Spiderman VS Deadpool

Fight! Marvel Mayhem
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  • Emily

    Yea of cores superman would win in anyway he would blow him away with his laser eyes superman is older and a hole lot stronger than batman. If there was a chance for batman to win if he had kritponite that’s the only way to kill the great superman

  • Josh David Galloway

    Not only does Superman have super speed, xray, telescopic, microscopic, and heat vision, super strength, flight, ice breath and super hearing. He is also (as some people forget) extremely intelligent. He also has superior alien tech in the fortress of solitude, including a suit that shields him from kryptonite.. Game, set, match.

  • The real McCoy

    This disgusts me. Your pinning a person who has no limits to pass against a person who brakes every limit possible. Most of the superman story is if he did what was right not how he beat his enemy. Batmans story is tragic dark and deep. Telling how a boy is slowly turned into a monster. You may disagree with that statement but it’s not “if” batman gose to far it’s when. For example the killing house is were the joker tries to break gorden with the pictures of his physically injured daughter. At the end batman snaps and breaks apart. Same with “the dark knight returns” (book not movie) he ends up killing almost anyone to get the job done. And superman has his deep moments but he is their to inspire not to rip open your eyes to the truth as batman dose and to make then fight each other…. why? What purpose would that fulfill? Someone tell me please?

  • lol

    batmans better

  • farhan

    batman whould so wi

  • Good

    What about the krypton its ring batman has

  • King WIZZARD

    Guys superman files faster than the Flash.

  • King Pow3r

    I know that batman may seem better and personally i must say more people like him due no reasons not needed but all in all what can batman do by himself. I love comics and in the ones they fight batman always help or uses kryptonite. Superman has flight strength light speed power lazor and quoted “has the power to destroy the whole HUMAN RACE SO WHAT CAN ONE MAN WITH A COOL CAR WHICH IN MANY COMICS HAS BEEN DESTROYED EASILY BY A SINGLE GRENADE A BATWING WHICH IS USELESS TO SUPERMANS POWER BECAUSE AFTER ALL THE NEW TRAILER SHOWS HIM CARRY A ROCKET, A BATBOAT WHICH WONT HELP WHATSOEVER, A GRAPPLING HOOK, SMOKE BOMBS WHICH WONT HELP DUE TO X RAY VISION , BATARANGS WHICH CANT EVEN AFFECT SUPERMAN AND A BUTLER. Look Superman may be completely overrated as even DC COMICS have said he can outmatch all of batmans equipment so how can he kill him. By teaming up with Luther for the kryptonite. If this happens I’m sorry to all the fanboys but technically he’s not one fairly and it will proof he’s a wuss.

  • AntmanFreak231

    Dude, wtf, all superman has to do is use is heat vision and burn off batman’s head. lol

  • Fernando

    I think common sense prevails here. A Super human verses a mortal human. Basic instinct of survival. If the writers want to play games, they’re going to play games. Superman has so many weapons to prevail victorious. Batman his brain, please. Here’s a case of favoritism by the writers. The movie would be more realistic if Superman had the upper hand, but they had mutual respect for one another, even if though they dislike each other. Common sense PEOPLE!

  • lahum

    because betmen is more cool

  • BaconWizard

    batman will win cause he’s batman its simple logic

  • dennis

    superman is a God in his own way and even with kryptonite batman would not win…..i know many batman fans would argue that bruce is a genius and he always has a plan to take out superman but they forget that clark is a genius too an that he can also build suits that can prevent him from being weakened by the kyptonite weapons that batman has.

  • T

    superman would win cause he only really needs one punch to kill batman if he wanted.


    and people say superman is a boy scout lol he just wrecked metropolis and lets face it im sure 1000’s of people died in the fight between him and zod so where is the boy scout superman now ??

    no feelings to hold superman back hes gona tear batman apart with his bare hands literally.

  • Johanna Coyyao

    Superman will defeat Batman because I like him and he is strong in every movie I watched…..

  • Ugh, seriously, Batman may be able to beat Superman, but his chances are VERY slim. In fact, there is a good chance that this would not even be a long fight, and I mean Superman would destroy Batman. Seriously people, get your heads out of the gutter and stop saying Batman would win because he’s Batman, or because of kryptonite, or stupid reasons like that. Seriously, they don’t call superman the Man of Steel for nothing. The Kryptonite is not a superman power off switch, it just slowly weakens him, and even if he is weakened, Batman would probably only get in a few good punches before he breaks every bone in his hand. Also, Superman can be immune to it if he gets enough sun light. overall, The Thing has a better chance against The Hulk than Batman does against Superman. People, when they ask “Who would win in a fight?” They are not asking who do you want to win the fight? or who do you like better, you idiots, seriously, I feel like these Nolan films have gotten people brainwashed for some reason.

  • DC-Marvell 4ever

    Guys Superman by far, Batman would not even see him coming i can tell you 1,000,000 in which Superrman WOULD destroy Batman and NONE of how Btman COULD beat Superman.
    Is not even a fair fight.

  • …..i was just on the The Hulk vs Superman post got bored so i went here lol

  • sooooooooooo foos: Batman smart, superman smart, batman human, super alien or some shit, so batman knows superman weakness krypta-sometihng (lol, i know i cant spell) and superman knows batmans weakness …………. but i dont so ………….. im done typing LOL later!!!!!!!!!

  • this MOVIE GONNA SUCK AND IM NEVER GONNA WATCH IT……..not even stream it……………….

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