Steven HawkingAlbert Einstein

Steven Hawking VS Albert Einstein

Best Physicist Battle of the Brains
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  • Adrogoz

    I’m going with Einstein on this. Most of our current grasp on physics is based on his work

  • Ellebelle320

    Albert einstien is a genius

  • in a mental fight, einstein
    in a physical fight einstein

    • Hamm B

      Jacked up

    • SlightlyJS


    • Himalaya Navarro

      Albert Rules

  • Bat

    steven hawkins is smarter in this day in age but enstain was smart back in his time, but i think hawkins because he has descovered lots of things

    • Pipi

      You can’t even spell right, idiot.

  • margan

    Einstein was best for one simple reason. Steven Hawking uses the theories that Einstein created. Einstein was the original physicist, therefore, your argument is invalid.
    ps. crazy hair makes him awesome too.

  • John

    They are both great, but Einstien had the greater impact in physics with relativity theory, as opposed to Hawkings greatest discovery (Hawking radiation.) Einstein +1

  • steve takes all

  • Anonymous


    The dude who figured stuff out with a piece of chalk on a blackboard and no calculator available, takes it.


    Albert Einstein hands down. Cause he can walk.

  • Hunter

    Lol, No contest.
    Einstein would wipe the floor with Hawking.
    unless Hawking ran him over lol
    Einstein would win

  • Kahlil

    hawking is einstein’s student

  • Evan Meyer

    Just watch the Epic Rap Battle of history. Einstein all the way. Plus I like Germany.

    • beastkiller21

      You forgot “there are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles in the universe that we can observe, your momma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd”. like what she did with you.

  • Usaginoninja

    Einstein could ride a bike.

  • bblew

    albert einstein a.k.a the brain vs a weirdo in a moving toaster a clear winner



  • Hawking Lover

    You guys are forgettin einstein is dead so how can he fight?

  • tomatada

    kill the jews

  • Mariah

    defenitly einstein way smarter jk more smart lol i love unproper use of grammer E=MC2

  • huehue br br

    Steven hawking uses the nuclear fission laser blaster he invented and mounted to his chair against Einstein, Einstein dies

    • jayjay

      Einstein grabs steven hawking’s chair and tips it over and there einstein wins

  • alex

    hawking got owned albert way smarter

  • Spenge Oompyit

    Steven is still alive, therefore he automatically wins.

  • Braden Jarvis

    Okay non nerds step out of the way. Albert Einstein crested the formula to discover the critical mass for an atomic bomb, giving him one of the most destructive weapons of all time.. Steven Hawkins made theories and nothing but.

  • Rarrrw

    Hawkings all day bitch. Hawkings would play mental gymnastics with Einstein.

  • Albert Einstein Jr.

    Einstein’s theories are proven facts. Hawkins’s theories are just theories that will never be proven right.

  • noah

    E=mc2 enough said

  • Michael Young

    Albert all the way!

  • Marvelguy9000

    Well Einstein made the formula that created atomic weaponry wich was a serious problem in WWII that killed thousonds of innocent people so I would say that Hawking’s the winner! Einstein’s awesome as well. Einstein has an IQ of 160 and Stephen’s has an IQ of 200-300.

    • Oliver

      No, First of all youve got the iq thing all wrong, They both had it in 160 while einstein had it in 166 Hawking had it in 160 secondly the intelligence quotient does not have much to do since it has to do with logical thinking in a very objective way. Finally Stephan uses einsteins creations.

  • Dylan Minecraft

    Dead people can’t fight

  • Flappy turd

    Stevan hawking is a guinus so I vote for him

  • christian

    Albert einstein takes the win. I dont even think I need to say any more

  • christian


  • christian

    Albert wins. Like seriusly! No contest

  • IcevsFire AJ

    einstein wins!

  • Maxamillion Sealio Aloran

    How the hell could Hawking win? He can’t even get out of his chair. Einstein might not be the strongest,but he cans still kick his ass!

  • BaconWizard


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