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The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • General-Zod

    Superman’s truest most powerful feat is breaking into Heaven itself and wrestling the Angel Gabriel to get someone out of there. That defeats all of Hulks feats. My Silver age/Golden Age Superman comic collection is locked away in storage.. That actually happened. In World War Hulk – Hulk go taken out by a laser. A powerful one, but it was still a laser.

    • Ben

      He wasn’t “taken out” by said laser.
      He submitted to the laser. It was fired on him under his explicit instructions to help him stop.
      Hulk was afraid he was gonna destroy earth on accident. Also, in World War Hulk he was holding back drastically by his own admission.

      • General-Zod

        How did the laser manage to revert Hulk back to Bruce Banner?

        • Ben

          Absorbed all gamma radiation from his person.
          Afterward the intelligencia used it to create an army of hulks, including Wolverine, Spider Man & Deadpool (that one didn’t follow the script), that Rulk defeated solo. Banner had to reabsorbed the radiation because it was killing all the “Hulked Out Heroes” along with a large portion of the USA armed forces. And Banner is the only known being capable of withstanding the Hulk’s radiation.
          Samson died trying to help hold the machine while Bruce absorbed.

  • General-Zod

    Superman once fought Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Odonell in a bar fight and beat them back into the Phantom Zone. Even the Hulk would cheer for that.


    How is hulk winning in the stats to many main stream movies of marvel got a lot of dick riders coming out the closet. Do the research u peasants

    • Ben

      there is another o in too many

  • Swapnil

    Hulk is stronger than superman because hulk can lift up unlimited weight and superman can lift up only limited weight.

  • robert

    hulk is just a matha facka bad ass

  • btay

    Hulk wins and this simple and quick we all agree Superman bleeds and we all agree that superman has super hearing and we all agree hulk has a sonic clap . So superman would bleed to death hulk doesn’t have to touch him . All hulk need to do is clap in his direction. correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Ryan

      Are you stupid?

      • Ben

        Yes btay is stupid.

  • Ryan

    General Zod is a fanboy.

  • Ryan

    For the record superman’s highest showing so far was withstanding 200 quintillion pounds. With one arm. That wasn’t even close to his full potential. On the other hand Marvel clearly states that the Hulks power has no limit. Hulk wins due to superior intelligence and potential strength output.

  • Ben

    Gotta say it’s a little disturbing to see so many dudes getting a hard-on from a Pretty Boy in tights…
    Hey there Kid Quill try practicing what you preach. A planet buster currently heading into a one on one with Thanos kinda Deserves His Props! Try reading a comic book numbnuts.
    Yo Ryan…
    You nailed it on the Zod fanboy.

    • Anonymous

      Of course you’re defending the shirtless green giant…

  • Ryan

    If the Hulk beats Thanos that will be stupid. But it will finally be something Hulktards can use against Superman.

  • Lewis Lew Lew Youles

    Hulk just gets stronger the longer the fight goes on….. regeneration…… I just can’t see superman beating him in a toe to toe fight, he’d just have to try a calm the hulk down

    • Anonymous

      Superman wouldn’t even be hurt, he’s invulnerable, so he doesn’t need regeneration.

  • Louie Albert Cutway

    I am keeping it on hulk side because I have his nick name THE BIG GREEN MONSTER

  • Stephan Getta

    I’m going to end this once and for-all. I could explain or go into many details but it is in fact very simple. I am not biased toward any hero/villian what so ever. 2 Large things come into play. 1. how the rules of each universe interact and take priory, be it physics, biology or ECT. We have to understand we are looking at god like beings. For any fight no matter who vs. who we have to have rules, like any organized fight there are limits and rules. The lead for example is any being who could manipulate time or space. These powers are simple banned in any fight,as if used, purely boil down to the earliest being to come across or control their power can simply make their opponent cease to exist and therefore the fight never takes place and is no victor. This fight like many others largely depend on the conditions and rules of the fight, as well as the one most important factor when looking at beings of god like or near infinite power. Intelligence. The simplest way I could say this is Bruce Banner, Scientist. Vs. Clark Kent, Farmer. In any fair fight we have to assume this fight is planned. we know and they know where and when this will take place. Both will show in peak shape, and ready for a fight. We also have to consider that these beings will have weaknesses, the easiest to exploit will have a large disadvantage. My favorite example to show how god like beings would fair in a fight is Goku vs. Superman. While Goku could simply destroy superman with great ease, In a straight up fight with fair conditions Superman will win every time. Superman is a being who draws immense power from a source and stores it, Goku can also do the same, but not as important, he simply has a large reservoir. Goku would lose every time for 2 factors. He is simply uneducated. He will not know of superman’s weakness, simply taking the fight away from a red star will be enough for him to win. This is one simple way Hulk can win, he will know this weakness and have a plan for such. Second,the fighters personality and character flaws or quarks, Goku will only fight a being at theirs best and strongest. Pride. While this has less of a factor on this fight, these are the two things that will determine the outcome of most godlike beings fights. This fight isn’t truly about Hulk vs Superman, it comes down to Bruce Banner vs. Clark Kent, and who can expose the weakness of the other first. This is a fight of a Genius and Generator vs. a Farmer and Battery.

  • Elijah


    • Doomsday666

      Try knowing both of the characters before speaking.
      What would he use to blast his brain? Characters as strong or stronger than superman (Sentry) could barely even break skin not to mention skull.
      And Hulk is immortal regardless of what kind of sun he is under.

      • Anonymous

        How about Superman throws him IN the sun, let’s see who’s so immortal then.

  • Comicboy

    All right every one i’m going to write down all the battle advantages of Hulk and Superman.
    Hulk: He can battle any one any where[including space]. let’s say that hulk punched Superman to a galaxy which has the red sun or even better he Smashed the sun in our solar system or if they were fighting in a other universe hulk would smash the sun in there . Superman would be then weaker and hulk would win! It also depends how Hulk’s mood is doing. if he was proper angry like betty ross dead angry he would deafet superman .
    Superman: he could get hulk back in time but that would be a bad idea because he might have destroyed all of metropolis and as soon as baby superman lands on earth Hulk would get him. And Hulks skin can heal any flipin scar you could think of

  • VeiledTheory

    Superman obviously beats hulk according to power. Hulk beats superman according to popularity.

    • Anonymous

      …Sadly yes,the people love Marvel.

  • Sarah Jane Smith

    somewhere someone on here said Superman was the first superhero… I just want to point out the Phantom was created and published before Superman… Also I agree with Stan Lee on the whole who would win Blah blah blah or Blah blah blah, who ever the writers want to win that given day…

  • Callum


  • zack marks

    the hulk is radioactive and so what superman can fly the hulk would jest punch him in the face

  • Michael Young

    Hulk would smash him into pieces.

  • The N0OB

    Personally… I think this would be a draw. I think Superman would be dealing outputting immense damage to Hulk early, however Hulk would start to catch up because he gets more powerful in nearly every way as he gets angrier and takes more abuse. None the less with that stated I really don’t think either character would honestly be able to really definitely beat the other it would just turn into one long ass battle. Plus the amount of factors and versions of each hero factors in too which makes this almost impossible to determine a victor. This is coming from a thor fanboy however so im not really biased towards Hulk or Superman

  • killer57

    If hulk got kryptonite while he was Bruce banner he would win because super man would be weak. Duh!

    • Anonymous

      People, Superman DOES have defenses (however temporary) to kryptonite. It’s not like you break it out and he crumples down to the ground,unable to move.

  • yragcom1

    Seriously, if Batman could beat Superman, I think the Hulk could, too. Hulk wins.

    • Anonymous

      BATMAN CAN’T BEAT SUPERMAN!!!!!!No one can,not Batman, not the Hulk.

      • yragcom1

        Already happened in Dark Knight Return by Frank Miller.

  • pacboy 23

    Hulk would win because first of all hulk can’t die second superman can. I’m a superman fan too but I would say hulk would win this time.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone dies and Superman’s more invulnerable than Hulk, plus he has more powers.

  • pacboy 23

    Plus the angrier the hulk gets the stronger he gets. He has no limits. He can regenerate and stuff. He can adapt to anything even space and other planets and galaxies. Superman needs the sun to heal. Plus the hulk and Bruce Banner are smart enough to beat superman. I’m sorry superman but u lose.

  • χαραλαμος


  • χαραλαμος


  • anu

    hulk will finish spiderman

  • Austin Stanton

    Of course superman will win simply because he has more powers than hulk which gives him an advantage.

  • Albert V.

    Superman is basically omnipotent but never truly displays it because he holds back but if he didn’t hold back he could take on pretty much everyone or anything.

  • Marvelguy9000

    Hulk cause Doomsday killed supes with extreme physical trauma (beating him to a pulp) so i don’t see why the hulk can’t do the same.

  • YouNoIt

    Superman is the original, end of story.

  • Jordan

    This was the most pointless discussion ever. Superman can deliver 100,000 punches in the blink of an eye so that’s one way he wins. He can also use heat vision to lobotomize the Hulk. Also, even the Thing has beaten the Hulk. Like, it’s not a difficult task especially if you’re super strong, super fast, and have heat vision. Even if the Hulk had kryptonite fists, Superman would still KO him easily. The only reason that Superman wouldn’t win is that he wouldn’t kill the Hulk because he’s too nice. The End

    • DisqusG52

      Also, if Hulk leaped at Superman, he could just use his super breath to blow him into orbit without ever having to touch Hulk. As soon as Hulk is in the air, he is helpless.

  • Chris

    Hulk is way better

  • Cookie Monster

    In the recent Superman movie “Man of Steel” Superman kills general Zod at the end of the movie by snapping his neck. Correct me if I’m wrong but Superman and Zod share the same fictional super powers, strengths, and weaknesses. This suggests to me that if the Hulk got a hold of Supermans’ neck and squeezed it hard enough, consequently would do to Superman what Superman did to Zod.

  • jay

    Funny for the most part the superman fan’s have the more intelligent arguments. While the hulk fans well….They are hulk fans lets not expect too much from them.

  • hulk

    Hulk would crush superman any day world war hulk would just flick superman

  • hulk

    I agree with everything Douglas hill said

  • dc sucks

    I hate how DC makes powerful people like superman and a mortal man like batman can defeat him like seriously ? just
    cause of the krypontie but a badass like hulk can’t ? ughh Jealous dc MARVEL WINS


    First off superman is not invariable he has been beaten by darkside most of the times they fought and even when the hulk lost a fight he came back and kicked the guys ass

  • damian wayne

    sorry look up superman prime hulk to him is a mouse

  • Supermen

    Supermen would win hoof hulk cant fight for ever lol

  • ricky 2by4

    superman punches hulk into sun, superman blows up sun, superman wins

  • KillerRatz

    Lol u guys do know Superman wins this by a land side first of all Superman is way stronger then then the Hulk being able to lift 66.6 quantillion tons at base and while going next to the sun being able to lift 200 quantillion tons in one hand and he said he is able to do more while Hulk was only able to lift a continent at his strongest plus RAGE IS NOT SUSTAINABLE HULK CAN DIE IF U GETS TO HIS LIMIT OF RAGE!!!! Secondly Superman is able to travel thousands of times if not billion of times FTL he can even keep up with the like of the Flash also he can phase threw objects and his striking power can kill the hulk with one punch shatter him to bits while Hulk is not even faster then the speed of SOUND LOL. Intelligence well Superman wins this easily able to target Hulks pressure points FTL and his reaction speed is way faster then hulks and his intelligence is far beyond that of even Bruce Banner, Hulk, and even Tony Stark combined Superman is a super genius able to learn anything in a matter of minutes.


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