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Sega Genesis VS Super Nintendo

Best 16 Bit Console The Battle for 16 Bit Supremacy
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  • Miles

    I Choose Genesis Because It Came Out First In 1989 After Super Nintendo So I Think Sega Genesis I Like Most. And My Dad Has One Too.

  • Serpent Jesus

    Any true gamer will tell you that it all comes down to the individual games. Whats better Lincoln or Cadillac? well that depends on what year what make what model but if I had to pick 1 I would pick Lincoln and if I had to pick between snes or genesis I would pick genesis I own both and I know that snes is over 2 years newer and of course a little overall more powerful but I see way better animation on the average genesis game and over 90% of genesis games are 320×240 and over 95% of snes games are 256×228 a fact which makes the genesis look much better on modern day widescreen HD tv’s and with the fact that there are more actual games on the genesis + all the sega made arcade games I just have to go with the genesis but of course I pick the NES and N64 over the SMS and the Saturn and gamecube and dreamcast are about even. And I must mention that of course Mario is much cooler than Sonic and pretty much anything is cooler than Alex kid lol.

  • SNESkicksass

    Watch Angry Video Game Nerd SNES vs. Sega Genesis. SNES kicks way more ass.

    • biff

      And the avgn isn’t biased at all right haha what a joke

  • ServbotKing

    The Genesis was the cooler one I guess

  • gail flowers

    Ok people this is simple snes had far better graphics play mortal kombat 2 dead pool stage the genisis is missing half the graphics and shaded in the rest the so called adult games on the genisis have no replay value i would mario world before eternal champions any day of the week and if you own a snes it more than likely works flawless unlike the genisis 2 that has a short on the power cord or controller slot or the video port broke off or the genisis 3 that has rep for crapping out completely all in all snes is the victor

  • bluh


  • Serubio

    A common missconception is that snes hardware is more advanced than megadrive. Is very well known by people who program on both consoles that megadrive is overall superior. For example, Byuu, the autor of the more accurate emulator for the snes stated that:

    “Each have their strengths; but overall the MD kills the SNES in terms of hardware. But I care more about the games, specifically my favorites: 2D role-playing games. It’s for that reason that I care more about the SNES than the MD”

    The source is in a post in nesdev forums. Check also the technical section of sega 16 forums for more info. People needs understand that the angry video game nerd is not a good source when we are talking about technical crap.

    That said, more important than hardware is software. So the better console will be the one which have your favorite games. That said, I prefer megadrive 🙂

  • Chris Pieper

    Segas D pad was WAY better. Snes dpad would make your thumb sore as hell. I tried to play killer instinct a yr ago and I have idea how i was able to pull 25 hit combos with that piece of shit snes controller as a kid. Arcade games were perfect ports to genesis. Nba jam actually had music, mortal kombat had blood. Where i think sega went wrong was when they released the system model 2 and went red themed with their game cases. Sega was winning the 16 bit era prior to making this change. I remember just the black theme alone sega had the first few yrs sold me over the snes. I do like mario kart and mario world but sonic was amazing and was my childhood fav. Sports games were a no contest sega wins hands down. Most people that say snes was better never owned a sega. Or they say sega had no rpgs which is crap (shining force, phantasy star?) Most likely their parents wouldnt buy them a genesis in 1989 and made them stick it out with the nes til 2 yrs after the genesis when the snes came out.

  • Chris Zeptner

    I think Super Nintendo wins, because of the graphics in their video games outshine Sega Genesis games. Nintendo rules, but they should have a good handheld system that has built in video games without cartridges, like Sega, for example, especially since you can load tons of extra video games on an sd card for their portable game system.

  • ?Dude

    It´s simple, Sega is dead, Nintendo is still rocking. So the better is just determined by facts: Super nintendo > Sega genesis

  • Randy Marsh

    Sega Genesis has “Blast Processing”, so it wins duh. Nah just kidding, honestly both were awesome in there own way.

  • Trent


  • steveo

    its all about Nintendo. Nintendo ROCKS hell yea!

  • Demonkittyx

    I picked Super Nintendo because it is more powerful hardware-wise. I like the Super Nintendo games better such as, Zelda Link to the past, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania 4, Turtles in Time, Chrono Trigger, FF6/FF3, and Super Mario World(the Genesis games weren’t bad either). Also Nintendo’s 3rd party titles were vastly superior such as Super Castlevania 4, Turtles in Time, MK2, and UMK3 (yeah I agree MK1 was better on Genesis). Both these systems are remarkable, but c’mon the only thing Super Nintendo needed to win was Super Metroid.

  • Ryan01

    Super nintendo will always be better than Sega genesis

  • Franky Padilla

    Snes wins. Games like Starfox is not possible on Genesis.

  • Franky Padilla

    Snes had final Fantasy. Earthbound. And for ship

  • Paul M

    I used to own a Sega Mega Drive aka Sega Genesis, those days were my best childhood days.. I tried SNES on a public console rentals and I prefer Sega Genesis more.. 🙂

  • Dustin Holmes

    All my family LOVE the Super Nintendo.

  • TD23ASUS

    Honestly, I don’t mind Sega, but Nintendo really just aced the 16 and 64 bit era. (And the 8 bit era cause they were the only company around I think) But Sega’s idea of trying to improve their hardware/software by coming out with an ugly 32 bit disc converter, instead of working on bring home the shit in the 64 bit era, like Nintendo did with the N64.

  • That guy over there


  • Creepershark77

    Hey! In Mortal Kombat 2 for the snes, there was blood, red blood! And what about Contra III or the fact that the snes was the only console at the time to actually be able to have a port of street fighter II! Also the super fx chips and the different modes like mode 7 that made f zero and super Mario kart possible!

  • Gamez

    SNES. Though I agree that The Genesis was a good competitor even th blast processing can’t save it from the better sound graphings and colors of the Super Nintendo. Also it had the FX chip with made doom and star fox possible . Also the fighting games were better with the snes because of the greatter buttons and because of the 3 year leap the snes is the winner in my book

  • urzu117


  • notjeffery

    Man, I just really have a great time with snes games.

  • the_leedle

    Genesis was basically a NES with better graphics, and it got put on “life support” (32X, CD) while the regular SNES was still superior without any add-ons

    • SeekerLancer

      Nintendo wanted a CD add on themselves but the deal fell through because of some of Sony’s demands. They went behind Sony’s back and partnered with Phillips instead, resulting in the abysmal CDi. Sony went on to release the PlayStation and I think creating your own worst enemy is probably a bigger blunder than the 32X.

  • Doomkid

    As a child, I THOUGHT I hated the genesis… But I was wrong. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve built up a good little Gen collection. It’s way fun. The reason I thought I hated it as a kid is because the controller blows in comparison to the more responsive, more well contructed snes pad. I’m using a modded Gen tool where you can plug in an snes pad, and that has just made me fall in love with the console!

    A lot of people seem to like the Genesis controller more. It feels like cheap plastic and the D-Pad is terribly squishy and unresponsive. The SNES controller is still the foundation used today – look at the PS4 and xbone controllers, far more similar to the SNES. I’d say without hesitation that the SNES dpad is far better for fighing games, since I can actually pull off the moves every time, rather than just mushin’ on the blobby gen dpad.

    Now, about the games…. This is where it gets hard. They both have an AMAZING library of games, I’m just gonna call it a tie – I’ve killed countless hours on both systems at this point. Super Mario World is amazing, Zelda is amazing, Sonic is amazing. It’s really hard to just say one console is flat-out better, because the truth is, they’re both a hell of a lot more fun than the crap being released today!

  • Amber Rae Segroves

    NES all the way

  • Soldier

    Genesis was the better console because it had the better games and better beat’em ups. Only games a gave a poop about on snes was Mario games which I could get on the original Nintendo anyways.

  • OldGamer

    Both are good, but after careful thought, I’m going with Genesis. As a kid I liked SNES more, but now years later, Genesis is more fun to play. That’s the basis for my decision. Which is more fun to play, today.

  • LJay

    Snes wins for me,the games and far superior pad both hold up a lot better in todays world.
    I swapped my snes with a mate for 2 weeks back in the days after he asked for a shot,couldn’t wait to get it back-he had Snes envy :p

  • NPeart

    As always, the MHZ don’t mean everything. There are a ton of other factors in addition to the MHZ and resolution, like the memory architecture, amount of colors, effects(comparable to todays shaders, that makes games look lively and dynamic), etc. etc. etc.

    Snes has very sophisticated GPU and other co processors.

    And Mortal Kombat don’t entertain adults, not then, not now. It was a teenager game. Snes has the edge on stories, that entertain adults even this day.

    Snes’s controller had shoulder buttons and the superior diamond lay out. And it’s games were made to use it too. Smash TV for just one example is only far superior on SNES. With shoulder buttons and diamond layout you can SIMULTANEOUSLY control three functions easily. And the d-pad on the Genesis was unreliable; when you tried to turn in the Super Monaco GP, the diagonals were triggered too easily, witch switched gears randomly.

    And speaking of Smash TV; not only is it unplayable on Genesis because of the controls, the Genesis’s sounds tear ears off. I LOVE FM synthesis, but the simplified FM chip in the Genesis sounds like a torturing device(except for a couple of exceptions) and it immediately became old fashioned, when Snes arrived.

    There are exceptions on both consoles, and I prefer Genesis versions in some cases. And this is why I have Genesis, Snes, TG-16, Amiga (on top of other generation systems) and plan getting Neo-Geo some day.(…unless I finally go total digital)

    • SeekerLancer

      Smash TV was pretty much doomed by the Genesis controller (though it’s interesting if you play it with two Sega arcade sticks or two Atari 2600 controllers). Not only that but the Genesis conversion was done by Probe Software who had a reputation for awful ports. If I recall correctly Beam Software did the SNES port and while they made some stinkers in their time like the Back to the Future NES games they had a good track record with arcade ports. Co-creator of Smash TV Mark Turmell even said that the SNES version of the game is his favorite port on the Racketboy podcast.

  • Squidward Tentacles

    Sega all the way. Sega was dark and heavy whereas SNES was cartoonish and light. Beavis & Butt-Head, Battletoads/Double Dragon, Street Fighter II, TMNT Tournament Fighters, Mortal Kombat – they were all better on Sega. I will say that Mario is cooler than Sonic, though. Always has been and always will be.

  • RonJohn

    introduced the game box online buing system wireless controllers

  • Yaz

    genesis does what nintendon’t. well you know what sega, you can go f**k yourself because I’M VOTING FOR SUPER NINTENDO!!! I used to own a snes when I was 7 years old, I loved playing super Mario world and donkey kong country 2 and Zelda a link to the past. sorry sega.

  • Justin Brock

    Nintendo is what Genesisn’t.

    • Justin Brock

      SNES for the win all the way.

  • CLM3Chip

    If you were a high school or college-aged male during the height of the 16-bit era (I was in the latter category), you probably preferred the Genesis because it generally had better sports games. EA Sports placed more emphasis on Genesis games than SNES games, and Sega itself generally had a higher quantity and quality of 1st party sports games than Nintendo did. (Actually, Nintendo has never focused strongly on sports games, and that’s why hardcore gamers, many of whom are high school or college-aged males, gravitated to Sega, Sony, and/or Microsoft systems over the last 20+ years.)

  • OG Veteran

    Only reason I like the Nintendos and even the Wii, is just because of Mario.

  • H475UN3_M1KU


  • xenotypos .

    It depends.

    The Genesis had better shoot-them-up, run-and-gun (Gunstar Heroes especially) and sport games, the Snes had better RPG (FF6 and CT are just too good).

    As for the platformers, the most played genre back then, it still depends on what you want:

    -The Snes had (in general) colorful, detailed and slow-paced platformers (of course, you still had some nice action games such as Megaman X). A special case was Metroid, which was the only one of its kind back then.

    -The Genesis had (in general) platformers more focused on action (Shinobi 3, Sonic games, Rocket Knight Adventure (best genesis game ever) etc…). Another special case are the Disney games on Genesis (Castle of Illusion, Quackshot, World of Illusion, MickeyMania, Aladdin etc…) which are overall more numerous in Genesis and better, in spite of often being “colorful, detailed and slow-paced” platformers like there was many on super Nintendo (still, Aladdin had a sword on genesis, which suggest a deeper “action” touch).

    Personnally, I’d go for the Genesis. The only problem on that console is that many of its best games aren’t that well-known (RKA, Ristar, Alien Soldier,…).

    • SeekerLancer

      Agreed. Anyone who explores the Genesis library beyond the well known titles will fall in love with it. The SNES has its hidden gems as well but they’re not quite as numerous.

  • NickNick 1121

    Seba genesis is awesome

  • Aaron P.

    Everybody states that the snes was so superior over the genesis, yet you can hardly tell the graphics apart. Sound can be bad at times, but is usually more bassy, which appeals to me. Also, my genesis is way more fun than my snes. Shmups with no slowdown, equivalent or superior rpgs, tactical games, etc. Genesis offers more of a variety of games, a better gamepad, and more reliance on good games than a brand name seal to flash to consumers.

  • SeekerLancer

    I own 200+ Genesis games and around 60 SNES games. They’re both legends but the Genesis was more up my personal alley with killer action titles and shoot-em-ups. I think both consoles compliment each other well. If you stick to one and not the other you’re missing out.

  • Kulkinz

    I find the SNES was better, what console lasted for a longer time, I mean having new versons, the SNES

  • Robert Kavanagh

    It was the console I grew up with…. Also the games to me were more accessible and fun such as thunder force and sonic. I only just started playing the snes but. Simply put…. I get bored playing the snes after about an hour but with the mega drive (UK fan) I’ll gladly play all day sessions.

    I’m not a fanboy… It’s just a better machine.

  • BaconWizard

    super nintendo4life

  • Johanna Coyyao

    Super Nintendo is new and Sega Genesis is so antique.. The Gamers uses Super Nintendo is new and they don’t even know the genesis….

SNES vs Genesis

If “Genesis vs Super Nintendo” was a heavyweight boxing match, it would be as popular as Mike Tyson vs. Holyfield, or Ai Vs. Fraiser and as debated as much as “Mac vs PC”. The “battle for 16bit supremacy” was not only a hot topic for any kid growing up in the 90’s, it was first legit battle in the long-running “console war”. Friendships have been lost and families have been torn apart over the SNES vs Genesis debate. Two consoles have never been so evenly matched in both features and game options. Even though the arguments for and against each system were purely subjective and dictated by which system a person owned, it didn’t matter, it didn’t stop.

It is our goal here at WWWAF to stop this battle once and for all. Here’s the break down:


“Dude SNES has better graphics!”.. “No way man, genesis has better graphics”. These claims echoed through the cafeterias in almost eery educational facility for the entire term of the two systems stranglehold on the video game world. The 16 bit consoles were a far cry from good ol’ 8 bit Nintendo in a lot of ways, but most importantly, graphics. Graphics were the be all and end all in this console battle because “better graphics” was viewed as the “coolest” advancement in 16bit systems. Thus, if you had the system with better graphics, you had the best best console. The problem with the graphics argument was that there was no significant differences between the graphics on SNES and the graphics on the Genesis. SNES technically had better graphics but no-one could really tell, it was always an argument that went no-where. So we’re calling the graphics: Even.

The Games

This is where it gets interesting. All in all, both game libraries had some gems; starting with the signature character from each system. Genesis had the fast paced Sonic games, whereas super Nintendo had the always extremely enjoyable Super Mario and Zelda games. The Sonic vs Mario debate has to go to Mario. Super Mario World was a simply amazing game. One of the best games of all time. Sonic was fairly one dimensional… That’s a whole other argument to have later.

Moving on to sports games: Genesis wins this one. One game in particular stands out: World series baseball. This was the first time a baseball game featured the “catcher cam” view of the action. Other than this game, it always seemed genesis had better sports games.

“Genesis Envy”

All in all, SNES owners were content with their console but, just like today, Nintendo tried to keep things clean. Even in the face of their young, mischievous adolescent market. Because of the this, there were two games in particular where all SNES owners scowled with envy at their Genesis-owning friends. Beavis and Butt-head and Mortal Combat. The Genesis version of both these games, hands down kicked the shit out of the SNES versions. In the case of Beavis and Butt-head, SNES owners got a boring side scrolling platformer while genesis owners were blessed with a choose your own adventure type roll playing masterpiece. It had a 16 bit open world type thing going on. And Mortal Kombat… Green blood? Really? Come on Nintendo.

Thanks for Voting!

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