GodzillaKing  Kong

Godzilla VS King Kong

Death Match Giant Monster Bash
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  • Jim

    Like a 20 ft saltwater crocodile v a rabbit isn’t it?

  • Zack Attack

    I mean, even if King Kong was Kaiju sized, he would die because of Godzilla’s radiation

  • peopleburger

    no mcdonalds would win they would get hungry make up ang get lunch together

  • King dingaling

    King Kong is the best like Muhammad Ali, Godzilla is just a bitch…. #4real tho lol

    • Zackry Coyco

      Kong is small little bitch! GODZILLA IS HUUUGE!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian


  • Adrian

    its an easy win for godzilla. he could simply look at kong and kill him

  • Godzilla fan

    Godzilla would win he took on most of the monsters that’s why he is called the king of all monsters

  • Godzilla fan

    Godzilla is the king of all monsters he would kill King Kong like he did to mothra

  • harry melling

    kks out godzilla will melt him with his radiation breath

  • Aven Brown

    godzilla win look at the new movie he is 345 feet tall he has powers so yeh he would win he is the god of monsters so yes

  • jamison thomas

    godzilla breathes that fire stuff that would kill king kong.

  • andrew

    Godzilla would light king kongs hair on fire

  • Swagger

    I think, although King Kong is small, he is fast, and as seen in the King Kong Movie, can take down larger forces. Godzilla will put up a fight but King Kong will crunch his legs, causing Godzilla to fall over, and then munch on him. The battle would be pretty long, after learning from the long Dinosaur V King Kong scene in King Kong.

  • Tiziano

    Guys Gozilla is so amizing and it can fly if you didn’t know and it can win King KOng

  • matt

    OK, if there size we’re the same. It could go either way. Godzilla has weird powers that could kill Kong. But what u stubborn people don’t see is Kong don’t need powers. His strength can’t be matched. A gorilla that size would rip Godzilla lim from him.. So I go with draw.

  • Kix

    Godzilla’s abilities would overwhelm Kong in a heartbeat. His atomic ray, his absolutely massive size, intelligence, and range of fighting techniques would literally squash King Kong. Just one gravity-defying-drop-kick and bam, fight done. Kong might have a speed advantage, but even with speed, at their size ratio one well placed flick of the wrist from Godzilla would send Kong flying, possibly even snapping a few bones.

  • Shivakumar

    Yes but Kong is like a rat in front of Godzilla. Even if Kong was taller than Godzilla, Godzilla will kill Kong with his atomic breath.
    Kong is very innocent in front of Godzilla and is helpless. Poor kong, I feel pity on him.

  • TD23ASUS

    It is a hard choice… here is why:

    Now, King Kong (KK) was supposed to be able to climb buildings, usually massive skyscrapers. From the fact, we can then find another fact: that skyscrapers and the skyline with it have grown taller. Now from these two facts, we can make one assumption: That King Kong would have grown with the times. This means he could be potentially MANY times bigger than Godzilla.

    Now lets look at Godzilla’s (GZ) case. The interesting thing is that he was originally able to trample entire skyscrapers, but now only equals them in height. (Remember that being almost half to a full kilometre tall means big steps, so don’t go complaining.) So as time has gone on, Godzilla has, relatively speaking, shrunk.

    Now compare powers: King Kong can barely be hurt by bullets (of course that’s pre 21st century grade bullets) but he can be killed by them. And he is a big ass gorilla, meaning he is really strong and also can fling tons of poop at you at once.

    Now Godzilla on the other hand, grows on radiation. (And yet people still nuked him/her/it) Not only that but it is REALLY strong, probably equal to or stronger than KK. He can perform regular EMP’s that have the potential to spread halfway across world, and can breathe blue fire, which one can assume means that his fire is hotter that your average fire. (If there ever was an average fire?)

    Now technically EMP’s would not affect King Kong. Modern day bullets would pummel KK to shreds, but we are talking only the really high power guns, like the ones that have so much recoil that it would be possible to hover by continuously firing. (Yes, there is such a gun.) Fire would damage KK, but again, it could damage GZ as well. This is the dilemma. There is not enough hard provable, quotable, CORRECT fact to make real assumptions.

    So I just voted for Godzilla because he can EMP. That is cool.

  • grug

    king kong is taken down by biplanes. godzilla shoots a giant laser that would rip apart king kong’s atoms.

  • john

    he’s a masive monster surely he would win and plus he beated zilla

  • john

    godzila would win

  • miroslav


  • Michael Young

    King Kong has beat Godzilla before.

  • Hayden.

    I think King Kong would win against Godzilla. because in King Kong vs. Godzilla, Godzilla threw rocks at King kong, Godzilla whacked King Kong with his tail. Godzilla breathed his fire breathing breath on King Kong. It did not stop him like in the regular movie King Kong. because alot of fire is more dangerous then gun bullets and because King Kong was killed by gun bullets King Kong was struck by alot of of fire and King survived. so if King Kong was as big as Godzilla King Kong would kick Godzill’s butt.

  • anonymous

    it depends what version of Godzilla you use, hell, even the 62 Godzilla didn’t lose, you could say it was a draw because Godzilla cant drown lol. but nonetheless any version besides 62, it wouldn’t be much of a fight even if you scaled kong up to 350ft Godzilla’s brute power is way too much for kong. want me to prove it? Godzilla threw mechagodzilla 2, who weighs 150,000 tons like a ragdoll, he threw Keizer ghidorah who weighs over 100,000 tons cant remember the exact amount, and I think in the manga he lifted biollante who weighs over 200,000 tons. that might be false correct me if im wrong. and G’s durability….he survived the Permian meteor which has been scientifically estimated to be about 2 million feet tall and contained about 48,000 megatons of TNT….yeah, well if you want to count that as canon. he’s also survived lava for MONTHS, 2 black holes, a kaiju sized meteor, all without a scratch. and don’t you find it funny that in the movie, Godzilla is DESTROYING kong until he gets his magic lightining powers? which were reserved for Frankenstein in pre production. toho knew they needed to give kong SOMETHING to even stand a chance even when they were the same size. and new fan observant estimates put Godzilla over 700ft tall. yeah and kong died by 1930s airplanes and got krunk as fuk. lol and im talking about REGULAR Godzilla, not burning Godzilla or super Godzilla, which are 2-3x as strong. Godzilla is debatably one the most powerful characters in FICTION alone, up there with unicron and majin buu, yes I went there and I can prove that statement. all fanboying aside he has battled gods, aliens, and has defied physics (heh heh). and besides….whats a king to a god?

    • DisqusG52

      not bad, i think you covered it all. king kong is an oversized ape that got swatted OFF the Empire State building, while Godzilla is the SIZE of a small skyscraper. (Gamera is my personal favorite.)

  • WolfBoy13


    • Zackry Coyco

      King Kong: I’m going to destroy u! I’m better than u!
      Godzilla: OH YEAH LET’S SEE WHAT U GOT!
      King Kong: FALCO PUNCH!!!!
      Godzilla: Really is that all! Well guest what! I’m bigger, stronger, and ever.
      King Kong: F**K U!!
      Godzilla: like my atomic breath. Try this! Bzzzzz! KABOOM!!!
      King Kong: OUCH!!
      So the winner is GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!
      King Kong loses!

  • Juan

    Godzilla would win because he got bigger and stronger and can sqush him and godzilla is so stronge he can destroy the whole world just by a little of his fire and the reason why he won’t destroy the world is
    because he doesn’t use to much power

  • Zackry Coyco

    Godzilla will win this time! In 1962 when he fights King Kong he is the size of godzilla. But this time he is a lot bigger than before.
    King Kong is now the size of a large tree while godzilla is the size of a 36 story high building. So godzilla is gonna win

  • Shit

    He is to strong he beat 3 trex’s

  • Shit

    King kong

  • Marvelguy9000

    They should do Godzilla vs Superman

  • jake

    How is Godzilla winning the poll? Godzilla is stiff he cant move his little arms and he is very slow. King kong is extremely elusive and Godzilla would never be able to get a hold of him.

  • King Kong way better

    King Kong is like 25/26 feet tall. Just because he’s like that doesn’t mean he
    Can’t win that fight!

  • MrMaster

    Godzilla is op

  • geovanni graziano

    Godzilla would kill King Kong!! Now really godzilla gets bigger faster then his bones develop so basically taking one step on the earth would make him collapse BUT WHO CARES ABOUT SCIENCE THIS A FICTION GODZILLA WAY BIGGER WITH NUCLEAR ABILITIES,PLASMA BEAM,FIRE BREATH,LIGHTING,CAN TURN TO TWO OTHER FORMS and well king kongs just a fat oversized monkey so GODZILLA will win easily

  • Tim

    Kommasommy will kick Godzilla’s ass

  • Zavier

    Godzilla is so deadly blind people cry when they see him

  • jeppe_AR

    Godzilla is a dinosore it is bigger then almost anything and got super powers

  • Croolis

    I chose Godzilla because he is more famous than king kong and much stronger Godzilla somehow knows boxing and Judo and has an awesome blue atomic breath which has a force of 90 trillion firehoses or stronger but if somehow this doesn’t work he just makes his spikes glow,yes but RED and when he shoots his atomic breath is red and MUCH stronger And last he does a 360 and hits his enemy with his tail so that is why I chose GODZILLA

  • Josh

    in the Official king kong vs godzilla movie made in Japan, king kong won


    Godzilla has and is still King of all Monsters. and he has a knockout right punch which would put king Kong into a ding dong state

  • SuperBoy116

    Godzilla could just STOMP on King Kong. Godzilla is bigger than King Kong

  • Princesslittletits

    You dumb tits Godzilla destroyed King Dong’s anus in that one movie. Godzilla ftw

  • King Kong

    The empire state building is 1250 feet and godzilla 2014 is 344 feet so whoever said godzilla is as big as the building I fell of is way wrong mother fucken retarded and should reasearch and learn more u pricks so fuck u stupid whores bill maher wins bitches 🙁

  • Abdur Rahman

    i am godzilla

    • Spaghetti

      I don’t beleeb u

  • Deathkitten

    King Kong is a 25 foot tall gorilla, nothing else. Godzilla is over 1,000 feet tall and shoots lasers.

  • AG1

    king kong would, just like in the movie, rip apart Godzilla’s jaw and Godzilla is just bigger and can breath fire. king kong can take a couple hits. Plus, king kong has a speed advantage. Which is key so godzilla won’t step on him or when he breaths fire he would dodge it.

  • Spaghetti

    Dinosaur. raawwrrrrr.

  • CurB

    King Kong is a bit fat hairy ass pussy. He is a primate and just a huge monkey. Godzilla is a massive scaley reptilian. He could chew on anything!. Asians, Nuclear missile, Jabba da Hut, you name it. When this fight goes down between massive reptilian GODZILLA vs KING KONg the primate. In land Godzilla will make him into his bitch he will throw him everywhere bite off his huge monkey head and destroy him and make coats from fur. In water he will also make him piss, Gorillas cant swim and GODZilla is the best swimmer faster than a black guy on pingas escaping the police. HE will be big enough to walk in water when this inferior bitch ass monkey will be swimming for safety.

  • GodzillaZero-One

    King Kong is 50 ft tall. Legendary Godzilla is 355 ft tall that means if you stacked 7 King Kong on top of each other, Godzilla would still be five feet taller than them, plus, Godzilla is called King of the Monsters for a reason, he can use atomic breath, nuclear pulse, and his sheer size and strength to crush King Kong’s seemingly wimpy body in a fight.

    In other words, King Kong is the king of Konga Island, Godzilla is King of the Monsters.

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