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Homer Simpson VS Peter Griffin

Funniest Cartoon Dad The Cartoon Dad Duel
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  • Why does everyone think all these fights are brawls? This is for who’s the funniest dad. Idiots.

    • amber

      it’s who would win a fight. FIGHT is the keyword.

    • sol rael

      excue me but what website is this

  • Chase ・

    A real toughy, but peter takes the win, due to how much random violence is often employed by him.

  • 3 words simpsons boxing episode,homer can take a beating and peter will tire out then homer pushes him to the ground

    • Batman

      Dude dude dude, were debating about who’s the FUNNIEST not the strongest.

  • misery

    family guy wins hands down the newer sikmpsons have become to boring or watered down the old ones were better

  • tim

    homer beat up george bush, he got shot with bowling balls in the stomach, he was in the navy, he faced his fears as an astronaut, and he can face his opponents in the boxing ring. he can destroy peter griffin. HOMER SIMPSON all the way.

  • daniel billany

    homer has had more hits to the head then any other character. HOMER ALL THE WAY!!!

  • sol rael


  • Vertigo

    Peter would just have Lois beat Homer

  • logic

    Homer Simpson wins, he survive against the best boxers, all Homer has to do is kick Peter in the knee, push out the ring and while Peter says “AHH” he’lle be counted out.

    • Batman

      Lollers (_8(l)

  • Mr. Burns

    Homer Simpson all the way! The funniest character in the funniest American TV-Show of all time.

  • KasDEa


  • KasDEa


  • Homer= homo

    • MKScorpion Kreate

      Just like you.

      Idiot. -_-

  • Quantaz

    peter he could simply take 1 of stewies wepond then its over

    • sol rael

      That would work, if Peter knew Stewie had weapons!

  • Quocalimar

    In a fight?



    Two words: Road House!

    But I prefer Homer, he was Peter before peter even existed, and is a part of a show that makes me laugh within 30 seconds of coming on, every time. It’s the couch gag i’m referring to. If Family Guy had something like that, that they changed for every episode, like the one where he fell on one of the dancers, I’d love it more.

    • Rj

      What about the one where one of the dancers randomly comes down and says “I’m pregnant” had me in stitches… XP

  • The beast


  • jey-swagg

    batman and superman who is go to win

  • Homer has beaten up George bush
    Homer has been shot with bowling balls
    Homer has been in the navy
    Homer was an astronaut
    Homer has fought Mike Tyson
    Homer was death and has devil powers
    Homer can have access to radioactive material

    Peter has fought a big yellow chicken that comes back to life multiple times
    Peter has done nothing else as impressive Homer wins all the way

  • trent


  • Kathryn Jones

    Most popular, gotta go for Homer, ps tapped out is awesome! You guys should try it. But Peter is soooooo funny

  • Batman

    Peter Griffin can beat Homer Simpson, believe me. Peter makes jokes more funnier than how Homer delivers it, he’s so stupid and random but so funny. Also, Peter has this really funny voice, even if he doesn’t say a joke, when he talks honestly my whole family laughs. And also, as many people said that Peter beats that stupid chicken loads of times already, for sure he can beat Homer.
    But no offence Homer! Check this out

  • Anonymouscip

    Peter wins because he’s friends with Death, duh.

  • Idiots everywhere

    It’s not a physical fight, it’s “Who’s the better dad”

  • Simpsons

    You guys just like Family Guy more. Homer is actually skilled in fighting and is HOMER JAY MOTHERFUCKING SIMPSON.

  • Stelios

    Homer of course.
    History rules.

  • wolfie


  • alex

    homer treats his kids nicely peter treats his family like shit so homer wins

  • rakiya

    i would like peter better than homer and i request that to improve family guy more and more!

  • aleemu

    i would like homer more and more than peter griffin so i request that to increase the vote of homer simpson in fighting!

  • dude101

    peter would not win because his own wife can beat him up, and homer has homer simpson syndrome which is a really thick layer of bones so its like a suit of armor

  • SJ

    Homer has the ability to hit up side the head with a 2×4 all day without effect….his Dr said so!

  • The Dark Knight

    Peter is the best.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Homer is a raging alcoholic as is peter so naturally they would both be drunk, Meg would be dead before the mach even started and Peter would use her as a weapon. Lois has martial arts experience, and Marge is timid and wouldn’t fight, under normal circumstances, but in the pro boxers episode it is shown that when her family is in danger she can kick some serious butt. Lisa would have her saxophone, ( a very heavy chunk of metal and a very good weapon.) and Bart would have his skate bored, ( also a very painful weapon when swung at someone’s face.) and Chris would have no weapon. family guy has turned Stewie from an evil genius bent on world domination to a babbling gay idiot so he would have no weapon, but he would be riding Brian, and Maggie is a baby, but she shot Mr. Burns so she would have a gun . and Brian has no weapon because he is not aggressive and therefor would not kill, at least Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 have claws and teeth they’re willing to use. Peter would be hitting Homer with Meg, but homer had an exceptionally thick scull shown in multiple episodes and he has boxing training so once peter got tired out Homer would wail on him until he was dead. you may say, ‘no peter fights the giant chicken, he would win.’ but you would be wrong. despite his attempts to kill the chicken he was never able to inflict permanent damage, after all the chicken always comes back just as healthy as before therefor rendering that argument irrelevant. Marge seeing homer in danger would send her into an adrenaline fueled state of rage giving her the skill to kill Lois. Homer would cut open Peter and hide inside him. Lisa and Bart would beat Chris to death with saxophone, and skateboard then Stewie would crash Brian into them, but he would be to late. then Brian would get him off and walk off, forfeiting so Maggie would shoot Stewie to save her dad, but Homer would have drown in Peter’s fat and been dead for hours. then Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 would rip apart Brian, (even though he forfeit). So in the end The Simpsons would win and crush Family Guys pitiful little dreams of ever being better than them at anything.

    • Homer Simpson

      …I drown in Peter’s Fat inside him? What the ****?! But seriously, my shows better, my towns better, my family is better, and I’M BETTER.

  • trayday

    homer is by far the best funny fat awesome gullible and at least he’s a fun dad compared to peter he won’t do anything awesome plus today my friends TV said that its not in our generation

  • David

    Homer Simpson is a classic, but we have to admit, Peter is the most badass, the most funnier, and the most fat!

  • CEC

    Homer may be a doofus, but at least he means well. Peter is nothing more than a boorish inconsiderate oaf picking on and making fun of poor Meg and disrespecting his wife, Lois. My vote goes to Homer.

  • Brandon

    Homer defeated Peter Griffin in boxing and can strangle Bart so he can strangle Peter Griffin and there is no proof Peter Griffin can strangle people

  • yomama

    thumbs up if you forgot this was a fight

  • Joe

    I go with peter griffin because peter fight with the yellow chicken and peter accidently killed an old granny

  • Brandon

    Homer only needs a beer of duff to beat Peter up plus homer can become smart just by taking out the crayon in his brain

  • Guest

    Peter will beat Homer Peter won that fight in the family guy Simpsons crossover Peter has beat a chicken 4 times so he can beat Homer.

  • Andrew

    Peter and homer are both examples of dumb ass fathers that are irresponsible drunks. But homer I think is more funny for manny reasons one of manny is his hate for Flanders another one is his inability to learn a lesson and his idiotic stunts that occur almost if not every episode. Peter has some of these abilities but if you watch the Simpsons you will know that homer is more funny.

  • peter griffen

    peter will beat the hell out of homer

  • peter griffen

    and peter beat him again homer is a fucking cunt

  • Sleepy

    Homer is a fucking bad ass plain and simple when u been at it 4 over 20 year’s like he has May be u can come talk s*** till thenPeter Griffin Ain’t got s*** on him

  • Guest

    If Peter could beat a chicken he could beat Homer the are my votes for Simpsons vs. Griffins
    Peter vs. Homer-Peter(he’s beat a chicken and he’s fatter)
    Lois vs. Marge-Lois(She has born talent in fighting)
    Bart vs. Chris-Bart(he’s a great skateboarder)
    Lisa vs. Meg-Lisa(she’s a quick thinker)
    Stewie vs. Maggie-Stewie(He’s killed heaps of people)
    Brian vs. Santa’s little helper and snowball-Brian(he can talk and walk)

  • The Critic

    Guys let’s all chill and wait! A Homer/Peter crossover is coming out in only 8 short days :D!

  • shaggy rogers

    Homer is definlty more original than Peter, I go Homer because his humor is defintly better than Peters. But both are funny, and give Homer a Duff, and hell turn into like popeye a ass kicking machine, Peter wouldnt stand a chance.

  • Emotions

    Homer would kick his ass because he punches like a fucking beast if u ever saw the griffin Simpson chicken fight

  • Bonnie

    Is it wouldn’t for the space ship homer would have killed peter with that big rock

Home Simpson is a classic. He’s one of, if not the most well know Cartoon character ever created. The nostalgia and classic moments created by him have piled up in over 20 years of Simpsons episodes and his legacy in the cartoon world continues to this day.

Peter, on the other hand, is a fresh take on the “dumb-ass father” cartoon role and is easier for young adults and parents to relate to. Through more random and edgy comedy, Peter is a great character to watch for some good laughs.

While there is no denying both of these characters are hilarious, we’re sticking with the classic on this one. Homer Simpson it is!

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