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The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • Godzilla

    First off I’m amazed that the lot of you are nerds. You can’t spell worth a damn. It’s breathe with an E on the end which is the plural of breath (rhymes with death). Secondly, neither Supes nor Hulk can breathe in a vacuum. They have mighty lungs which can hold the air they need (for a time at least). Let’s face it, ‘Man of Steel’ is a wussie version of Superman. He’s Superman because of all the cool stuff he’s done over the years, hello? I blame John Byrne for ever powering down Superman to begin with. Hulk however, is weaker, when he is gray hulk with Banner’s mind. Now a fight between gray Banner-Hulk and the 20 year ago Man of Steel would be fun to observe.

    Folks forget that winning a fight is not always about being invulnerable or the strongest. It has more to do with wits and how quickly one recovers from being hit if and when they are struck. The real martial arts masters are great at avoiding being hit. One could ask, “Why didn’t Superman use his blinding speed to avoid being hit by the Hulk?” Let’s remember that while Hulk is virtually invulnerable, like Superman, he too has been laid low by more than one superhero &/or villain in ages past.

    And the whole Adamantium VS Steel argument is so silly to even bring up. Might as well compare Adamantium to Mithril for all the good it does.

    Finally, I’d really like to see some DC Villains VS Marvel Heroes and Marvel Villains VS DC Heroes. I am quite certain that Victor Von Doom would own Batman’s pansy ass as well as the rest of the JLA. I’d also like to watch Darkseid take on the Avengers.

  • sahimsamran

    Superman and hulk both have super human strength but Superman also has laser eyes and he could fly and hulk would soon become his human form again so of course Superman will win.

  • Arnold butthole

    Heart of the monsters,
    Hulk and betty ross turn into Godzilla sized world war hulk monsters. they crushed fing fang doom with one stomp. game over hulk wins.

  • Arnold butthole

    superman prime one million doesn’t stand a chance against that hulk times 6 gamma bombs. Superman prime one million wouldn’t even be able to knock that hulk down. Even though supes sun dipped for 15,000 yrs his base strength doesn’t even come close to that hulks strength.

  • Batman Arkham Knight

    Super man sucks aginst Hulk.

  • YellowAsian

    I love hulk, I love superman… But ill have to go with superman on this one…when comparing superheroes, You have to take them at the peek of their power. First off, no one can say hulk has unlimited strength because it is based on his anger….Anger in itself has a limit…u canot be infinity angry…it is just not a sientifically correct term. Superman has no limit to his strength it is said in many versions of comic books, there is no tech on earth that can measure his power. Hulk can smash planets? so can superman. Hulk can take damage from blah blah blah ? so can superman. If hulk can break adamantium…so can superman. There was 3 crossover dc vs marvel with hulk vs superman and in all 3 superman wins…Hulk might be cooler as a character than superman, ill agree. But just bcuz supes wears tights and looks pretty gay with that haircut, we have to look at the facts. Superman can fly faster than flash(wich is the speed of light), superman is strong enough to carry 9 planets chained together through space( pretty tought to do that), Supes has freezing abilities(enough to at least slowdown the big badboy green monster), Supes has heat ray that can melt ANYTHING(yes ANYTHING). Supes can turn back time
    Everything else is a draw:
    Both have:
    Invulnerability (however thats spelled)
    Incalculable strength
    Non stop stamina
    Smashing abilities
    Basically my argument here is:
    Everything hulk can do Super man can do as well
    Cant say the same thing about hulk

  • TeddyRush

    okay, lets just say this. In the current superman movies and comics, superman has been able to perform outright brain surgery at supersonic speed. Who’s to say that he cant do that to the hulk and remove the part of the brain that makes us angry in the first place?

  • marvel vs dc

    This would be a very close fight but in the end the one with the most stamina and strength and durability would win

  • gama

    hulk is stronger

  • jj

    Doomsday beat superman also i remember reading a dc v marvel in which durin a brawl they meet , though not to the finish superman is clearly worse off and happy that the fight is stopped !!!! The writers are the gods in the world in which we worship ultimately we bow to them .

  • Hank Hill

    Fuck superman and the fuck with DC for making him the way he is. That’s why I absolutely HATE superfag! Seriously, they just thought- “Oh let’s make a new hero with limitless abilities, but wait… he’s too good… we need to add some kind of weakness. Hey I know! How about a stupid green rock! We’ll call it kryptonite! Also, let’s make him vulnerable to magic! Other than that, he’s limitless! 200+ Quintilian tons?! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! In no way in hell, would a small puny pathetic kryptonian like superman be able to lift that much! He’d need muscles the size of the fucking moon for fuck’s sake! It just can’t be all compressed into one fucking scrawny ass arm! That’s why I like the other heroes instead! They actually build up their heroes abilities slowly, but with superman it’s the whole package compressed into one faggot. He doesn’t train, he doesn’t need to do anything because his bullshit hearing and natural instincts help him know what his attack his foe would throw before anything else! Superfag is just full of bullshit! Plus, even as he is, he still get’s knocked around by some enemies! How the fuck is that possible?! They’re far from being stronger than him and yet they still manage to kick his ass! It makes it all that more confusing about superman, so fuck him and anyone else that wants to defend this pointless superhero.

  • sosuke aizen

    Hulk had defeated the avengers the fantastic four and the X-Men so I think he can take on superman specially world breaker hulk

  • wtf iam i supposed to put in h

    Its superman (Man of steel) he is almost same strength as the hulk might be a little bit stronger idk


    hulk all day ever day 1) superman can get beat up by thor and his people cuz superman has a weakness for magic 2)if superman cant see were the attack is coming from it will cause damage 3)HULK IS FUCKING IMORRTAL 4)does anyone remember when superman almost dead no wait my bad he was in a “coma” for 5 years 5)if some one gave hulk a kryptonite sword its all over 6)hulk has on weaknesses maybe bruce banner but separated theres no stopping 7)HULK WAS KICKED OUT OF HELL FOR BEING TO DANGERS don’t belive me watch hulk vs thor
    I got more info but I got better things to do then listen to the bullshit u superman fan have to saying.PERIOD

  • Bryce


  • Bryce

    Hulk is doomsday but stronger.

  • Bryce


  • John

    *cough* superspeed! *cough*
    But seriously. In a recent comic, the powered down version of Supes that is in the New 52 was able to read an entire medical library in five minutes, and then proceeded to use what he had just learned to perform a complicated surgery. Seeing as Superman is also known to both move and smash entire planets, he has this in the bag. Even if Hulk was stronger, which he is not, to someone moving and thinking at the speed that they can read an entire medical library in five minutes would perceive the Hulk as not moving at all. Hulk wouldn’t be able to land a single blow, and Superman would be raining down blows on Hulk at nearly the speed of light. Even completely ignoring Superman’s strength, a punch at that speed would create an explosion of 45 megatons (watch Vsauce 3′s “What if Superman Punched You?” video) No matter how durable Hulk is or how fast he heals, if Superman punched him five thousand times every second without holding back, there would not be anything left of the Hulk to heal.

  • faisal

    super man is more stronger then hulk

  • ddfrege

    superman cant even go near a stupid rock in which his home planet was made from

  • kuda

    how did superman beat doomsday

  • Daniel Mirsky

    Okay, obviously I’m a hulk fan, but I have read supes too. If hulk and superman were to realistically fight with the personalities they always have, I think they would both wear down each other until they’re both so exhausted they can barely move. And I like the point Expired made. Hulk is a generator, so he would eventually defeat supes. HOWEVER, I don’t think it’s possible for the hulk to kill superman for two reasons: 1.) Superman is probably the most durable superhero physically, even more than hulk. 2.) Hulk doesn’t kill. He may be a monster, but he has progressively gained a conscience and generally means well, it’s just hard for him to do that what with everyone trying to kill him all the time. He never personally kills someone unless he really knows they’re a bad guy, like a skrull. I think the outcome would be hulk then running away from civilization as he usually does after winning big fights, calming down, and becoming Banner again.

  • Clearlight

    The greatest weakness of the Hulk is that he’s completely vulnerable when he’s the Hulk’s alter ego Bruce Banner. It dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the easiest way for Superman to defeat the Incredible Hulk would simply wait until Banner goes to sleep and kill him before he can wake and turn into the Hulk.

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