Best FPS First Person Fire Fight
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  • Anthony Vlahakis

    COD’s story line went straight to hell, HALO wins!

  • Antigoni Chatzisofroniou

    Duh, call of duty always wins

    • Wigglespeed Turbo

      Glass your planet! Oh, what’s that? you have nuclear missiles? ITS ILLEGAL TO FIRE NUKES IN SPACE!

    • reaaa

      yeah but who won this

  • HALO has evolved and has plot progression. COD (aside from MW) all have unrelated plots and repetitive ones at that. Have you ever shed a tear when a COD character died? ‘Cuz I did when Cortana did. Also, no one could deny that HALO music rocks!

  • Loopy97

    Halo vs CoD T_T not hard … Spartans were meant to take on entire armies alone as shown by master chief himself and I do not know how well anyone soldier would stand up to a 10ft tall spartan …you can’t assassinate a spartan they have radar and a display screen and you couldn’t even get a knife through the shielding… Halo 3 was year 2552 and very realistic for the time 2025 we won’t see barely anything seen in CoD.. The community for CoD on Ign rated the game way lower then the crtics did so that tells you something

  • Kris

    Yo idk what to vote but ill have to say Halo, its more realistic compared to the time than the realistic-ness of Cod compared to its time and gameplay, in cod, u die from a knife 5 inches from your face, halo is better with that, you die if u are hit and u wont get hurt from a knife 5 inches from your body. Just think…

  • Bob The Gehto

    you have to think. Both games are revolutionary for its time. On one hand with halo you have tech that would swamp cod. On the other hand cod is more realistic to the point that halo “human weapons” have a familiar firearms that is based off of technology of today. That being said if it weren’t for halo we wouldent have as cool of games as mw3.

  • bad boy

    halo sucks

  • Ittai Dor

    halo. no doubt

  • Joshua Fakiria

    Wow this is a hard pick

  • Thatguy

    Team Fortress 2.

  • bythetimeyouhaveha!youreadit:)

    in COD ghosts you can blow everything with the Loki and have guns that shoot in space. but the time is modern, when it is an even playing field COD would be more advanced. (and besides, every time I play halo I get bored and have to stop and play COD.)

    • HaloRulz69

      not our ships and other frigates bi***.

      • HaloRulz69

        because of one Haloriffic word, shields a**holes!

        • HaloRulz69

          one last thing, we have so many ships with such strong weapons all we’d really have to do is blow up all your lokis

          • Kian

            Super macs are 100x stronger than your stupid Lokis

  • KaidaStorm

    I voted COD simply because of how much I hate Halo.

  • Halorulz

    first of all, Halo fans OPEN YOUR EYES. all us halo people would have to do is take cover and all our frigates and other huge ships come and blast them to oblivian. if you’ve played Halo:Reach you know what i mean. and uh, cod fans? Google Halo infinity. now imagine each human about 1/2 the size of a grain of sand and tell me if ypu think you can take that down. (trust me, you cant)

  • Bamcclendon

    so hard -_-

  • Master Cheeks

    Halo 4, because every lobby you join in COD has 8 different nine year olds with the FaZe clantag being annoying

  • ace

    Halo has more advanced weapons so Halo

  • Dragon586

    Everyone who posted here that is a fellow Halo fan your wasting your time. You can’t really compare Halo to Call of Duty because Halo is more of a syfy game while Call of Duty focuses more on modern day things (more or less) so you can’t really compare the two. If you want to compare games compare Call of Duty and Battlefield. Plus if Halo and CoD did fight no respawns Halo guys could just stay in orbit and glass the CoD with Covenant Destroyers while UNSC ships bombard the planet with MAC rounds, no ground engagements needed.

  • Sal Mills

    halo halo u wn

  • tanthrox

    one word. Mtar. cod wins

    • Jason Leveille

      Two words. Energy sword. halo wins

  • ramiro barajas


  • We’ll……yeah

    We’ll there are lasers in COD Advanced Warfare and we have exo-suits so we can basically do what ever you guys can do.

    • Wigglespeed Turbo

      That’s like saying the car your great-grandfather drove before WWII could compare to a hovercar. Imagine going 500 years into the future of COD. That’s the halo timeline. Now imagine that even with that amount of technology, an alien race from halo still managed to nearly extinct you.

      • Cristian

        Just one Ccs super carrier could wide out the cod existence. Come on now. Those ships are larger than cities . Cod would get demolished.

    • Halo gardien !

      You see call of duty copy halo with lazer soo activision suck balls like you !

  • can’t decide

    In terms of what you can actually do in the games, i believe halo could win. However, many of the UNSC weapons function the same as cod weapons. An assault rifle is an assault rifle. Also, something to think about is what if a Soldier or member of the covenant was killed by cod people? If the spartans and marines can pick up a piece of alien technology and use it like they have trained with it their whole lives, i think cod soldiers could do the same. Halo might win the first few battles, but from there, i think either could win.

    • Scottszo

      But its not like cod has spartans. And if you say the cod soldiers could use the suits themselves, the suit would seriously injure or kill the user if he is not both physically and mentally enhanced to wear it. With the weapons. The sheild tech was stolen from the aliens, but was nearly impossible to recreate even with the future tech they had. One frigate from halo could do huge damage, a cruiser even more, and an Infinity-class warship can probably wipe all the cod soldiers out by itself. As for the game itself, I don’t care; but in a fight cod would lose even before they knew what hit them.

  • jamison thomas

    halo will kill call of duty

    • Tommy

      i kill u

      • Endoleum

        how bout u stfu

  • Halogod

    Dude in halo we have the gravity hammer. Beat that cod fans.

    • Tommy

      who are u?????????????????????????????????????????????????ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


    Seriously this shouldn’t even be a debate. Halo has Spartans. 8 feet tall war machines with bulletproof armour and shields. It would take 100 of cods soldiers to bring down one Spartan. The first thing they would do would yell kill it. After about 20 minutes of shooting and about 1,000,000 rounds shot. The Spartan would just walk right past them to the captain and use him as a baseball bat to kill every last fucking one of them.

    • Kian

      The covenant needed far more than that to kill a spartan

    • easymoney35

      100 only, the covenant needs like 50 bazillion for noble 6 and they still couldnt kill him i m pretty sure a grunt could take down one cod soldier

  • Emanuel

    CALL OF DUTY tiene mejores armas y equipos k las de halo por que en HALO las armas humanas son un asco las del cavenan son mejores si tuvieras armas de call of dutu black ops 2 en HALO mato a todo un ejercito del covenan XD…

  • paul

    haha love it

  • Guest

    I prefer Halo but like CoD as well, but TBH I just came here to read the comments.

  • Afraz

    I suppose this is between Halo 5: Guardians and CoD: Advanced Warfare?
    Because it’s as simple as comparing peanut butter and jelly vs grilled cheese. Chocolate vs vanilla. Felt-tip vs ball-pen. Fried rice vs fried noodles.

    Great narrative from Halo? CoD has that now.
    ADS from CoD? Halo has that now.
    Thrusters in Halo? CoD has that now.
    Sprinting in CoD? Halo has that now.

    Gay lasr plsma gun wtf Halo sucks balls? CoD has that now.
    OMG wtf is iron sights u ruined Halo CoDcopycats? Halo has that now.
    fack dis Halo superpwrd jump and run like shit? CoD has that now.

    • Scottszo

      I see your point, it almost seems like if this keeps going, halo and cod will end up as the same game,

      • Afraz

        It very well could. I suppose that’s why Halo purebloods are so fanatical about the slightest of changes to gameplay.

  • Alec Garner

    halo is way better, because has better mp maps, campaign, and the weapons. way beyond cod.

  • Jake Buckles

    i play a game to enjoy it. not because of its realism. if we wanna talk about realism in video games then lets lean more towards battlefield. halo is way more entertaining. just the multiplayer alone is more fun than cods. i was a HUGE cod boy around mw2 and black ops. but cod is completely losing its sense of entertainment. CODAW is literally titanfall without titans. Halo also has a more in depth and grasping single player. Halo is overall the better entertainment experience

  • Nightwaker

    Cod all day and zombie’s halo suck balls

  • pokestar


  • I Choose Co….Halo

    Well anyone saying cod is better, look at the scores….

  • chris

    Call of duty just for zombies

  • Kian

    I say The game that the human race almost became extinct wins and u all know what one that is

  • Zack Marks

    halo sucks

    • Osama laf Ortarana

      you suck negro

  • Unknown Spartan

    Does it really which of the 2 games u play or which one u like more or which one u like dicing it doesn’t matter! 1 person plays halo so they think it is badass and another person plays CoD so they are going to think that game is badass I get that u think that the game u play is the most badass game in the world and the other sucks balls I myself am a halo fan I have always been I grew up with it and I don’t really like cod that much but I do occasionally play it so what du fuck is all of u people’s problem chill the fuck out it’s just a game and for those that think both of these game suck ball what the fuck are u doing on this site in the first place and I also know that CoD has taken both the aliens and the future war features from halo CoD was originally meant to be old time war based.

  • Candido Correia

    halo came out first and changed fps games n especially with the online match cod came out after halo copying it and other games

  • murat


  • Hi

    Call of duty is way better.plus the new advanced warfare is out and it’s beast on my Xbox and…..halo is nothing but grg get to me

  • Frederick Dinkledick

    Yeah, no, Technology wins. Halo’s just got more shit. More vehicles, weapons, raw power. for fuck’s sake, they’ve got planet-sized cannons. Not much of a fight.

  • Jtkiller of

    Fuck halo cod is cooler u can play zombags

    • Halo ever

      Firefight in halo bitch or spartan ops soo go kill your self with your zombie !!!

  • Halofan

    for the dumbasses of COD, a spartan alone could ‘kill’ 15 or even 20 COD soldiers in hand to hand fights and guns

  • Halofan

    (no offense)

  • MrMaster

    Well i used to be a fan of cod back in the day……the days of cod2 were there was no kiil streaks no sprinting and no little kids screaming in my ear

  • Xzombie33

    well lets see from 0 out of 10 fifa=0 halo=7 call of duty=10

  • Master Chief

    Just use the Halo. They all die…

  • Zavier

    Halo is better for little kids and I enjoy playing Hal

  • jeppe_AR

    halo got Space ships, lazer guns, laser swords and much more

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