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  • Hannah

    Bing is stupid. They hijack you, making your search engine Bing no matter WHAT you do, although depending on your browser there are ways. Also, celebrity stuff: WHY THE HECK WOULD I WANT TO KNOW?!!!? Plus, Bing = clutter, fancy, and when you search something 99% of the time it’s useless. Also, Bing is bad to people OUT of the USA, so good try Bing users in USA. At least Google puts ads that match your search (usually). Like, if you search Animal Jam, Animal Jam will come up as a ad first if you aren’t blocking ads. Did you know Bing shows worse results for people out of the USA, and don’t give them rewards or anything too fancy? Wow. Also, Bing cheats. They just want more users.

  • Mohamed Zaki

    Google should not respond to bing

  • Binglooses..

    SCORE:18,597 SCORE:15,850

  • jeff

    bing sucks, any bing users should kill themselfs

  • ThatStalker

    Bing sucksAny time i try to search something, it gives me the exact oppisite! or stuff i dont want

  • Sabby

    Google is so much better I hate Bing I just hate Bing for some reason but i dont care Google was clearly going to win!!!!

  • BaconWizard

    lol I trust google moore than bing cuz I have used for longer

  • Jason Eisenberg

    Every once in a while I give Bing a chance to see if there is any truth to Microsoft’s latest marketing claims (that Bing is actually now BETTER). Bing always loses, giving me irrelevant links, while Google gives me exactly what I was looking for. The latest challenge was especially ironic. I just got Windows 10 and I wasn’t sure how to say the name “Cortana.” I wanted to know how to pronounce it so I could use the “Hey Cortana” verbal command to wake up Win10’s “personal assistant” feature. I searched Bing first “How do you say Cortana” and got completely irrelevant results on the first page. Google gave me my answer with result number 2 on page 1. Google is even better at providing information on Microsoft products.

A couple years ago this match would have been extremely one sided. People would say… what the hell is Bing? BUT, with heavy marketing and an over-hauled branding effort, Bing has effectively distanced themselves from their old self, Window Live Search to become one of the most used search engines. Bing has made their services and experience unique and easy enough to encourage visitors to stay with them as a search provider. It also helps that they have some great business partnerships that have allowed them to push their product out to careless web browsers who just wants to find what they’re looking for without having ties to one search provider or the other. Also, Bing is run by Microsoft which is always a Bear when it comes to effectively improving (or ripping off) the ideas of other companies and taking their customers.

OK. Now that that’s out of the way… come on. Google all the way in this match up. From the simple little things like Google Doodles to the much more important features things like instant search, Google has Bing beat all around. If Microsoft didn’t have so much money, an astoundingly aggressive marketing approach and so many business patterns no one would even care Bing existed… it would be something like Windows Live search was; the website you went to by default on a Windows PC. Bing is far behind Google in both search technology and usability. Google just “gets it” when it comes to providing visitors what they want; on-point search results, speed and simplicity.

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