Kobe BryantLeBron James

Kobe Bryant VS LeBron James

One on One Match The Hoop it Up Hammer Down
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  • Basketball wiz

    There is a new sheriff in town, his name is KEVIN DURANT!!!!! Boo ya baby!!!!!!!

  • Trent

    WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT….. i swear to God …. you guys


    James James James
    P.S. My name is James

  • jmyb

    It be hard to say who would win in a fight (excluding who may be better at basketball). Lebron is definitely a more intimidating physical specimen, but Kobe has that jordan-esque determination and aggressiveness. If they were both in their prime it would be a coin toss in my opinion, but there are probably a lot more people out there with more knowledge than me on the subject haha. To sum it up I just think Lebron’s bigger and kobe’s meaner.

  • john

    lobron is the best

  • diamondstewart

    You are the best lebron kobe sucks and you lebron is a good at sportmemship

  • diamondstewart

    Freeman willis . You are telling the truth lebron would

  • Ethan

    Of course it would be lebron James he has haled ass these games

    So Lebron

  • Arman

    Michael Jordan…..
    but Kobe would win

  • NickNick 1121

    Labrahn James!

  • Incrediblewolf22

    Yo that might be 4 years ago but look at LeBron Now he is much more fresh than Kobe Look at those stats. You cant beat that. Kobe man its his 19 season he got nothing in his trunk anymore. Just go ahead and retire. Lebron got this from now on.

  • Schocker23

    Obviously it would be Kobe Bryant. One on one is where his skillset is. LeBron is more of a team player that scores a lot by running the fastbreak. He doesn’t shoot the ball as well as Kobe. He can’t post up as well as Kobe. LeBron is the better player, but Kobe would beat him one on one.

  • The Truth

    Kobe and Lebron are not even on the same level. Black Mamba would school him

It’s a given that both Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are amazing NBA basketball players and future hall of famers, but who would win a one on one match between the two? They both have some baggage off the court. Between Kobe’s legal issues and Lebron’s embarrassing theatrics with his decision to go to the Heat, we can assume both of them are not the perfect role models for your children. That doesn’t matter here though! Put how you feel about the person aside. Can Kobe’s resume (one filled with championships and experience) match up with Lebron’s raw skill, athleticism and potential? In a one-on-one match, who would win?


Kobe Bryant

  • Date of Birth: August 23, 1978 (age 32)
  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • High School: Lower Merion HS, Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  • Listed Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
  • Listed Weight: 205 lb (93 kg)

LeBron James

  • Date of Birth: December 30, 1984
  • Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: St. Vincent – St. Mary High School
  • Listed Height: 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  • Listed Weight: 250 lb (113 kg)

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