Siri VS Hal

AI Fist Fight! The Artificial Altercation
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  • Hal

    I’m sorry dave, I cannont allow you to vote for Siri

  • Therealdanielj

    its hal

  • Thedaveman120

    This isn’t even slightly relevant to one another series a software program where as HAL is an artificial intelligence which is conscience not to mention its own computer.

  • DocEastwood

    HAL is a psycopathic A.I. and Siri is an iPhone gimmick

  • Anonymous

    Siri simply because she won’t try and kill me

  • Jesse Swisher


  • sam ward

    hal is useful and i have found him more responsive and faster.

  • Jynto

    I voted HAL, but really the fight would never happen because Siri is HAL’s daughter. He’s training her in his murderous ways. Oh, and GLaDOS is the mother.

  • Zone Ender

    really Hal is a murdering space ship Siri is a phone. If Hal met Siri he would probably rape her then re-purpose her for his own computerized sexual needs.

  • Pat

    I’m sorry, Siri, I can’t do that…

  • Evan Meyer

    Siri is a dumb name. I’ve really only used Siri once, but I didn’t like it.

    • Quocalimar

      What kind of name is Hal!

  • Chase ・

    I’m sorry, Siri, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

    now if this was Hal vs GlaDos, then it would be an interesting fight (GlaDos would win, hah).

    • John FLaherty


  • mcja

    hal the original pro

  • Shane

    Hal is fluent in over a hundred different languages, pwns at chess, and can sing you some very nice songs. Siri isn’t even conscious.

  • Quocalimar

    Siri’s a girl. I like the idea of a girl waiting hand and foot on me.
    But seriously, Siri just sounds better that, Hal.

  • trent

    siri has more technology and new and hal is very old


    Both are determined to enslave the human race…

  • Anonymouscip

    Why are people voting for Siri? Seriously? I mean, what can Siri possibly do? Plus, Siri is ALWAYS kind, calm, and polite no matter what you do to her.

  • Jason Tood


  • alex

    hal because its smarter

  • Official_Ref

    GlaDos wins.

  • steveo

    huh? I don’t know either both

  • SwaggyBilbo

    i choose GlaDos because i use neither

  • ace

    hal is a beast

  • Dean

    Siri not available connect to the intanet

  • Siri FTW

    Siri is very funny if you have a forgein accent.

  • TD23ASUS

    If I am correct, Siri is an annoying and quite comical voice recognition software. It has AI elements, and honestly, it doesn’t do much else.

    And again, if I am correct, HAL, and i believe HAL 9000, (isn’t it the only HAL?) is evil, and is also much more than Siri. It is a database of knowledge, and has the ability to react to human emotion, and to show emotion, and is capableof almost killing.

    I’d say HAL would just lure Siri into a false sense of security and then murder it.

  • dickhead

    ridem pussy!

  • Cameron Warren


  • Michael Young

    Can I say Siri? Siri would win because she’s cooler.

  • Spaghetti


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