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Sega Genesis VS Super Nintendo

Best 16 Bit Console The Battle for 16 Bit Supremacy
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  • 8월 8일

  • guest

    the super nintendo always had better graphics, games, controls, etc. street fighter 2, mario world, MK2, batman returns and much much more. sega should’ve quit when the 32x came. the genesis didn’t have a chance

    • KE

      It did not have better graphics, you may have found the graphics on it more pleasing but in fact the mega drive graphics where superior

  • miracle

    Its fairly obvious the SNES outpowers the Mega Drive (or Genesis) in every way, but I grew up with the Mega Drive and I personally prefer it over the Super Nintendo.

  • Brcorrell

    I’m sorry but I think the sega genesis was way better then osnes the only game I think that was better on snes was streetfighter 2 other than that the sega genesis killer snes especially in sports game

  • TheCIScommander

    The Sega genesis isn’t superior to the SNES or vice versa. It all depends on what you prefer. Me, I like the Genesis. I enjoy the massive amounts of games out there.

  • computergenius

    Some commented and also the sites say that Super Nintendo had better graphics over the Sega Genesis (MegaDrive in Japan). But for me they are even, the only difference is that Super Nintendo has dark graphics which looks realistic and Genesis has lighter graphics that looks shiny and cooler in the eyes. The problem with dark graphics is that if the game is in a dark place sometimes you can’t see where you are in the game. When it comes to games they are also even its just that there are games better in the SNES and there are game versions that are better in the Genesis!

    I own a Sega Genesis when I was a KID but I hope I also own a Super Nintendo because my first computer was Nintendo so I could enjoy both the king of computers of its generation!

  • Mike Hawk


  • poopshoot

    Pretty much what he said and especialy because the castlevania games for snes and doom and wolfenstein 3d but i must say i like genesis controllers cuz there set up like arcade controllers with six buttons and there much like the hori and street fighter, fighting pads and I also like snes controllers cuz triggers are handy and work out quite well for fps games and cuz there just awsome

  • Sophiemoranowiner

    The super nintendo always has better features,abilities etc,the way it connects is brilliant. It hooks up amazingly. Against genesis,even before the voting was over I still think nintendo won by alot.

    • Eben

      So you believe the SNES grey cables hook up better than the Genesis’ black cables?

  • Just watch this movie and you’ll see the answers….

  • Highvoltagehm

    Nintendo was fun, ya know fun for the family, cute I guess. The Sega Genesis was black, and it sported attitude. I think Sega gave off a, “You’re cool if you have a Genesis”, almost like a teen-age rebellion kind of presence and Nintendo was, “Super Nintendo is fun!” I think a lot of times, the Sega appealed more to an older audience instead of kiddy games. (mortal kombat having blood, games just pushed the envelope and were edgier). I have a soft spot for the Genesis, so many wonderful memories of playing Vectorman, Toy Story, The Lion King, Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition, Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkitron, NBA Jam TE, oh gosh it was great!

  • Zraster

    The Genesis is bad ass. Whereas the SNES was just cool.
    Of all Sega’s consoles the Genesis is the best.

  • Ajmaroudas

    SEGA rules period, and i think that the genesis has better graphics they are more solid and the music is bettter on the SNES but the music on genesis sounds more original like an arcade cabinet game from the 80’s. The genesis is good looking the SNES looks wierd, the controllers on the genesis are more comfortable the SNES controllers are small and stiff, and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is faster and stronger than MARIO who uses shrooms to get more powerful. I could go on and on and I love Nintendo but SEGA is my department and they have my vote.

  • Xavier

    …well…we all see where SEGA went right?

    look, Super Nintendo did beat the Genesis..that’s fact…it’s not like these other fights where its based on opinions with facts interpreted to fit their opinions.

    Genesis and Super Nintendo were nearly matched. Genesis had a more mature crowd, Nintendo being Nintendo had to cater to the kids more often. (Like when Mortal Kombat came out…Genesis openly had blood, SNES had to toggle the option for blood)

    Super Nintendo though had better titles under their belt, so it kept more gamers with them, kids or not. Genesis did have more darker or mature games, but that was a very small group in the past.

    Genesis went on to have system additions to expand it’s audience…that in itself is a sign that you are losing to the competition (SNES). 32x…remember that? the 32x was a great idea that never saw half committed support…with 32x, it could’ve beat SNES…but no one wanted to keep play scottie damn pipen.

    and then there was that thing, SEGA CD…another jump while Nintendo was just rocking with Super Nintendo.

    sega’s problem of jumping ahead was proven again when they dropped the saturn and quickly put out the dreamcast.

    SNES was too super for Genesis to handle on it’s own.

    *and there were graphical differences, snes looked a bit cartoony, sega was more realistic. look at mortal kombat and street fighter versions on both systems. snes looked cartoony, genesis looked more crisp.*

  • ninetendo

  • Eben

    Genesis has better graphics and resolution:

    SNES has better presentation and greater colour palette:

    Although the music is sampled better on SNES, the speed and 2P options on Genesis are more authentic. Both Genesis and SNES have their fair share of Arcade, Sports, Fighting, Platformers, RPG, Strategy and Adventure. Some genres are under-represented on SNES, like 2P strategy (Herzog Zwei. Ger. lit. Duke Two, started a whole genre).

    Some special effects are rare on Genesis. Games using polygons for instance are more common on SNES (about 10 titles) but then the Genesis has the highest polygon performance of the 16-bit console era with Virtua Racing (9000 polygons per second compared with ~3000 on Star Fox).

    This argument certainly comes down to the games. At the time, circa 1991-93, Genesis was the better console. After SEGA Japan dropped the ball in 1994, the SNES was really shining with DKC. Needless to say, the Genesis was still a capable console; SEGA to their detriment were simply fixated on leading the technology and foresaw the 32-bit era. Three years (1994) was a long wait, but the SNES owners were finally rewarded and had the last laugh in the 90s – the SNES held its own against Saturn and PS for two years. This was not only due to significant price savings but games like Metroid and DCK are damn good. These games almost emulate the action (speed and 2 players on-screen) of a Genesis 1994/95 era title e.g. Alien Solider and Batman and Robin, yet have the wonderful SNES presentation.

    Fewer Genesis games for 1994/95 are on par with SNES equivalents. The list of great Genesis games declines by mid 1995, while SNES was producing some of its best titles. It’s the case that the SEGA development and marketing machine had moved away from Genesis and this proved fatal allowing the SNES one year grace before the 32-bit era even kicked off.

    Given the resurgence of the Genesis as a Retro Console, it is hard to deny the proposition that SEGA produced a timeless beast of gaming. In Arcade, 2P action and Sports the Genesis is unrivaled. Even the iterations of Street fighter and Mortal Kombat [sic] are both arguably more authentic arcade experiences than the SNES emulations. Likewise, the SNES has applications which represent the best of their kind. Games like Secret of Mana will simply never be topped – and certainly could not run to perfection on a Genesis.

    Final thoughts: the Genesis smashed down the wall into an industry dominated by a giant. It inspired whole new genres of gaming (much like the NES did five years prior). It brought console gaming into the mainstream and made many conventions including celebrity promotion and worldwide games launches (Sonic 2).

    The SNES came along and not only fought hard but surpassed the Genesis in world sales. Nintendo lifted the bar and marveled gamers with atmosphere and exploration. Loyal Nintendo fans and SEGA players alike were impressed with SNES and its improvements for the 1990s console gaming experience.


    Youtube [Available online] Various links in text

    Game Pilgrimage [Available online]

  • Xavier

    there was no need references…wow talk about “geek”dom lol

    • Eben

      Indeed. There is need for references. Most of the diatribe about the SNES being outright better was generated by media hype – not gamers experiences. For two years prior 1991 ‘vaporware’ speculation was run to help build momentum for the unknown Nintendo 16-bit entry powerhouse. On release, the SNES did not live up to the hype generated and turned out to be comparable with other 16-bit systems (vis-a-vis PS2 pre-realease hype and the unrealistic claims made about its emotion engine).

      The enduring interpretation by media and consumers that one console from this generation was outright better needs to be challenged. Similar comparisons have been made in other generations citing sales as the major success criterion. Sales are important in so far that a strong installed base attracts ongoing third party support; and increased publication of quality games. Both systems achieved strong installed base and as have excellent libraries as a result.

      SNES top play list, one game per year:
      Super Mario World 1990/91
      Turtles in Time 1992
      SoM 1993
      Super Metroid 1994
      Chrono Trigger 1995
      SMRPG 1996

      2 x Nintendo, 3 x Square, 1 x Konami

      Genesis top play list, one game per year:
      Altered Beast 1988/89
      Strider 1990
      Sonic the Hedgehog 1991
      Streets of Rage 2 1992
      Gunstar Heroes 1993
      Shining Force 2 1994
      Alien Soldier 1995
      Light Crusader 1996

      4 x SEGA, 1 x Capcom, 3 x Treasure

      Started playing PS and Saturn in 1996.

      • Xavier

        like i said…no need for references when it’s something from the past that we already know the results of. no need to whip out uber long references and overly extensive details either.

        as for challenging the media…yea, why not. but first and foremost, it would be the people, first, who should be at first who allow themselves to be easily influenced by such a thing called the media.

        as for sales, yada yada yada….yea…who doesn’t know that…look at the wii.

        • Xavier

          ***as for challenging the media…yea, why not. but first and foremost, it would be the people who should be at fault first, for allowing themselves to be easily influenced by such a thing called the media.***

  • Anonymous

    Hard choice, I had both but the Super Famicom games were badass if you could get them (and eek through all the Japanese language)!

  • Mr wiggly

    Snes had a lager colour pallet than the Md and could also
    Use more colours on a screen at once.Also it had mode 7 as used in mario cart and sprit scalling wich the Md wasnt cab able of until you hooked a mega cd up to it.So really the snes is miler capable in the gfx department.
    The Md however could handle far more sprites on screen at once
    Allowing for the likes of thunder force 3 and 4 to get very hectic.

  • Color palette only gets in the way of ports. Original games, made from the start with palette in mund didn’t had problems with it. Besides, palette only compromises one little element, while a slower processor (Snes’s) makes for slowdowns, less sprites with less animation… less things in the screen. So I think the processor is a flaw of Snes but the palette isn’t a flaw of Genesis, that amount of color was ok for 16-bit machines. The sound of Genesis always sounded better for me, but I can’t discuss this technically. Just say that Snes sounds most of the times had some reverb that it became muffled. The voices are indeeed very much bad in Genesis, and much better in Snes. Is not that Gen couldn’t do, some games have great voices, but it seemed to be more hard to do. As for games, the two had great exclusives. SNes was better for RPGs, Mega Was better for action games and sports. Mode7 was ugly ugly ugly. Genesis had better gameplay/playability because of the better processor. And constantly Gen used bigger resolution than Snes, because the processor could handle. So I think Gen is better, but it could well be considered a draw.

  • The technical specifications of Snes stayed on paper. Snes was made with such high specifications just for the good of marketing. Nitnendo-fanboys are soo inocent. If you were to count (and some people do it), none of Snes’s games used that amount of colours on screen, simply because the processor of Snes couldn’t handle.

  • Guest

    The super nintendo entertainment system was a big success but when super mario world came out it was epic but in 1992 Super mario kart completely flushed the Genesis down the drain. The legend of Zelda a link to the past has to be the best of them! All the genesis games were about sonic but snes had donkey kong, mario, zelda, and kirby many more too!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think of a Genesis game that quite matches Star Ocean or Seikendensetsu 3 in terms of graphics. Then again, Vectorman, Sonic & Knuckles, Story of Thor put most SNES visuals to shame, and Sonic 3D Blast certainly outdid the graphics of Mario RPG. The Genesis, in any case, played faster and smoother to me: Gunstar Heroes, Sonic etc. had amazing controls, and I never once experienced sluggishness on the Genesis.

  • Anonymous

    With rpg’s of course the SNES wins, with Squaresoft’s efforts, not to mention Zelda and Tales of Phantasia. The Genesis had Shining Force 2, the best 16-bit tactical rpg, while Landstalker and Story of Thor are also memorable. The Genesis wins hands down with beat ’em ups however, and there is nothing on the SNES to compare with the Streets of Rage games (Final Fight? Yeah right!), Comix Zone, and again, Story of Thor. In platfromers the Genesis has the edge. Despite the brilliance of Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Donkey Kong, Castlevania and Kirby Superstar, the Genesis had Sonic 1,2,3 and Knuckles, Ristar, Dynamite Headdy, a Castlevania incarnation, Tiny Toon Adventures, platform shooters like Vectorman, a far better version of Aladdin, the Shinobi games, Rocket Knight Adventures, Ecco the Dolphin etc. In shooters, it’s a no contest,as this is where the Genesis excelled: Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Vectorman 1 & 2, Contra Hard Corps to match Contra 3 etc. etc.. In strategy the Genesis had Dune 2, General Chaos and Herzog Zwei – ’nuff said, even Star Fox can’t rescue Nintendo’s system here. That said, Tetris Attack knocks the socks off Columns, and the Genesis had nothing like Clock Tower. Racing goes to the SNES, probably, with Super Mario Kart. Sports? I never really played those, except for NBA Jam on the Genesis.

  • jigsawjo

    Every kid who had an SNES wanted a Genesis and every kid who had a Genesis wanted an SNES. Thankfully we all now live in an enlightened age where we can have both through emulators.

  • Retrogamer77

    Cannot believe folks here are forgetting Super Metroid. If it came down to Top 10 games vs Top 10 games, the SNES wins by a landslide. Top 20 vs Top 20, still the SNES wins but it is closer. All games over all genres, I think the Genesis wins here. Perhaps the Genesis should be considered a better system, but who would seriously play 100 games on either system? Overall, the SNES wins for me due to having a few standout classics. Just look at top 100 of all time gaming lists and count the Genesis games appearing there.

    • Eben

      I agree with some of this comment. The SNES has some brilliant games but we had to wait until 1994. Meanwhile in Genesis land the whole 16-bit era including arcade and strategy, the first RTS was on Genesis and I am not sure if SNES has the horse power for RTS but could be wrong.

      Super Metroid was the game changer. In 1994 I played heaps of SNES but it did not entirely hold me. The Genesis was still the system to own for the best 2 player games in most genres.

      Most people who owned SNES had the same games. Genesis was a real mixed bag and different types of gamers could survive on a Genesis, it even had RPGs the SNES could not run; likewise there are RPGs on SNES that Genesis also could not run properly.

      Look at Lady Stalker on SNES. It is awful compared to landstalker. In fact the SNES version has no jumping in isometric RPGs. Genesis ruled isometric arcade style RPGs.

      Chrono Trigger I imagine would be horrid on Genesis. Limited colours and techno music would not be the game we love on SNES.

  • Isthatyouremail

    Mhmm…quite…blades of vengence, Biohazard and streets of rage vs Kirby Superstar, 7th Saga, and ActRaiser…I guess it really depends if you had a co-op buddy or not…Not disrespecting TAC or anything but if im alone then i play the snes, otherwise there’s always a sega game two people can agree on.

  • gamer

    there both old as dirt

    • Guest


  • SlightlyJS

    I grew up with both of these consoles…all I can say is…Street Fighter 2, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG…best games EVER! And none on Genesis. Well…I guess SF2 went to Genesis, but much later…=)

  • Aburnette502

    The super Nintendo came later with better sounds and better games sure sega had sonic but Nintendo had Mario donkey kong and megaman

  • Dingamasterkillslayer

    Seriously, even if you think that none of them is better than the other, your opinion is always wrong. SNES is better, yes the genesis does have the ‘blast-processing’ thing that actually means that Genesis has a 7.67MHz and the SNES had a 3.58MHz. But really, the SNES outshines the genesis in every other way – seriously! Look!

    • E

      This web-site is brilliant. It presents the best information and shows the capabilities of each console in an unbiased way. I would say that outshines could be changed to marginal. The fact that the SNES lacks CPU power did have its problems until the chipped games arrived and we had to fork out more for the games. Ever notice how SNES games always cost more. The hardware required support to beat the Genesis and this part of the story needs to be told.

      The Genesis when chipped can handle Virtua Racing which shows that Genesis can approach the 32-bit generation like SNES.

    • Vludi

      The ps2 was the less powerful console and it still was the best of that era, just sayin

      • Toastman

        The ps2 didn’t come out until 2000

  • Semtex007

    Its always been a tough decision for me. But I’m going with the genesis because that is the first 16 bit console I owned. SNES will always have a special place on my shelf of awesomeness.

  • old school gamer

    Snes will always be cool but I must say Genesis had splatterhouse and zombies ate my neighbors was easier to get ahold of and MK was better with the 6 button controller. But don’t get me wrong I love super Mario (all of em) metriod and doom (even though it was clunky I did not ever have a 32x) but I love the Genesis more. Now if it was Genesis vs. Nes well nes will always be my top console.

  • Basically, I would go for the genesis, sure the SNES was more powerful in capabillities, I liked it, but all those RPG games don’t impress me to much, even with all the rumors and fans, they just don’t realise it can get monotness, it’s always the same thing, fight with different attacks and power up and get more. And, i’m not a big fan of adventure games. Not counting Zelda: a link to the past, SNES had tons of them. But for me, the genesis had a better library of games. Sure the SNES had a lot of classics, but the Genesis had more games by Sega, lots of sports games, a ton of simple games, beat em up’s, uncensored fighting games and Bad-ass action games. The SNES did have a ton of games that utilized an enhancment chip, but Genesis had only one, VIRTUA RACER. It’s a 3d racing game with polygon graphics, but compare it to Star Fox, Virtua Racer had a lot more fluid framerate instead of the chunky frameskipping in Star Fox, the Music may not sound better to some, but it’s a lot more techno-style. The two reason genesis released only 1 game with an enhancment chip was because there weren’t a lot of 3d games back then, and the chip was really techniccal to design, Virtua Racer was also the most expensive genesis game of all time (100 $) but the money is worth if you like classic racing games.
    The SNES did have some gorry violent games, but not as many as the Genesis, The genesis is a real man’s console and the SNES is just a kiddy toy. However, the SNES was just improving there game library all the time, but most of it is not executed even better than Genesis, sure SNES had Mode 7, but Genesis also had it. If you don’t believe me, take a look at: STREET RACER, DUKE NUKEM 3D, BATMAN AND ROBIN, CASTLEVANIA BLOODLINES, CONTRA HARD CORPS AND A DOZEN OF FIGHTING AND RPG GAMES. Sure, when it comes to the sound, the SNES is clearly more cappable than the Genesis, but the genesis can also produce better music and sound, 3 examples are: STREETS OF RAGE, MICKEY MANIA: TTAOMM AND EARTHWORM JIM. In conclusion, that’s why I rated Genesis: “It’s better to be simple than to be improved”.

    • E

      Your analysis of the 16-bit era is well informed. The IGN boys are out there in numbers and they have declared victory for SNES based on sale numbers and marginal superiority. Fact is that the CPU of the mega drive made it capable of things the SNES could not handle. Meanwhile, the SNES could do many things slightly better than Genesis and even approached the 32-bit era with chipped cartridges. Consumers did not mind paying extra for SNES games but the rejected Sega add-ons. A sad story because many of the add on games were beyond the SNES.

      In terms of sheer horse power the Genesis wins. Without chips, the SNES cannot texture polygons, in fact it can barely run a game in polygons. The SNES 65C816 CPU is inexpensive and slower than the Genesis. SNES achieved parity with abstract engines and took the load off the CPU.

      Does this mean Genesis is better? I don’t think so. But it certainly stifles old arguments for the Nintendo fanboys holding onto 1992 hype about the SNES blowing Genesis away – it merely improved on some aspects of console design and was an excellent console along side the Genesis.

      Had SNES used a decent CPU it would have cost $300 and put it at double the price of Genesis. Nintendo knew they would lose money on this and went with a more competitive but less powerful design. The lesson to be learned is that marketing hype can sell a console and the media love the SNES worldwide victory of 49 million to 35-40 mil units for Genesis as it keeps them in jobs every console generation.

      The next great media war was between PS2 and Dreamcast – once again the hype sealed the deal no matter how much better and cheaper the dreamcast was.

  • No contest, the Sega Genesis was and still is the better console, I mean for true gamers, even Mortal Kombat would show blood when you hit the opponent but SNES well it didn’t, also their games were more for kids, Genesis went after an older type of gamer and to top it all the best controller was also designed by Sega, it just fits perfect on your hands. So the Gold goes to Sega Genesis.

    • juice

      your argument that the snes was a kid’s system is false. mortal combat II came back with blood. doom had fountains of blood. the controller for the genesis made playing mortal combat frustrating.

      • biff

        6 button sega controller blew away snes controller no contest

        • GerudoTwighlight

          except that the original sega controller had only 3 buttons. snes had 6 buttons AND an l and r button. Also why are we still talking about this after like 20 years?

          • Robert Kavanagh

            The snes had four face buttons and the l and r.. Not 6 plus l and r
            Playing games like Street fighter with the snes controller was frustrating as hell. Played games with the original 3 button. And I found that easier than the snes controller

        • Robert Kavanagh

          Agree with that…. Once that controller came out… No contest. Fighting games feel more at home on the mega drive.

    • magdra

      who really cares about MK showing blood nowadays? and MK isn’t as fun playing by yourself. SNES Super Mario World, even a kid can pick it up and play…my 3 year old is addicted. But adults can find a great challenge as well. Then there’s FF and Chrono Trigger. Genesis wins on sports, only. I did love me some madden back in those days.

    • The-unknown

      Look at that guy shooting ”No contest,the sega genesis was and still the better console”like its a fact when its a personnal preference.I never chosing side in this war,because their great games on both console.But the statistics showed that the snes won the 16 bits era.It sell better and nintendo pushed the 16 bit to a new height with donkey kong country and killer instinct.What I dont liked about sega is their markrting strategy,creating every possible bullshit to hide the fact that they were struggled by nintendo.Blast prossessing what a bulshit and comparing mario cart vs sonic lol seriously…

  • Chase ・

    Gawd, one sided. I got both, but I almost always played my SNES.

  • i voted snes because my childhood but then realised this is a fight not a popularity contest,sega has a sega justifier so though it pains me to say this genesis would kill snes…:(

  • bblew

    sega genesis for deffo great console 🙂

  • Porkins

    ‘SNES owners scowled with envy at their Genesis-owning friends’… that’s because the Genesis’ target market was teenagers and college kids, and the SNES’ target market was teens and tweens.

  • GeorgeKanakis

    A Genesis Vs SNES battle should be purely concentrated on the few excellent games both consoles had and focus on them alone.

    Whole gaming library comparisons are worthless, since both consoles had 100’s of games that are not even worth playing.

    has been long since proven that the Genesis was a better all round
    gaming machine in terms of hardware. Moot point though since we as the
    gamers are going to judge games, not hypothetical numbers telling us how
    many operations per second each machine is grinding out. Who really
    cares about this aspect? That any Genesis fan comes out with his or her fists
    flying with these facts n figures tells me they know deep down that the
    SNES was superior in terms of a “classic” gaming library (the only list
    of games that even matter now we are in 2012).

    Nobody cares about
    the tremendous haul of sub par or mediocre titles on both machines
    which took the bulk of their gaming libraries. People arguing which 2nd
    rate game on either system being better is perhaps irrelevant.

    all the average games on both systems, one could legitimately compile a
    list of 30 or so titles for each system that would earn a minimum of

    Nintendo had a few high class gaming companies in their back
    pockets, and hence I feel had better A-list titles than the Genesis.
    Ignoring hardware etc, I would say the SNES just had more classics and
    better classics. Zelda LTTP, Metroid, Final Fantasy and a few others
    are as iconic today as they were yesterday. Not saying the Genesis did
    not have very important games either, but I feel a Top 10 list of SNES /
    Genesis classics will be biased heavily towards the SNES (like 8 / 2 or
    7 / 3 in the SNES favor). Even a Top 20 list would probably still be
    dominated by Nintendo (perhaps 12 / 8 or 11 / 9 in Nintendo’s favor).
    Invoking a Top 200 list would probably favor the Genesis, but my point
    stands. Nobody, unless they live a sheltered indoor life, is going to
    bother playing 200 games on either system.

    Genesis supporters
    often point to the Genesis getting better ports of this game or that
    game, but in reality none of those particular games were any good to
    begin with. The most famous better Genesis port was Mortal Kombat.
    Mortal Kombat!? Hilarious! It was, in all honesty, a run of the mill
    brawler on the 16 bit machines. Neither console came even close to
    doing the arcade game justice. I could even raise a very valid argument
    that once you get down into the gameplay, Mortal Kombat on the arcade
    was highly overrated. Earthworm Jim? Yes Genesis version rocked
    harder, but is Earthworm Jim really an all time classic? Not really…
    Aladdin was better on the Genesis by quite a wide margin, and this was a
    top game but perhaps not classic (borderline classic perhaps). Any
    other comparisons that mattered? Street Fighter 2 was largely identical
    on both consoles, and anyone saying which version is better is just
    picking at straws. They are widely considered to be equal, even
    magazines at the time could not separate them. Mortal Kombat 2 was a
    great fighter, again, neither version stood ahead of the other. Most
    would slightly prefer the SNES version due to better use of the color
    palette, but really the difference was trivial. I could endlessly go on
    here…. but the point of my argument is simple: If comparing two
    fairly average or even good games (where that game happens to be better
    on the Genesis as often was the case), I do not feel the outcomes change
    anything. The best games are all that matter today, and it just
    happens that the best games that stand as classics are more numerous on
    the SNES and Genesis. It has nothing to do with the SNES being better
    hardware wise, it is purely the game companies that Nintendo had in
    their back pocket. If those game companies were producing heavily for
    Sega rather than Nintendo, then the console war would have been won
    easily by Sega. As it is, they either did not develop much on Sega or
    if they did, the games on the Genesis were nothing special. Konami are
    one company who kicked ass on both systems (and yes, Contra Hard Corps
    on the Genesis is way better than Contra III on the SNES).

    did a one up on Nintendo with the Playstation. By having many game
    companies in their back pockets, poor old Nintendo were left clutching
    at 2nd rate 3rd party developers for the bulk of their mediocre gaming
    library. No surprise why the PS1 crushed the N64 and the Saturn. That
    Sega stood up to Nintendo in the 16 bit days is testament to Sega’s own
    creative genius in making the Genesis the console to own for premium
    but mind numbing arcade style action games designed to do nothing but
    test the reflexes. Genesis rules with these side scroller shooting
    games, vertical shooters and the action platform genre. However, these are
    precisely the kind of games that rarely achieve classic status –
    it takes more than firing endless streams of bullets while dodging
    enemy fire to make a game classic.

  • Please. SNES was so much better than the genesis, so what if you had blood on mortal kombat? SNES had Street Fighter Alpha 2, Doom on the Snes was way better than on the 32x which had lousy noises as music and you didn’t need to buy an adapter to play the game, how about all the 16 bit Final Sequels, the many Mortal Kombat sequels, the Donkey Kong games, Zelda, the Breath of Fire series and all those kick ass Square Enix games? I only had envy for games like the SOR series, Phantasy Star 4 and Eternal Fighters

  • denominated

    I had both systems growing up. and i alwaysplayed the snes more. but i enjoyed both



    • GREG


  • Tomatada

    SNES have a better collection of games, than Sega Genesis. SG have a good games that youll never see in SNES: Contra Hard Corps a fucking excellent game and the fucking awesome velocity of Sonic, but in the sames games, all SNES games are better than SG, MK its a classic discussion, but a bloody game vs bad graphics, i prefer SNES MK, after, we have MK II, SG version sucks, but if you choose a game that SG does not have, you can see the superior power of SNES: killer Instinc, Doom (SG only in 32X), DKC, DKC 2, DKC 3, Marior Kart, etc.

    for me SNES win, and of course the angry video game nerd, have the same position.

    thanks for read

  • JLloyd

    One thing the SNES DID have in the graphics department was color.

    The SNES boasted 32,768 colors to choose from and could display 256 of them on screen at once.
    The Genesis only had 512 colors and could only display 62 of them at once.

    Look at any SNES and Genesis game side by side and Genesis games always look dull and flat in comparison.

  • Max Power

    I grew up with a Genesis, but this article is bullshit. Anyone who’s paying attention can easily tell the difference between the two systems: the SNES’ graphics and sound quality were noticably more advanced than the Sega’s. Games on the Genesis were generally faster than the same games on the SNES, but this isn’t quite as obvious. The best known example of a game series that showcased the speed of the Genesis were the Sonic games, and these were almost certainly the fasted pace games of the 16 bit era. But F-Zero on the SNES was pretty fast too.

    SNES also scores points in the video department due to the fact that it supported S-Video(though I have never been able to get my hands on an S-video adaptor for my SNES), and the signal for the SNES isn’t fuzzy like the signal on my Genesis, which is a minor complaint, and the graphics on my Genesis still look pretty damn good. Furthermore on Genesis model 1s stereo sound is only available through the headphone jack, whereas the a/v out on the back only supports mono. this means more wires. the model 2 genesis rectified this very minor problem, but changes the mixing circuit due to cheaper means of production resulted in compromising audio(this also holds true to the later model 1 gennys – the ones that DON’T say “High Definition Graphics” on them). games like streets of rage 2, revenge of shinobi, the sonic series and countless others sound great in stereo, but the snes simply had a vastly superior sound chip: that’s simply the difference two years of technology makes.

    All in all, on paper the SNES appears to be the better console: not only was it technically superior in almost every department it also had a larger number of games, with countless classics – but that’s not all there is to it. The Genesis had a shit ton of awesome games too, and that is really what it comes down too: which system you enjoy playing more, and for me it’s a dead tie. All my favorite games of all time are on both systems: Shinobi 3, Castlevania 4, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario World, X-Men 2, Contra 3 and Gunstar Heroes(to name just a few) all kick serious ass, and the only way to truly decide which system is best is to get both and play the shit out of them: if you’re a serious gamer(and a sensible shopper) it’s well the worth the money.

  • Inuboy1000

    My preference is the Sega Genesis. Why? I like it’s games better. To me the Super Nintendo is like the Playstation 1. I play their games and I don’t like them as much. I own a couple on the Virtual Console but they’re not as amazing as some of the ones I’ve played on Genesis (Sonic, Vectorman to name a few). I own a Genesis btw, got it for two bucks at a yard sale. Never owned a Super Nintendo. ._. Genesis does what Nintendon’t. My first console was a Nintendo 64, but the Genesis to me is better.

  • Jess9131

    Alright I didn’t own either of these units because my parents were against waisting time and wouldn’t buy us any no matter how hard we begged. That being said I spent a 3 day weekend at a friends who had Genesis and fell in love with Road Rash,NBA jam and home alone. Then a few weeks later I spent the weekend at another friends who had SNES. I played NBA Jam and it was just ok. We went to a video rental to rent a game and couldn’t decide what to get so I recomended Home Alone since it was fun on Genesis. When we got back to his house we played it and it was terrible!!! I ended up going to bed early while he played it so he wouldn’t feel as bad about waisting the money on it. Keep in mind this was when I was around 12. I’m now 29 and just started looking for a Genesis to purchase.

  • I run both systems with a scart cable to get the best picture out of both of them. With that being said while the Snes does look better I have to go with the Sega just on the face that I like the controller a whole lot better and I think the games play better as well

  • snes or go home

    I have hundreds of games for both systems and really invested in my super sega (sega genesis, sega cd, & 32X). If you are a ‘true gamer’ it goes without question that the super nintendo is a much better system. All you noobs who grew up with a sega, as I did, lived a sheltered view on what nintendo brought to the table. You can argue streets of rage vs final fight all day. We know. Final fight sucked. But everything else was pretty much better. If you honestly think sega is better then your parents bought you an extra chromosome as well for xmas bc ur retarded.

SNES vs Genesis

If “Genesis vs Super Nintendo” was a heavyweight boxing match, it would be as popular as Mike Tyson vs. Holyfield, or Ai Vs. Fraiser and as debated as much as “Mac vs PC”. The “battle for 16bit supremacy” was not only a hot topic for any kid growing up in the 90’s, it was first legit battle in the long-running “console war”. Friendships have been lost and families have been torn apart over the SNES vs Genesis debate. Two consoles have never been so evenly matched in both features and game options. Even though the arguments for and against each system were purely subjective and dictated by which system a person owned, it didn’t matter, it didn’t stop.

It is our goal here at WWWAF to stop this battle once and for all. Here’s the break down:


“Dude SNES has better graphics!”.. “No way man, genesis has better graphics”. These claims echoed through the cafeterias in almost eery educational facility for the entire term of the two systems stranglehold on the video game world. The 16 bit consoles were a far cry from good ol’ 8 bit Nintendo in a lot of ways, but most importantly, graphics. Graphics were the be all and end all in this console battle because “better graphics” was viewed as the “coolest” advancement in 16bit systems. Thus, if you had the system with better graphics, you had the best best console. The problem with the graphics argument was that there was no significant differences between the graphics on SNES and the graphics on the Genesis. SNES technically had better graphics but no-one could really tell, it was always an argument that went no-where. So we’re calling the graphics: Even.

The Games

This is where it gets interesting. All in all, both game libraries had some gems; starting with the signature character from each system. Genesis had the fast paced Sonic games, whereas super Nintendo had the always extremely enjoyable Super Mario and Zelda games. The Sonic vs Mario debate has to go to Mario. Super Mario World was a simply amazing game. One of the best games of all time. Sonic was fairly one dimensional… That’s a whole other argument to have later.

Moving on to sports games: Genesis wins this one. One game in particular stands out: World series baseball. This was the first time a baseball game featured the “catcher cam” view of the action. Other than this game, it always seemed genesis had better sports games.

“Genesis Envy”

All in all, SNES owners were content with their console but, just like today, Nintendo tried to keep things clean. Even in the face of their young, mischievous adolescent market. Because of the this, there were two games in particular where all SNES owners scowled with envy at their Genesis-owning friends. Beavis and Butt-head and Mortal Combat. The Genesis version of both these games, hands down kicked the shit out of the SNES versions. In the case of Beavis and Butt-head, SNES owners got a boring side scrolling platformer while genesis owners were blessed with a choose your own adventure type roll playing masterpiece. It had a 16 bit open world type thing going on. And Mortal Kombat… Green blood? Really? Come on Nintendo.

Thanks for Voting!

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