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The Incredible Hulk VS Superman

FIGHT! Superhero Brawl
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  • Chepdawg81

    The hulk is strong and shit, but superman moves planets and holds butt holes , I mean, black holes in the palm of his hand. Whatever I hate the bulk, I mean, the hulk. superman would probably take the hulk over Louis lane any time.

  • Fishc1771

    Ok well, hulk has no limit to his strength technically. Superman does. Hulk doesn’t need to eat breathe or sleep when he’s the hulk so he would live in space and the hulk can survive heat equal to the center of the sun solo. I’m going to have to disagree. hulk wins 10 out of 10

  • Anonymous

    Ok, first of all, its been proven in the comics he can’t stay the Hulk forever, so what he’s floating around inside the sun until what OMG, he turns into Bruce Banner. Second Superman’s strength can move planets from the beginning while the Hulk has to build up to it, if he can at all, and then still couldn’t because he can’t fly, Superman can just rip him apart piece by piece before he even has time to get stronger, ya, he can move at light speed.

    And if you say the Hulk doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or breath, there are versions of Superman like that too… HE’S KNOWN AS SUPERMAN PRIME 1 MILLION. EXCEPT HE’S A REAL GOD! By god maybe you were thinking, “he’s exaggerating” nope he can resurrect the dead, collapse stars, his strength is infinite.

    But not even going there did you not realize the Hulk is helpless in space. He can’t fly he would be stuck there, and all Superman would have to do is send him into a full size black hole. Speaking of which the reason Superman can contain a black hole has nothing to do with his strength. His ability to fly comes from his control over his on gravity field. The Hulk wouldn’t even be able to do this, he would be like all other mater and be ripped apart at the sub-atomic level.

    Superman has no limit to his strength, it is directly proportional to how much sun light he’s absorbing. And a walk to the Daily Planet gives him enough juice to move planets under a red sun… you do the math.

    • Fishc1771

      He can’t stay the hulk forever, but he can stay the hulk as long as he’s pissed off and if he’s fighting supes he’s gonna be for for a while. Second just because supes is a god doesn’t mean he has no limit to his strength, for example Thor, Odin, Loki all have limits and they are also gods. And by saying hulk doesn’t need to eat breathe or sleep has nothing to do with wether supes can or can’t it directly relates to the comments about just putting hulk into space or the sun or whatever. Putting hiinn the sun wouldn’t work because he just going to get more and more pissed off in there. Hulk can’t move around easily in space but he is mobile. To think there is nothing in nspace is ridiculous, there are numerous things hulk can jump from and to, to get him back to earth or another surface, like an asteroid, meteor, star etc. soon the math still doesn’t really add up.third about have hulk build up, in the comics we have seen time and time again that hulk can change and be super strong and dense in a matter of seconds. Becoming bulletproof instantaneously so it wouldn’t take much and he can regen faster than wolvie at a cellular level so supes would have to disintegrate every cell instantaneously to beat him and he just has nothing like that in his arsenal based solely on the fact he doesn’t kill people, so he would have no power to do so.

      • Anonymous

        No he doesn’t, but he can always throw the Hulk into a black hole. Or a star nursery. And Superman does kill people. People who can endanger the earth on a planetary scale, like other kryptonians, namely Zod. And since the Hulk is as dangerous as you say, he’ll even kill giant green Pillsbury doe boys.

        • Fishc1771

          Ok first the whole “throwing the hulk into a black hole or the sun” theory… Have you ever tried to throw something that was also holding on to you… Doesn’t work. So for the hulk to throw supe or the other way around is not going to happen… Second supes is not stupid enough to even think about grabbing the hulk. The only advantage that supes has is his speed. Going back to hulk having no top end power limit if hulk were to grab supes he would crush him. The longer the fight lasts the worse for supes. Hands down supes has nothing in his arsenal to kill the hulk.

  • Guest

    there was actually a crossover comic they made about it… superman won… i dont know why more people are voting for hulk they already fought and the hulk lost

    • You can’t ask DC to let their flagship guy get beaten by one of Marvel’s characters who isn’t even the most popular. That’s politics.

  • Anonymous

    If the Hulk was on the war path, like Zod. Then, yes, Superman would kill him. Believe it or not Superman has killed. And it takes seconds for the Hulk to get stronger. Superman moves faster than the speed of light. He could rip the Hulk apart in nano seconds. If the Hulk is in pieces he can regenerate. Thor and Odin aren’t real gods, there power class is weaker than many DC characters. They can’t resurrect the dead, Superman Prime 1 million can bring people back to life.

    But I wasn’t even talking about Superman Prime as that wouldn’t be fair to the Hulk. Regular, Superman is more than enough. My point was if Superman takes the Hulk to space, he’s just going to be floating there, Superman isn’t going to push him toward an asteroid just so he can push off something. Also if he wants to kill the Hulk he can hurl him at a black hole. No amount of cellular regeneration matters when your being ripped apart at the sub-atomic level.

    The Hulk is not fast enough, The Hulk is not smart enough, and The Hulk is not strong enough to beat Superman. Even in the marvel universe the people who invented the Hulk said that their are being stronger then the Hulk. And if where saying the Hulks eventual strength which may even, though he’s never done it before, reach planetary destroying scales, can beat Superman alone, that’s the same as saying Superman’s strength alone is enough to defeat Batman.

    Now how many people are going to jump and say, hell no, strength alone doesn’t matter in a fight against Batman… and their right, so get the Hulk the hell out of the fucking line.

  • thekilla

    hey fag i would beat the shit out of you if i knew where you live

  • thekilla

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  • Zone_Ender

    Awww. look at the baby cry, when he’s been proven wrong. He can’t defend himself verbally, so he wants to fight. See we live in reality… I can see you got caught up in the Marvel Universe, if you knew where I lived, I would let you beat the shit out of me.

    Because in reality we have lawyers, and even after they sent your 2nd grade ass to prison, and I sued your Mom for everything she was worth after I fucked her, Superman would still annihilate the Hulk unconditionally.

  • Tmgriffith553

    No actually in the comic hulk won because superman wouldn’t kill the hulk and the hulk hit superman hard enough to break his neck

  • Zone_Ender

    And what comic is this, I have yet to read a single comic where the Hulk wins. I know of 3 comics where Superman vs. The Hulk… Superman won them all. I’m really asking? If it exists, I want to see what nonsense they put together for the Hulk to win. I found a way to rap my head around the Doomsday bullshit only because he had super speed, and spikes designed to puncture kryptonian flesh… and they made Superman weak as shit… I’m not going to get into that right now.

    Also people keep mentioning regeneration, while the Hulk has comeback from some pretty heinous shit, I would reserve judgement until he survives exploding planets, stars, and black holes.

    Anyway, no, Superman would destroy the Hulk so unfathomably fast it’s not even funny. The keyword children, HEY, HEY, thekilla focus I’m talking to you too, is SPEEEEEED.

    If you want a real fight lets go for something more plausible, like Superman VS. The X-men. Professor X would rock Superman’s face… well he kinda cheats, but yea. Or minus him and Jean Gray, The bulk of the X-men could distract Superman, while Rouge sneaks up does the sexy, sexy love touch.

    But against, Superman the Hulk is helpless. A man against Time. A child before his God.

  • superman!

    Superman would win this fight hand’s down he is way stronger,faster,ect, let me add a side note why are all you peep’s saying doomsday beat superman because as i see it superman killed doomsday 2 so it would be like a tie and doomsday was able to kill superman because he was Kryptonian to and they did not kill each other they both went into a coma i forget the name of the coma Doomsday was created to be a weapon so yeah that’s why that went down anyway’s the hulk only has one power superstrength which his super-strength is not as strong as superman superman is million’s of time’s stronger then the hulk and would beat him superman may appear weak to many but he is not he hold’s back alot of the time because he could easy kill alot of folks so he hold’s back all the time when he fight’s he try’s to save any one he can it’s just in his nature superman and the hulk all ready fought in a comic cross over hulk lost dont see why every one is voteing for the hulk

  • I mean come on, who has a line other than ‘Hulk is Strongest One there is’?
    yeah, a lot of people could say Sups is potentially stronger at a base, but shit man if he doesn’t take the Hulk out with one hit-one single hit-then it’s a quicker and faster time that Hulk Get’s Angrier with every punch Sups hits.

  • Zone_Ender

    I think this will be my shortest post, Superman can just throw the Hulk into a black hole before the Hulk even realized he was moving. Flight, super speed, super strength, super intelligence equal Superman wins!

  • Superman would pound on the Hulk good for a good while but the Hulk would eventually rip Superman in half like a pinata.

  • necktie ninja

    for superman to win he would need to end the fight fast.though superman can fly,ice breath,heat vision and super strong he would lose because this simple fact the hulk gets stronger as he fights.superman has a limit to his power hulk does not.

  • Mitch-kelly


  • Zone_Ender

    I see how people think the Hulk would win when so many people weaker than Superman have beaten him. From the Juggernaut, to The Thing, from The Invisible Woman, to Ironman, they all took the Hulk solo. How suffocate him he goes unconscious or even dies. Ironman hit him in the head hard enough and he freaking got knocked unconscious.

    Yet, Superman with flight at the speed of light (able to time travel off of how fast he can go), able to move planets with his strength (the Hulk has never moved a planet, while Superman can move many at a time), Heat vision as hot as the core of the sun, and frost breath that can freeze things to absolute zero so that they shatter when hit.

    Plain and simple strength doesn’t enter into this fight, being able to move faster than the speed of light and being strong enough to move planets means Superman can fly the Hulk to space and let him suffocate, “blah blah blah the Hulk can breath in space even though it only happend like twice” fine Superman can fly the Hulk up to space and throw him into the sun,”blah blah blah The Hulk can survive the suns heat with his regeneration” fine Superman can fly the son of a bitch to a fucking black hole.

    The funny thing is Superman can do all three of these things, before the Hulk can even think to fucking move a single muscle!

  • Imsakib

    superman will win

  • dienda

    Hulk ‘s strength is virtually unlimited and is ruthless

  • B.Lems

    I think the hulk has no brain and just retarded and i have three points why is he so retarded. The first point, he gets angry, the secound point, he gets angry, and the third point well you know he gets angry. How retarted is that, you and me know he needs anger management. Superman is more 100 times better than the hulk. And if the hulk mania is right and superman cant win, than Composite superman can kill, destroy, vaporize this anger management easy in matter minutes, it could be secounds but the hulk is to busy running. But we are not talking about CS, but i will say superman we still win, because superman is not retarted and every one knows anger never wins a fight…..

    Even though every one says that kryptonite can kill superman because the hulk will use it, well i think, why use krypto if you hulk mania “thinks the hulk could win”. I say let the fight happen and keep the weakness out of it, and then we will see who’s greater or who’s the loser. And my choice is superman all the way.

  • Zone_Ender

    If they want to put Superman in a fight against Bruce Banner and The Hulk, then I reserve the right to call on Superman Prime. The Superman that invented a power suit, that ya know blocks all his weaknesses. I then reserve the right for Superman to field goal the Hulk into a black hole.

  • Slapstickninja

    Superman hands down, Unless Hulk can get his hands on some Kryptonite, which isn’t likely especially in his rage fueled green state, Superman would punch him with his (stronger than Hulk’s) super strength and then finish him with the laser eyes. And then to avoid the no-one dies but Bucky and Uncle Ben rule he would carry Hulk and fly into the sun (As he does quite regularly in the comics.)

  • Dmtimmy10

    I think Superman is the Ultimate Hero. He has the same or more strength than the hulk. He has heat ray vision, frost breath, wind breath and so on. He’ll just grab the hulk and throw him into the sun and it’s over. Not to mention, he’s smarter than the hulk as well. Bruce Banner has very limited intelligence as the Hulk. How ever it plays out. Superman will win every time no question. It shouldn’t even be a debate.

  • necktie_ninja

    first bruce banner is smarter then superman or at least the same.batman is smarter then superman thats not one of his strong points.superman heat vision or cold breath wouldn’t matter it would come down to who can hit harder and take punishment.superman has a limit to his power were the hulk does not.the longer hulk fights the more power he gets.he doesn’t have a limit like other super heroes.hell marvel even said in it’s books that ever one of its super heroes fear the hulk.superman has only one chance to win by knocking the hulk out with the first few one can beat hulk in a long fight.

  • The Shadow Knows

    Superman can beat any super hero or villain there is, period. Superman can drag the Hulk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and drown his ass in a minute.Superman can also create a sonic boom that would give the Hulk a brain aneurysm. So like Jigsaw says…”Game Over!”

  • hulk smash

    superman has a weakness but hulk dont. on his full rage he will smack the shit out of superman

  • Huami

    Who wins the fight is clearly dependant on the bias of the imaginer. My bias is towards superman, always and forever not only because of his physical qualities, but also the kind of character, values, and upbringing he’s had. Going into the logical detail on why superman is victorious here:

    Both characters have a limit. In order to have someone victorious, you’d have to have limitations. If characters were infinite, then there would be nothing to discuss, just as there is no discussion for the outcome of an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Language has the capacity for form paradoxes like these. In this case, superman’s limit is greater than hulk’s simply with this short scientific fact:

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

    With that statement in mind its already clear the crown goes to superman. His energy is from the sun, the sun that is responsible for sustaining all life in our solar system for billions of years and billions more to come. A googleplex amount of joules of energy is stored within superman. There is a limit however, and you will see that superman dies from overexposure to sunlight. Which is quite realistic because no physical form can ever store an Infinite amount of energy (watch All Star Superman)
    Let’s look at the hulk, he’s bruce banner, a human, that was exposed to gamma rays and has acquired the ability to transform into a hulking beast that grows stronger according to the extremes of his emotions. Now the rational behind hulk’s character is that anger is the antecedent for his extraordinary strength. But that doesn’t mean Hulk doesn’t already have the strength to begin with. His anger and rage is what causes him to release large quantities of energy – an energy that was already potential within him which he transforms into kinetic via the exertion of his muscles, the production of adrenaline, the strengthening and tearing of his sarcomeres. His energy source is not his anger, rather, his already structured physicality, the anger only serves its purpose as a catalyst for release. The statement ‘the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets’ is a childish innaccuracy. The true correct statement is ‘The angrier he gets, the more reckless he becomes’. Recklessness isn’t a measure of power. And I doubt banner eating mcdonalds chicken nuggets is enough to give him power as the hulk to match the energy of the sun itself.

    So there you have it, the reason why superman wins is that his power level is logically and scientifically higher than the hulk’s, quite exorbitantly higher I might add. There is no logical source for Hulk’s power to equate that of the man of steel, because frankly, emotion is an intangible concept, only a completely stupid person would say emotion is a source of energy. Emotion won’t power your house, emotion won’t give energy for plants to convert via photosynthesis, emotion won’t fill your empty stomach. End of discussion.

  • Zone_Ender

    Guys, I’m sorry to do this to you but, its already been proven Superman is stronger, he moves planets. In all the Hulk comics for all the anger he’s shown, for everyone who’s pissed him off the strongest thing he’s done is hold the tectonic plates of Sakaar together. If your going to talk about a fight where the Hulk gets stronger than Superman it would have to last like 3 months for the Hulk to get stronger. Mean while the Hulk weighs what 9 ton, hell lets make it 50 tons. Superman can lift this no problem. Superman lifts him up takes him to a black hole and throws him… done end of the Hulk. No regeneration or anything matters. We also know only one kind of radiation effects Superman and its not Gamma. And yes Superman can survive any star exploding, except red stars. Suns power Superman, he has an entire comic dedicated to him sitting inside a fucking super sun 2000 times bigger than our own.

    Their is no fight with the Hulk facing the real comic book superman (not the one they keep putting on tv) where he wins.

    P.S. Hulk Hogan, you trying to use real science to explain the Hulk that doesn’t work, not even I can explain the Hulk or Superman using real science… try using DC science. It’s way better.

  • savish

    super man has the power which nobody have.This is why he is going to win

  • here we go

    combine both and add super sayain… fuck yes

  • Hulk is strongest there is!

    I have to admit, this would be quite for fair fight….for about 10 minutes. Superman’s strength, durability and overall power is constant whilst Hulk is constantly getting stronger, people say that Superman can move planets but can he rebuild one from the inside, in Planet Hulk the Hulk got so enraged by the prospect of his people dying because of the planets collapse he punched his way to the planets core and pushed the continents back together, moving billions of tons of rock whilst resisting the cores unimaginable heat by sheer strength and willpower alone. Hulk heals all wounds instantly so any bone broken and skin burned by Superman’s strength and eye lasers would fix instantly and after about an hour Hulk would be strong enough to break Kryptonian bones.

    Hulk’s strength isn’t entirely from Gamma radiation, it’s the radiation powering the very atoms of his body, they constantly kill and regenerate the cells of his body hundreds of times per second causing Hulk’s unbeatable healing abilities and it is the reason it is impossible to drown or suffocate him as he regenerates new lungs every nano-seconds so the whole ‘Superman can just throw Hulk into space’ is out of the question, Hulk survived a decade in space in Planet Hulk without aid, plus the moment Superman grabs the Hulk to throw him he’s in the worse place possible for any being the be.

    Superman has struggled with every villain he faces whilst Hulk decimates all in his path, there is no question on the victor. Yes Hulk would recoil and feel pain from Superman’s attacks at the beginning but the moment he see’s enough red Superman would break his fist on the giants face and would eventually be torn apart or smashed into the earth’s core or thrown defeated out of the atmosphere.

    There is no competition

    Hulk is strongest there is!

  • Amazed how many fans think Hulk would have a chance! Superman could hit Hulk millions of times a second & so defeat him before he even knows he’s been hit. The argument about “Hulk gets stronger …” only washes so far as a/ takes time & by then he would have been beaten & b there is a limit as there is a limit to anger before heart failure & passing out. Superman in the Imperix story actually moved a planet after supercharging in the heart of the Sun, which would take him a few seconds to do. Iron Man has knocked out Hulk, Namor has beaten him, Wolverine took him apart from the inside out, The Thing has knocked him out, etc. Hulk arguments usualy quoted means that he can get so strong he knocks out God & squashes Universe! See argument above.

  • Zone_Ender

    “WOW” I GOTTA SAY IT AGAIN “WOW”. “HULK IS THE STRONGEST” you need to check your math… Moving planets is WAY… nope way isn’t good enough, how about moving planets is in a completely different dimension of strength then holding the planet Sakaar together, that took trillions of tons worth of strength. Moving planets takes double that and the measurement is in
    quintillion tons, and Superman has moved up to 12 planets at a time. That’s an estimated 6,600 quintillion tons.

    The Hulks enemies are jokes compared to the enemies Superman fights (with many exceptions this is just in general). And Superman is powered from the Sun, making the Hulk the one with the limit not Superman. Superman can recharge, comeback, recharge, comeback, charge while fighting, and so on. The Hulk has a time limit. Cells don’t just regenerate off of nothing. He has to eat. Superman is like a plant his cells are powered off the sun.


    The Hulk physically can’t touch Superman. As soon as his finger brushes a piece of Superman he could, fly away.

    All Superman has to do is go pick up a micro black hole, a feat not dependent on strength, but Superman’s ability to control his own gravitational field (that is how he flies). And give it to the Hulk, Black holes rip shit apart at the atomic level, there is no coming back from it.

    • gomes

      strength means nothing if you can’t touché the person your fighting

  • necktie_ninja

    first dc would never allow superman to get bet be the hulk. people keep talking about superman moving plants well hate to tell you its easyer to push something then pull. plus u could use the plant own speed to help you move it. also superman does have a limit of radiation he can take to much will kill him seen in allstar superman plus superman also most got beat by the elite. he did get beat by doomsday who is dc’s copy of who the hulk. u would also have to fight on a plant with a yellow sun if not superman has no powers with the hulk it doesn’t I ask a ? to the superman fans who do u think would beat superman.

  • Zone_Ender

    First necktie_ninja, pushing and pulling require the same force, humans are just stronger pushing which doesn’t apply to Superman, as he can move multiple planets at once. Plus All star Superman didn’t get killed by to much radiation, he just became so powerful his body turned into pure energy. And DC 1 million Superman sits in a super sun for 1500 years As for the Elite he was letting them win, so he could setup that show did you actually see the movie or did you just google it.

    Also its not just a yellow sun, any sun other then red gives him his powers, other colored suns give Superman additional powers as well.

    Doomsday is not a copy of the Hulk, he is deadlier. If Doomsday dies, he comes back to life adapted for what ever killed him originally. Also Doomsday has super speed on his list of superpowers. He is also designed to kill kryptonians. The only reason The Hulk might beat Doomsday is Doomsday can’t fly and the Hulk might tear his body to pieces.

    And I’m not just say that Superman is stronger, I’m saying Superman can take the Hulk into space and throw him into the sun. Drop him in a black hole or just fly him into space and watch him float there until he turns back into Bruce Banner and dies. Flight and super speed is why Superman will win. Superman being twice as strong as the Hulk, at the start of the fight, in any comic is just icing on this Hulk Raping Cake.

  • Ronaldo1000

    Simple a super power full alien. Vs a.n experiment gone wrong. Supers wins with ease

  • Gordon

    Hulk can smash, and has limitless strength, power, and durability (that borders on invulnerability) — BUT Superman has him outclassed in just about every other category of every other power. This fight goes to Supes.

  • Huami

    lets see what supes can do to hulk with super speed alone… (this means time dilation of perception, like what spiderman does at the beginning of the film when he was fighting the bully in the locker areas – but at an unimaginable magnitude)

    twisting neck snap
    arm bar snap
    knee joint snap
    fingers joint snap
    elbow joint snap
    jaw rip snap
    eyeball pierce and pull
    million punch meat grinder
    million punch bone grinder
    rib cage snap
    organ pierce and pull
    heart pierce and pull
    spinal cord snap
    from head spinal cord pull
    hip joint snap
    heat vision lobotomy
    dodge all hulk hits (like dragonball dodge)

    … overkill… sorry hulk fans…

  • Dangerous

    Superman can move FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. He could just toss the Hulk into the sun in the blink of an eye.

    Battle over.

    • isaiahR

      you right superman can do way more than hulk can

    • superman cannot move at the speed of light.

  • jose cruz

    hulk will always win no maker what OK he cant be killed as bruce cuz the hulk takes over he don’t need to sleep or eat as the hulk and he has no limits superman does have physical limits and he can be killed by a 4 different minerals and cant be in the shade cuz he get his power from the sun

  • Broken boy

    Hulk Ate Galactus, withstood Gladiators eye beams, torches supernova, held a Black hole core, hulk could eat superman and without gaining any size became world breaker hulk which just from the gamma he emitted alone destroyed a planet just from the movement of his legs he was able to destroy an astroid twice the size of earth, in his hulk form he can lose nearly all of his skin and muscle tissues and grow them back in but moments including eyes whole limbs his stomach intestines even his very brain. he can absorb Gamma radiation and Cosmic energies he has limitless strength speed durability and stamina Superman is limited to his abilities not only this but superman is depicted to age the hulk outlived everything and still kept going strong.

  • Flores

    The angrier he gets the more powerful he becomes has no weakness . It would be a good battle but hulk would still win there’s no limit to the green Goliath!!!!!

  • dude.. c’mon!

    The hulks strength grows exponentially there’s no limit to His strength he can easily match and Surpass that of superman. If doomsday can put superman into a coma let alone make him bleed than the hulk can do plenty more than that.. enough said.

  • Willprot

    All things equal Hulk wins…

    If the story is written by DC… Superman Wins
    If the story is written by Marvel… Hulk Wins
    If they are both DC characters… It’s a draw
    If they are both Marvel Characters… Hulk Wins

    The issue, however, is Marvel let’s you know up front what Hulk is, DC doesn’t stick to what they say Superman is, DC basically says Superman is anything we decide on a whim, to me that’s junk writing.

    First Hulk…
    As many have said, Hulk has unlimited strength and regeneration. He’s had Gladiator try to burn out his heart with heat vision and regenerated even as his heart was being burned, that’s how he is created that’s what he is. Hulk’s gone up against and beaten the Avengers, the X-men the Fantastic Four even the Sentry who is basically Superman x 1000… Sentry is close to a god has no weakness and is able to reconstruct his body even if is completely disintegrated (trying to commit suicide and flying to the center of the Sun) and Hulk beats him.

    Now Superman…
    one minute superman is struggling to stop a train the next he’s destroying planets, one minute he’s fighting gods the next Doomsday KILLS HIM! I’ve seen him brought to his knees in pain by kryptonite on a ring unable to fight back, and then on another occasion move a mountain of kryptonite while just grimacing in pain. All Superman is, is someone who is COMPLETELY human on his planet, but has powers when energized by a yellow sun. He can be killed by kryptonite, magic or after being exposed to a red sun… the bottom line is he is very mortal, he has limits. However he inexplicably exceeds those set forth limits and rules whenever he needs to, no explanation, no reasoning, no nothing…. you can not beat that! But that’s also crap.

    In the end, if Hulk can’t beat Superman, Superman shouldn’t have a comic, not one in which he get’s beat so often and has so much trouble, he should do what he’ll do to Hulk all the time, to all the villains he fights that are much, much weaker. That’s the rub, you have to stick at least a little to what they show the character is like in the comic. If you stick to what Superman is laid out to be by DC (which they don’t often) and what Hulk was laid out to be by Marvel (and is pretty consistent about) Hulk should kill Superman.

  • Junk writing is a character who is so one dimensional – Hulk gets stronger forever. Wow, such a deeep character & doesn’t take into account limits of that argument. Heart failure, passing out though adrenalin satuaration & fact that being a nearly stationary green dumbo means Supes hits him millions of times a second, can’t be hit himself & could hurl him into space/black hole where his strength is useless. Then again Hulk could get so angry he beats God & Allah up & make them make him a new universe Hah Ha.

  • team hulk

    Wow really guys just cause superman can move all fast and what not doesn’t mean he’ll win haha we all know that he go his ass whoop by doomsday!! So what make you think hell beat the hulk???

  • M

    lets face it, superman would not be able to hold onto the hulk for a flight all the way to the sun… so here’s my rant. The hulk likes to do research and im pretty sure if he had to go against superman he would no that kryptonite would take away supermans powers, damn he wouldnt even have to turn into the hulk to stab him with a kryptonite spike and the fight would be over… but lets say that that didnt excist, superman needs the sun to recharge his powers, the hulk could just bear hug him till he was nakered, then pull him apart, superman maybe able to move planets, but we’ve all seen him get pinned down so many times… the only way superman could possibly win is if he let the hulk calm down, because everytime the hulk gets hurt or more angry he gets stronger, which is the opposite to superman, i mean would you waste your time hitting sumone who got stronger everytime u got weaker? superman would have to throw the earth into the sun to kill the hulk, and we all no he aint goin to do that… so regardless how strong superman is, he’s still vulnerable on at least 3 levels (Kryptonite, human sacrifice and energy drain) weres the hulks weakness? and for the idiot who said hulk needs to eat, far do’s in human form yea, but when have u ever seen the hulk stop to get a cheeseburger during his fights? he don’t quit his fight till he’s won :L superman just fly’s off and comes back later lol. And if you aint watched the avengers yet, dnt say super man could just shoot him while he’s a man, because the hulk shot himself in the head tryin to commit suicide, and the green dude spat out the bullet… As far as im concerned Hulk is the winner on all levels, fightings about using ur fist, not xray vision and spandex.

  • M

    o yea i just red a comment about gamma rays that sum dude got of the internet flawing all of the hulks ability’s, seriously dude, did no1 tell you that all of this is fiction??? and lets be real for a minute, its alot easier to get someone to absorb gamma rays, than it is to get some super alien to turn up at earth :L so lets not base fiction on real facts, because gamma radiation does exsist, super aliens dont (untill proven otherwise)

  • hulkfan

    Y’all superman fan are really dumb huh thinking the hulk was lose like he’s nothing. I think hulk will win cause when he gets mad the becomes stronger and heals, supes cant heal or get stronger and the speed thing doesnt work ha we all know he got his ass whoop b doomsday soooooooo what makes you think they hulk cant kill him???

  • supermansadouchebag

    hulks balls are made of kryptonite so superman cant get near him, dont believe me, check wikipedia

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