Skiing VS Snowboarding

King of the Hill Battle For First Tracks
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  • Mike
  • Sloop23

    Simply rudeness. Boarders are rude period.

  • i’ve known ruder skiiers, but skiing would win in a physical fight because those pole things would just jab into a snowboarder’s heart and rip it out

  • LoveBoarding

    As a snowboarder, I have actually almost been hit by more skiiers than snowboarders. There are definitely rude members in both camps, but thankfully the competition/attitude is disappearing with the younger generations. The only attitude I still experience are the two local resorts that still don’t allow snowboarders. Apparently the skiiers that frequent these resorts aren’t skilled enough to ski in a diverse environment. Bigots. 

  • Tougervais

    Skiing was first and is top. Though, come to think of it, I never tried Boarding!

  • I would have to go with snowboarding

  • Beewise

    snowboarding would win because it is awesome, josh 7 yrs old

  • skiing more opotions more aid in hands 2 feet forward

  • Stevie

    skiing looks gay lol

  • Fat Boy


  • Abe Al-Strasse


  • SebsR

    Skiing is wack boarding is why better i always thought skiing was for chicks but boarding is for both

  • Shaun White

    I’ve got to say, I ski and board, but the feeling of snowboarding is well, better. And atleast in my experiace, n00b skiers are usually the cause of falls. I mean seriously, you left your poles at the boarding area for the ski lift. SERIOUSLY?

  • Mikel

    Skiing is suited to all kinds of snow, inclination etc. Just look at extreme skiing, skiing on icy slopes, speed records etc. There´s no argument, really.

  • trent

    snowboarding has more tricks than skiing


    Skiers in general are faster and would almost always win in a race. Also they don’t have to constantly strap in their boots like boarders do. And plus, they would just jab your eyes out with their poles…

  • alex

    snowbording is less scary

  • wolfman


Skiers and snowboarders have been going at it for at least 30 years now. It’s time to settle this fight!

Is one really cooler than two?

Snowboarders have argued that one plank is preferred because, well, it is “cooler.” Is it? The amount of baby-boomers you now see snowboarding–in hopes, I guess, of bonding with their kids and grandkids–is shocking. Skiers, on the other hand, have long argued that snowboarding is just a fad, and that skiing is the only proper way of sliding down a mountain. Really? How can snowboarding be a fad if it has lasted 30+ years and has experienced growth that has far exceeded skiing’s growth?

Previously, this fracas could have been characterized as stodgy, old skiers versus hip, young snowboarders. But this is 2011, and those stereotypes are no longer valid. The argument now settles on the more legitimate, fundamental question: What method is the best way to have fun on the mountain?

Speed and practicality are what matters

Unfortunately for snowboarders, the argument they once had–that surfing powder on a snowboard is a superior experience to skiing powder–has mostly been rendered moot by recent geometrical and technological ski improvements (e.g., fat skis and reverse camber skis). The other problem snowboarders have, especially out in Utah for example, with its self-proclaimed “Greatest Snow on Earth,” is that snowboarding is often impractical. Access to the best terrain and the freshest snow here often requires long traverses across the fall line. Most snowboarders simply cannot access this terrain.


So, snowboarders, while your boots are decidedly less clunky (who cares?), your styles are more hip (busting a sag is hip? really?), and your powder turns are supposedly more zen-like (though most of you cannot even execute a proper heel-side turn), the best way to have fun on the mountain is by giving your feet the liberty they deserve. Skiing is the way.

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