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New York VS Boston

Best City Classic Cross Town Clash
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  • Boston has much more history and is a better city overall!

    • Ishkabibble

      They’ve already duked it out and it resulted in three of the greatest fights ever; Arturo Gatti (NYC) vs. Mickey Ward (Lowell, MA).

      • BLAHBLAH

        have you seen sum of these arguments, i mean nyc is actually bragging about having more criminals and hip hop. it’s RIDICULOUS

  • This one’s a tough one! Both great cities. Nothing like hanging out in downtown Boston at the harbor, but all in all NYC just has so much more to offer!

  • you really have to compare the 2? ny hands down…we got the yankees. boston has dirty sox.

    • carl

      yeahh, but wtf is a yankee

      • Dubdubbx21

        a yankee is someone who wins like the yanks who won the civil go to school then youll learn what a yankee is dumbass

        • bosstown

          a yankee was originally an english descendent from new england (boston) dumbass…now we have to bear the thought of new york every time we hear it. boston is new york crammed into 48 square miles…i love to hate on new york because it fuels the rivalry, but you can’t really compare the two, they’re just for different people and i think we can all agree that from new york to new england is the greatest region in the US

        • Heather

          Who “won the civil”? How about you go to school!

      • Graphicchris

        At leased were not named after a sock

    • SP9433

      shut up

    • rob

      We won the first world series thats what counts so u can win as many as u want we won the first ever

    • 239483

      Oh, please. Who won the Series this year? Oh, yeah. THE *DIRTY* SOX

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        The Yankees won 27 World Cup series

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      What’s better Yankees or dirty socks

  • NY sucks. Not just their awful teams, but the awful city and it’s awful people.

    • Outahere333

      you made a typo tits BOSTON not NY that sucks fix ur grammer 🙂

      • Eweiss08

        Way to go NY! Your typos include: “ur” and “grammer.” All allow your stange use of “tits” because tits are never wrong.

    • Lzeus30

      Now I can respect your opinion about your dislike about how New York sucks and their awful teams but you must be ethnocentric and probably Irish to make a comment about how their people suck. Boston is a microcosm of New York city just divided in different ways. I’ve been to Boston and had a great time so long as I didn’t enter certain Irish pubs………..I’ll let you figure it out.

    • Dubdubbx21

      the yankees have 27 championships how many does boston have also our giants have rings so what chump

      • talat

        Oh ya? How many times did the Knicks make it into the playoffs?!!! Who one the Stanley Cup last year? How many times did the Giants win the Super Bowl???!!! BOSTON RULES WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS! ps I live there

        • Graphicchris

          Dude the giants won more Superbowls, who cares about hockey, and aren’t we forgetting about the Yankees. And oh man you got us with us with basketball so your like 1 for 3

        • MattyNuevaYork27

          This kids a moron first off its WON not one*. Also the Islanders and Rangers have more Stanley Cups aka NY has more. Only sport Boston has more is Basketball keep trying though your doing great! A+ for effort. LMAO

  • Dlk

    FYI – NY has 2 baseball teams. New Yorkers do not define themselves by the Yankees.

    • Tal

      Exactly, the Yankees are beast, so no one mentions the Mets.

  • Mark

    Full disclosure: I lived in Boston for 5 years, and now live in NYC.

    I think NYC has to win because it is much more world-renowned than Boston. Maybe it’s because it’s bigger, or maybe it’s because it’s not so far up into the frigid northlands, but one way or another when people think of America, they tend to think of NYC. After all, NYC has the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Ground Zero… all very well-known things on the global stage. Boston has it’s harbor (guess who else has a harbor? pretty much every major city in the world) and its top-tier colleges, I guess… but the later are technically in Cambridge, which is not a voting option.

    • Trevor

      This really is a tough one. I’ve been to both cities but don’t live in either one. So, with my non-biased opinion I’ll say that they both have their strengths, but I think Boston is better. New York has the people, but Boston is definately more clean and still has a lively life style.

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        You been to the wrong part of Boston than

  • cupcake

    boston deff boston

  • Jamesrobson7

    This one’s a tough one! Both great cities. Nothing like hanging out in downtown Boston at the harbor, but all in all NYC just has so much more to offer! but i going for new york

  • Lzeus30

    Born in New York City, Hail from the Bronx………Every City has it’s strengths and weaknesses but like New York, Boston is also a city that suffers from similar weaknesses. I’ve been to Boston and I must say had a great time there but to compare you need criterion and if your measure is opinion then you will never know. New York is the financial & communication capital of the world where fashion, music and many other things were first started. The strengths that New York brings is it’s size, diversity and cultural history. It was my lessons from the streets of the Bronx that got me through 20+ years of Military service. Having traveled the world while in the Military I can tell you that I’ve seen way more Yankees hats than any other sports team in the World.

  • Paytro92

    Nueva York hay mucha gente de mi paiz Puerto Rico!! I have lots of fam in brooklyn and bronx, none in boston. Also many other beautiful cultures! But I’m from Cali and SD and LA beat NY and Boston any day! California love!

  • carl

    who cares about sports teams, NY has spider-man

    • Peter

      Bostonians do! We have the current World Series Champs, and the Bruins won the cup recently. The Patriots are usually very good, and the Celtics have had their shining moments. You’d understand if you ever saw a Yankees fan in Boston…or even across the border of New Hampshire.

      • The Five Boroughs

        Of course Bostonians do. Their city doesn’t draw international attraction the way NYC does so the only way Boston is able to market itself is via Sports and Harvard.
        Not saying that NYC isn’t a great sports town. NYC is a city full of working/middle class people (a suprising amount of Republican voters too) a town with pride who love their Giants, Jets, Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, Nets, Mets and Yankees regardless of the drought (which could be worst given that some cities hav’t seen a championship since the 1970s). New York is also a city with towering skyscrapers, cooperate company’s, Wall Stret, the United Naions HQ’s as well as top world class status and a distinct cultural flavor.

        • silvermist999

          Oh, please. Boston easily beats New York. Spend a day around Boston, get to see the character, charisma, and life of the people who live there and of the city itself. Yes, they’re also HUGE sports fans, but that’s only one of the many reasons Boston is way better than NYC.

          • Darren Michal Walsh

            I did the people were so rude to me

          • Reidp137

            Well theres reason to be. You act like a piece of shit you get treated like one. But then again when a Yankee fan enters Fenway, we don’t try to stab the bitch. We just boo. Unlike all of New York. Jets fans beats New England fans with cheap shots and making 20 on 1. Yeah thats an even fight. If you want to see the realest part of Boston go to Charlestown and wear all the New York gear you can find and bring a coffin asshole.

  • new york has more criminals and overall more people. i’m pretty sure new york would win in a physical fight

  • Winstonsmith655321

    Boston has Daredevil. New York has Spidey (as another poster noted, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four.

    New york was home to CBJBs, and great bands like Sonic Youth, Ramones, LCD Soundsystem, TV on the Radio, New York Dolls, Pattie Smith, and many, many more. Boston has well, Boston.

    The only thing Boston has on New York is the beer but that doesn’t matter to me because I am a Denver boy and Colorado has the best brews on the planet!

    • K.V.

      Boston also has Aerosmith, James Taylor, Extreme, and New Kids on The Block.

  • nyc all the way

  • Anonymous

    NYC wins with Pizza alone.

    • gerryvisco

      Boston pizza is MUCH better. I’m from Boston and have lived in NYC since 1974. And I’m ITALIAN.

      • john

        But you’re also a tranny, so fuck off

        • gerryvisco

          Ha ha, evidently you have a brain disorder. Gerry Visco is ALL woman and always has been! DO a bit more research, darling. And I might add that no doubt trans people probably have the same taste buds as other people anyway. It’s too bad that people who pretend to know about pizza are homophobic. In any case, Boston pizza is BETTER. Take the Chinatown bus up there so you can check it for yourself. There are a couple of good pizza places in NYC but not as many as there should be.

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        I had Boston pizza before it’s really bad no offense

        • gerryvisco

          You went to the wrong place.

        • gerryvisco

          You had Boston pizza once or twice and it was bad? It seems clear you didn’t seek out the known fabulous pizza places. In reality, there is good pizza all over the country but you have to find the places that know what they’re doing. Boston has more authentically Italian food in many places. NYC has some but not as many considering how big it is.

  • Fresco xP

    Obviously none of you have seen what Boston has to offer. Boston is college capital, which means a great education but mostly PARTIES! Spend a day partying here and you’ll forget what the hell is a Yankee

    • Graphicchris

      Times square, new years eve. Nuff said

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        Tru that

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      Yeah getting wasted is key

  • Ice Cold Water Guy

    It’s a pretty uneven fight. 8.2 million people vs 600 thousand. That’s 13.6x what Boston is. However, Boston has a lot more charisma, a much better hockey team than both NYC’s teams, much better college hockey too, Boston hosts dozens of the best Ivy League Schools…

    • Dr.Paradox

      There are only 8 ivy league schools. And Harvard is in Cambridge.

      • teddy-86


        • AB

          The president actually went to Columbia for undergrad, that’s what really counts.

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      The NY hockey team is better than the Boston hockey team also IVY League just mean very old school

      • Reidp137

        I·vy League
        a group of long-established colleges and universities in the eastern US having high academic and social prestige. It includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Bullybo98

    Both places are shit and so are the people

  • LOCO 183rdNMorris


    • LAforLife

      Hip hop started in Compton.

      • AB

        Hip hop started from block parties in the South Bronx

    • Jlee

      Subways started in Boston…

      • Art Vandelay

        Subways started in London.

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        No your wrong

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      You are right go New York Yankees

  • Claudia

    Well new york !!!!!!!!!!

  • Chhaviastha

    new york is city of dream it wins

  • Tim Welsh

    Comparing New York to Boston is like comparing a major multi-billion dollar corporation to your local family owned store. The big corporation has the majority of the power and influence however nothing beats the character and quality of the locally owned store. Obviously I’m equating Boston to the locally owned store.

    • Franky

      I completely agree. You are obviously a genius.

    • K.V.

      I think you’re wicked awesome for coming up with this analogy! BOSTON ROCKS!

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        New York is better

    • Ask_sb

      Thanks for clarifying that Boston equates to a locally owned store. Would have never figured that out on my own.

  • Jordan

    Boston probably has more good fighters per capita, just because of all the Irish descendents living there, but NYC’s number are too great. Bronx and Brooklyn have reputation as being tough, but Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens (might be just the name) are gonna be weak links in this fight.

  • alligotismyword

    NYC is filthy. Dirty. No amount of pizza or hip hop is making me like this place. I have a friend that lives in queens and every time i go visit i tell him….this place is filthy. Go down canal street….tell me its clean…. Then dont get me started on the baseball fans and team. Remember 2004 Red Sox Yankees in NYC…..the beer bottles thrown on field along with baseballs and whatever else this filthy city could throw? I live in CNY and I hate everything about NYC. Trash city and I wish they would make them a state and us a state so it was no longer NY.

    • Graphicchris

      new York is probably so dirty from all the confetti that was thrown when the giants and yanks won it all.

    • Heather

      Literally everyone I know says that Boston is waaay cleaner than New York. It’s a fact.

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        No they are lying to protect your feelings

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      When I went to Boston man that place was way more dirty than anywhere in New York combine

      • Reidp137

        New York is known to everyone else for having SHIT in the middle of the side walks. SO shut up.

  • prophet60091

    oh boy, this is a difficult one

  • new york better football and basketball team

    • YourMom07

      You KIDDING ME???!!! How many times did the Knicks make it in to the playoffs, huh? And um…, the Patriots can kick the Giant’s butt with they’re eyes closed, and hand tide behind their back. I used to live in NY, and live in Boston

      • Graphicchris

        Let me guess you’re one of those guys that thought gronk could catch that hail Mary. all I got to say is scoreboard

      • Graphicchris

        And by the way the only thing you guys have over us is basketball and hockey. Besides who cares about hockey.

      • Noble jones

        The Giant’s Still Handed the Patriots there ass two times in the superbowl. How you give a team two superbowl wins.. YOU ARE WACK.. (not tom tho)

    • Ishkabibble

      St. John’s has a better basketball team than the Knicks.

  • Graeme

    Boston has better beaches, airport, seafood, hospitals, rich in history, a much larger port, not a prone to hurricanes like NYC, better weather because it’s more likely to have a winter than NYC, less crime, and has better education

  • green_haze

    Boston is like 90% Irish people. NYC would get fucked up!

  • MattyNuevaYork27

    It’s so sad, You can’t compare the capital of the world to a town. New York has 10million people compared to 600K. Shoot Long Island is 6x the size. Just accept there different and move on. Boston will never compare to Gotham City just keep trying…………and the whole relevance through professional sports is quite pathetic. Not to mention a joke NY professional championships 60 to Boston 33. MSG is the Garden but keep trying.
    Boston is a joke.

    • Joosh Lee

      You suck.

    • Heather

      That’s just not nice. Don’t call my city a joke. Like if you agree. Let’s not name-call like children.

    • Silvermist999

      I was agreeing with you.. to an extent. Yes, the cities are very different. Obviously. But once you started insulting my city, you lost me. Boston is so much greater than New York, and it’s pretty clear. So, if you have the nerve to call Boston a joke, I think it’s pretty obvious where the classless people of the USA are bred.

      • Darren Michal Walsh

        what the hell are you talking about

    • gerryvisco

      Duh. Italians know where the best pizza is and you don’t so keep pretending to yourself. NYC has some ok restaurants but most people here can’t even cook. The food in NYC is over priced and so so.

  • trent

    boston has more events there and it has more jobs there

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      No New York is way better

      • gerryvisco

        Ha, hello WALSH. You ain’t Italian so keep dreamin!

  • Alice




  • Noble jones

    At the End of the Day. NY Makes the most Money. By Far. Why isn’t the biggest money traded in the World in Boston? why cause Boston sucks ass. NYC we Go Hard!! and We handed the Patriots ass twice in the Superbowl.. You guys are a Shame.

  • K.V.

    Boston would win in a fight because it’s more badass. New York is glamorous, powerful, and rich; but Boston is the kid from the wrong side of the tracks who grew up to be a U.S. Senator.

    • overman1

      and NY is the lobbyist and stock broker that U.S senator comes crawling to for campaign funds…

    • Heather

      And the Kennedys

  • Reidp137

    Boston is where your ancestors are from you idiots! look back in history and try that thing called reading you stupid fucks! EVReYTHING LEADS BACK TO BOSTON! your ancestors landed at Plymouth Beach in PLYMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS! If you think that you were just put in New York you are all fucking stupid. Do some reading once in a while and pull your cocks out of your mouths and face the facts. You are all fucked up. Just like your pathetic Mayor.

    • Bensonhurst

      A. The first English settlement in what would become of the United States was Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. Plymouth, MA would not have exisited until 1620.
      B. I’ve been to the city of yours and I was taken away at how classless Bostonians actually are. I actually believed Boston would be a nice sophisticated town with great people (given M.I.T and Havard’s location and what not) but boy was I worng. You people are “WICKED” dumb and strengely obsessed about how with anything NYC related. I lliterally sat through an entire speach on how Boston’s Hancock building was once taller than the Empire State Building????????????????????.

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      No you are wrong all of our ancestors are from a different country

      • Reidp137

        Oh am I? Hmm. Funny how EVERYONE LANDED IN BOSTON. Your so stupid. Read a history book. Or no, GO TO PLYMOUTH PLANTATION.

  • alex

    new york is better

  • Liz

    Boston has a better quality of life, better colleges, better sports teams, and is a better place to raise a family.

    • John

      You’re just saying that because some dude knocked you up in boston. Dumb bitch

    • Darren Michal Walsh

      Really there is more rude people in Boston than New York

      • gerryvisco

        Rude people are honest and don’t put on fake airs like the do in NYC.

  • Joosh Lee

    Boston is best, as usual.

    • Darren Michal Walsh


  • Yankees27

    NY giants beat the patriots in the SuperBowl TWICE!!

  • Joosh Lee

    F**k you NYC! We are Boston Strong and NYC is overrated.

  • Ishkabibble

    Anthony Wiener vs. Barney Frank.
    Like the Iran/Iraq War…any chance both sides can lose?

  • Heather

    WE ARE BOSTON STRONG!!!! NUFF SAID. But also we have the North End, whereas Little Italy is being eradicated due to Chinatown. The Red Sox beat the curse of the Bambino, and we are currently the World Series Champions, so take that, Babe Ruth (traitor)! Plus, we say wicked.

  • wolfman

    I made this one 2

  • Michael Young

    New York is better.

  • Leisha Young

    Boston by far is better than NYC IMHO, but then I guess it’s probably more about what you prefer in terms of lifestyle. As I always say, New York is for people who need the distraction, it’s a city for extroverts where people can feed off being where the action is. Boston is a far more intellectual city, more introverted and less about money and bling and far more about culture, history and community values.

    I am Australian and come from Melbourne, I adored Boston and would love to live there for a few years just to experience everything the city has to offer. I fell in love with it and it reminded me a lot of Melbourne. It’s an intellectual hub, it’s a creative city, the population isn’t out of control like many other American cities, it has a strong sense of community and the people are very friendly, laid back and intelligent, with a dry whit about them that I found very endearing.

    It reminded me a lot of San Fran as well, it’s a city with a heart and it’s about substance, there’s not a great deal of substance in New York.

    The architecture has been lovingly protected from old age and looks as good today as it probably looked when it was built over 100 years ago; a real feature of the city.

    We just felt instantly at home in Boston and didn’t really need to go through that ‘adjustment’ faze that you normally have to go through when you arrive in a new country and city.

    I thought the food was better too…

    Boston also has a strong working class feel to it (historically speaking). NY was built on money but Boston was built on the blood, sweat and tears of its inhabitants and you can feel that in the attitude and general ambiance of the city. Which just adds to its charm.

    I love Boston. I enjoyed NY but was left a little underwhelmed. Boston blew me away. As I said, I’d love to move there for a few years and really get to know it better.

  • goldy

    Its New York! forget about it

  • Rockin Role

    I like New York better because most movies are shot there like The Crow

  • Gimme

    NYC gets a lot of snow, but Boston gets even more, for that reason alone I chose NYC

  • atlantic 11561

    Well, now that even the Red Sox have started dominating the Yankees in the past few years, if we go by sports (and I am a New Yorker), yikes, Boston would massacre us. In football, the Patriots feast on the Bills (Buffalo) and the Jets; in basketball, the Celtics, troubled as they are as of late, still humiliate the Knicks and Nets: and in hockey, the Bruins all but own the Islanders, Rangers and the Sabers (the latter also from Buffalo). But now, we cannot even claim baseball bragging rights against Boston. Beantown wins in a laugher. (No, I am not a Boston plant. I am just frustrated that teams from a city of 8 million continue to be slaughtered by a those from a city of 650,000). Congratulations, Boston, you beat us up, down, sideways, and inside out.

  • James Morrison

    Like Boston, like N.Y.C. Times Square is amazing with many shops and lots of people. Some of the best restaurants are located just minutes away. If you love theatre broadway is the place to be. Boston on the other hand, is rich with history but NYC has a wide array of sky scrappers that can open anyone’s eyes. People need to explore the world, see what it has too offer.

New York

The Big Apple… A.K.A New York City or, if want to feel more distinguished, “the City of New York”.

New York is the most populated city in the the United States. It has a well-understood global focus and is seen as very important for the entire world’s finance, art and fashion markets. All you have to do is walk into Times Square to see that. Walking through times square is like walking through the crowd at a concert. People from all walks of life, professions, and social standing crowd the streets, getting in your way with every step.

New York is home to the United Nations (UN) and, as such, has become a central hub for international affairs. Being home to the UN and housing financial, fashion, artistic and other cultural markets has afforded New York the title of “Cultural Capital of the World”.

When it comes to food, NYC is second to none. No-where in the world do you have such a wide variety of cuisine, world famous restaurants, and local delicacies. From the high end restaurants to the street corners, the city is littered with great food choices. Need something quick? Grab a slice of NYC style pizza from a pizza joint, a hot dog from a street cart, or a pastrami sandwich at the corner deli. Looking for some culture, take a taxi to little Italy or Chinatown. If you want to eat in luxury, check out “Per Se” in Columbus Circle.

We couldn’t talk NYC without talking “sports.” Although it’s not fair to pose the question, we will anyways; who’s better at sports? Well, if you were to count up all the championships between the two cities’ major sports teams… yeah… “forget about it”.

Always remember: New York, at its core, is a no-bullshit city. That’s what makes it great! The people and the environment keep you on your toes. Only the strong survive. If you F-up, you’re going to be told you F’d-up. When you’ve lived in NYC, you‘ll come out a stronger person ready to take the world, head-on. You won’t meet anyone from New York who’s not proud to be a New Yorker.


Boston is the capital, and largest city of, Massachusetts and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Understood as the unofficial “Capital of New England” for its economic and cultural impact on the entire New England region, nobody can beat Boston! With a population of nearly 1,000,000, Boston is the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the country.

Boston was a prime location in the American Revolution and included events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Several of the earlier battles in the war included the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston. Since the war, Boston has become a major shipping port and manufacturing center. It’s rich history now helps attract many tourists with Faneuil Hall alone attracting over 20 million people every year. Boston and its surrounding areas include America’s first public school, Boston Latin School and the first subway system in the United States.

Boston is a plateau of higher education and is home to the forefront of medical research in the country. The economy is heavily rooted in research, electronics, finance and technology. A leader in innovation, Boston is also one of the most expensive places to live in the country. With a cost-of-living that far outweighs most other regions of the country it still remains one of the most liveable places in the world ranking third in the US and 37th globally.

Go Red Sox!

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