Walmart VS Target

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  • hmm Wall*Mart beats Target, maybe 🙂

  • Gwendolyn Betts

    Fuck yeah, Target!

  • Target better presentation….

  • AverageMom

    Yay Target! WalMart wanted K-mart’s market share and they got it. Happily, I’ve seen K-mart slowly recovering now that the rednecks and illegals are switching to Wallyworld, and the customer service and employee satisfaction is obvious again.
    Dirty facilities, rampant shoplifting, apathetic and underpaid employees drove away the middle class shopper straight into the arms of Target. Some of us will pay a little more (and it isn’t much) to have a stress free, pleasant shopping experience with helpful employees and lovely facilities. I would rather shop HyVee or Target for everyday groceries than Walmart. At least I can be reasonably sure the Store Brands at those two places are decent quality.

  • Jordanmaston

    walmarts lower but target reminds me of call of duty vs battlefield mw3 wins

  • Target = Not a dump
    Walmart = slightly cheaper

    i think i can spare an extra dime !TARGET!

  • Kvonnah

    They both destroy local economies and treat their employees in the states only marginally better than the poor Chinese factory workers that produce their cheap junk

  • target

  • Anonymous

    Walmart sells guns, pretty much decides the fight right there.

  • Will5

    Walmart is a better store than target. To begin with, most Walmart’s are bigger than targets.their is a bigger selection of items at most Walmart. Agin, Wall marts prices are cheaper than targets. You can get more items for less at Walmart. Finally, If you don’t know what to buy than Walmart is the place to go. Walmart is a great place to be.

  • Ice Cold Water Guy

    One word – Ceiling

  • Jcarnes44

    i dont like to say this but wal mart will win and never go out of business

    • The69ingmonkeys

      there is a target in spain and portugale. i have yet to see a walmart over sea’s.

    • The69ingmonkeys

      there is a target in spain and portugale. i have yet to see a walmart over sea’s.

      • RW1

        There are Walmarts in China…

  • norman


  • Umbra Magnus

    The area behind walmart where that homeless dude sells crack is cleaner than the actual inside of the store. Gross

  • wolverinefan

    I always see ghetto people at Walmart whereas Target is cheap but at least smells good, and has way better products

  • Chepdawg81

    It’s a draw. Where’s their under cover security guy?

  • Ronnie

    Target does not offer discounts to their customers as Walmart does. I recently tried to purchased over $800 in furniture at Target and asked for a discount and I was even denied by Corporate office themselves!
    Then I called Walmart and they gladly offer to give me a 15% discount at their store for being a valued customer.
    Yes Target might have better stores but when it comes to buying on-line who cares!! when Walmart is offering the same products are cheaper prices and if you call them, they might end up giving you a discount on top of that ever promotion they had.
    Thats the way to go Walmart!
    I will be sharing my disappointment story about Target with my 8,000 FB and Twitter friends!

    • Kris

      Seriously? Get over yourself. You’re the type of customer that belongs at Walmart. Do me a favor and keep shopping there so I don’t have to run into your whiny, cheap ass.

  • Will Mehle

    Walmart is terrible. Target rocks.

  • Evan Meyer

    Target is much better, Walmart is for rednecks.

  • Music Note

    Walmart is cheap, uhm target ain’t nobody payin 5.00$ for one bag of chips you tripin.

  • bblew

    Trget defo blad

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    Wal(coś)*Mart is much better, target is for rednecks.

  • trent

    walart has more shopping then tartget

    • donthavetimeforapropername

      tartget has more spelling books than walart

  • shadyspades

    more things

  • julian

    walmart is for little toddlers trying to find dolls target 4 life!1

  • K.V.

    Target because Wal-Mart is evil!!!!!!!

  • alex

    target is for sane people walmarts for assholes

  • Charlie Goddyn

    Target’s anti-gay, and WalMart uses child labor. There is no winner here.

  • steveo

    ha ha ha ha ha target is for losers. target has boo-boo stuff, they suck. stuff cant even last forever in target

  • The Dark Knight


  • SwaggyBilbo

    there both ok but target is a bad place to wear a red shirt because some old lady will ask you where the light bulbs are or something as walmart uses a little star looking thing and just dosent wear straight up blue everywhere so i guess walmart and wallmart is cheaper

  • FlamingHawk

    Just so it’s clear, Walmart has actually been voted to have the worst customer service.

  • sunburnedzab

    Walmart has shotguns.

  • Michael Young

    I known it better than Walmart.

  • Marvelguy9000

    Target for the win!

  • goldy

    TARGET Wins all the way!!!! When i need to shop thats my target

  • damian wayne

    targaet for thos intellinent

  • Hi hai

    Target!!!! Is better

  • qwerty

    If your in Canada WalMart would most likely win. Target came in Canada a year ago and is now leaving/retreating from Canada. so it would always be different depending where you are


    I feel like its just a race thing. Since lower income people shop at Walmart it’s all of a sudden HORRIBLE. Honestly I’ve only seen one bad Walmart…

  • Christian Dale

    Neither. They’re both capitalistic, power hungry corporations.

  • NickNick 1121

    There’s walmart, and ther’s a terrible place? This is obviously awin for walmart

  • Cristina- Marinela Roscoe

    Walmart because it is bigger and they have a larger variety of products than Target. They are also cheaper, most of the times. I couldn’t care less about the other shoppers social status. I never buy clothes from Walmart but I know people that love Target’s clothing department.

It’s a nice little Saturday and you have some shopping to do… where will you go? Will you go to Target in an attempt to hold onto some dignity? Or will you go to Walmart to get, hands down, the best deals in town?

Classy Cheap vs. Straight up Cheap

While Target gives you the aura of being a “high class cheapskate”, Walmart takes cheap to the extreme making all the bargain hunters feel welcome with clearance bins and often times the classic, clearance product disarray.


Both offer a wide selection of products. Both come in “super” flavors too, although it’s tough to find anything that can be worn with much pride at Walmart.


The shopping experience at Target is always less eventful than at Walmart, but it’s easier to get what you need faster. Walmart offers some great laughs but if you’re looking to be productive and get in (and out) quickly, you might be met with some resistance. The size of Walmart stores is daunting and often times they are not very logically laid out. Also, to say the cashiers “take their time” would be an understatement. We’re all for equal employment of every type of person, but c’mon… really? Do you need to be filing your hot pink fingernails while fluffing your beehive? It seems like Walmart employees find their job very difficult too. And they like to carry on long, personal conversations! Watch out for the occcassional runaway shopping cart and you have Walmart in a nutshell.


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