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Homer Simpson VS Peter Griffin

Funniest Cartoon Dad The Cartoon Dad Duel
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  • Johnny

    Homer takes it. You wanna know why? Because all Peter is, and always will be, is a Homer Simpson copy. He is like Homer, because he was based on Homer. Without Homer, no Peter.
    Win or lose. Homer is Peters daddy.

  • Michael Young

    Homer would fart in his face and Peter is dead.

  • Jack

    Homer is capable of killing futuristic aliens with one hand. Peter can barely fight a chicken.

  • Themis10

    Homer is funnier.

  • Albert V.

    Peter beat the chicken!

  • goldy

    Peter beat a chicken

  • steve

    Peter interferes more with sarcasm and flat comedy. And in addition he got a funny dog and a evil baby

  • steve

    It’s a hilarity duel, not a physical battle.

  • lacibyars

    I can pick one they are both boss

  • Bill Worth

    Homer Simpson could beat that pathetic Fatass Peter Griffin to a pulp with his eyes closed.

  • Raw

    Peter Griffin already beat Homer Simpson. Let’s get real..

  • seth harris

    peter would totally win peter has been in so many chicken fights

  • Lyle Norgan
  • Not Stupid

    Homer Wins! Why? Because he is much more durable than Peter, and even though he had no battle experience, he somehow had PETER GRIFFIN EVENLY Matched, and though he lost, He got up literally like 8 seconds later, so it could be assumed Homer would keep going. Plus Peter is MUCH dumber than Homer, who could win with his brain!

  • Woodchuck799

    The chicken fights…. that is all

  • Tristan

    homer would win because he simply has more stamina. HE WOULD EAT A PINK SPRINKLED DOUGHNUT AND SIT ON PETER thereby breaking his neck.

  • They actually made an episode crossover and in the end peter and homer get in a huge brawl

  • NickNick 1121

    The Simpsons are a classic! It’s a better show overall

  • Tough Man, Tender Chicken

    Homer is so much fatter

  • Homercide

    Uh, has everybody forgotten that Homer once sat inside a robot and fought over robots, whilst getting electrocuted, sawed and hammered. So, who is the winner? -.-

    • Homercide

      *other, sorry.

  • Homercide


  • Hank Saleman

    his my favorite

  • Jeffrey Gao

    Ugh, two of the worst characters from the worst shows ever. Madeline kicks both their butts but Homer lives a second longer.

  • BaconWizard

    Go Peta!!!!!!!!!

Home Simpson is a classic. He’s one of, if not the most well know Cartoon character ever created. The nostalgia and classic moments created by him have piled up in over 20 years of Simpsons episodes and his legacy in the cartoon world continues to this day.

Peter, on the other hand, is a fresh take on the “dumb-ass father” cartoon role and is easier for young adults and parents to relate to. Through more random and edgy comedy, Peter is a great character to watch for some good laughs.

While there is no denying both of these characters are hilarious, we’re sticking with the classic on this one. Homer Simpson it is!

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