The Incredible HulkSuperman

The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • bitch pls superman is a faggot

    hulk would just slap superman in the face with his dick or he would just strangle him with his dick

  • kenny

    Hulk would win the more angry he gets the stronger he becomes even batman has defeated superman hulks blood is posinous from tradition that would a least weaken superman superman has been defeated before by just brute force by one of his enemy’s in the animation shows nothing can change hulk back to Homan but throw a been rock and superman is a wimp haven’t u heard hulk the strong hero there is

  • Who cares

    Hulk wins you all need to realise that the hulk has no end to what he can do he gets mader and stronger the denser his body becomes he can get to the point were super man can throw him in to the sun and he will be unharmed superman is a man who gets most of his powers form eats atmosphere yes that’s right power from the red sun but in the new film that don’t flay on there home plant nor do that have superpowers in face that ha be nothing there just advanced race if he leaves earth he should not be allowed to fly same as when he gose out to look for his home plant bull shit he would have lost it all and frozen the second he left the red sun rays also you can snap a criptonions neck also shown in the new film superman hulk could win superman could win it’s who you like the best also sorry for spelling I’m dislexic

  • Strangr

    come on u guys are making this complicated superman will whup his ass maybe for a long time but IVENTUALLY hulk will win superman DOES lose energy and hulk well you girls should now the rest…

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