The Incredible HulkSuperman

The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • Dominic Rivera

    I respect everyone here, so I expect the same in return.
    For this fight I have to say Superman in a long shot.

    1. Superman held a miniature black hole in his hand.
    2. He effortlessly blocked and punched through Green Lantern(John Stewart’s) willpower.
    3. Pulls several planets in a chain without breaking a sweat.
    4. Had to quickly find a solar system without life form to blow his nose.
    5. Pulls Earth with help of Martian Manhunter and WW/ Pulls moon with help of WW and Green Lantern(later versions)
    6. Ripped a moon of saturn in half
    7. Plugged a nearly erupting volcano using a mountain of soil
    8. Pulls WarWorld (with power amp)
    9. Races The Flash(but couldn’t beat him) Wally admits Superman is REALLY fast
    10. Able to keep up with Jay Garrick(1st Flash) in Kingdom come
    11. Travels faster than light in space
    12. Has nanoseconds reaction
    13. able to lift 200 QUINTILLION TONS with ONE HAND and thinks he can do more.
    14. Lifts and throws Kryptonite island to space with a kryptonite shard in his wound
    15. Can hold himself against Imperiex
    16. Can hold himself against Mongul
    17. Met God (The Presence) without dying because God allowed him to.
    18. Can defeat any hostile being with Thought armor
    19. And many more…

    Downside is……Superman IS ALWAYS HOLDING BACK!

    • TrueLies


      13. NO Cannon! Only a cartoon for fun! OMG always these half truths


      • Dominic Rivera

        Still…Have you heard of Superman Prime 1 million?

      • Dominic Rivera

        hahaha…even so
        ever heard of Superman Prime 1 million?

  • Magnus

    I respect everyone here, so I expect the same in return.
    For this fight I have to say Hulk wins with ease.

    1. Hulk is the strongest there is.
    2. Hulk is literally indestructible.
    3. Hulk has the best healing factor.
    4. Hulk has no limits.
    5. Hulk has nanoseconds reaction².
    6. Hulk can lift the earth, moon, saturn, etc. with one finger.
    7. Hulk eats black holes for fun.
    8. And many, many more!

    Nuff said.

    • Dominic Rivera

      I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • Ferrari

    HULK WINS ! ! !

    Superman One Million is the strongest version of Superman.
    And the Answer is: WORLD BREAKER HULK or WORLD BREAKER HULK THE GALACTUS HERALD! Both versions are much more stronger than Superman Prime.

    Nobody is stronger than Hulk! NOBODY !!! And nobody can beat the Hulk!

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