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The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • Rocknrollzombie

    Superman Advantages:
    1) He’s invincible (like I just told you)
    2) He can destroy ANY planet
    3) Hulk is an idiot
    4) Superman can defeat SUPER SAIYAN 4
    5)If I see Hulk defeat THE WHOLE JUSTICE LEAGE + BATMAN then I’ll belive he’ll win
    (Not really)
    6)Hulk is not invincible

  • Rocknrollzombie

    Oh and also superman can shove himself in the sun and he gets ultimate power and trust me when I say this……IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    hulk can stare at superman and he will die

  • 0rc321

    Superman would use heat vision and cut hulks guts out. He may be strong but Hulks not immune too heat. and I agree with XxPrImEIaMxX Hulk is NOT stronger than Doomsday. If Superman could beat Doomsday he could beat Hulk.

  • Max

    While Hulk would pummel Superman relentlessly, Superman can only be killed by Kryptonite. Hulk’s cooler and better, but wouldn’t win.

  • GermanSuperman7

    Superman is Superman. He can lift planets , fly faster than a speeding bullet and shoot radiation out of his eyes, Hulk may be strong but no way could he beat Superman, plus Superman’s beaten Doomsday before so it’s the same idea.

  • H.D.

    Okay, I don’t know if what I am about to type will make any difference in this long drawn out conversation over nothing because…why do you all really care about who would win? They are both good guys (supposedly) and shouldn’t be fighting each other.

    First of all, Mrs. Kent made Clark’s uniform in the original comic book. She must have been informed by Clark on how to do this because the cloth is from…Krypton. This makes it a very durable fabric, enough to travel through time. Why the cape falls apart in battle is beyond me because the material is from Krypton. Secondly, in the cartoon/comic book where Luthor gains the ultimate power to beat Superman, Superman tells him “I’ve never had the chance until now to use all my power.” In other words, Superman never uses all his strength to battle anyone until that one moment. He doesn’t want to kill anyone.

    Okay, now the Hulk. He supposedly has the genetic structure of all the best elements of any living thing on this planet, earth. Not other planets, just earth. Therefore, that is his limitation. It is true that he can adapt to nearly every scenario one can think of, but he’s a human with gamma radiation as his steroid. We’ve all seen him at various heights in his hulking figure. His pants/slacks, no matter what color they are always turn purple when he becomes the Hulk. My question, “Who has really researched to find out if all colors turn to purple once gamma radiation is poured into them?”

    What does this have to do with anything? The Hulk has been green as well as other colors in comic books. This tells me that there is a genetic flaw in his makeup no matter if he’s human or transformed. None the less, Superman doesn’t have a genetic flaw. He’s a humanoid from Krypton living on a less denser planet, which enables him to have super powers. Thus, unless he comes into contact with something negative from his planet, he is basically a perfect humanoid (so to speak). This is why Superman would win against The Hulk. All he’d have to do is knock him unconscious or use any of the other hundred abilities he’s not wanting anyone to know about…yet.

  • Aymendj


  • Hulk

    If they have to fight then its need to be both superman/hulk at there best.superman has beaten hulk in an elsworld comic but that was dodgy writing and negotiation.That being said the beyonder once probed hulk and found that that his strength/healing/rage are infinite and know no bounds so hulk wins cmon hes marvels best and hulk is immortal it took a god Zeus to beat hulk and that was unfair Hulk is stronget than any immortal and most immortals in wwhulk form .example superman gives his hardest blow hulk takes and come bk with a bow far more powerfull his strength is endless when superman fought doomsday he died and doomsday aint got unlimited strength he has a max lv like superman hulk does not Hulk wins and btw hulk would destroy doomsday.

  • Alucard

    Superman is more powerfull that the hulk. In All the crossovers, elseworlds etc. superman has always defeated the hulk. Superman silver age And superman prime are the most powerfull SUPERMEN in Dc. World breaker hulk is nothing against them.

  • Idontcare

    There’s NO comparrison, Superman would Win everytime, There’s no question.
    Hulk is strong, But Superman is Superior in everyway, end of Story.

  • Gohanwan

    superman can just fly back in time to before hulk got his powers and kill Bruce right then and there. problem solved. also if superman wanted to he could absorb the gamma radiation and become a super hulking man thing and womp on anyone that ever opposed him, ever

  • Hulk Smash

    does it matter who wins come on guys they are just comic book characters. you guys are too into this battle of who would win. they both have strangth and weakness. true hulk is stronger and smart sometimes and superman is strong and smarter than hulk. it gets comes down to location and enviorment. and badass you are a very big BITCH YOUR ARGUMENTS MAKE NO SENSE

  • Hulk Smash

    i meant to say “It comes down to” not “It gets come to” sorry my bad

  • fairport2

    hulk would destroy superman, I mean superman my have super-powers but hulk can jump from continent to continent plus he can breath under-water and in space, and has incredible strength and last but not least he can move faster then superman.

  • levi3254

    Hulk would get ruined. Think about hulk has super strength… thats it. super man has that along with many other power. Super man grabs him throws him in the sun. And thats the end of it.

  • vince saligue

    Superman always win at the end. He defeated Hulk, Goku, Thor, Dark Phoenix and Thanos………..

  • vince saligue

    1.Superman beheading the hulk using his bare hands.
    2.Killed Goku and Knocked Thor out and carried Mjolnir.
    3. He Carried 2 planets using his 2 hands.
    4.Black Hole has no effect on him.
    5.If hulk can survive Nova blast from human torch, so can Superman. He can even survive inside the Sun or Swimming in the Lava of a Volcano.
    6. Defeated Thanos but took a long time
    7. Knocked glactus into Mars.
    8. Carried an island made of kryptonite and shot it into space
    9. Hulk skin can be hurt by 50 caliber bullet. He shields/covers his eyes so that he can’t be shot but superman can withstand any bullet or weapon even if it is directly pointed in his eyes.
    10. He ambushed and Defeated the Avengers even if his only one standing

  • Dennis Earl Mcneer Jr

    So, every time Hulk gets punched, he gets madder. When he gets madder, he gets stronger. That puts his upper strength as unlimited. How does Superman beat “unlimited”? Anyone that thinks this would not be an unbelievable fight really is a “fanboy” of either Hulk or Superman. And why is it that NO ONE can discuss this rationally without juvenile insults against someone that disagrees with them?

  • Werdup

    If savage hulk goes wild superman has no prayer. His strength is limitless and supes would not be able to deal with the intensity. Hulk could take doomsday as well. So hulk wins then gives Wonder Woman her first non amazon induced orgasm

  • Connor Eberhard

    Supermans strength was tested exceeding that of 200 quintillion tons that’s enough to pull the earth away from the sun. He also has a molecular structure more dense than titanium. He also claims to be able to move ten times the speed of thought

  • mohammedalkhater

    Hulk Wins!

  • angel2020

    ALL FAIR WORNED HEAR SHOULD KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH HULK IS A VERY STRONG BEING AND HE IS INCASE YOU GUYS HAVENT FIGURED IT OUT SUPERMAN NICKNAME THE MAN OF STEEL THE MAn of tommorow infact to lay out sum truth for you young bucks superman arose around 1938 by 1959 the charactor was so strong and powerfull they had to struggle to cume up with acuall problems and situation to chalenge him do to the red sun that nurished him there for today the charactor of superman today almost 60 years later the charactor is easilly not only the most powerfull charactor in the dc universe but also easilly the most powerfull being ever and dont forget it bitches not only am i laying in the facts you dont believ me email joe shuster and jerry siegel his creator but also if your wundering is he a superman fan or just a logicall person iam both superman all day so regardless thats my one right there who else hear believes superman is the worlds greatest hero ever???!!!

  • Stevewithalisp

    Hulk is much stronger than superman. superman has a limit to strength, but hulk doesn’t. superman is definitely able to use tactics to his advantage, as well as speed and flight (and the other abilities he has) to his advantage, but hulk is basically indestructible. what he lacks in brain power he makes up with in regeneration, Extremely tough skin, endurance, and strength. even if superman could keep the battle going it would end after the sun goes down. I believe hulk would win. By the way even if superman took hulk into space i don’t think it would mater, because the comics and movies never flat out said hulk needs to breath. since hulk has regeneration similar if not better than wolverine’s, his lungs would keep healing, meaning he shouldn’t need air to breath. By the way i like Both Hulk and Superman. All the people that say superman is as strong as hulk, just because superman is strong enough to move a planet doesn’t mean anything. if hulk wanted to he could move two planets. Superman would be one of the most difficult person hulk could face though.

  • HULK SMASH!!!!

    Batman could easily kill superman cos he always has kryptonite on him but no other superhero has so Batman could kill superman and if he wanted Hulk to win all he has to do is give hulk the kryptonite and tell him to go to superman and superman would die

  • Logan

    Superman cause he can only die by kryptonite

  • Darkrey

    Hulk as said here:

    His Thunderclap and whatnot will be too much, plus he keeps getting stronger as the fight goes on.

  • Zone_Ender

    Superman vs The Hulk isn’t even a question. Superman wins hands down.

    First, The Hulk can’t use kryptonite so Superman’s weakness isn’t a factor. Second, saying Superman’s strength is limited is false. Superman’s power is as limited as the star in the sky. Third, the greatest feat of Strength (not surviving The Hulk has survived some pretty heinous explosions) in The Hulk’s entire universe is when he holds the tectonic plates of Sakar together. Superman beats this in many ways. Superman can: move solar systems, literally punch holes in dimension, and hold black holes in his hands ( due to the gravity field Superman emits which allows him to fly and stops black holes from pulling him apart at the atomic level but as the Hulk does not have one of those throwing the Hulk into a black hole is one of countless ways Superman can defeat the Hulk).

    Not only is Superman 89 billion times stronger then The Hulk has ever been, he can move faster than the speed of light, Think at the speed of light, and has countless other powers. But putting all these things aside Superman can just shoot the Hulk with the phantom zone ray and peacefully send him to another dimension.

    But beyond all this it simply comes down to one simple thing. Superman is able to move faster then the speed of light, this allows him to liquify the Hulk at the atomic level with his punches. Regardless of the Hulk’s massive regeneration, you can’t heal when your liquified at the atomic level.

    Virtually the only argument that could be used here for a Hulk victory is to say that Superman might hold back at the beginning of the fight. In such a situation holding back may give the Hulk time enough to get strong enough to be a threat to Superman.

    Oh wait, what was that, DC has a Hulk he’s called Doomsday, he literally gets stronger the angrier he gets. Then how ever could Superman win. Superman can vibrate through matter and dodge punches just by letting them pass through him at the atomic level.

    Game, Set, Match! Superman WINS!

    Superman as said here:

  • ivanmuhirwe

    the hulk has carried Thor’s hammer he edified the magic of a god can superman do that?

  • Essa

    I think Hulk would kill Superman because that dumb dude who thinks that wolverine cut Hulk in half is possible wait i just messed o
    up people who vote for Superman are idots and I don’t care if it isn’t how you spell it.

  • PMAC

    Superman would win. While Hulk in immensely strong, Superman simply has the greater power set, including super intelligence. Superman has moved planets, withstood flying through the heart of the sun (and came out much more powerful), continually defeated an enemy who evolves to become more powerful (Doomsday), and has even defeated a god in battle on several occasions (Darkseid). Superman could fly at top speed, take Hulk into space and just wait until he is unconscious and reverts back to Banner. Many will refer to Hulk’s healing factor, but remember that Superman has a great healing factor as well thanks to the sun. Heck, in the Silver Age, Superman blew out a star. You can’t get much more powerful than that.

  • The dark knight

    Superman is my friend.

  • To,I

    Hulk is way cooler and would beat Super-Douche. It would be a close fight but Superman will lose due to green envy of Hulk’s strength.

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