GodzillaKing  Kong

Godzilla VS King Kong

Death Match Giant Monster Bash
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  • Max

    While King Kong’s probably smarter, Godzilla’s bigger, has Atomic breath, can swim and out-breed King Kong. Plus, Godzilla lays eggs before dying, while King Kong just dies in the name of love.

  • The Ref

    King Kong. Both are big and strong, but the primate is the more intelligent.

  • Space-Medafighter-X

    King Kong has already shown that he can fight giant reptiles with ease. Don’t see how Godzilla would overpower him.

    • celebifan88

      Yeah but king kong is only 30 feet and weak while godzilla is 30 stories tall how would kong even scratch him

  • manmohan

    Becouse the matter is love

    • celebifan88

      The matter of love is the reason kong died

      • celebifan88


  • Godzilla dominates

    Godzilla is waaaaaaaaaay bigger, besides he can shoot radioactive beams, the makers of that movie say “hey lets increase that monkey’s size by 10 and whip em up some lightning powers and we get a fair battle”, yah ummm when they tumbled into the water atleast make Godzilla drown him, um hello, he lives in the water, if ya really want to see action check out Godzilla 2004 and the new Godzilla coming out Godzilla 2014!!!!! See ya later Zilla haters (jk)!!!!!

    • celebifan88

      Uh yeah zilla is a totaly different monster. Remember the monstrosity of 98 yrah that was zilla kong could beat zilla but not GODzilla

  • Happytom

    Kong for winner. As a giant ape his got more brains than a lizard, with comparable strengh. Outcome of a fight is obvious.

    • celebifan88

      Yeah but how could a weak 30ft gorrilla who died by WWII Planes beat a radioactive lizard that is 30 stories tall and indestructible and breathes fire. Remember kong only won in the movie because he was more popular at the time

  • Adam Hartman

    No question Godzilla

  • Official_Ref

    Burn the gorilla’s ass with electric fire. Then stomp on his ashes. Then piss on him.

  • celebifan88

    Ok let’s get this to the obvious
    1.abilities. the real king kong has no abilities whatsoever.godzilla has atomic breath and massive strength beyond kong
    2.endurance. kong died by by old wwII planes while godzilla is indestructible
    3. Knoledge. Kong may have big brains, but godzilla has a brain of destruction
    The only reason kong wonin the movie was he was more popular back then
    in a real fight kong would lose

  • celebifan88

    All say I if you think Kamacuras could put up a bigger fight than a giant gorrilla

  • The dark knight


  • Hatzegopteryx

    Lol mismatch, scaling a gorilla isometrically, Kong is 11-13 tons, Godzilla can just step on it btw.

  • jdfgjer

    Godzilla would crush him

  • badboy

    bad ass

  • bad boy

    kingkong sucks

    • celebifan88

      I dont see why king kong sucks i mean sure he is weak and would stand no chance against godzilla but still he was a great monster of his time and to this day.sure i offend kong but i just dont kong would stand a chance against the king of the monsters. still i think kong is awesome. Not as awesome as godzilla but still pretty awesome.

  • DooDoo Dunderhead

    Godzilla would win. DUH.
    With Godzilla’s shear size, weight, and strength, Godzilla would/could/will win. I mean seriously, how big is king kong compared to Godzilla? Also with Godzilla’s atomic breath, he could kill the monkey in seconds. And with Godzilla’ strength over the years, Godzilla could shoot his atomic breath THROUGH king kong or just kill him somehow.

  • Ittai Dor

    king kong was killed by airplanes. so godzila wont have a hard time to rip his head of

  • Justxander

    I’m still on the big monkey

    • celebifan88


  • Andrew ZHang

    Wow. Godzilla has an attack that can annihilate Earth. No contest.

  • yo

    King Kong. Ain’t got nothing. On me! I’m the mother fucking po-lice!

  • worship the god of king kong

    It is obvious that Godzilla would win.

    Godzilla is massive in comparison to King kong.

    There is only one winner and Ape meat tastes great and is one of king kong favorites.

  • Adam

    Are you all complets idiots did you just leave the cinema after kong died it wasnt the planes that killed him it was because he loved anne and also he can outmanouver godzilla he could climb a building and get on his back whats godzilla goin to do then

  • the monstah

    well, i think Godzilla is literately 10 times bigger, maybe even more. plus, Godzilla has atomic breath, which would vaporize him. it’s like you versus Muhammad Ali, your gonna lose.

  • Patrick Masell

    This is even a question?

  • Goodnightman

    Opposable thumbs bitches

  • david22


  • david22


  • david22


  • Godzillaftw9000

    Godzilla is 300 hundred feet and King Kong is 50

    • celebifan88


  • Thomas

    Godzilla is way bigger and stronger he has fire breath he beat the tar out of mothra and kingkong is just a big fat gorilla that loves blonde chicks

  • troller dung

    did you know when i fart my skin flaps around my butt and if i put a carrot in my butt it turns into a pickle

  • Kolo

    Voted for godzilla because c’mon he is bigger and can regenerate skin and uses atomic fire breath (dudes)

  • Vtooclose

    Godzilla is much larger and stronger than King Kong, plus he breathes F**king fire!

  • Gojira

    Ok depends what godzilla are we talking about if its the American one then its gonna be King Kong or we talk about Godzilla 2014 then…well…roast gorilla anyone?

  • tkgamer18 .

    Godzilla would step on Kong.

  • hihihi

    most King Kong voters are going by the movie King Kong vs. Godzilla. But in everything else I have seen, he is extremely small compared to Godzilla’s definite height and size. AND HE HAS LASERZ!!! so to me, there was no question.

  • Kota

    For all you douche bags that say Godzilla would win, King Kong has enough intelligence to trap and trick him. Plus King Kong is a beast he can rip godzilla into pieces and Godzilla’s little sheisty ass will be dead even though Godzilla has fire and ice breath!

    • Cordyceps

      You do realize that Godzilla has learned martial arts, right? He is pretty intelligent in his own right. In addition to that, Godzilla is stronger, larger, more durable, and has more options in terms of attack. King Kong dies.

  • the smartest man alive

    King Kong would win because Godzilla is slow and king kong is very agile and could block almost all of Godzilla’s attacks

  • Mete Ora


  • Harken51

    Atomic breath vs. bananas and shit breath

  • silvershoes

    defineltly godzilla

  • chipfu72

    Dante White, you’re a moron…. if you were a real fan, you would know that King Kong or rather just “Kong” has electric generating abilities. He eats it and uses it to heal as well as and caused Godzilla some major damage with. You need to find out which versions of Godzilla is he going up against. I also need to correct you on the matter of G transforming into Super Godzilla or Burning Godzilla…… no such thing. First of all, burning Godzilla was just that…. burning. He also died at the end of the movie do to it. SUPER VERSION I think you made up or is in a game. It would be tied, but as much as I love Godzilla, Kong takes it do to brute strength and intelligence…. as long as Kong can keep zapping Godzilla with electricity. … he has the upper hand.

  • ace

    On the new godzilla, he has none of those, just his size and strength, kong has no chance

  • Sal Mills

    king kong will wins

  • Windows Macdanson

    Obvious reason why Godzilla would win. He’s fucking bigger than KK! Don’t believe me? Look it up!

  • Arran Vid

    I think the height of the original 1954 Gojira was 50m. The original 1933 King Kong was about 7.62m. This means that Gojira has a huge height advantage over King Kong. Gojira’s height has fluctuated over the years but his biggest incarnation is 2014 Gojira which is 106m. 2014 Gojira has an even bigger height advantage. Gojira has its trademark nuclear breath that can kill Kong in seconds. King Kong can only resort to physically attacking Gojira or throwing large objects or climbing onto Gojira and trying to kill Gojira…which definitely won’t work. Gojira is about 60,000 tonnes but Kong is 11-13 tonnes. Gojira just needs to physically attack Kong and Kong will die in seconds which means that the big G doesn’t even need to use its nuclear breath. If Kong attacks Gojira he’ll injure himself very badly. The Toho Kong would be more of a test for the big G but still Gojira would win.

  • Arran Vid

    I just want to add that I like King Kong 1933 film more than Gojira 1954 though. King Kong is more realistic and is a cool character but alas he’s no match for Gojira unfortunately.

  • Ellis ‘elvis’ James

    Godzilla would just crush him

  • Gavi

    King Kong dies
    Godzilla never dies

    King Kong small
    Godzilla huge as fuck
    King Kong no powers
    Godzilla breaths atomic fire
    who would win ? you know already

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    godzilla can’t die by anything shoot he is godzilla 2014 version is bigger than king kong

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