Kobe BryantLeBron James

Kobe Bryant VS LeBron James

One on One Match The Hoop it Up Hammer Down
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  • WWWaF


  • Williamson Keshawn

    lebron gets no pussy he a faggot with no ring aND KOBE IS RICH FIVE RINGS ALL STAR MVP YOU CANT BEAT EM BRON

    • Trcoleman4

      you rock

    • Hhh

      no ring now? and after Kobe raped a girl I don’t think he’s getting a lot of pussy

  • Freeman Willis

    lebron would tare kobe ass up

  • robbycox47

    lebron would destro kobe in a fight? hes bigger faster and stronger

    • Hamm B

      I’m sorry but what does destro mean? I can’t seem to find it in the dictionary..

      • DisqusG52

        i think destro was one of gi joe’s enemies.

  • kobe

  • kobe

  • kobe

  • Trujillojuan99

    how many rings does lebron have? exactly therefore your argument is invalid

  • Alec Zuckerman

    Kobe bryant 5 rings Lebron 0 rings= Kobe is the closest thing we have to MJ! Suck it up people

  • Ellebelle320

    go LeBron James

    you rock

  • Jman the Destroyer

    Kobe he has rings Lobron dose not END OF STORY

    • Ryepie1984

      Actually it is spelled Labron and he is bigger, faster and stronger than Kobe. He has a better shooting %, has better defense, is a way better passer and is developing a jump shot that is soon to rival Kobe’s.

      • Ztonubbee

        Try Lebron

  • javier valadez

    the answer is simple,cobe because he has more rings,fuck the fact that lebron has a better shooting percenage,gets more rebounds,assists or blocks per game than coby or that lebron is better at defence than coby,remember championships r individual accomplishments without help from teammates, go coby 🙂

  • Stevray10

    KOBE BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kvonnah

    Lebran never raped anyone.

  • Sasukeuchiha807

    Lebron has no rings…Kobe has 5. Enough said.

  • Xavier

    …obviously no one reads…but this isn’t 5 on 5, this is 1 on 1.

    Kobe does have rings…Kobe does have a team too. Lebron (starting 2011) now has a team.

    But one on one, Lebron is too athletic, too big and strong and quicker/younger.

    Kobe has a better shot than Lebron, but Lebron would be doing a lot of posts and inside game. Kobe has a good inside game, but Lebron is a bigger and better defender and will block a couple of Kobe’s inside attempts.



    • Tony Pleasant

      You must be young, Jordan vs every big there was, Allen Iverson vs every big there was. Sperwell vs every big there was. Kobe still has moves better than Jordan. Period!!!!!

  • Xavier

    actually, Lebron’s baggage isn’t as bad ad Kobe’s…i didnt’ mind lebron’s airing of his decision. it was infact, his decision. it’s espn’s fault for agreeing to air it.

    lebron was loyal to the end with his contract. kobe, isn’t loyal to his contract with his wife. (awww and they now divorced…go kobe)

  • Hamm B

    Look even WWWAF is agreeing with Kobe

  • Lorenita_latina

    Its not Lebran, Its LeBum,….trailing 4 rings behind!!

  • Brianna

    lebron is the thats my opinion

  • Nonon

    so lets see rapist or trader

  • Chepdawg81

    Because he will never have a diaper rash with all that baby powder he throws around

  • Devilsrevolver

    I voted for lebron simply because he hasnt raped anyone


    I Voted Kobe Bryant just because LeBron is a pussy. Straight ass mothafucker mr.bigshot wannabe! KOBE THE BEST. Lots of NBA Players chose Kobe Bryant if he will be goin 1 on 1 against Lebron. FU Lebron. Black Mamba will tear up your smelly, big, fat ass mofo.

  • Lebron does have a ring

  • Flores

    Lebron still has years to accomplish Kobe stats he’s got a always To go. but it’s possible they would be more evenly match if they were both the same age. It’s hard to say

  • Nuts

    thats horse shit

  • ron

    why is labums mouth always red because he sucks kobes dick

  • Truth

    Assuming we are talking about a physical fight. Fisticuffs. A good old fashioned punch up…Lebron wins.

    Lebron is a much superior physical specimen and would quite quickly dispose of the Black Snake.

    I imagine that Kobe would do a lot of pinching and biting which would further infuriate the hungry Lebron and thus ending the fight quicker.

    I predict a first round TKO due to a powerful right upper cut from King James.



  • ty foster

    lebron way better then kobe

  • ty foster

    kobe sucks

  • ty foster

    lebron is to great for kobe
    lebron all day
    lebron way better then kobe

  • ty foster

    man kobe sucks and lebron does have a ring.
    so what are you talking about.

  • dj Ray Ray

    When it comes to the true excecution of the game a leader has to have the ability to take charge when his teamis in trouble and excecute efficiently and most of all close out the big game in pressure situations !!! Kobe Bryant is PROVEN !!!

  • dj Ray Ray

    people comment on stats and player excecution in the sport …thats what really defines the better man with consistency !…alll this talk about dick and ass makes no f#@%kn sense !!

  • Alla

    Kobe bryant knows Kung fu dumbasses


    DONT BE A HATER Williamson Keshawn.

  • not kobe he is too old prob cant take a punch

  • jpa


  • kobevslebron

    Lebron is an annoying little son of a bitch

  • Mario Smith

    kobe is a ball hagger

  • Kobe


  • Kobe

    Lebron fades under pressure! Does Kobe? Uh no. Kobe at 28 v Lebron at 28. KOBE all day

  • kingalist59

    Lebron is the best in the world, nuff said


    lebron is the best

  • julian


  • alex

    lebron is way better

  • BitchSatus

    I bet 5 dollars Lebron would whoop Kobe ass

  • BitchSatus

    kobe get all dick

  • up side down cheese bowels

    lebron jems becas up sid dwn chis bals

It’s a given that both Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are amazing NBA basketball players and future hall of famers, but who would win a one on one match between the two? They both have some baggage off the court. Between Kobe’s legal issues and Lebron’s embarrassing theatrics with his decision to go to the Heat, we can assume both of them are not the perfect role models for your children. That doesn’t matter here though! Put how you feel about the person aside. Can Kobe’s resume (one filled with championships and experience) match up with Lebron’s raw skill, athleticism and potential? In a one-on-one match, who would win?


Kobe Bryant

  • Date of Birth: August 23, 1978 (age 32)
  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • High School: Lower Merion HS, Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  • Listed Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
  • Listed Weight: 205 lb (93 kg)

LeBron James

  • Date of Birth: December 30, 1984
  • Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: St. Vincent – St. Mary High School
  • Listed Height: 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  • Listed Weight: 250 lb (113 kg)

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