Starcraft VS Warcraft

Best RTS Game Real Time Showdown
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    • Pssht… Warcraft II, hands down! Used to waste entire days as a kid playing that game on a 14.4k modem. I’d run through the house screaming “Don’t pick up the phone!” as friends would try to connect into my computer. Ahh… good times.

      • 14.4k loser! I had a 56K modem. Just sayin’

  • Mike

    Command and Conquer!

  • Starcraft. zerg, protoss, and future humans (terrans) would totally drill out the organs of your old timey warcraft characters

  • starcraft

  • Bullybo98

    Two gayist games I’ve ever seen besides dongeons on dragons and runescape mine craft and world of warcraft

    • Dr.Paradox

      Dungeons has a “u”, buddy

    • Tig3ra

      Worst spelling I have ever witnessed besides that meth head that was filling out some forms. I think you two should be next!

    • Batman Ownage

      once you learn to spell then you have my permission to troll

  • Bullybo98

    It’s called get a life

    • Kneph

      With a name like bullybo98, It’s safe to assume that the no further then the end of the cul-de-sac limit you mother has set for you, you don’t have much more life experience then that. So you should do like little kid you are and shut your mouth and sit in the corner. At this point you might have 5% of a life.

  • Abe Al-Strasse


  • Incognito

    Voted for Warcraft because I like fantasy setting more than sci-fi.

  • alex

    warcraft wont waste your time

  • TJ

    Never heard of StarCraft like that, But WarCraft is the shit.

  • Shaun

    Voted Warcraft never heard of Starcraft

  • william baxter


  • Nate grey

    Star craft

  • Fil H

    Just because of DOTA I voted Warcraft

  • Ike

    Age of Empires wins

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