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  • admin

    I do not own a mac but I want one bad. I’d shell out the extra $1000. MAC it is!

  • Acer till I die

    I hate mac users. A mac is a fashion statement, a bad one at that. Most mac users don’t know why they’ve bought a mac they just think it looks cool cos there’s an apple glowing on the case. You’d look better carrying a bunch of bananas and at least you’d know what to do with them since you don’t understand why there’s no right click on the mouse that you payed an arm and a leg for. Don’t assume that because it cost more it must be better, cos that’s what jobs worth would have you believe! Smug git! Pc, much better value for money. Don’t buy into the apple monopoly. Leave them on the floor under the apple tree they fell off to rot. Just take a look at the apple logo, who ever took that bite out of the apple new it was crap or he or she would have ate the rest. Anyway I’ve said my peace. Acer till I die’ xx

    • Most PC users don’t know why they hate because they don’t even know how to use a Mac let alone the benefits. Read my post above. I’ll be nice if you be less ignorant. Deal?

      • nex

        that is just internet explorer that doesn’t spell check. you can have google chrome on a pc with a spell checker, as well as safari. Second its kinda obvious that you got into the whole grammar and spelling crap just to make your comment sound like it had a point, but in reality it just made it sound more stupid than it already is. Oh and by the way my brother has had a small Acer notebook for years and to tell you the truth it is running better than ever right now!

        Ps. spell checkers are just an annoying way of the browser trying to tell you, “you better spell this right, or you will face the consequences”.

  • Alex

    Best Operating System in the world, I’ve used them all!

  • Empire Coach

    Is this really even still in Questions? Really? Have PC users who comment otherwise ever used a mac? I have both and program on a daily basis. No brainer, Mac, if you can afford it. Splurge, save up, sell blood, whatever you have to, it’s worth it.

    I mean, is there really a question between which is better: Corvette or Ferrari?

    • iMad

      Corvette, hands down.

    • You’ve obviously never seen the bill to repair a Ferrari.

  • Kurt

    PC all the way. More customisable, cheaper, faster, and 1000x more games and applications.

    Mac just proves how PR can influence the dumb masses.

    • Tim

      Ummm, Macs can run every windows application out there, Mac’s have a virtualization program so you can run windows apps along with your mac apps. So stop blabbing about you PCs running more apps and games then Macs!

      • infinity404

        Good luck virtualizing games. The fact that your argument is “I can also run Windows” just sort of proves the problem with Macs. And don’t pretend that WINE is a viable alternative for gaming, it isn’t.

        • Noel Pineiro

          WINE is for linux. 😀

      • Cyrus

        Therfore using a pc…

    • maclover

      Dumb is sitting around playing games all day

      • Jippyl8

        Dumb is believing that macs are worth shit. (Ok, maybe the pricetag)

        • Angelo Rafael

          So true

    • IGo

      Talking about dumb masses, look at you, you’ve been trapped by Microsoft’s PR since to customize a Windows computer to make it faster all you have to do is delete the system 32 files, it contains a bunch of worthless junk that slows down your computer such as when you try to boot up. Mac all the way.

      • Colvodka

        He means system upgrades, and this fight is between PC and Mac, not specifically Windows computers. Macs CANNOT be upgraded. If you want more power then you’re going to have to empty your wallet for a newer model. People prefer PCs because of their flexibility.
        Also, You should consider trying to run a high spec requiring game or program on a Mac. Both have equal limitations, but many PC are sold for a reasonable price.

      • Pcforre

        You can’t do shit on a Mac and I know that because I was a Mac user and I couldn’t do anything. Windows is way more user friendly and compatible with every program avaible for download

  • Ase371

    The problem here is that people buy into cheap crappy PC’s and then complain when they actually turn out to be a piece of crap. Yeah, if you pay $150 for your netbook it’s going to suck. It’s not fair to compare PC’s to MACs, it’s only fair to compare one brand to another. I’d bet some serious cash that the MAC user that is a “programmer” is full of it. Are you kidding me? Please tell me how that’s working for you… seriously

  • Mark

    Full disclosure: I’m a Mac user.

    One interesting aspect is the way that each side approaches the debate. Observe the previous 6 comments: 2 for Mac, and 4 for PCs (perhaps the Mac users haven’t yet figured out how to post?). Mac fans tend to enthusiastically gush about the glories of their system (“sell blood, whatever you have to”). Whereas the PC fans tend to be more angry at the other side (“dumb masses”; “I hate Mac users”). Perhaps this is due to Mac’s overwhelming marketing putsch… As Acer till I Die notes, the Mac is a fashion statement, like it or not, and hence it creates the kind of intense devotion from the in-crowd and rageful scorn from the out-crowd.

    Anyhow, about the computers themselves, I think we’re describing Apples and oranges. Macs are a “package deal”; everything is all set up and ready for you… with most Macs you can’t even open them up to change video cards and the like. This is good for people who don’t know what a video card is. In contrast, PCs are more versatile, but that means that unless you’re tech-savvy, they’re hard to use. Now, if you’re a company, you can easily hire an IT department to make everything run smooth as glass. But individuals don’t have that luxury. If you are unfortunate enough to be (a) poor at computers, and (b) don’t have anyone living in your household who is good at computers, Mac is probably the best choice unless you want to spend your weekends on hold with tech support. Not because PCs are crappy, but because they require know-how to work.

    Now, before Mac users accuse me of saying that they’re bad at computers, let me assure you that that’s exactly what I’m saying. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Do we mock people for having to hire electricians or plumbers? Do we say that hiring lawyers is for chumps because Real Men know enough about law to represent themselves in court? Of course not. We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses: Macs are for those of us who aren’t the computer whiz-kids, but hopefully have some other skill. And for all you Mac haters out there, next time you go to the store to buy a loaf of bread know that I’m laughing at you for not having the agricultural/baking knowledge to make your own from scratch.

    • Mighty_Spoon

      Only thing is if you brought a Pc
      the cash difference between the pc and mac could very easily cover the price of having a technician upgrade the pc for you

      which would usually take about 4 minutes (task dependent of course)

      Interesting side point

      a guy in the uk managed to buy a PC and a usable car for less than the equivalent ( Spec wise ) Mac

      admittadley it was close to the top of the line mac
      but the point still stands

    • OldGregg

      All very good points, but I don’t think macs are that much easier to use than PCs. Chances are if you need a powerful computer its because you are doing something on it that requires a sufficient level of knowledge to achieve. If you are just the average Joe however with little to no computing experience then a lot of shops and supermarkets sell cheap PC bundles (a lot of which have the internal components clued in) it has the power to run office and your chosen internet browser, it connects you to your wifi network on start up, updates are automatic, it has sufficient onboard graphics to play videos. I think that is probably all that is necessary for an entry level computer user. The only difference is anywhere from £700-£1000+. It is true that they are more susceptible to malicious software so I see how that could mess you up but I would say both are just as acceptable for beginners.

  • Observer.

    Here’s how it would go down:

    I have an old macbook pro (2nd day of release original model with hardware that is no longer standard) and a brand new Asus. My mac got repaired once for cosmetic reasons on the final day of warranty, just for fun. My asus, about 5 months old, has been shipped out for lengthy repairs twice already.

    I imagine the mac would take heavy blows from the hardware pc packs into their laptops, but the mac would only need to knock over the pc and then it would fall apart while it’s superior design took all the blows

    From a technical standpoint instead of literal combat, I still say mac for the first block I wrote. I need a computer that doesn’t break down repeatedly… I’m a college student.

    • Len_lover

      try out lenovo, u can throw it off the 1st storey and it will still work

    • Mighty_Spoon

      i think you just got unlucky there

      i have a lenovo ( now 3 years old )which has been through some extreme punishment to the point where the screen is being held on with ducttape and its still works perfect

  • Adrogoz

    Neither the PC nor the mac are really capable of fighting each other… I guess a draw?

  • Noob

    Seriously guys? I mean how the hell do they even fight? Close on each other? Tis is a pointless arguement

    • Wigglespeed Turbo

      Hack-off. whichever allows the hacker faster processing, accessibility, etc. will wipe the hard drive of the other.

  • Josh

    can’t game on a mac… or customize… or pay a reasonable amount of money for a computer of equal processing power and a third of the cost

    • i hear ya

    • Minecraft Gamer King

      My opinion exactly

  • Kvonnah

    See my Crapple iPhone post. All Crapple products are overpriced, locked down, and over-hyped. Crapple is for people that don’t know the difference between an MP3 and ACC. They get distracted by pretty colors and think the computers are for iTunes, and Facebook.

    Crapple zombies like to have others do their thinking for them and are okay with being told where their files should go.

    The only Crapple people who get a pass for using these overrated devices are the old school multimedia developers because there was a time that Crapple had the edge on PC for this particular purpose. Of course that time has long passed but they once had reason beyond hipster cred to be loyal to that OS.

  • Kvonnah

    Oh and John Hodgmen has spoken at TED, while Justin Long was in Alvin and the Chipmonks: the Squequel.

  • I just got done playing Diablo 3 on my Mac… If I need to play some first person shooter, I’ll jump on my Xbox instead of using a keyboard. I used (and built) PC’s for years. I switched over to macs and have been using them ever since, people say they have taken over my life… It started with the iPhone, there there was the MacBook, next the iPad and now my sweet ass 27″ iMac. It may cost a grip, but it’s way cheaper than spending my nights sleeping by my PC waiting for the hard drive to format so I could reinstall the OS to clear it from a Virus or constant run in’s with the infamous “blue screen of death.” IF you want to talk about processing power, a 3.2Ghz for a PC coudnl’t even compare with a 3.2Ghz in a Mac. The Mac processor was built for 4 different models of their computer line (whenever the new lines come out) and is very specialized at what it does and what it needs to handle. When companies put a PC together they are buying parts from whoever is selling them the cheapest, then they can pretend that “you’re saving so much money,” but in the long run you will be paying more for anti-virus subscriptions and add ons such as MS Office ($300+ vs. $70 for iWorks and YES you can open and save as .doc, .xdoc, .txt, .pdf, whatever). When I had to send my Gateway Laptop in to have fixed (because of unknown failure), it was covered by the warranty, but took over 3 months and 3 different shippings to the company (one in which they told me they never had it and didn’t know where it was. Oh man, did I yell at a lot of people). When my Mac had an issue with the Logicboard it took them 2 days. Also covered by Apple care. They also replaced my LCD because a pixel was out (that I hardly noticed and DIDN’T mention) and the keyboard because it was dirt stained from the previous owner. Living the extremes of both lives, I’m dying a Mac user. People like Josh will never understand until they jump in balls deep.

  • pc for me

  • Anonymous

    PC = no chains, no nannies and all the really, really good software only comes available on a PC.

  • Tyronejenkins

    PC would win simply because MAC sucks

  • Kadunallen


  • Nit Agarwal

    because Pc is very cheap and its quality is very oosome or we play lots of game on pc.

  • TechsareMine

    On PCs you can play games, program tons, more free-range, faster, etc. Macs are just for Multimedia purposes. (I’ve used both)

  • LMNtryTech

    I used to be a die-hard PC user. I thought Macs were over-priced, and quite a luxury. Then I got a job as a Technology Specialist in a school. I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of both PCs and Macs. I now own two MacBooks, an iPad and an iPhone. Macs are much easier to work on and use. Teachers are much more likely to really foul up their PCs than their Macs. I will say, though, that my son is an online gamer and Macs are not supported well in the online gaming community. Not yet, anyway.

  • Camlover1987

    macs cost too much. no, they are NOT unhackable. they can’t game. one button mice are terrible by design. you can’t customize them. enjoy spending $9k for a high-end gaming machine (that can’t even play that much because its a MAC) while I spend $2.5 – 3k and get the best of everything. HAHAHAHAHA

  • SlightlyJS

    Umm…Don’t Mac’s have Intel CPU’s now? lol…On a side note I’ve had buddies in college that used to make fun of PC’s because the got the “Blue Screen of Death!!!” OMG!…But I would laugh at them because I would catch them force restarting their “Beachball of Death!!!” haha…anyway, the overall OS architecture for Mac’s are waaay more stable, I’ll agree. And if I’m going to do ANY type of networking I would rather use a Mac. But really…$2-3k for someone to say they can better utilize the Creative Suite (Adobe CS) than my PC is a joke. I built a $800 desktop that can do just as well, if not render/rasterize faster than any high end Mac. Sure RAM is utilized better, but for the price…some people just want to justify what they paid for. I’m sorry but, in my opinion, Mac users are most often snobs who would rather rack up credit card debt and be self proclaimed hipster/creatives; or grandparents who just want one plug to connect to the wall so they can go on AOL. I’ll re-state…”most often,” but not always. There are some nice aesthetic values to a Mac. Which is probably what you are paying for. My laptop is a MacBook AIR, my desktop is a home built PC. Both are very nice, and both have their purposes, but this is an argument comparing apples and oranges in my opinion.

  • Tig3ra

    I love how Mac is represented by someone who most likely can’t even afford one of their systems.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re referring to my post…maybe you got me all wrong. I’m simply a frugal person. I don’t need someone to tell me what I should buy; instead, I like to “know” what’s in my computer. That being said, I’m a hobbyist at heart, I like to build my own. Sure I have the money to spend $2-3k on a new comp. Even more if the wife would let me!…lol But I simply don’t need to. And be serious…do many people really NEED to spend a lot of money on a comp that costs as much as a Mac? (rhetorical question) The answer is no. I mean come on…look at the majority of these posts! Most of them are just gamers! Mac’s aren’t needed for that. And unfortunately for consumers, Apple does a splendid job with their marketing. Apple wants the consumer to “feel” the need to own one of their products. Now like some of the other posts here where we have people coding and possibly working within network systems…sure. Mac wins. But ultimately what you have is an elitist majority who knows nothing about the inner workings of a computer that can save a lot more money by doing a little homework and maybe making a more sensible purchase. But hey…there will ALWAYS be those people who would rather spend money on a car they can’t afford while still living in their mom’s basement. Dig?

  • Coluccifresh


  • wolverinefan

    Macs are nice looking, but out of my budget. also confusing. sure they can’t get viruses but thats what anti-viruses and common sense are for

    • Anonymous

      Inevitably, hackers will create trojan horses, sniffers, worms and the like for Mac’s. The main reason Mac’s have flown under the radar is because of sales. Why hack 100 computers (Mac) when you can hack 1,000,000 (Microsoft). That is all changing. And most definitely will. Food for thought.

      This is part of an article I found. And it’s true! The source is:http://computer.howstuffworks.com/macs/can-macs-get-viruses.htm

      Another myth revolves around the UNIX foundation of Mac OSX (Mac operating system ten). Architecturally, UNIX is built with a more robust permission structure that prevents unauthorized execution of software. While Microsoft Windows will try to run a program any way it can, even if a virus is redirecting things, UNIX will stop in its tracks when it detects an unauthorized redirection and limit any damage [source: Perrin]. This is great, but it doesn’t make your computer immune. It’s similar to how exercising and eating right will help you stay healthier, but if a strong enough flu bug comes around you’re still in for some misery. To infect a Mac, the viruses just need to be written well enough to get around the architecture. Not easy, but completely do-able [source: Rooney].

      Even Apple devotees are beginning to realize that Macs are not only vulnerable, but increasingly likely to be targeted by crackers. Trying to capitalize on this vague awareness, in 2011, someone released a Trojan called Mac Defender, a fake program that tried to pass itself off as anti-virus software. Once it gets onto your computer, it throws an annoying array of pop-up ads at you until you buy the fake software. It’s not likely to fool many people, but it’s still annoying and a sign of more to come.

    • Mighty_Spoon

      Macs could get viruses its just not worth the time of any hacker to create a virus for 7% of the market share,

      now sure some of will argue the mac users are usually wealthier but nearly every business will have windows on its computers and a large business is where all the money is

  • Chepdawg81

    Fuck it a calculator will kick both their asses

  • 2 things
    -microsoft office the most used business software

  • Apple can take all their communist controlled hardware and stuff it.

  • Kahlil

    pc will crash.

  • Garrett

    FIRST OF ALL… “PC” means personal computer. Mac PCs are … PCs. Mac is an OS. Windows is an OS. PC is not an OS. Anyways…

    Unbiased Opinion…

    I’ve used both Mac and Windows extensively. Mac is better for artists, Windows is better for gamers. Other than those, they pretty much do the same thing. BUT THE PART WHERE MAC GOES DOWN, is the PRICE. Get a Mac for about 25%-50% more money than a Windows computer with the exact same specs.

    Dead even except for price. Windows (what some insist on calling “PC”) wins.

  • my school uses macs, most people in my town use macs, and my sister uses a mac so i have had plenty of experience on them and i still would rather use a pc
    -pc user since 98

  • Will Mehle

    Mac all the way!!!

  • Eveningcommisioner

    Have a MacBook pro and a desktop pc.
    Pc>Mac because of:
    Customization potential
    Amount of programs for pc
    No need for another company’s OS on their computer (bootcamp reference)
    Broader range of uses.
    Gaming 😀

  • this would be a good fight,mac cant get viruses that easy (so ive heard) but pc has more games,games have weapons,mac is dead.its to bad because mac runs south harmon institute of technology.

  • misery

    i use both and love macs becuase they wer different until they use intels. i am not a fan of intel macs but would still like to have a mac pro, but however the pc’s also have powerful processing if you buy the european ones of the ones that are advertised in 3d magazine. so in my opinion both are good but if i had a choice between a normal dell hp or acer or toshiba i would take a mac hands down. But then on the other hand macs are expensive , but i love macs but i will never give up on pc’s so for somethings macs are a lot better but, its cool having something different. I also own a sgi. its a toss up depends on what you need and what you need it for

  • sol rael

    a pc doesnt have a fist and nor does a mac but i would say mac would win in a fight cuz he has a lazer

  • misery

    they just finally came out with a 12 core pc it took that long and its highend and for graphics, and hello macs have intel too. But there more to life than gaming . even though i love so i say get both shup up and enjoy

  • Vista_user

    When nokia announced a windows 8 powered smartphone as a competitor for the iphone 5, the main argument against nokia was windows 8 lacking as many apps. Well, taking the same argument to OSes, windows pawns mac all the way.

    • Noel Pineiro

      No arguments?

  • Pira8

    Totally useless if your are favouring PC just because you can play games on it . You may certainly but only if you equip your PC with high end hardware. It’s totally gay as you can put £100 to buy a Xbox or ps3 for non compromising gaming experience.

    Suck it guys

    • Minigunzosteel


  • Kyle

    It makes me Laugh how many people insult mac, i have used a Windows PC for 8 years and each time i have had to send my laptops and desktops back for repair because they couldn’t hack my video editing needs. We are talking 8gb RAAm Intel based cores. I finally gave in and bought a Macbook pro 2012 jan model and it is the most powerful thing i have used it utilises the insides so well on the operating system. Let’s not forget that Mountain lion does not need any ram to run.

    My main point would be its durability, its almost a year and it hasn’t broken down once on me. Most reliable piece of kit i have ever bought.

    The people who insult mac on here appear to be Gamers who still think that macs only have one click :L that ended in like what… 2005 (not sure). My mac can muscle through skyrim on high spec still so i think gaming is okay. I don’t really game though i am a Filmmaker studying it at university. So ideally it makes sense for me to use a mac where i can use final cut pro as well as avid.

    By the way i’m not insulting all Windows users because their are a fair few on here who have valid arguments but i refuse to debate with anyone who still thinks macs have one click and the fact they are more expensive. The price boils down to its exterior precision in design which in-turn makes it more durable.

    Also have you ever seen inside a mac, they look beautifully put together compared to a “stick it anywhere” look inside a windows pc.

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    PC is much better the Mac.

  • misery

    it seems like like everyone is using gaming as a reason for the pc is better fight, we need two equally processed coputers doing everything. that means working graphics productive programs not just games. and besides macs werent built to play games if they were we would have a fair fight or should i say a fair comparison

  • djsavage

    pc of course

  • ssJOSE


  • If all computers were Macs, then not many people would be able to afford them. Also, Apple software (such as the App Store) is much less user friendly.

  • piepigs357

    mac mac mac mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Dr. I Know Everything

    Mac wins, they own the ipad. Not to mention how many viruses windows computer’s get. Also, PC’s are cheaper, because their quality is lower.

  • shadyspades

    youll never catch a virus but it wont allow u to open TONS of things.

  • Batman

    MAC is better you fools! PC suckkkkkkkkkkkkkssssss! 🙂

No end in sight

Much like the battles of “Good” vs. “Evil” or “Right” vs. “Wrong”, the MAC vs. PC fight will never truly be answered. It would be quite naïve of us to think that here on this wicked sweet website we would settle a score so epic or a topic as heated as the great Microsoft vs. Apple debate. Yet we stand before you; humbled in the knowledge that a potentially large flame-war could quickly engulf us as users vie for the glory of the ever-anonymous “one-upper” comment. Yes folks that one comment that will forever silence the naysayers or adjunct points of view, the one comment that will shed some passionate light on why the other side is wrong. Yet, before the trolls start their rampage on this fight, we offer our opinion on what we consider to be the triumphs and pitfalls of each competitor:

Let’s Start With Brass Tacks…

Microsoft is market share leader of the industry. Theres no getting around that. They have the world-at-large buying into PCs for business and pleasure. Whether thats because we “grew-up” with it (‘we’ referring to the Young Adult population out there) or because, generally speaking, its much less expensive that comprable Apple alternatives. Windows recently launched Windows 7 on the heels of Apple’s OS X Snowleopard which, unlike its predecessor Windows Vista, has fallen upon more favorable critism. It would appear that Windows 7 is increasing in populatiry, as just yesterday CNET released this interesting article talking about how the market share has reached 10 percent of the computers accessing the internet. Prior to the release of Windows 7, Microsoft still held a 92% market share across the board. Tough numbers to compete with!

Marketing Matters!

Apple, by-and-far, takes the cake when it comes to marketing. With the so-called “reboot” of their franchise in the late 1990’s and the trend appeal they’ve saturated themselves with in the last 5 years, it’s the hipper company. People will argue that because Apple makes its own system parts (aside from the deal with Intel) that it is more capable of the awe-inspiring synergy not found in Windows. There is some truth to that too. Apple has this aura of brevity. Everything “just works”. Its a simple idea and its execution, in our experience, is flawless.

Final Thoughts

Macs, while overpriced for what it does, has the sex appeal. PCs, while littered with bugs and blue screens of death, does have the versatility and market share. I don’t think we can call this one. And really, it has nothing to do with fear of reprisal in the comments. Honest!

Ok… that was a lie. We’re scared to death of you.


Apple (Mac)

Type of Company:
Cupertino, California, April 1, 1976
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak
Cupertino, CA
Area Served:
Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Digital Distribution
Mac (Pro, Mini • iMac • MacBook, Air, Pro • Xserve) iPhone, iPod (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch) Apple TV, Cinema Display, AirPort, Time Capsule Mac OS X (Server • iPhone OS), iLife, iWork
$42.91 billion (2009)
Operating Income:
$11.74 billion (2009)
Net Income:
$8.24 billion (2009)
Total Assets:
$47.50 billion (2009)
Total Equity:
$31.64 billion (2009)
35,000 (2009)

Microsoft (PC)

Type of Company:
Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 4, 1975
Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Redmond, WA
Area Served:
Computer software, Consumer Electronics, Video Game Consoles
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Servers, Xbox/Xbox 360, Zune, Bing
$58.44 billion (2009)
Operating Income:
$20.36 billion (2009)
Net Income:
$14.57 billion (2009)
Total Assets:
$77.89 billion (2009)
Total Equity:
$39.56 billion (2009)
93,000 (2009)

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