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  • up side down cheese bowels

    Google because up side cheese bowls

  • Joe

    I would rather drink the sludge from a porta-crapper than use bing

  • maddy

    u dont know what bing is oh by the way GOOGLE would win

  • frogsink

    in my region “ME” Bing applies censorship to my searches and removes results that the government or won’t like … the worst thing tho is they tell you that your search results is filtered due to regional s*** …

  • ashley george

    i didnt know there was a such thing cald bing i use google all the time

  • anonymus


  • anonymus

    Bing is sooo stupid

  • anonymus

    lol google 8217 bing 708

  • Tree Hugger

    My whole family except like two people choose google over bing.

  • BoomerBoxer

    Bing = Because Its Not Google

A couple years ago this match would have been extremely one sided. People would say… what the hell is Bing? BUT, with heavy marketing and an over-hauled branding effort, Bing has effectively distanced themselves from their old self, Window Live Search to become one of the most used search engines. Bing has made their services and experience unique and easy enough to encourage visitors to stay with them as a search provider. It also helps that they have some great business partnerships that have allowed them to push their product out to careless web browsers who just wants to find what they’re looking for without having ties to one search provider or the other. Also, Bing is run by Microsoft which is always a Bear when it comes to effectively improving (or ripping off) the ideas of other companies and taking their customers.

OK. Now that that’s out of the way… come on. Google all the way in this match up. From the simple little things like Google Doodles to the much more important features things like instant search, Google has Bing beat all around. If Microsoft didn’t have so much money, an astoundingly aggressive marketing approach and so many business patterns no one would even care Bing existed… it would be something like Windows Live search was; the website you went to by default on a Windows PC. Bing is far behind Google in both search technology and usability. Google just “gets it” when it comes to providing visitors what they want; on-point search results, speed and simplicity.

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