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Lord of the Rings VS Harry Potter

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  • VVN

    Its not only about oscars.. it about way of feeling it.. Hairy Potter compared to LOTR is nothing .. I love LOTR series and JRR Tolkiens brilliancy and Peter Jacksons direction

  • SilverScorpion 64

    LOTR is the best and would pOWN harry potter and his little wizard friends hands down

  • sadface69


  • Keiran

    Let me just end this right now with simulation fighting:

    Frodo vs Harry. Frodo gets one ring Harry gets magic. Frodo puts ring on and slits Harry’s throat.
    Sam vs Ron. Sam easily wins.
    Pippin and Merry vs Hermione. Pippin and Merry get weapons Hermione gets magic. Eh, I’ll give it to Hermione.
    Gollum vs Dobby. Gollum gets one ring Dobby gets magic. I’ll give it to Gollum.
    Sauron vs Voldemort. Sauron gets one ring, Voldemort gets magic. Sauron wins easily. (Don’t get me started with the horuxes, Sauron could easily track them and destroy them with the rings power.)
    Gandalf vs Dumbledore. Both get magic. Gandalf is an Istari and therefore is immortal. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!! Gandalf wins.
    Orcs and Cave Trolls and Evil Men and Oliphaunts etc vs Death Eaters. Both fully armed. Orcs win, but fairly close.

    Final Score: LOTR 7 HP 1

  • fredcresno11

    The only thing why some idiot peoples said harry potter better because it made more money than lord of the rings *laugh* twilight also made more money than The Godfather but it still bad.
    Harry Potter: Terrible
    Twilight : BLAH…………..
    All teeny films is CRAP. This fight should rename “CRAP FILMS: HARRY POTTER VS TWILIGHT ” and then remove LOTR from this fight. Masterpiece vs Crap????? Oh nya that so unfair.

  • darkman


  • Henon

    Harry is best

    • waterfront

      best?? tell me how many oscars harry potter have?

  • waterfront


  • Edin Ćehić


  • USA

    There can be only one: LORD OF THE RINGS ! ! ! ! !

  • Fearless Films

    I like Harry Potter and I know more about it than LOTR… But I think even all of the magic doesn’t quite match up to the might of Middle Earth. The armies are just so immense in LOTR, but I’m curious as to a battle between say like Sauraman and Voldemort or something… Because they’re both difficult to kill.

  • Game Ovais

    If you for one moment think HP does anything better than LOTR you probably cannot be taken seriously. LOTR absolutely pisses over HP for fun. From the detail of this fantasy world to the complex characters. From the visual effects to the soundtrack. From the tension to the humour, LOTR trounces HP.

  • adrian

    Whoever says Harry Potter is better, they need much help!!!

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