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RG3 VS Andrew Luck

Best QB Rookie QB Controversy
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  • Whoneedsthis crap

    In the long run a pocket QB is better, and has to learn the offense better..but in the short run as far as pure talent and fun to watch RG3..I am a Giants fan so its not love of the Redskins that I speak from

  • trent

    andrew luck

  • Noble jones

    RG3 baby.. luck doesn’t have the OB overall like him.

  • jayjay

    don’t really know its all about speed and strength

  • jamison thomas

    RG3 walkes on the feild and before he plays he breaks his ankle

  • dickhead

    he is white!!

  • h

    I do not know anything about football so I vote for the white guy cuz I really hate black people

    • jake


  • Al

    Really people? Is this even a serious question anymore

  • durumpa

    andrew luck is and will always be a better quarter back then rg3

  • Spaghetti


  • AKBandito

    RG3 is a glass man.

  • The Chosen One_23

    Bruh Andrew Luck all the way has thrown more touchdowns than RG3 entire career plus has gotten the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs each three years he’s been in the NFL plus he replaced one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Peyton Manning, probably will be better and might go to the hall of fame that is how special he is has the ability to throw like omg has a cannon with such accuracy like Tom Brady plus he is so underrated as a runner to so all in all in a couple of years he is going to be the best quarterback in the NFL.

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