Best FPS First Person Fire Fight
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  • Regis

    this is fucking bullshit

  • Peyton

    Call of duty. By FAR.

  • tylerf64

    Halo FTW

  • IIStormSurgeII

    COD is more realistic,(and by that I mean not in the way that you spray a gallon of blood when you are knifed in the foot and grab your neck), but by the whole military idea. Halo has been my favorite and with the upcoming release of Halo 5, I’m buying a next gen just to preorder the limited edition. Screw all of the “Don’t buy Halo 5 videos on YouTube”.

  • Jscorpian

    Halo for the win

  • Ava da opic

    Halo because it seems like its winning here…

  • Deathkitten

    CoD is fun and all, but Halo actually has a story. Bitch.

  • garza

    I like cod

    • garza


  • garza

    he is not real

  • garza

    who would win a fight ?

  • garza

    that’s funny

  • garza

    will cod win ? that’s a problem . and what’s funny?

  • garza

    that’s Garza baby

  • garza

    302 point up baby.

  • garza

    wait if they’re not playing that mean nobody will win ,but cod can win.

  • garza


  • garza

    y u

  • Spaghetti


  • Devon Wrenn


  • OG Veteran

    COD is way more better, depends. Cool more normal people like COD. Usually the more gamer type, geeky people like Halo, weird. Oh well. Killing zombies is better.

  • Gary Clear III

    halo it is set 500 years from now and it uses lots of guns based on real life but most are just fake now halo is better because we have overshields and we dont die from one melee to the foot

  • Halo is better

  • Sparklez

    pretty sure we all know that battlefield and CS:GO are better than both, and i have every single COD and Halo. CS:GO For Life

  • Micheal Rausch

    Call of duty is more cooler it gose through the past and the future with halo fight Aliens boring

  • ben

    I think that both Halo and Cod are stupid as fuck. Look at both storylines and the enemy of course. The enemy would shit on both franchises. Aliens vs humans. Dumb as (weak) soldiers vs ruthless and cunning dictators

  • Jaime Ramos

    halo is gonna win

    • Jaime Ramos

      they have guns from the future

  • adam

    thiuhvz buil

  • Tough Man, Tender Chicken


  • MasterChiefTbagsCaptainPrice

    I do believe halo is better. All this crap about realisticness you are playing it on a CONSOLE that is not an illegible point to consider. The first time I played cod I got spammed with hate for killing people. The objective of the game. And yes us halo players do t bag each other but we aren’t like this : *I get killed by someone* *person starts t bagging me on cod* *proceeds to send me a message saying “Haha I killed you mother trucka”* *Then I kill that person 4 times straight ad t bags while trolling* *then said killed person sends “HACKS HACKS HACKS IMMA GE CHU!”* After reading that I took out the disk, proceeded to break it 4 times and then incenerated the monsrosity lying in my hands which were now filthy because of all the once innocent 5 year olds swearing and try harding. Master Chief is secretly killing the CoD characters and t bagging them. Then ashes of the disk laid in my hands, that wasn’t enough then I erased every single atom, proton, and electron, nothing but air laid in my hands now.

  • Veryfunnym8

    I don’t play halo but I play cod and everybody has their own opinion

  • Uber Goober

    I am not going into detail as that would take way to much time. Halo is more fun then COD as it combines maps big enough for vehicle combat while cod has cramped and generally boring maps. Halo wins in fight as there are many things other then the UNSC and Covenant. Forerunners, percursors, rings, flood, ect. What else do i have to say. I also played cod black ops 2 recently and it turned into snipers and nub tubers.

  • Todd

    Its better multiplier

  • SSundee


  • BlackOpsIII <3

    Call of Duty is better in my opinion because A)I grew up with COD not Halo and B)the controls are a lot easier seriously Halo LT to throw a grenade (dafaq Halo)

  • Gabrion

    this was a survey taken by IGN showing which games got the most wins and i have to say i agree http://ca.ign.com/videos/2014/11/25/call-of-duty-vs-halo-the-results-ign-versus and to those people that say they lost in graphics this is a cutscene from Halo 2 Anniversary Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8R8XAzpunE

  • red

    Halo > cod all day everyday

  • Nick 2952

    Call of duty unless it’s halo 5 but still I’ve been with call of duty since 7 years old(5 years now)

  • Gabe

    Halo does A LOT of things that CoD doesn’t. First off, the stories of the Halo games are WAY more interesting. Halo’s stories revolve around a war between humans and an alien army named the Covenant, and you take the role of John-117, a physically enhanced supersolier.

    Call of Duty’s stories are all right, but… it’s kind of the same in all of them, but they just add a new character. “War is going on, you shoot stuff, then you either kill the bad guy in the end or he gets away.”

    Next, Halo’s gameplay has a smoother experience. You don’t have to hold down the left and right trigger just to hit your target, but you can scope in by pressing the Right Stick down, and there are vehicles that you can drive. And such a variety of vehicles, too! CoD makes you experiment with the controls in order to just SHOOT.

    Forge. Just that. You can create your own maps and play Multiplayer custom games in them! It’s amazing! Does CoD have that?

    CoD is all right. But Halo is a much greater game in many, many aspects.

  • Gabe

    Oh yeah, CoD, despite being normal warfare, is actually less realistic than Halo… yeah. In CoD, you are a normal soldier, and you have blood all over you and you heal within a matter of seconds. With Halo, you are physically enhanced, you are wearing half a ton of armor, and you have energy shields that protect you. That’s a more realistic way of surviving bullets.

  • Sean Sargeant

    Halo will beat COD no matter what because halo has such in depth of a storyline that there is enough for halo to continue on for years to come and COD keeps switching bad guys around and sending off-spins i mean halo has inspired people like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott and Hollywood is starting to recognizing halo for being a twin of star trek i loved COD once but i love Halo better bar none

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