Siri VS Hal

AI Fist Fight! The Artificial Altercation
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  • Hal

    I’m sorry dave, I cannont allow you to vote for Siri

  • Therealdanielj

    its hal

  • Thedaveman120

    This isn’t even slightly relevant to one another series a software program where as HAL is an artificial intelligence which is conscience not to mention its own computer.

  • DocEastwood

    HAL is a psycopathic A.I. and Siri is an iPhone gimmick

  • Anonymous

    Siri simply because she won’t try and kill me

  • Cortana

  • hal is useful and i have found him more responsive and faster.

  • Jynto

    I voted HAL, but really the fight would never happen because Siri is HAL’s daughter. He’s training her in his murderous ways. Oh, and GLaDOS is the mother.

  • Zone Ender

    really Hal is a murdering space ship Siri is a phone. If Hal met Siri he would probably rape her then re-purpose her for his own computerized sexual needs.

  • Pat

    I’m sorry, Siri, I can’t do that…

  • Evan Meyer

    Siri is a dumb name. I’ve really only used Siri once, but I didn’t like it.

    • Quocalimar

      What kind of name is Hal!

  • Chase ・

    I’m sorry, Siri, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

    now if this was Hal vs GlaDos, then it would be an interesting fight (GlaDos would win, hah).

    • John FLaherty


  • mcja

    hal the original pro

  • Shane

    Hal is fluent in over a hundred different languages, pwns at chess, and can sing you some very nice songs. Siri isn’t even conscious.

  • Quocalimar

    Siri’s a girl. I like the idea of a girl waiting hand and foot on me.
    But seriously, Siri just sounds better that, Hal.

  • trent

    siri has more technology and new and hal is very old


    Both are determined to enslave the human race…

  • Anonymouscip

    Why are people voting for Siri? Seriously? I mean, what can Siri possibly do? Plus, Siri is ALWAYS kind, calm, and polite no matter what you do to her.

  • Jason Tood


  • alex

    hal because its smarter

  • Official_Ref

    GlaDos wins.

  • steveo

    huh? I don’t know either both

  • SwaggyBilbo

    i choose GlaDos because i use neither

  • ace

    hal is a beast

  • Dean

    Siri not available connect to the intanet

  • Siri FTW

    Siri is very funny if you have a forgein accent.

  • TD23ASUS

    If I am correct, Siri is an annoying and quite comical voice recognition software. It has AI elements, and honestly, it doesn’t do much else.

    And again, if I am correct, HAL, and i believe HAL 9000, (isn’t it the only HAL?) is evil, and is also much more than Siri. It is a database of knowledge, and has the ability to react to human emotion, and to show emotion, and is capableof almost killing.

    I’d say HAL would just lure Siri into a false sense of security and then murder it.

  • dickhead

    ridem pussy!

  • Cameron Warren


  • Michael Young

    Can I say Siri? Siri would win because she’s cooler.

    • potato

      Excuse me do you know HAL???

  • Spaghetti


  • Khalid Alnajjar

    They are both good but I’m sorry Siri, I can’t let you win.

  • Master Cheif

    I think cortana wins

  • potato

    Hal wins, but I’ll point out-and if you’ve seen the movie you’d know-that Hal is not evil, just determined to follow through with his designated task. He is willing to kill to get there, but not with malicious intent. It’s no more evil than an animal killing to protect it’s child. However, if it was Hal’s task to destroy Siri, that’s exactly what would happen.

  • Henon

    It isri sis nice

  • Joker

    Of course Siri will win a better sound,better answering and good at all.

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