never actually freed the slaves. He couldn’t run half of the country without getting shot in the head.

    Washington was a General in the American Revolution. Lincoln was a farmer.

  • Mariah

    Lincoln stopped slavery and got the British to stop fighting in the cilvil war

    • FlamingHawk

      I very, very, very much hope you are being sarcastic.

  • K.V.

    With all due respect to Abe; no one can beat George Washington.

  • alex

    lincoln destroyed george hes stronger

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