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James Kirk VS Jean-Luc Picard

Best Captain The Final Frontier
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  • Guest

    Picard is the best.

  • Livercide

    are we talking about the best captain or who would win in a fight???? because pickard was by far the better officer and captain, but in a barroom brawl kirk would kick his ass and send him home crying into his personell log.

    • Anonymous

      We’re talking best captain but either will work

  • Stoneriver

    With all due respect for Picard, Kirk was the trail blazer. He had more guts and less foibles. I would have to see Picard in his prime, however, to guess who would win in a fight.

  • Picard… he would turn into Professor X from X-men 😀

  • Hamsterchair

    are you kidding. Kirk, despite which series you like better, obviously kirk would monkey stomp picard in about 6 shots, than he would go have a 3 way with dianna and beverly

    • Nick Kim

      lol right on!

  • pimplefacebasementdweller

    How is this even close? Picard was great at delegating and diplomacy, but it literally took Picard AND Riker to equal Kirk. And come on, how tough can it be if your Starship has more civilians than crew? The original Enterprise didn’t have a day care because it was dangerous out there!

  • Anonymous

    How is this even close? Kirk nailed every piece of alien booty that crossed his path and then some. Even Data got more poon than Picard on screen. No contest.


    in a fight, kirk. whos the better captain, picard.

  • Bullybo99

    It would be very close if they had the same ship class Picard is best captain of his time but Kirk was best of all time Kirk didn’t always follow the rules. But Picard does Kirk would win but both would be great captains and were played by great actors who are great men William shatner and Patrick Stewart are legends

  • Sammyhammy710

    dont know who they r

    • TD23ASUS


      LEL, jokes

  • What?

    Kirk = Picard and Riker transporter fusion.

    The next generation couldn’t handle another Kirk so they split him into 2 beings.

  • Kahlil

    picard is cooler

  • Evan Meyer

    Kirk talks weird 😛

    • TD23ASUS

      Its called overacting. Shatner actually had a disorder (Probably something similar to ADHD) where he had lots of ‘energy’ so used alot of it in acting.

  • Chase ・

    Best Captain, I would say Picard. Kirk would whoop him one on one though, but in everything else, Picard takes the day.

    Well cept in the number of women he has slept with.

  • Dave

    Kirk would win hands down because Pickard is French and they are known to be cowardly and useless at fighting.

    • TD23ASUS

      Lel so true

  • Startrekker

    Kirk is a man of risks and adventure while Picard is more standarized and rule keeping.Next Generation couldn’t handle Kirk so they kicked him out and replaced him with Picard.If it was a fight to the death Kirk would own Picard because of his great fighting skills and experienze in fighting.

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    Picard is the best that’s right.

  • PhaserButt

    The answer is Picard. The competition would be most balanced, taking each captain at a similar age. Young Picard was Borg, and older Kirk was fat. No matter which age one picks, Picard would win.

  • Peter

    Picard would pull off Kirk’s toupee in front of the girls and Kirk would run home completely embarrassed

  • screw kirk

    kirk was a puss puss compared to picard … picard would be way more skilled. it would end very quickly. picard wins by KO

  • TD23ASUS

    Kirk just, he’s Kirk. He’ll just overact saying “Fire Torpedoes” and Scotty will be like “I’m givin’ in all I can sir” and Uhura will just listen to cries of help from new enterprise. Plus in generations, Kirk goes all ‘Punch-Out’ on the villans ass, while Picard couln’t do shit

  • Sam Ward

    This is not about the best fighter or trail blazer, this is the captain contest, and Picard is the better captain by far

  • Godzilla

    Kirk doesn’t wear dresses when admirals arrive for lunch.

  • DKensei

    Picard would win, he”s more of strategist. He takes calculated risks when possible, uses cunning tactical strategies, and remains reserved in tough situations. Kirk is more of a in your face kind of guy. Takes a lot of risks, sometimes with devastating consequences. He doesn’t back down from a fight, is cunning in his strategies as well; but is prone to his emotions as stated from Spock.

  • Guest

    After First Contact, I have to go with Picard. There something about walking into a room full of Borg without a weapon…

  • Orlando

    Kirk can knock a guy out with a tap on a shoulder. he would obviously win!

We all knew it was coming. After all, what’s the Internet without a little flame war? And this one ought to be a doozy!

James T. Kirk, first captain of the Enterprise (maybe not canonically, but you get the idea). A man raised in the Midwest America and better known for his womanizing skills than his captaining skills. His over-the-top choreographed fight scenes and exploration of the Universe delighted many fans in the late 60’s. Many Trekkies consider the original the best, do you?

Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise. For some of us that Internet meme comes to mind. You know the one I’m talking about. Picard’s diplomatic approach to problem solving was less cavalier than Kirk’s, but was more believable. He was a firm leader and commanded respect with his English accent alone. His love of archaeology, diplomacy and the finer things in life gave real depth to a character that saw worldwide success in seven seasons on television and four motion pictures.

So who is it? The cowboy of space or the refined diplomat? Kirk or Picard?


James T. Kirk

  • Final Rank: Captain
  • Full Name: James Tiberius Kirk
  • Date of birth: March 22, 2233
  • Place of birth: Riverside, Iowa, Earth
  • Education: Starfleet Academy, 2250-2254
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: One son, David Marcus (2261-2286)
  • Date of death: 2293/2371*
  • Place of death: Enterprise-B in Nexus/Veridian III*
  • Serial number: SC937-0176 CEC
  • Quarters: On original Enterprise, Deck 5; on refit/1701-A, Deck 5/Room 0195

Jean-Luc Picard

  • Rank: Captain
  • Current assignment: Commander, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E
  • Full Name: Jean-Luc Picard
  • Date of birth: July 13, 2305
  • Place of birth: Labarre, France, Earth
  • Parents: Maurice and Yvette Picard
  • Education: Starfleet Academy, 2323-27
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Quarters: Formerly, Enterprise: Deck 9, Room 3601
  • Office: Enterprise: Deck 1 Ready Room, adjoining Main Bridge

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