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  • Silly Mac,

    PC is cheaper AND can play games.

  • knnrv

    I have both and i prefer the PC for general use but the mac is infinitely faster on start up. PC’s get slow after a few weeks. When im in a rush i dont want to spend 5 minutes waiting to boot up

  • steveo

    mac is better than ever boo yea


    more specialized tools for the PC. Also this is kind of retarded, as it should be “windows VS mac” not “PC vs mac” as pc means personal computer. -_-

  • Brandon

    A pc has games a Mac does not have games


    PC Is the best. It is easier to use. I am using Windows 8 but I really want to use Windows XP

  • Fox Wesler Coulon
  • Guest
  • Albert V.

    Mac is limited more than PC

  • Yuri da Silva

    What is a PC, a personal computer, or a computer with *indows?

  • James Smith


  • Jeremy Lai Wai Kit

    I guess I’ll speak my mind on this. Let me confess, I use both. I use a custom desktop as a home server and a gaming computer, and I use my 13 inch Macbook Pro for work and college use.

    I like both systems, I really do. However, there are a few things I would like to point out. Windows machines however, is more problematic, but the Mac on the other hand, does not give me any problems at all.

    PCs are great for users who wants to be flexible in the hardware they use and being able to run a large amount of applications (including legacy ones). My desktop is running on an overclocked i7, with 16GB RAM and a GTX660Ti, and with tons of storage. I am able to run the latest games at decent settings and able to play them smooth, while acting as a home server to store and share files with my other devices. And not to mention my rig is a lot more cheaper than any desktop Mac with similar specs. I get endless cost effectiveness with my PC, however, all of these come at a price.

    With hardware and software coming from so many different companies, it is extremely difficult to troubleshoot an issue. Currently my desktop’s exists because of Microsoft, Asus, Kingston, Corsair, Western Digital, Corsair, Intel, and Nvidia. IF some hardware/software issue were to arise and I were to seek support from the companies, these guys would either decline to help me since I’m using a custom PC, or throw the blame at each other, and no solution would be offered. My current PC’s issue is the fact that I’m unable to update my graphics card drivers, and upon searching the web for possible fixes, it goes from the motherboard’s PCIe slot problem to Windows itself. I have no idea what’s going on, and I’m personally fed up with reformatting my desktop and lose majority of my apps and having to install all of them again.

    With my Macbook however, things are a lot more brighter. Yes it can’t play games, but then again, I do not believe in gaming laptops since they overheat to the point where my wrists would be uncomfortable. I use my Macbook for serious work and content creation instead. My Macbook does not suffer from any issues at all, no software issues so far. The thing here is, that Apple controls their own services (iTunes), hardware and software. If anything goes wrong, Apple is the one to blame and its very likely that they’re able to fix it since its their problem. Some people may think OS X is a toy operating system, I would disagree. OS X is a UNIX based operating system, and is fundamentally more secure than Windows if one were to understand the structure of UNIX. Not to mention, with the new OS X 10.10 update, spotlight search, iPad and iPhone integration makes it so much more convenient than Windows (Windows search function is crap and integration with other devices is horrible since its full of DRIVER INSTALLS/UPDATES). The app store is wonderful, since I can purchase and download software from ONE place, and choose to uninstall/install them whenever I want (works like the App store in iPhones and Play Store in Android phones). And I don’t have to open my apps just to find a surprise request to update the app since the App store updates all my apps automatically. Time Machine backup and disk utility is a lot more superior than what Windows have to offer since they’re a lot easier to use, and yet packed with advanced features. I can just close my laptop and charge it, plug my hard drive into it, and my Macbook goes into power nap mode, which updates all of its own apps, and backs up my data while I sleep. Thanks to all these software/hardware integration, My Macbook was able to run with me the whole day in college from 8am to 6pm without any charging required. The quality of the Macbook is really solid, even when compared to the most highest quality PCs. In fact, I think my Macbook is worth the price I pay for, since it has excellent resale value, amazing craftsmanship, reliable hardware and its advanced OS along with the great services it offers. No to mention, I can dual boot or run Windows virtually on my Mac to get the best of both worlds. I am able to program iPhone and Windows apps all in one 13 inch laptop. And please, Mac haters, take some time to try the trackpad, I assure you’ll never ever want to use a mouse on a laptop ever.

    But like all things, Macs does have their downsides. The problem here is the hardware. Apple tend to give hardware specifications to in way where I would say “Here, these specs is JUST RIGHT for you as an average individual, you don’t need more than this”. This becomes a problem because it somehow cuts off power users from their target audience. In this case, it would be a gamer who needs good specs to run their games. My Mac runs on a dual core i5, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris graphics (which is as powerful as a GT650m by the way) and a PCIe SSD. As a programmer or average user, these specifications are great enough for multitasking, and daily use. But if I were to run graphics intensive applications such as games and CAD software, that’s where I believe my Mac would pale in comparison with PCs in terms of performance. Another troubling thing with Apple is the fact that they tend to move forward, sometimes even too fast perhaps. CD drives, and other ports were quick to be left out and Apple moving forward with newer technology such as USB type C. This made people buy annoying adapters, where more cables dongle all over the damn desk. My Macbook Pro has no VGA cable support and it was annoying enough to bring an adapter, and I believe it would be a lot more worse with the new 12 inch Macbook. And this attitude of Apple is also carried into the software, where they tend to remove or leave out items they think is “unnecessary”. For example, there is no “move up one folder” button in their Finder, and some features where a certain bunch of people come to love as veteran Mac users were removed and using them again is a great pain since the process of doing it has increased by a few steps. The whole UI is clean, simple and uncluttered, and made for regular average Joe computer users instead. The last problem I have with the Mac is the lack of applications. Don’t get me wrong, Mac OS X have excellent and amazing third party software out there, and the quality of it exceeds Windows IMO. But Windows has a clear superior wide choice of software, especially free and open source ones. For Mac however, I often find myself going to websites and searching around for alternatives to the usual Windows software I use. But however, the average Joe users may not be using these not so well known apps that I use, and would only need MS Office, Adobe, and some other famous third party software.

    In conclusion, the PC can be customized to suit anyone’s agenda or purpose, while the Mac is an excellent all rounder where all their users loves. If you’re going for PC, make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re going for Mac, make sure you get enough cash to buy what you need. I don’t get why PC and Mac fanboys tear each other apart, as if the choice of the other individual would affect the whole balance of the universe or something. So dear PC and Mac users, please stick to what you’re perfectly comfortable with and quit accusing each other. Also, I don’t get what’s with the hate with Mac/PC users. Yes, there are snobbish hipsters that reek of piss and rich arrogant kids using Mac, but I’m not one of them. Yes, there are stupid specsheet kiddy gamers and cheapskate PC users riddled with their own inferiority complexes, but yet I am not one of them. Stupid people are everywhere, and just because an asshole breathes the same air as you do, does not automatically make you an asshole as well. I also do encourage people (especially IT geeks) to be more adventurous and try out different systems as well.

  • NickNick 1121

    No body likes Mac computers! And if you do your a loser

  • Liam Right

    I have a MAC, but PC’s are far superior, cheaper, far more customisable, not created by one money hungry venomous company.

  • BaconWizard

    pc is better

  • Cyburg

    People who use mac: Get a life. Use linux or windows mac just sucks.

No end in sight

Much like the battles of “Good” vs. “Evil” or “Right” vs. “Wrong”, the MAC vs. PC fight will never truly be answered. It would be quite naïve of us to think that here on this wicked sweet website we would settle a score so epic or a topic as heated as the great Microsoft vs. Apple debate. Yet we stand before you; humbled in the knowledge that a potentially large flame-war could quickly engulf us as users vie for the glory of the ever-anonymous “one-upper” comment. Yes folks that one comment that will forever silence the naysayers or adjunct points of view, the one comment that will shed some passionate light on why the other side is wrong. Yet, before the trolls start their rampage on this fight, we offer our opinion on what we consider to be the triumphs and pitfalls of each competitor:

Let’s Start With Brass Tacks…

Microsoft is market share leader of the industry. Theres no getting around that. They have the world-at-large buying into PCs for business and pleasure. Whether thats because we “grew-up” with it (‘we’ referring to the Young Adult population out there) or because, generally speaking, its much less expensive that comprable Apple alternatives. Windows recently launched Windows 7 on the heels of Apple’s OS X Snowleopard which, unlike its predecessor Windows Vista, has fallen upon more favorable critism. It would appear that Windows 7 is increasing in populatiry, as just yesterday CNET released this interesting article talking about how the market share has reached 10 percent of the computers accessing the internet. Prior to the release of Windows 7, Microsoft still held a 92% market share across the board. Tough numbers to compete with!

Marketing Matters!

Apple, by-and-far, takes the cake when it comes to marketing. With the so-called “reboot” of their franchise in the late 1990’s and the trend appeal they’ve saturated themselves with in the last 5 years, it’s the hipper company. People will argue that because Apple makes its own system parts (aside from the deal with Intel) that it is more capable of the awe-inspiring synergy not found in Windows. There is some truth to that too. Apple has this aura of brevity. Everything “just works”. Its a simple idea and its execution, in our experience, is flawless.

Final Thoughts

Macs, while overpriced for what it does, has the sex appeal. PCs, while littered with bugs and blue screens of death, does have the versatility and market share. I don’t think we can call this one. And really, it has nothing to do with fear of reprisal in the comments. Honest!

Ok… that was a lie. We’re scared to death of you.


Apple (Mac)

Type of Company:
Cupertino, California, April 1, 1976
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak
Cupertino, CA
Area Served:
Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Digital Distribution
Mac (Pro, Mini • iMac • MacBook, Air, Pro • Xserve) iPhone, iPod (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch) Apple TV, Cinema Display, AirPort, Time Capsule Mac OS X (Server • iPhone OS), iLife, iWork
$42.91 billion (2009)
Operating Income:
$11.74 billion (2009)
Net Income:
$8.24 billion (2009)
Total Assets:
$47.50 billion (2009)
Total Equity:
$31.64 billion (2009)
35,000 (2009)

Microsoft (PC)

Type of Company:
Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 4, 1975
Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Redmond, WA
Area Served:
Computer software, Consumer Electronics, Video Game Consoles
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, Xbox/Xbox 360, Zune, Bing
$58.44 billion (2009)
Operating Income:
$20.36 billion (2009)
Net Income:
$14.57 billion (2009)
Total Assets:
$77.89 billion (2009)
Total Equity:
$39.56 billion (2009)
93,000 (2009)

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