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Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox

Best Web Browser Battle of the Browsers
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  • Chrome… It has a better interface and is much quicker!

    • Yuri da Silva

      Uses more than one half of the system RAM, yes very quick.

  • Pufflik

    More flexible.

    • Betty From Berlin

      What is?

      • pufflik

        Firefox for sure! Three years passed and nothing changed. Firefox is definetely more flexible. But chrome can be a better choice for casual users.

  • Therealdanielj

    how would chrome not win

  • D313kgrg

    for last couple months i havent used firefox at all for any purpose…

  • Gnutz

    fuck chrome, simply

  • as an internet browser, i like internet explorer. in a physical fight, a giant firefox would win

  • kvonnah

    Firefox, for one reason, the FasterFox add-on which gives you bottomless scrolling through pages. Though I do have to admit, if IE9 had a built in Spell Checker I would actual be impressed.

  • cloud

    cant believe people or voting for chrome its a lie their not even chrome in it but firefox delivers it has a firefox

  • faster, better interface, more secure, straight from google itself

  • Anonymous

    Chrome crashes less and pages look better.

  • DeadlyAssassin1

    Chrome crashes way to much for me and it freezes alot. Since I switched to Firefox, I’ve been able to browse faster without the crash.

    • Francois

      You will regret it!

  • freerange

    Chrome would be okay if it weren’t made by Google – the KGB of the internet… Think I’ll stick with the freedom fox

  • rakansamersami

    chrome becuz its more faster and tested it on some microsoft testdrives and it showed a good fps it only need a force ability to resume when lagging until it stops

  • Drvess

    Sadly firefox has dropped off… used it for a long time, but got tired of the constant useless updates with bugs and crashes and an overall slower browser than chrome.

  • Legoluigi00

    I voted Firefox because Google Is owned by the Government and using you.

  • B-Man

    Firefox because their logo is badass.

  • Using it as we type. Google Chrome that is.

  • Mark Hall

    Used to always use Firefox, till it constantly crashed or wouldn’t let me click anything on it, switched to Chrome about a month ago, wishing I switched earlier.

  • Mark Hall

    Firefox is now completely useless to me, can’t do anything on it, switched to Chrome, never going back.

    • Yuri da Silva

      How is it useless?

  • Evan Meyer

    Chrome is the ultimate. Google is one of the best things that happened to the internet.

  • P|-|1|_050R4P70R

    Google is the best. Nuff said.

  • Chase ・

    Firefox had its chance, but Chrome overtook it so hard.

  • ggp
  • firefox may have fire but google chrome is faster and metallic (i always assumed its metal) so its impervious to fire

  • Gadrog

    Chrome is for people who want a fast simple browser; firefox is for people who enjoy lecturing others on why they picked firefox over chrome to seem intelligent

  • jason

    chrome, simple & basic

  • Blazingdragon

    Firefox, chrome stupid

  • trent

    i choose mozilkla firefox because its more quicker then google chrome. google chrome is slower

  • Firefox Hater

    Stupid question… Chrome. Why ask this question.

    • Yuri da Silva

      If it is stupid, don’t answer.

  • RightyLeftyStuff

    God, Chrome is so much better than Firefox. Firefox is so glitchy that I switched to Internet Explorer (8 was the first, and its even better now.)

  • Noble jones

    FireFox!!!!! it’s more used by IT’s then Chrome. Chrome is for people with less tech background

  • jayjay


  • Incognito

    Firefox because google is tracking your ass.

  • alex

    firefox because my dad likes it

  • der ATsch

    I don’t trust chrome. Google probably has tons of malicious code in chrome, essentially rendering it a spyware. The reason chrome is faster sometimes is that google pages are saved in chrome so that the browser does not need to download them each time

    • Jax

      i agree with you! my dad had alot of issues with google chrome which malicious attacks etc, google chrome is not even working on his computer properly due his cpu of 2011 he had, they said google chrome works on old cpu well like you see google chrome doesn’t even work properly on old ones i seen my dad getting frustrated because of this, i said get firefox and try again…. solution done with after 3 weeks i send him a new cpu that fit for his pc.

  • erg

    Excuse me while i firefox this

  • Sam Ward

    firefox is better for hacekrs and IT people, chrome for the average user

  • KaidaStorm

    I like both D: Firefox because it’s easy to do webdesign in and Chrome because it’s nice, fast, and sleek.

  • SwaggyBilbo

    Firefox is my vote but it does crash often but its not that bad but ive never used crome and hope i never have to because NO NO GOD PLEASE NO NOOO NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    firefox is old chrome is new and fast

    • Betty From Berlin


  • Iggy Azalea

    Mozilla is trusted. It

    has a forget button, clear history, save page button, and it helps you keep your password safe. You should join today! Chrome is a bit overprotective and it crashes down.

  • Léo Wolf

    FF is too slow, too fat, not ergonomic.

    • Bigman

      google dipshit

      • Melissa

        You are certainly an awful, stupid, person.

    • Yuri da Silva

      Lynx is the better!

  • I Vot on Firefox for iPad! Get all the news about Firefox iPad here or visit the Mozilla App Store.

  • Francophile

    Chrome is best! And here’s my reasons why.

    1. Firefox crashes soooooo much more than Google Chrome.

    2. Chrome is faster and more private.

    3. Firefox is old and outdated.

    • Betty From Berlin

      I certainly agree!

    • Yuri da Silva

      More private? You didn’t know that it sends data for Google without your permission.

  • Melissa

    Google Chrome is best! I shall NEVER use Mozilla Firefox.

  • I’d Rape FireFoxs Ass

    You just need a browser which is super fast for surfing -> User Chrome. And if you need a browser for IT-work or other stuff like that than go for Firefox.

  • gabe

    chrome because ya

  • Feri

    Chrome still most used across desktop and mobile, Firefox falls below Safari and IE

  • CivilizedAndroid

    Chrome was great in the past, but NOT ANYMORE. Google knows more about you than your mother. And, worst of all, they carry out these invasive procedures unbeknownst to the end-user.
    I did an extensive amount of research on this and consulted several professionals in the business. The bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM Google Chrome.

  • lalo

    Chrome is spying all of you, end of the fight!

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