Ted NugentThe Hippies

Ted Nugent VS The Hippies

Fight to the death The Massacre for Peace
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  • WWaF


  • Mike

    Ted Nugent is a HIPPIE Baby Boomer & a Vietnam War DRAFT Dodger! He is JOKE just like all of those RACIST Tea Party KKK NeoCon ChickHAWKS in America!! =/

    • Mike

      You people make me want to vomit in your mouths just to see you taste it

    • theegreatrandini

      OMG, get some new material.

  • Luigi is a Hippie

    Simply put, the hippies would win, as they hsve Luigi on their side.

    • Luigi is a Hippie


  • Ellebelle320

    hippies are NOT people who carry guns

  • SickupandFed

    Nougat is a pussy. A loudmouthed pussy

  • Kvonnah

    Nugent is a pedophile and is obviously attempting to over compensate for the area in which he lacks! Note his tiny little hands.

  • ted takes all

  • SlightlyJS

    Seriously?!…look at the pictures for this comparison! Nugent has an m-fing gun!!! There is no VS here!

  • Chepdawg81

    What the fuck!

  • Evan Meyer

    If it’s a fight, Nugent wins. I mean, they’re Hippies. If it’s NOT a fight, Nugent wins. I mean, they’re Hippies.

  • i dont know them but that ted guy has a gun

  • i know all

    he has a gun im srry

  • Not a Known Shit Giver

    Ted Nugent would win, I mean, Hippies, come on, seriously?


    Ted Nugent is the fucking man!!! Hes Bad ass!!! He and Chuck Norris probably came out of the same litter. NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT!!! Fuck all you faggot ass homo fucking hippies! NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  • Bio Assassin

    Ted Nugent is a lunatic

Can one person obliterate a whole peaceful movement with the use of guns, ammo and rock and roll? We think so! The self proclaimed “Tzar of the NRA” faces off in a fight to the death with the whole hippie movement. While peaceful protest and a lot of drugs may work in shaping a nation and a government, we don’t think it will hold up up in a battle to the death with the man, the myth, the legend, T. Nugent. With an arsenal of hand guns, shotguns, grenades, crossbows, semi-automatics rifles, automatic rifels, revolvers, bow and arrows, grenade launchers.. … … (all purchased legally at Walmart), LSD and flowers just isn’t enough of a defense.

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