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The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • reality

    What fucking night matters…hulk dont own bat eyes to see at night…fuck off losers for saying superman can blindly see at night….one word…crush..superman can crush hulk or rip him in 1000 pieces …superman is superman….the strongest….i am no superman fan ..i like marvel more than .gotham…but i think…no i know superman will win…hulk would not be also able to defeat qui ksilver…or if hulk is 10 superman is 100….common sense people..just common sense….dont you read comics hulk is very big…hulk cant even lift a mountains like everest…superman carrires planet…mountain is 1/100000000000 of whole earth..bullet cant pierce superman eye’s …but it piece hulk eyes like a cake,….how that big dump brainless brain can get kryptonite…he has no brain like batman….this debate is very easy…..superman win
    Reality is…hulk is definately not supermans level…

    • Isaac

      You ask us if we read comics… then you go on to say “Gotham” instead of DC… Then you say the Hulk, which can withstand a bullet even to the eye, cant withstand a bullet to the eye. But Superman can? Again that isnt in the comics but in the movies. You also say the Hulk cant lift a mountain… he has punched and completely obliterated an asteroid 2 times the size of earth. Hulk gets stronger smarter bigger and faster the more mad he gets. When Superman gets mad he… what?… gets mad? The Hulk obviously wins.

  • Charles Alex

    Hulk’s strength comes from his anger… so Hulk will get stronger with time in the fight… superman’s strength is fixed…so simply compare.. big number vs infinity

  • pizzaparty97

    hulk has more votes….popularity triumphs comic facts

  • BigTruth!

    Hulk has more votes = the peoples are smart and facts (and popularity) triumphs.

    Anyways, Hulk should win. Hulk is the strongest one there is!

  • Incrediblewolf22

    I think the Hulk will win.

  • thushjanth

    the people who came up with the hulk said that in a fight between superman and hulk, superman would win so yea :) google search it if you like. PEACE hes a fire in his lazerssssssssssssss

  • darkman

    Hulk has no limits, is indestructible + no weakness.

    Superman is no match for an angry Hulk . The problem for Superman is the more he pummels Hulk the more angry Hulk will become and inturn stronger will he get (a vicious cycle from Supermans point of view) until superman won’t have a place to hide.



    • Isaac

      Steve do you really think it would be that easy for Superman to carry Hulk to a distant planet? Did you ever stop to think of the Hulk getting out of Supermans grip?

  • Maxe

    Hulk wins clearly

  • Maxamillion Sealio Aloran

    Hulk may have lifted a mountain, but that’s nowhere near having the strength to move a planet!

  • Cäsar

    move a planet is easy!

    exemple: the strong mens moving trucks but can he lift the truck?! NO!

    hulk can lift the mountain, the planet etc. he has no limits. hulk is the strongest!

  • Thushjanth

    if superman throws hulk into the sun and if somehow hulk can regenerate from being burnt he will end up getting burnt over and over… ouch thats got to burn for all you hulk supporters =P

  • Jeganthan

    The anger he become the stronger he is. HULK!!!! superman can’t get stronger anymore his strength just permanent

  • Isaac

    Let me tell you all something. The Hulk is made of gamma energy/ radiation. Kryptonyte has, though small, gamma radiation. So while the effect would be minimal it would still be evident. While Superman is breathing hard and battling minor nausea AND fighting the Hulk, he would be killed in about 10 minutes of fighting. Another thing. Superman doesn’t take life. So while the Hulk will kill Superman any chance he gets, Superman would aim to knock him out, freeze breath him, and throw him in space. But Superman could never be able to do that since fighting the Hulk is impossibly tasking. The more mad he gets the smarter, faster, bigger, and stronger, he gets. Hulk beats Superman end of story.

  • Rohith Koritala

    superman already is worthy and can lift thor’s mjlonir…what else can be said?

    • Sonic Boom

      Read comics or look animated videos:

      Hulk lifts Thor’s Hammer. And Hulk have crushed Thor’s Hammer!!!

    • Isaac

      The point isnt because hulk is worthy, its the fact that the Hulk could break the asgardian enchantment. Plus I actually dont think Superman good lift the mjlonir… it all depends on the enchantment. I heard that DC and Marvel were going to team up soon to make some movies about who would win… could be rumor though

  • Jester15

    Advantages of Hulk:
    -limitless strength
    -increases physical abilities, (strength, stamina, endurance, ect) via rage and energy absorption.
    -insanely high level regeneration and healing factor
    -adaptive physiology and anatomy
    -one of the most intelligent beings in the Marvel Universe (current incarnations)
    -defies everyone of the laws of physics
    -effectively a living supernova (a nova bomb if you will)(worldbreaker)
    -invulnerability (immensely high)

    Advengages of Superman:
    -kryptonian physiology
    -beyond superhuman strength
    -heat vision
    -solar radiation absorption
    -flight (yes… faster than a speeding bullet)
    -super breath
    -invulnerability (immensely high)
    -high healing factor and regeneration
    -superflare (a.k.a a release of all stored solar radiation)
    -beyond superhuman senses

    I still say Hulk wins.

  • supernoodlepotato

    hulk wins because he is GREEN XD

  • Sonic Boom

    Easy: Hulk.

  • USA

    Hulk wins. His Powers and abilities are too strong. Definitely a mismatch.

    But Superman has more fun with his abilities… :)

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