Wheaties VS Cheerios

Most Awesome Breakfast Cereal Breakfast Breakdown
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  • WWWaF


  • Carlhaisman

    ch ch ch ch ch ch cheerios!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    what the fuck are wheaties

    • KingVal12

      It’s the breakfast of champions!

  • Bat

    u r all wrong they r god damn cerials for good sack

  • Kvonnah

    Wheaties get soggie too fast

  • cheerios taste better

  • Johnnnyboy

    fruity pebbles

  • wolverinefan

    Cheerios started cereal, no debate

    • Marvelguy9000

      Actually Grits started cereal.It’s the first cereal brand in North America.

  • Luis Ballester

    WTF? I can’t believe there is a fight over this! WTF bro?

  • Will Mehle

    Cheeeeeeeeeerios!!! boo wheaties.

  • Chase ・

    Who the heck eats Wheaties, seriously?

  • wheaties has a baseball bat but chererios has a bee and also a mummy and other monsters who love cheerios and cheerios could give the mummy and other monsters to kill wheeties baseball player

  • tex

    cause their delisiouse

  • Abe Al-Strasse

    Nie znam Wheaties’ow.

  • prettygrilswag123698745

    bing suckkkkkk nobody uses bing what type website is named bing

    • gorantontwitter121

      wrong fight


  • sophia

    cheereios are so good


    Cheerios rock

  • julian

    i dunno what wheaties is

  • alex

    cherrios win because nobody even heard of whetaies

  • zachariah

    it is Good

  • lovejeet

    i vote for cheerios becaus is tasty

  • steveo

    what the heck is Wheaties? I bet their suppose to be imposter cheerios

  • richard

    Cheerios only is ghetto

  • Finlay M

    what are wheaties?

  • Brandon

    Wheatabeats are more healthy then cheerios

  • Themis10

    WTF is wheaties????

  • goldy

    What are wheaties??

  • jcm741

    Cheerios would open up a can of whupa*** on that stolid cereal

  • TheEqualizer

    You guys are all wrong, wrong, wrong; and quite frankly insane. Wheaties has been around a heck of a lot longer than Cheerios. The fact of the matter is that Cheerios are much more mainstream then there adversary. Now if you ask me, next time you go to pour that controversial bowl of cereal; *Get On My Level* and Do one part Wheaties and one part Cheerios! Not that my friends is a real Breakfast of Champions! F#@% picking a side!

    • Gucci Balboa


  • TheEqualizer


  • Gups

    Wheaties are cheerio barf

  • LoverBoy

    What the is Wheaties?

    • AKBandito

      It’s your mom.

  • British Guy

    Cheerios all day everyday!!!

  • British Guy


  • AKBandito

    Cheerios are for homos.

  • NickNick 1121



What’s in a name? Surely a Rose is still a Rose and all that, right? Well Wheaties is, after all, the “Breakfast of Champions”. Guess a name really can say a lot, huh? Since 1924 General Mill’s first “ready-to-eat” cereal has been helping the sports elite, athletes and regular folks to achieve excellence. Certainly sounds like a great contender for the “Most Awesome Breakfast Cereal” fight to us. Not only is it the breakfast of champions, but it’s healthy too! 100% whole grain, B vitamins, fiber, low fat… Hell if it could wash the dishes and clean the toilet you’d marry it. We know you would. Does it have what it takes to beat out Cheerios for the honor?


Cheerios has been a staple in breakfast cereals for almost as long as breakfast has been around. Having been a family favorite for generations, there are few out there who can deny its cerealiness-ly glory! Cheerios was this writers’ very first “solid food” and he is sure it’s been for countless other youth. Made with whole grain and being good for the heart make this cereal a stable contender for the crown. Can nolstalgia for the cereal of yore be enough to trounce the breakfast of champions?

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