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Lord of the Rings VS Harry Potter

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  • Frodo Baggins

    LORD OF THE RINGS of course ….. the most amazing franchise in history. It won SEVENTEEN oscars, you can’t argue with that.
    Voldemort just wants to get rid of Muggle-borns and muggles. Yes, it’s cruel and all, but Sauron wants to wipe out mankind. At least, all who oppose him. And the LOTR stories show all the elements of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice. It’s the ultimate best fantasy series of all time!!



    • Aryan Mathur


    • andre


    • james scott

      and you are fucking idiot too, go fuck yourself and don’t back until you have at least WATCH THAT MOVIE

    • Sakura Petrescu

      I agree with you

    • palpatine emperor

      you are pretty bloody stupid. talking without the valid argument and good reason. your MUST die!

    • william

      go to HARRY BLOOPER fansite. this is NOT fansite. we all know LOTR is far far far far far more better.

    • toni

      Two words: stupid girl.

  • The Doctor

    This was really difficult choice to make, but I ended up going lord of the rings since they both have magic but lotr has a number of strange creatures(and for those who have read the books Tom Bombadil is definently an advantage)

  • Abm581drago

    Because The Lord of the rings is a modern epic where as harry potter is more kid friendly and cute… The Lord of the rings has more compelling characters, a much darker and far superior story, and much deeper meanings…. Plus jk Rowling took a lot of her stuff from lord of the rings…

  • Galdor Mithrandir

    Gandalf. Gandalf is awesome. He can kill Potter with a flick of his staff if he shows his true power.

    LoTR more Oscars, more epic in scope, more at stake if the protagonist fails his quest. Wetta outdid ILM

    was a linguist and created entire languages to flesh out middle earth.
    Many Harry Potter characters were derivatives of LoTR characters. Don’t
    get me wrong, Potter was a good yarn but Middle Earth reads and feels
    like actual legend. Tolkien’s point was to create a whole non Arthurian
    mythology for Great Britain and he succeeded and Peter Jackson has the
    vision to bring it to the big screen.”

    much better!

  • Michael Young

    Because they have more magic.

  • “Wit beyond measure…”

    You do all claim that LOTR is better just because it is more “epic” than HP. But who cares about Gandalf shouting “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” when wise old Dumbledore is saying interesting things like “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices”? Maybe not you, but I prefer inspiring things rather than “epicness”. LOTR maybe is more epic and stuff like that, but HP definitely is more inspiring. Do you find quirky, sweet characters like Dobby, Luna Lovegood or Arthur Weasley in LOTR? Nope, they are all just epic-epic warriors. Do you find any twisted psychology in Sauron? Maybe I’m wrong, but to me he seems to be just an anonymous epic-epic villain who is seeking for epicness-power-stuff without human background (because he’s a MAIA *EPIC-EPIC*). Harry, Ron and Hermione are children growing to young adults, and I find that coming-of-age journey much more interesting than some epic-epic warriors with epic-epic weapons walking, walking, fighting, walking, fighting just to end up becoming kings and going to immortal worlds and stuff like that. Epic-epic, etc. The ending of HP is much more bitter-sweet, with some of the beloved characters dead and the surviving mourning them, but accepting their own mortality. And Howard Shore VS John Williams? John Williams will always win!

    • Aryan Mathur

      1) Sauron has a lot of backstory in a little book called the Silmarrilion.
      2) There’s all the twisted psychology you could ever need with Gollum.
      3) As for the growing children thing, Frodo and the other 3 hobbits may be 50(ish) but in hobbit terms they are barely adults and re immediately thrown into a world of warriors and fighting. I don’t think you’ve actually read LOTR though, from the way you are talking about it.
      4) Howard Shore> John williams. That’s just personal preference though.
      5) “wise old Dumbledore pretty much ripped off Gandalf”. The good thing about LOTR is that there are both epic fantasy moments and lighter more inspiring moments.
      6) there are sweet and quirky characters in LOTR, for example Merry and Pippin. Even discounting them, LOTR is a very different kind of book from HP, sweet,quirky characters are replaced with creepy, dark, misguided and as you mentioned earlier, noble epic warriors.

      • qwerty

        Also to add about the back story’s I have heard there was a incomplete back story on middle earth that was finished by his son

        • aryan

          Do you mean Unfinished Tales? If you do, there is quite a lot of backstory there. High five if you’ve read it!! It has a lot of the same info as the Simarillion though.
          Also for the quote, Gandalf has said plenty of moralising things like “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    • Tuor Son of Huor

      I strongly disagree. LOTR is very inspiring. There are great quotes (“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens”, “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live
      to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to
      decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” And many others). In fact, There is a much greater depth to LOTR. People often don’t realize this because this depth is not in the movie as much. LOTR is way more inspiring. Do I find sweet characters in LOTR? Yes! Gollum (you can’t help but feel bad for him), Frodo, Pippin, Sam, Bilbo, and even Gimli. Frodo an epic warrior? No. Galadriel an epic warrior? No. LOTR is NOT all about epicness. This is an allusion brought up due to the movies. Do I find any twisted psychology in Sauron? YES! If you read about his history, he is almost an exact replica of Voldemort (or should I say, is Voldemort a replica of him? LOTR came first). Only he is more thought out, more cunning, bigger brains. You say LOTR lacks the growth? In hobbit culture, a hobbit “comes of age at 33” rather than 18. Pippin and Merry are both about 33 and it is fascinating to watch their growth. Frodo grows a lot. Even Gandalf and Galadriel experience this growth. LOTR is very bitter sweet too. Theoden dead. Theodred dead. Boromir dead. Frodo parts with the other hobbits forever (with the exception of Bilbo and Sam). If you really believe that LOTR isn’t bitter sweet, watch the last ten minutes of the extended version. Howard Shore VS John Williams. Are you kidding me??? LOTR music is WAY better than HP music. On top of that, music doesn’t prove which book is better.
      If you really are going to argue HP over LOTR, I could go on all day. Just know that I actually don’t care what you have to say unless you have read LOTR, the hobbit, and the Silmarillion.

      • “Wit beoyond measure…”

        I’m sorry, and I admit that even I can be wrong (I’m just 18, after all). But I think the entire world of HP is more cute and colorful, while LOTR is more of “middle ages” in style. I think the HP-characters are more relatable, that’s it. They seem much more human to me. And in my country (Sweden, that is why my english is so bad) there is an author and rhetorical expert named Göran Hägg (heard of him?) that claims the HP books are in no way an original story, because everything is “borrowed” from older stories, but the totality is much better than all those older books. If Rowling “rip-offed” Tolkien, there are way more of other authors she rip-offed: Eva Ibbotson, Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, (Astrid Lindgren?), Ursula K Le Guin, Enid Blyton, A.A. Milne, P.G. Wodehouse, various mythologies etc. Göran Hägg explains that the HP-series in that way proves that literature can be great without being original. When I speak about Voldemort/Sauron, I mean that Voldemort is the picture of a human, mortal mass-murderer and psychopath while Sauron is more like Lucifer, Loke, Diablo etc, a mythological being that embodies evil. Voldemort is someone that could exist in real life, (he is more like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Anders Breivik and so on), just without powers and immortality.

        About the movie scores… In my family, there is a lot of musicians. I may not myself be the one to judge what music is better, because I am more into arts, but they have played both Shore´s LOTR and William’s HP, claiming that Williams is a much better composer. They are professional, they should know. My mother was really angry with playing a looong concert of LOTR which Shore conducted himself, yelling at the boss of Konserthuset that she needed to vomit when playing Shore’s music – myself, I think the LOTR score is great, but the HP score is much more varied and colorful, while LOTR is more simple in style. That is my argument – LOTR is one story, about an Middle ages adventure, while HP feels like it crosses over so many genres. It’s not about the adventure, it is about how life works in real world, just adding magic to it.

        Overall, LOTR is good for those who like mythology and original literature, Narnia is good for those who like religion, His Dark Materials is good for those who dislike religion, and Harry Potter is for those who like realism and characters that are relatable and very different from each other, set in the real life world. I like people being different (having Aspergers and seeing things from “another” point of view, I’ve learned that the differences between people make life more interesting) and the overall style of LOTR is more pure. I think that both series can be great in their own ways, but for me (my opinion) realism and characterization is the most important traits in any literature or film. Have you read all of the HP series + the HP wiki and Pottermore? Fine, then I’ll read Silmarillion. So OK, LOTR is better and more original, but HP is more sweet and quirky in my eyes, I personally like it better – and I think too much of adventures and battles make a story a bit boring.

    • james scott

      we are saying LOTR is better because is more original when harry potter is just rip-off

    • viviandro

      LOL, never seen lord of the rings, right? gandalf is more wise than dumbledore. for example:
      1. all you have to decide is what to do with the time is given to us ( fellowship of the ring)
      how can your said lotr is not inspiring????? lotr is about people who obsessed with gold. how about harry potter? oh ya that film is about THE BOY WHO LIVED. LMAO……..

  • Daniel

    Don’t forget from can go invisible and he also has the light of the lorien star vile thing. He knows an elvish spell to get the star light to work and it can keep away any magic. Gandalf is a god maiar and can summon storms of great size and power to smite anything he likes. He has telekinesis and can reach out his hand and make objects fly into it. Or fling stuff around with magic. He could say “dumbledore, your wand is broken” as seen in the return of the king when he breaks sarumans staff. And since he becomes more powerful than saruman, he can control fire and shoot fireblasts from his staff. He can also do huge blast forces, making giant structures fall and crumble to the ground as seen in the hobbit and fellowship of the ring. He also had to face bigger foes than dumbledore did. He defeated the Balrog which is a god. He can reach up his sword and draw lightnin to control it. Not to mention he has a much stronget protection force field bubble than dumbledore. (Don’t forget he can teleport around as seen in the hobbit) and he knows every spell ever, and in the fellowship of the ring in the book he uses a spell to send fire raining down on the wargs

  • Themis10

    Lord of the rings because it has a better story
    My opinion:)

  • Telperion365

    I love the Harry Potter films. Though I’ve never read the books, I still feel very fond of the movies. With that being said, it cannot come close to the sheer grandeur of the Lord of the Rings; all LOTR really needs to do is put forth the Army of the Dead.

  • Pwnlock

    Given the fact that Gandalf is pretty much a demigod, H Piddy don’t stand no chance.

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is obviously the best hands down…sorry Lotr fans. I can come up with a million reasons why. Just ask

    • james scott

      and then why?

    • james scott

      your give ZERO REASON. YOU ARE IDIOT!!!

    • toni

      In your dreams. Wake up kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andre

    lord of the rings of course but children and pretty retarded girl will saying harry potter are better

  • mister empire

    okay stop debate in here. the fact saying the lord of the rings is SO MUCH BETTER WHILE HARRY POTTER JUST MEDIOCRE FILM OR MAYBE SHIT. i will show to you lord of the rings won best film in so many awards:
    – academy awards
    – golden globe
    – BAFTA
    – screen actor guild
    – AFI
    – saturn awards
    – african- american film critics association
    – award circuit community
    – amanda awards
    – australian film institute
    – bogey awards
    – alexandria awards
    – AOL moviegoer awards
    – critic’s choice awards
    – chichago film critic’s association
    – dallas- fort worth
    – director guild of america
    – director guild of britain
    – empire awards
    – florida film critics circle awards
    – golden trailer awards
    – hugo awards
    – international cinephile awards
    – irish film awards
    – jupiter awards
    – internet movie awards
    – joblo awards
    – robert festival
    – bodil awards
    – italian online movie awards
    – kansas film critic’s circle awards
    – las vegas film critic’s society
    – los angeles film critics association
    – mtv movie awards
    – new york film critics circle awards
    – online film and television association
    – producer guild of america
    – washington dc area film
    – online film critics society
    – phoenix film critics society
    – sfx awards
    – golden satellite awards
    – southestern film critics association
    – utah film critics association
    – young artist awards
    – premiere movie awards
    – spacey awards
    – syfy genre awards

    and then for harry potter. DON’T LAUGH lol 😀
    – SFX awards
    – empire awards
    – national board of review

    • LOTRboss

      plus for add:
      LOTR also won in:
      – golden tommatoes awards
      – gabon national honor of merit awards
      – rondo hotton classic awards
      – nrj cine awards
      and harry potter didn’t win in national board of review. fix it!!!

    • toni

      Awesome. Yes i agree with critical than fanboy or fangirl.

  • Daniel Jackson

    Lord of the rings is way better

  • idk

    Okay i love Harry Potter a lot and the entire series is great but the world of LOTR is so much richer and better done, with the silmarillion, the history, the Valar, etc… LOTR was a masterpiece, and Harry Potter was, in comparison, just a good book.

  • Tuor Son of Huor

    Tolkien created a whole world with LOTR. He created languages, giant histories (Silmarillion), battle strategies, armor designs, and about everything else. HP is just a book, and it will never be as large as LOTR.

    • qwerty

      Totally agree with you. He spent all that time making all these things. It also all ties up well in the end

  • pottermore

    harry potter has much more wizards than lord of the rings

    • james scott

      Lord Of The Rings much more awards and critical acclaimed than Harry Potter

  • qwerty

    Obviously the lord of the rings. Both the movie and the books are awesome. The Harry Potter series is boring and long. Also the last movies ending was not very good and rushed

  • guest

    Harry Potter cuz in my opinion spells are more powerful than bows and swords.Who “Shall not pass now?”

    • qwerty

      it’s not just some bows and swords. there is much more to it

    • james scott

      your opinion is retarded. your must watch the lord of the rings

    • viviandro


  • james scott

    lord of the rings is so much better. 17 oscar including best picture. enough said

  • Sakura Petrescu

    You do realize that this fight is as likely to come to an end as the argument of which is better canada or america

  • riska amalia

    The Lord Of The Rings of course. one of the best film of all time while Harry Potter one of the most childish and chessy movie ever made.

  • palpatine emperor

    Harry potter : For faggot and kids under 10 years old
    The Lord Of The Rings : For adult and intelligent people
    that’s fact

  • william

    i watched LOTR last night in my computer, and i just saying ” SPECTACULAR”

  • Sakura Petrescu

    The only reason I don’t like lotr is because my papa died with the fellowship of the ring in his hands. So please stop writing all those mean comments. I used to like both lotr and hp before my papa died.

    • jrckk12

      Honestly, BY FAR. I read full comment and your argument is most stupid i’ve ever seen. That doesn’t make sense.

  • movie lover

    I like the lord of the rings more than harry potter

  • luke lazter

    This matchups such as which is better Casablanca or Twilight?
    Sure. LOTR win anyday

  • CommonSense

    LOTR had better story, background, and BATTTTTLLLLLEEES!!! Harry Potter was just built on top of London, didn’t have much of a creation story and the best fight was the last one.

  • Shawn

    Lord of the Rings. No contest

  • Pukeko

    New Zealand is good.

  • jrckk12

    Many criticcal praised the lord of the rings otherwise many criticcal ignored harry potter. That’s good because harry potter is awful movie.

  • Sakura Petrescu

    For all of you voting for the Lord of the rings type these words into the Google search bar. What is the fastest selling book in history

    • jrckk12

      OMG. The lord of the rings was published in 1955 and sold out 150 million copies while harry potter and the deathly hallows was published 2007. We all know the most people boughy harry potter are teen. How can you compare book in 1950s with modern

  • mdsgamer

    lord of the rings sucks

    • victoria walker

      your must be shiiting me, okay!!!!

  • LOTRboss

    harry potter is shit for me

  • Deathkitten

    Tough decision but LOTR FTW!

  • Adi

    Yeah, so LOTR is epic and its a benchmark in the fantasy fiction section of literature. As much as I enjoyed it, I can not come out of that love which still binds me an inch closer to the side of Harry.. Both are classics, but LOTR is just missing something minute somewhere..

    • darth sauron

      harry potter are classic movies???thinking again! classic and popular are very different. if you think popular movies are classic then you should say twilight and transformers are classic too.

  • lotr die hardie

    Harry Potter or i wud rather say horny pervert; sucks big time. LOTR,FTW.

  • Castle

    LOTR !

  • harryBaggins

    Both are equals…but since i spent my childhood with potter…………..

  • toni

    LoTR has bettef ending, better directed, better story, better SCORE and CINEMATOGRAPHY and definetely far better ACTED.

  • victoria walker

    how we compare both films? okay let’s face it
    HARRY POTTER ( 8 films )
    1. none oscar but nominated for 12 categories
    2. made 7,7 billion dollars for 8 films
    3. highest rating in IMDB: 8,1
    4. highest rating in meta: 87
    5. highest rating in rotten tommatoes: 96 % with average rating 8,3

    The Lord Of The Rings ( ONLY 3 FILMS)
    1. won 17 0scar including best film of the year and nominated for 30 categories
    2. made 2,9 billion dollars for 3 FILMS
    3. highest rating in IMDB: 8,9
    4. highest rating in meta: 94
    5. highest rating in rotten tommatoes: 95 % with average rating 8,7

    so that’s simple, which movie critic and audience more like?????

  • matthew morroe

    Harry potter tied with Twilight as the one of worst teen films of all time.

  • Jermain

    Lord of the Rings wins with ease.

  • LotR

    LotR !

  • Asing

    Two different story! I can’t even imagine why people compare HP to LOTR(Tolkien’s world). If the people from the future ever come across this books without any prior knowledge about the past They’ll think Eru Illuvatar is a God. A new religion will follow. Middle earth has as much detailed history as the bible or some other modern religion. HP is good. I’ve read the book. I would say I read HP books with much more enthusiasm then i read LOTR or Other tolkien’s book. Tolkien’S books are a bit boring to read. But you can clearly see the influence Tolkien has on JKR. JKR’s stories are based and built upon the current world/Universe. But JJR Tolkien created a whole new world with it’s own gods and evil.
    And for those who think Sauron is the baddest guy in Middle earth then you are in for a shock. before him was Melkor/morgoth- his master! an immortal being!

  • viviandro

    LOTR is a new classic film, harry potter? just a nice saga.

  • Oliverthegeek

    Magic in Lord of the Rings is much more powerful than the magic in Harry Potter. In Middle Earth, magic is only granted to semi-divine beings. Anyone with magic in Middle Earth is automatically powerful. Any whiny mortal could POTENTIALLY be a wizard in Harry potter. Also, and army of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Eagles could easily overthrow Hogwarts (which is the “safest place in the world” according to Hagrid. I absolutely love Harry Potter, but there is no way it would stand a chance against Middle Earth.

  • pidgewigeon2021

    Avada Kedavra! The Lord of the Rings is dead.

    • viviandro

      LOL, lord of the rings has eru illuvatar, the GOD OF ARDA!!

    • viviandro


  • BlackMesa

    Lord of the rings. No question.

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