Google VS Bing

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  • Michael Young

    Google is way better than Bing.

  • steve

    bing is a wanna be Google

  • Themis10

    For me Google,but bing is great too!

  • Albert V.

    Is there even a difference

  • Roman

    I will always stick with google. It is way better than bing, has street view on maps, and many google play apps. Ha- google even has its own appstore. Googles is way better than bing and it always will be.

  • Roman

    Google wins!!!!!!!! Bing is mabye 50% of what google is. Bing doesnt have an appstore, its own apps, and its own technology like google glass, and chromebook, and also the google nexus 7. Bing Loses and google will always triumph.

  • Guest

    Now, Google is obviously going to win this one, but I just want to say this: Google, unlike Bing, has a huge list of blacklisted words that won’t show up on the search suggestions. This is mainly because in January 2010, a whole bunch of religious extremists threw a hissy fit over the huge amount of offensive search suggestions beginning with things like “Islam is” or “Christians are”. Bing, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem, and makes searching for information a whole lot faster.
    Google is gonna win anyway, so really I typed that up for no reason.

  • damian wayne

    sorry google is just way better

  • winie

    does bing even bing ? bing do you even search engine

  • BillyBob Jr.

    I guarantee that 99% of people reading this on a PC is using Google Chrome.

  • Jaiden Dalu

    Google is the best it doesn’t have the same coolness like Bing because’s background. GOOGLE gives you information all over the website for a project research or just being plain old bored and wanna search up something. Say if your teacher wants three website sources for your state project you are gonna Need all the information. Google is the perfect solution for a project and other stuff plus the name is better. Saying ill google it is better than ill Bing it. In conclusion Bing sucks.

  • Shane Gentle

    Google is awesome, bing sucks

  • qwerty

    use a site called polycola to see google compared to bing

  • qwerty

    also I have no opinion what so ever. Google has some good stuff and Bing has some good stuff. so for me it seems really even between Google and Bing

  • qwerty

    also everybody’s comments are hilarious and it seems over time Bing is catching up, but it is true Google has way too many ads

  • qwerty

    Bing it on. Just Google it. Two phrases I have heard about each search engine

  • Guest

    bing vs. Google

  • qwerty

    Bing vs. Google

  • Bubble Guppies

    bing sucks butt
    end of discussion
    if you like bing, you eat doodoo from the sucky butt

    • qwerty

      are you like a 5 year old

  • binger


  • binger

    Why is no one ever on

    • qwerty

      who knows.

  • qwerty

    the score now is:
    Bing:15 537
    Google:13 819

    • supernoodlepotato

      look at the score now google:17,986 and bing: 15,816 so google wins 2015/7/22

  • qwerty

    if your on please follow me and I will follow you back

  • Ebola Man

    who tf uses bing?

    • Jimbob

      Anyone who likes getting results of what they actually searched for rather than the most popular results for what Google’s bots anticipated you were searching for that could sell the most adspace?

      Also anyone who likes browsing porn via image/video search.

  • Poweruser

    Everyone knows the biggest actual use of search engines is porn, so conduct this experiment for yourself:

    1)-Image search for (insert porn topic here–try something generic like ‘ass’ or ‘tits’) on Google Images with safe search off.
    2)-Repeat the same search on Bing Images with safe search off.

    Bing wins by an absurdly huge margin every time and even makes appropriate suggested searches. The same is true for Video searches. You’ll never go back to Google.

  • None of your Business

    I honestly think Google Wins, Bing does have more votes but Google just has a special place in my Heart. And to be honest. Bing really sucks. I like my search being fast quick and easy. And you can say Google is clustered with adds but, you could just download AB(Addblocker) Or ABP(AdblockerPro) And think about it. Without adds, no business would get anywhere in life. BUT THEY COULD JUST USE COMMERCIALS. Hey, you know what? COMMERCIALS ARE ADDS. Without adds we wouldn’t have some of the top businesses. Adds are the things that benefit products! So to me, Google Wins.



  • Grandor57

    Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know that people say Bing it. Because they don’t. Google may have adds, but it’s not impossible to ignore them, especially if you want the right answers.

    • Grandor57


      • Grandor57


        • Grandor57



    Really bing?

  • Joe Hova

    NG HIJACKED MY WEB BROWSER. apparently Microsoft is so desperate to get people to use their search engine that they will resort to such vile and egregious tactics….That alone should tell you something about them. Rater than market their product, their strategy is to hijack your sh!t through trickery.

  • qwerty

    First off if you look at inspect element and can read programming you can see that Google spent much less time on there homepage as Bing spends a lot of time on their homepage.

  • madison


  • Google Would Win

    Google would win because Bing can be slow and google is faster ( At least on my computer) . The only reason It has ads is because Google is more populour….

  • go google. Haha my teachers name is Bing!

  • Dote

    Bing is the biggest rip ever. Bing translate is worse than even Google translate. Not only that, Bing doesn’t even have as much information in its database. That is a proven fact. Trust me once people realize that Bing isn’t anything special and the “Bing off” competition was just an advertisement pitch then it will change.

  • Dote

    I get so many freakin add-ons that I didn’t ask to be downloaded from Bing as well.

  • Henry Justice

    i grew up on google! some things will never change.

  • akhil

    I voted for google because it has a good fast software and when you speak in the micropphone it can hear you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • meman22

    check now, GOOGLE WINS!!!! GO GOOGLE

  • AKBandito

    Google wins, they got the NSA spying on your website site searches.

  • Rohan Birkebak

    I rate google: 9.8/10 and bing 7.1/10, bing gets a 7.1 only because of its decent images.

  • NickNick 1121

    The googleman!!!!!!!

  • Tucker Carlson Huber

    Bing took ten seconds to search for “your mom”. Google took .34.

  • Aflack Duck

    Big is for people who know very little about the computer and have come to rely on it because they were too much of a novice to download a better browser than Internet Explorer. 100% of the time I use bing (by accident 99% of the time), my search results take 2 or more pages to get what I actually want. Google handles key words much better.

    Some people are extremely specific with their google searches but less is more. 99% o f the time, my google search results give me exactly what I’m looking for within the first 5 results. I couldn’t survive without it.

  • Bing Sucks

    Around 50% of people are idiots. Around 50% chose Bing. Seems about right.

  • Bing Sucks

    But seriously, this should be Bing vs pile of dog shit, then it would be an even match

  • Ruben Joshua Moreno

    i rule

  • Krishnendu Laha

    Google: 3.5
    Bing: 4

  • supernoodlepotato


    plus google wins the score is Google: 17,986 and Bing: 15,816

  • supernoodlepotato

    wait how about google vs ask?

A couple years ago this match would have been extremely one sided. People would say… what the hell is Bing? BUT, with heavy marketing and an over-hauled branding effort, Bing has effectively distanced themselves from their old self, Window Live Search to become one of the most used search engines. Bing has made their services and experience unique and easy enough to encourage visitors to stay with them as a search provider. It also helps that they have some great business partnerships that have allowed them to push their product out to careless web browsers who just wants to find what they’re looking for without having ties to one search provider or the other. Also, Bing is run by Microsoft which is always a Bear when it comes to effectively improving (or ripping off) the ideas of other companies and taking their customers.

OK. Now that that’s out of the way… come on. Google all the way in this match up. From the simple little things like Google Doodles to the much more important features things like instant search, Google has Bing beat all around. If Microsoft didn’t have so much money, an astoundingly aggressive marketing approach and so many business patterns no one would even care Bing existed… it would be something like Windows Live search was; the website you went to by default on a Windows PC. Bing is far behind Google in both search technology and usability. Google just “gets it” when it comes to providing visitors what they want; on-point search results, speed and simplicity.

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