Apple Iphone 4sSamsung Galaxy Nexus

Apple Iphone 4s VS Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Best Phone Phone Fight!
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  • Wartroy

    ice cream sandwich.and super amoled hd screen. no shutter lag

  • whodunit

    Steve is Dead, his deams will follow

    • observe.

      lol epic comment

      • Tommy

        fuck u hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nokia all the way 666

  • Anonymous

    Flash, Widgets, Live Wallpapers, Real 4G, Faster processor, bigger screen, real customization options. Nexus every day of the year

  • i find the galaxy nexus is better !

  • Wgw5844

    the 4s is just awesome!

  • Nokia Lumia 900

  • Hipster wave incoming
    Also Galaxy FTW. Open Source OS and a whole lot better hardware.

    But no, Apple will forever win because their phones are pretty and glossy and have Angry Birds on them and are made by a fruit company and have the letter “i” in front of them.

  • Dubdubbx21

    who cares

  • Slimsouf

    after 3 years experience with iphone i was bored and decided to break up , it was hard but i had to do it , i was tempted by android experience and took the galaxy nexus and it is amazing, im not saying iphone ios is bad or worse but it s quite different !! large screen fast processor and an amzing android 4.0 the only cons is the non solid cover made on plastic but it is not a big deal 😉

  • the galaxy nexus runs on the latest android version and has greater batery life plus a battery you can take out and it is made by google and samsung 2 great manufacturers and it has 4g its faster runs adobe and a bigger screen with a impressive app store nearly maatchinf that of apple, and camera to camera, gimme a break! also need i mention i have never heard complaints of teh galaxy nexus dropping calls, unlike the iphone. and need i mention the difference in feel? the iphone is a great phone, but clearly outmatched, by many google phones

  • Ice Cold Water Guy


  • wolverinefan

    One word: battery

  • Well both the iPhone as well as Galaxy Nexus tablet are quite satisfied by their impeccable users. But apple iPhone is familiar with worldwide when compare to Samsung tablet. But for that cant say this is not bad. Even now Samsung has launched a new model alike iPhone white looking awesome.

  • iPhone has also attractive service and facilities or well media tool, internet service with social media, photo sharing service are there.But now the Samsung Galaxy has contained much advanced as compare to iPhone service. It has well Apps, Photoshop, USB, GPRS and many interface devices are there with high quality service are provided by Samsung.

  • The Nexus does NOT have 32 GB storage, and there are only rumours that confirm any upcoming model with 32 GB. 16 GB is the correct internal storage…AND there is no support for SD card or any other memorycard.

  • Blazingdragon

    iPhone so wins; much faster

  • Yup

    Samsung phones suck. This was the worst of all the Nexus phones. At least Google got it right with the Nexus 4.

  • trent

    iphone can do more stuff thann galaxy nexus because you can do anything on iphone 4s

    • Noble jones

      No you can’t. you can’t do whatever you with any iphone unless you jail break it.

  • Noble jones

    I am a Samsung user and I clearly say that 4s is better then Nexus

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    advanced galaxy ohone

  • goldy

    Apples break to easily

  • Daniel Jackson

    I have a iPhone 4 and it’s better than Galaxy

  • Spaghetti

    iPhone has Siri.

  • Spaghetti


  • Henon

    Iphone will crack weary fastly

  • Fearless Films

    I’m an iPhone guy… I’m using my phone to type this comment. It’s just more attractive to use. Major selling point and it has proven to be more successful.

The Iphone 4

The iPhone 4S Is a beautiful phone, just like the iPhone 4 because the external design didn’t change one bit! That doesn’t matter though, the iPhone 4S is a whole new machine. Packed with a dual core A5 processor, in benchmarks, the 4S beats the pants off the iPhone 4. Other hardware improvements in include a MUCH better 8MP camera and two antennas that are both utilized intelligently for the best reception possible.

When talking about the iPhone 4S, the release of iOS5 and iCloud cannot be ignored. The advantages of iCloud for most iPhone owners can be summed up in two words: “wireless syncing”. Gone are the days of needing to connect an iPhone to the computer to update and sync it with files on a computer. Packed into iOS are a ton of minor improvements and some major updates. We’re not going to go into all the updates but, “Siri”, the 4S’s personal assistant software is quite impressive and surprisingly “smart”.

Apple has once again delivered on it’s promise of consistent innovation and stellar products, with the iPhone 4S; Regardless of the lack of a re-design.

The Galaxy Nexus

The 4S had a couple weeks grace period before Samsung and Google responded with their own cutting-edge phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The design of the Galaxy Nexus is unique because it has a huge, 4.65” screen sitting behind a curved-glass front. Also, the profile of the phone has a slight “teardrop” shape (thinner up top, wider at the bottom). These design decisions are meant to make the phone more comfortable while holding it.

This phone is not only a beautiful device but with the new Android OS 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the Galaxy Nexus is loaded with features that the iPhone 4S does not have. For example, NFC, 4G capability, and of course “widgets”. Some other interesting bells and whistles include face recognition log in, no physical interface buttons and new photo editing software. The ICS UI resembles Android 3.0, “Honeycomb”, but it has been tweaked in variety of ways to run on both Android phones and Tablets. From all accounts reported so far, the interface is smoother and more streamlined, but the experience is still not as seamless as iOS on the iPhone 4S.

Most of the technical specs of the Galaxy Nexus on paper are better than the iPhone, but due to the tight integration between hardware and software on the iPhone, the same specs on an iPhone are somewhat unnecessary to achieve the same quality of performance.

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