The Incredible HulkSuperman

The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • Dominic Rivera

    I respect everyone here, so I expect the same in return.
    For this fight I have to say Superman in a long shot.

    1. Superman held a miniature black hole in his hand.
    2. He effortlessly blocked and punched through Green Lantern(John Stewart’s) willpower.
    3. Pulls several planets in a chain without breaking a sweat.
    4. Had to quickly find a solar system without life form to blow his nose.
    5. Pulls Earth with help of Martian Manhunter and WW/ Pulls moon with help of WW and Green Lantern(later versions)
    6. Ripped a moon of saturn in half
    7. Plugged a nearly erupting volcano using a mountain of soil
    8. Pulls WarWorld (with power amp)
    9. Races The Flash(but couldn’t beat him) Wally admits Superman is REALLY fast
    10. Able to keep up with Jay Garrick(1st Flash) in Kingdom come
    11. Travels faster than light in space
    12. Has nanoseconds reaction
    13. able to lift 200 QUINTILLION TONS with ONE HAND and thinks he can do more.
    14. Lifts and throws Kryptonite island to space with a kryptonite shard in his wound
    15. Can hold himself against Imperiex
    16. Can hold himself against Mongul
    17. Met God (The Presence) without dying because God allowed him to.
    18. Can defeat any hostile being with Thought armor
    19. And many more…

    Downside is……Superman IS ALWAYS HOLDING BACK!

    • TrueLies


      13. NO Cannon! Only a cartoon for fun! OMG always these half truths


      • Dominic Rivera

        Still…Have you heard of Superman Prime 1 million?

      • Dominic Rivera

        hahaha…even so
        ever heard of Superman Prime 1 million?

  • Magnus

    I respect everyone here, so I expect the same in return.
    For this fight I have to say Hulk wins with ease.

    1. Hulk is the strongest there is.
    2. Hulk is literally indestructible.
    3. Hulk has the best healing factor.
    4. Hulk has no limits.
    5. Hulk has nanoseconds reaction².
    6. Hulk can lift the earth, moon, saturn, etc. with one finger.
    7. Hulk eats black holes for fun.
    8. And many, many more!

    Nuff said.

    • Dominic Rivera

      I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • Ferrari

    HULK WINS ! ! !

    Superman One Million is the strongest version of Superman.
    And the Answer is: WORLD BREAKER HULK or WORLD BREAKER HULK THE GALACTUS HERALD! Both versions are much more stronger than Superman Prime.

    Nobody is stronger than Hulk! NOBODY !!! And nobody can beat the Hulk!

  • Edrin Gibson

    I voted Superman. Because he’s so powerful that dc has depowered him over the years because he has no limits. They are writing him weaker now than pre crisis of infinite earths (30s-70s), and post crisis (80s -90) superman is the foundation of ALL superheroesyou can’t say superhero without saying super. Dc and marvel co published comics with superman fighting the hulk with no clear winner but no way can hulk beat superman because he didn’t in the book. Plus marvel comics has the strength class system. And a few superheroes sit at the 100 ton line. Dc has no class system, you have base strength on feats. And based on featssuperman is way past 100 tons. Like 60 quadtillion tons.because superman can move planets under his own weight .If the hulk is indeed in league with superman then marvel needs to update their strength class system in order to put an end to confusion

  • Israelwinswar

    superman is not particularly stronger but smarter than hulk

  • Israelwinswar

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  • Israelwinswar

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  • devon williams

    The madder the hulk get the stronger he gets. There is no limit to hulks power, but there is a limit the superman’s power.

  • Greyman

    Two awesome superheros! I like them both.

    And Superman is very strong, but Hulk is stronger. Stronger than anything. Hulk is in a strength class by himself (with no limits).

    ->Hulk wins after a good fight.<-

  • Bill

    Hulk has unlimited strength and gets stronger as he gets madder while superman has great strength and more people don’t realize hulk is only strength. He has super jump super speed hulk smash and the thunder clap which deflects superman’s laser eyes super breath and freeze breath

  • Bill

    Superman may have punched through planets but hulk survived flying through the sun #anything you can do I can do better

  • Bill

    If you haven’t heard hulk is the strongest there is

  • Bill

    Other than a few people in his universe which also beats supermans

  • OG Veteran

    That’s why he called SUPERman. Hulk is just a green being with unlimited supply of steroids. But he’s cool though.

  • JEJE

    Superman has defeated Sun Eaters, Krytonian Dragons, God’s, Himself, Himself (8 Times), lifted 200 Quintillion Tons, escaped Blac Holes, moving solar systems, and Going through this and unharmed and can survive Supernova’s unscaved

  • BruceLee

    Hulk for the win.

    Hulk is the strongest there is!

  • GreekGeek


  • Westeros


    HULK IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Woodchuck799

    Ok so real talk right now. Hulk cannot win this fight. It comes down to this, Superman has way bigger power arsenal. Hulk cannot fight what he can’t hit and he does not have the ability to react against anything at the speed of light. Heat vision has heated up entire planets so I am positive it can do at least something against the hulk. Freaking frost breath as well. If Hulk at any point becomes stronger than Superman, and I’m willing to bet at base strength he isn’t but if he does out anger superman then the only thing Superman needs to do fly closer to the sun and back. It takes about 8 minutes to do that at light speed and quicker if he can surpass it. Not to mention his newest flare power. Granted it makes him mortal for a day or two but I cannot see Hulk walking away from it after Superman having to use it against his strongest villains. Hulk has Super Strength and that is it. This is not a fight to the death strictly speaking, he does not have to kill hulk, but he most definitely beat the hulk. (also anyone who is using that stupid secret wars cover… its an invalid argument. Covers are NOT canonical

  • SolracNexus

    I agree with douglas,ive seen the comics,i read a comic about the hulk became so angry because the whole team was defeated because of an invasion,the hulk clapped and destroyed the whole invasion and kept destroying everything,he even destroyed a planet after he jump so high,the team later cooled down hulk and gave him a suit to keep his limits….AGREE

  • Flashman

    Hulk. Hulk. Hulk. Hulk. Hulk. …

    Superman cannot win this fight. Hulk is a big green gamma monster!!!

  • DobbyHouseElf

    How would the Hulk beat Superman? Superman (although he has many faults) can only be beaten by Kryptonite, and last time I checked the Hulk did NOT keep a store of kryptonite for just such an occasion. The Hulk, on the other hand, is far more vulnerable. He turns into a weak human and you could harm him in many ways, he was even killed a few times in the comics! No, unless by some AMAZING luck the Hulk had Kryptonite on him when they got in a fight he would lose. Please tell me if you have a response to this, but otherwise I believe that Superman would definitely win.

  • Jackson Whitten

    Oh my gosh why should this be a question superman would destroy hulk, yes hulk lifted up a mountain but he was struggling and superman moved the whole earth! Which is literally ALL the mountains and every thing else you see on earth. Also even if they were the same strength (which there not) superman has a truckload of powers and all hulk has is strength which doesn’t even come close to compare to supermans strength also what if superman just put him in outer space? Then what? No question superman would win.

  • Tristan

    hulk would win no question. yeah sure superman is super strong but in the avengers assemble series he is literally stronger then gravity its self. superman wouldn’t even be able to get the hulk off the ground. the hulk is the strong thing in the universe, i can’t tell you how many times it says that in comics movies and tv shows. hulks skin is everything proof, so don’t even try to say “well superman has laser vision and could just fry the hulk” the hulk doesn’t give s***. he would laugh in superman’s face and crush his little kryptonian head.

  • Dillon Dale

    Superman can die and hulk cant so argument is over now. The angrier hulk gets the stronger he gets. He can breath underwater and out in space. Superman has been killed by Batman and Doomsday.

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