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  • up side down cheese bowels

    Google because up side cheese bowls

  • Joe

    I would rather drink the sludge from a porta-crapper than use bing

  • maddy

    u dont know what bing is oh by the way GOOGLE would win

  • frogsink

    in my region “ME” Bing applies censorship to my searches and removes results that the government or won’t like … the worst thing tho is they tell you that your search results is filtered due to regional s*** …

  • ashley george

    i didnt know there was a such thing cald bing i use google all the time

  • anonymus


  • anonymus

    Bing is sooo stupid

  • anonymus

    lol google 8217 bing 708

  • Tree Hugger

    My whole family except like two people choose google over bing.

  • BoomerBoxer

    Bing = Because Its Not Google

  • Kool kid

    cos bing is da bet cause it founded da age f da dead swea and gogle diwdnt cos its a wetard

  • Diavian Rhea

    Google is for losers
    Bing is for losers

  • teala

    google will win because everytime I see people use google

  • Jacdog28

    I voted google i think it’s defiantly better than bing
    I mean bing sucks

  • Jacdog28

    I voted google cause it’s much better than bing by loads

    Googles wining yaaaayyyy!!!!

  • Jacdog28

    Googles cool
    Bing sucks

    Lol google:8795. Bing:774

    Google will win by miles

    Bing we will kick your bloody search engine down the pan

    Let google win!!!

  • sparrowhawk

    noone likes bing

  • jimmythecat

    bing is for homo faggets

  • Joey


  • Joey




  • Minecraft345

    Google is better it gives more ifomation bing however doesn’t For example:
    Type this is on bing and google and tell me which one is the Best
    When was youtube Created

  • Finlay M


  • CEC

    I don’t see anything so great about Bing anyway. Personally, I think it’s a lame search engine to begin with.

  • fckggle

    Bing is much better now. Google is not a search engine btw – it’s paid ads search. Check Bing video and image search also – Bing is much better!

  • lovebing

    Simply type “and” in google and bing both – look which search enagine has more pages!

  • Bingiton

    Bing is simply better, but you’ve just got used to google – time to change it!

    • Elzeenor

      That’s what people said about Facebook. Facebook is dirtier now then it was 5 years ago. Bring back MySpace. Bing another thing college students thought was a good idea?

  • SwaggyBilbo

    google has more easter eggs go google!

  • Joe

    Google is better…

  • TimberWolf

    I love Bing it’s getting better and better everyday. Google ? I find only yelp, yellowpages and wikipedia. WTF ? I switched to Bing like uear ago and I don’t even remember how google looks like.

  • tester

    Google is bad right now. You can’t find anything valuable out there – just one bing ads search engine + free (or paid?) promotion of biggest corporations (ebay, amazon everywhere). It’s not the good old google from 2001-2008. It has changed into something bad. If you don’t see it – open your eyes. Switch to Bing for 3 days – you won’t go back :)

  • ilovebing

    BING RULEZZZ !!!!!

    • ref

      2-3 years ago I’d say no, but now – I agree – Bing is much better then Google now.

  • Binger

    9532 people don’t see that google shows ads instead of results :)

  • mrtruth

    2008 – Google wins
    2014 – Bing wins
    2017 – what is Google ? I need to Bing it to find out :)

    • torreadore

      Yeah! this is how it’s going to end for google. They have banned my website for no reason, I won’t miss them :)

    • ji

      STFU bing is useless, microsoft are useless, and google is going no where.

  • Elzeenor

    I thought Bing was a virus that kept taking over my search bar. Screw that. Took forever to remove it multiple times.

  • Brandon

    There is a app for Google but t not for bling


    Google is way Better. It Gives you answers and Google Maps is much much better. 1. Bing Doesn’t even do street view.
    Google Is much tidier and cleaner and on bing’s homepage there is a big black boder. What the hell is that for. And the search bar is on the side. I think its better in the center

  • Plast0000

    bing 15,256

    google 9899

  • KSIOlajidebt

    Bing suck dick

  • Rick SK

    Google use to be half decent but the last couple of years they really suck.

  • harry melling

    google got more stuff and better search results

  • Andrew

    So /that’s/ why bing returns this page.

  • LAPaefw

    XD Bing just wants money They really suck they changed the homepage, and many things to look like google XD I feel bad for bing

  • Aaliyah Edwards

    GOOGLE!!! I like google WWWWWAAAAAYYYY better. ugh

  • K Sai Vamsi

    google is sure to win

  • Jimmy from Grapevine

    Even after all the marketing, Bing still sucks GREAT BIG SHWEATY BALLS!!! Their search results give you anything but what you are looking for!!! Google may be full of adds, but at least I get what I am looking for within the first three search results. I would rather use a Yahoo or MSN search before I would ever use Bing. I wonder how much Microsoft paid these people to pick Bing over Google? It has to be part of their marketing campaign (Lie)!

  • mnaga vaishnavi

    Google is best really it was become worse . Bing should not become

    worse .

  • fan of google

    who says “just bing it”. WHO? the only reason why bing is winning is because people spam. ohh yea just bing it-who does that? ohh search it on bing videos-who says that? NO ONE!!!! youtube and google are the more popular search engines and thats not gonna change just because microsoft wants it to. besides google is easyer, faster, and more well known GOOGLE THAT SON OF A BISCUIT

  • GO GOOGLE !!!!! :)

    I usually use google it has awesome google picture and I love it’s contests unlike bing google is way better but bing is on my list hope you vote Google or Bing

A couple years ago this match would have been extremely one sided. People would say… what the hell is Bing? BUT, with heavy marketing and an over-hauled branding effort, Bing has effectively distanced themselves from their old self, Window Live Search to become one of the most used search engines. Bing has made their services and experience unique and easy enough to encourage visitors to stay with them as a search provider. It also helps that they have some great business partnerships that have allowed them to push their product out to careless web browsers who just wants to find what they’re looking for without having ties to one search provider or the other. Also, Bing is run by Microsoft which is always a Bear when it comes to effectively improving (or ripping off) the ideas of other companies and taking their customers.

OK. Now that that’s out of the way… come on. Google all the way in this match up. From the simple little things like Google Doodles to the much more important features things like instant search, Google has Bing beat all around. If Microsoft didn’t have so much money, an astoundingly aggressive marketing approach and so many business patterns no one would even care Bing existed… it would be something like Windows Live search was; the website you went to by default on a Windows PC. Bing is far behind Google in both search technology and usability. Google just “gets it” when it comes to providing visitors what they want; on-point search results, speed and simplicity.

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