GodzillaKing  Kong

Godzilla VS King Kong

Death Match Giant Monster Bash
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  • geovanni graziano

    i voted godzilla because of the size king kong is a crumb compared to godzilla.Godzilla will step on king kong like hes a bug he wont even try

  • Zander Le Mort

    whell fuck of King kong would kill godzilla anyday

  • Aaron

    Godzilla actually lost to king kong in the one movie…

  • Joseph Rouleau

    Godzilla would take this one. Kong’s cool but with the exception of the 1962 incarnation from King Kong vs. Godzilla, he’s far too small and physically vulnerable to pose a threat to Godzilla. Godzilla takes missiles, armor piercing rounds, and other forms of conventional weaponry without a scratch throughout the franchise, as well as the various beam weapons of his many foes. He’s also survived being trapped in molten magma beneath the earth’s mantle (which signifies that he is durable enough to withstand the pressure of the tectonic plates as well as the intense heat of the molten rock itself) and has survived multiple atomic detonations intended to kill him as well. 1930’s era machine gun fire was enough to kill Kong. Kong is also 6 times smaller than the very shortest incarnation of Godzilla and 12 times smaller than the largest. It’s worth mentioning that the 1962 King Kong, who was scaled up to Godzilla’s height and given inexplicable electric powers to level the playing field, defeated the Showa incarnation of the kaiju king in King Kong vs. Godzilla. This version of Kong, however, represents Kong at his most powerful, whereas the Showa version of Godzilla arguably represents Godzilla at his weakest (unless you count the Roland Emmerich atrocity). At his strongest and largest (320-354 feet), Godzilla is over twice the height of the 1962 Kong who stands at around 150 feet.

  • Tough Man, Tender Chicken

    Godzilla is win win also shut up dude just say godzilla!

  • black dust

    godzilla can just nuclear blast kingkong into a billion ape pieces

  • Neil Simoun Domingo

    Godzilla of course, The King of Monsters

  • Ajay

    Godzilla obvs I mean especially 2014 Godzilla that thing could literally stomp peter jack sons King Kong

  • kieran boothby

    because he is huge and and he destroys dinersours and godzilla is a dyersour

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