The Incredible HulkSuperman

The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • bitch pls superman is a faggot

    hulk would just slap superman in the face with his dick or he would just strangle him with his dick

  • kenny

    Hulk would win the more angry he gets the stronger he becomes even batman has defeated superman hulks blood is posinous from tradition that would a least weaken superman superman has been defeated before by just brute force by one of his enemy’s in the animation shows nothing can change hulk back to Homan but throw a been rock and superman is a wimp haven’t u heard hulk the strong hero there is

  • Who cares

    Hulk wins you all need to realise that the hulk has no end to what he can do he gets mader and stronger the denser his body becomes he can get to the point were super man can throw him in to the sun and he will be unharmed superman is a man who gets most of his powers form eats atmosphere yes that’s right power from the red sun but in the new film that don’t flay on there home plant nor do that have superpowers in face that ha be nothing there just advanced race if he leaves earth he should not be allowed to fly same as when he gose out to look for his home plant bull shit he would have lost it all and frozen the second he left the red sun rays also you can snap a criptonions neck also shown in the new film superman hulk could win superman could win it’s who you like the best also sorry for spelling I’m dislexic

  • Strangr

    come on u guys are making this complicated superman will whup his ass maybe for a long time but IVENTUALLY hulk will win superman DOES lose energy and hulk well you girls should now the rest…

  • Sam Castillo

    If you guys knew your hero right than I would just stop talking first of all hulk will win hands down 1st of all hulk can lift a mountain in calm mood . has broken onslaught armor . can release gamma radiation and superman can just easily die by that as soon in the superman and wonder women comics when he almost died just by a exploding power plant . second hulk has a fast healing factor he has been thrown to the sun before and the suns heat does affecr hulk only for a bit but his healing factor helps him stay on it . in the comics he was literly walking on the damn sun . superman can get all the power from the sun he wants by to much can be a downfall for him swell . another Superman strength doesn’t grow . hulk does . imagine a hit from superman how angry hulk would get . it has been proven that his anger is limitless so hulk will past superman strength sooner or later . just say I guess hulk need a good ass beating before he reaches the the strength to take his enemies down . and yes hulk isn’t so smart in combat and thinking wise but through all the battles he been in he has learned . like mind control . breathing in space and etc . hulk is actually very smart now in hulk vs iron man so if this hulk stays like this imagine brains and unlimited strength . sorry superman will put a very long fight but in the end hulk will be victor in this . I mean the world kicked off hulk because he was the most dangours being on the earth . don’t see why they don’t do that to superman? Oh that’s right they can’t because he can get easily beaten by a damn normal person wearing a bat suit and by people who say abracadabra. Lol so kids by hulk will take this win

  • Nate Dick

    My theory in this battle that maybe since it’s said in Marvel Comic Database that when the Hulk enters It’s most powerful incarnation of all the incarnations of the Hulks he be becomes World War Hulk by releases a huge burst of gamma energy that almost crack the eastern seaborne of the United States and destroyed a planet with in the Dark Universe while clashing with Red She Hulk and absorbing all Radiation and Dark Magic to increase his strength and project that energy like absorbing Kyptonite radiation and directed that energy around himself while supermen is near, gets hit, becomes weak, and tore if half by the Hulk. That should get the Hulk to claim victory.

  • Nate Dick

    When I was on the website on Google called Marvel Comic Database I found the Hulk’s powers that can give a chance to give him an edge to defect Superman. When I research about Hulk’s powers, it said he can absorb both lethal dose of radiation and dark magic that catalysis his superhuman strength and project a destructive force of gamma energy or any radiation at the point when he is in the Green Scar incarnation that nearly destroyed the eastern seaborne of the United States. The point his with those powers he can probably absorb kryptonite radiation by swallowing it, when superman arrives the Hulk can go Green Scar incarnation of extreme rage he will project both gamma and kryptonite energy at a blast radius, superman will become weak, Hulk will kill him, and claim victory.

  • Nate Dick

    By away, we all know that an alien monster Doomsday kills superman right? So if you all want to know of how can the Hulk beat Doomsday while Superman can’t. Go to on Grudge Match on that says Hulk vs Doomsday. And be sure to listen very carefully of what this dude that record his information on it. Thank you.

  • crusher

    Hulk has broken superman’s grip and thrown him into space, also, if he has destroyed Adamantium, he could easily rip apart the man of steel, after all, you see him crushing steel in movies as if it were paper. My vote is easily hulk.

  • crusher

    Guys, hulk could kill superman in no time flat. The hulk has destroyed adamantium, making it very easy for him to tear apart the man of steel to shreds. After all, in movies he breaks and smashes steel as though it were paper. Hulk has also broken superman’s grip and threw him into space. Hulk gets his power from rage, and if superman was somehow managing to get the best of him, he would get even angrier giving him unimaginable power. I will easily vote for the hulk any day.

  • Johnny boy

    Heat fucking vision

  • bob

    Hulk is the strongest there is!!

  • DCsucks

    People hulks winning

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